Top 10 Best Baby Sleep Blankets in Reviews

Babies are going to kick their blankets as they sleep. This will consequently expose them to cold which will be dangerous for their health. Apart from that, blankets are not recommended for kids as they might lead to suffocation. For this reason, parents are always advised to purchase baby sleep blankets. As opposed to conventional blankets, baby sleep blankets are very easy to wear. This, therefore, gives you some peace of mind as a parent as the kid won’t be exposed to cold.

The good thing about these blankets is that they will provide your kid with a good night’s sleep. The problem does not, however, lie there but in the shopping part. One challenge which most buyers face is selecting these blankets from the many options available. To make sure that you are