Top 10 Best Infuser Water Bottles In Reviews

As you may already be aware, fruit infuser water bottles are gaining popularity each and every day for good reasons. Actually, these infuser water bottles enable you to add fresh sliced vegetables and fruits with water to provide healthy and tasty drinking water.

Even though these bottles were utilized mostly at the gym in the past, their use is sporadically getting into day to day use. In this article, we have compiled the Best Top 10 Infuser Water Bottles with their features that may lead you to buy the one that fits your requirements.

That said, be relaxed, and let’s get on the move…

10- MAMI WATA Infuser Water Bottle

Start changing your water drinking habit with this excellent MAMI WATA fruit infuser bottle. Specifically designed to give you the most effective way to enjoy water infused with fruits in style. If you don’t like the taste of water but you want to have a taste of any fruit to enhance your health and keeps you hydrated, this infuser is your choice.

The many features it possesses makes many people give a liking to this unique infuser water bottle. You may want to lose weight and detoxify your body by drinking plenty of fruit-infused water, this bottle is big enough to make you get started. Buy MAMI WATA as a gift to your family member, relatives, or friends – it’s unique and excellent to take with you as a gift.

It is designed with a flip-top locking system to prevent unwanted leakages and also made from Tritan plastic that is BPA-free and enhances its durability. Are you looking for a large enough bottle to hold your favorite fruit? MAMI WATA is a 700ml bottle. With black and Rose gold color, you can choose your best color.


  • The bottle is durable
  • Has a flip-top locking system to avoid unwanted leakages
  • Your water is kept cool for a longer time
  • Has an aesthetic value with beautiful packing


  • If the rubber at the lid gets lost, it begins to leak

9- Great Gear Infuser Water Bottle

As the name suggests, Great Gear makes things work out even faster by improving your health by adding more natural nutrients to your daily life. A combination of water and fruits brings great health benefits to your body with many nutrients and daily hydration being maintained while you save a lot of money. Water is life! At no point will you get irritated with your infused fruits water recipe.

This bottle is designed such that it’s leak-proof, BPA free Tritan bottle, Flip-top locking system, and activity finger grips. Using this bottle is very easy, once you’ve sliced your fruits and vegetables, you put them in the infusion basket, shake it and your flavored water is ready. Want extremely flavored water? Add up more fruits to the infusion basket.


  • Has a leak-proof design
  • The bottle is durable because it is Tritan made
  • The bottle is easy to use
  • The flavor released is not harmful to your body


  • Ensure to peel your fruit rind, else your water will taste bitter

8- OMORC 32 Infuser Water Bottle

Are you aware that over 66% of people are chronically dehydrated? Did you know that you might fall gullible of those who dislike drinking sufficient water daily? Fine, OMORC 32 fruit infused water bottle psyches you to drink enough water. The large capacity of 32oz ensures you are hydrated and remain healthier at all times.

Drinking fruit-infused water from this bottle is so convenient because it has a thumb releasing button and auto-align lid which aid you drink more water comfortably. When it comes to cleaning the bottle, it is easy and quick because you can use the cleaning brush it comes with. The exciting thing about this unique bottle is the leak-proof design that comes with the robust 0-ring and A metal latching loop that does away with sporadic lid opening and unwanted leakages.


  • Give a convenient way of drinking water comfortably
  • Has a cleaning brush for easy cleaning of the bottle
  • Has a leak-proof design to avoid unwanted leakages
  • The water bottle is safe & durable


  • If not washed within a day, the smell may take time to come out

7- Willceal Infuser Water Bottle

Looking for a stylish design fruit infuser water bottle? Look no more, because Willceal is your appropriate choice. Designed with s non-slip grip, easy drinking spout, secure lid-locking system, and a convenient carrying hook that well fits most cars’ cup holders.

Create your most preferred fruit combos and acquire the health benefits of the blends. The large opening enables you to clean the bottle with ease. Use it as a water bottle, shaker bottle, and fruit flavor bottle. If you are used to running, traveling, camping, going to the gym, and cycling, consider purchasing this infuser water bottle.


  • Made from high quality durable Tritan material
  • The large opening makes it easy to clean
  • Has an extra safe locking system
  • Does not remove any odor or plastic aftertaste


  • It’s slightly thinner than other infuser water bottle.

6- Live Infinity Infuser Water Bottle

Live infinity come to light back in 2014 with their main goal being to inspire people to live adventurous and active lives. They are more concerned about their design and materials their products are designed with. Their infuser water bottle shines at the top being the best quality yet at an affordable price. Need a way to stop drinking plain, boring water? Live Infinity infuser water bottle has made it possible for you to enjoy fruit-flavored water without any struggle.

The bottle currently serves many people worldwide that keeps them hydrated at all times. You are an exception, start having fun, include flavors with minerals and vitamins in your water. Guess what? You wouldn’t believe the taste of the new recipe. Trust me, you might be forced to influence your family members into the ordeal as well!


  • Everything is dishwasher safe
  • It is a perfect bottle for travel
  • Thick plastic makes it durable
  • The attachable gel packs make your drink cold for long


  • The bottle sweats when the water inside is very cold

5- Hydracy Infuser Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle! Hydracy is tilted at offering quality drinkware bottles that are perfect to use by promoting a good lifestyle. How proud can you be when you feel good from the inside and look fantastic from the outside? Well, at Hydracy that stands as our main agenda.

You are lucky enough if you’ve never used infused water before Hydracy includes a starting guide eBook that makes you get started. With this guide, you’ll get water infusion tricks and tips to leverage on the water bottle. Furthermore, you’ll see 27 delicious and sweet seasonal infusion recipes meant for you to try and enjoy every time.


  • Has a longer infuser basket that allows more fruits for max flavor
  • It Helps keeps water temperature a bit longer
  • Has a leak-proof design, thus avoiding any unwanted leakages
  • Makes you keep track of your water intake the whole of the day


  • If you leave the rind on, it gets a little bitter if it soaks more than one day.

4- Fresh Fusions Infuser Water Bottle

Here comes an unbeatable set with tantalizing features. Combines a BPA free Tritan plastic water bottle, a comfortable insulation sleeve with a 25 healthy infused fruit eBook. Currently facing an issue with your bottle on issues to do with locks? Fresh fusions infuser water bottle is designed with a leak-proof single-button release locking flip-top, which locks your beverages perfectly.

Make this bottle your companion in your travel, because the bottle comes with a comfortable outer sleeve that improves comfort grip and provides light insulation. In addition, our infusion bottles fit in most cup holders as well as in your hiking backpack or gym bag. Try the do anything and the go everywhere with this Fresh Fusion Infuser Bottle.


  • No leakages experienced because of the best locking system
  • The bottle is durable
  • A good bottle to travel with, its portable
  • Cleaning is easy and simple


  • Infuser section does not screw up properly

3- Brimma Infuser Water Bottle

In search of the best infuser water bottle to hydrate your body for a long term healthy lifestyle? Brimma Infuser Water Bottle is the way to go. It makes you stay hydrated in the most appetizing way you can never imagine, with the bottle infused with the best flavors of fruits you’ve usually desired, you’ll find yourself drinking the flavored water regularly.

You can be assured that you’ll enjoy max hydration water with this unique Brimma 32oz infuser water bottle. It offers an easy way of using with 100% BPA free and smart leak-proof design. If you are worried about the portability and the way you can carry it, you better stop worrying because Brimma comes with convenient handles that enable you to carry that easily. Using this bottle to remain healthy is the best method that saves you a lot of money.


  • Has a smart leak-proof design
  • Ease of use
  • Has a secure locking system
  • Made of high-quality Tritan plastic that is durable


  • Has a bit small infusion basket

2- CACTAKI Water Bottle

What an excellent innovative water bottle with a time marker to have! You can now drink the exact amount of water your body requires all along, thanks to the extra mile CACTAKI 32 oz water bottle has gone. How impressed will you be to be reminded of the time you need to take your next sip? It is designed with timer markers on its vertical side.

The bottle is made from BPA and toxin-free material hence, your health wouldn’t be compromised at all cost. It is 100% safe for your health. You’ll be gifted with an eBook that contains 10 delicious infused water recipes all for you to quench your thirst and maintain proper hydration in your body.


  • Made from leak-proof material
  • Washable in a dishwasher
  • The thick material made from makes it durable
  • BPA & Toxin-free material is safe for our health


  • The bottle sweats with colder water

1- Infusion Pro Infused Water Bottle

Are you used to drinking sugary sodas? Okay, it tastes great yet they don’t offer health benefits instead it makes you dehydrated. This Infusion pro Infuser water bottle enables you to take flavored water without any calories from the sugary drinks. Improving your water intake isn’t a big deal when water is tasting great. Say a big goodbye to dehydration because this infuser water bottle is a guarantee to your good water drinking experience.


  • It is leak-proof and highly versatile
  • Cleaning is simple and easy
  • The material is sweat proof
  • Bottom infuser technology ensures long fruit submersion
  • The material the bottle is made from is durable


  • Can have a clip on the handle such that you wouldn’t need a different carabineer to make connections to your bag

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Before you settle down for any infuser water bottle, we have set to you some factors you need to consider to make your choice meet all your needs.


We have fewer options here, but going for an appropriate size is your first thing to do. Many manufacturers provide only two sizes: 24 oz. and 32 oz. pick the bottle that can hold water you plan to take during the day and meets the time you plan to refill. Another size factor you need to consider is the thickness of the bottle if you’ll be using on your car, does it fit on the cup holder slot? Mostly, almost all the 24 oz. will fit well but 32 oz. wouldn’t.

BPA free

Check the bottle material to ascertain that it BPA-free and does not cause any health problems.

General build quality

How sturdy is the bottle? Check on the way the lid has been designed. Does it open and close easily? Safety is the most fundamental thing to every person, therefore the bottle should not remove weird sounds during opening and closing.

Infuser Size

Depending on the flavor you want, you’ll choose the right bottle with the specified infuser size. If you want strong flavor, you go for the bottle with a bigger infuser and vice versa.

Infuser placement

There are two types of infuser placement options available; top-mounted infusers and bottom-mounted infuser. Top-mounted placement leaves the water at the bottom that does not get too much flavor while the bottom-mounted infuser offers a great water taste until the last drop.


With the above considerations, we are certain that you’ll get the best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. Make detailed and extensive checks and you wouldn’t go wrong whatsoever. Given the top 10 products, which one fits your needs? Well, I’ll tell you for sure that there is no wrong or right response to this challenge. The suitable will always be right at your gym, on a hike, or even at work.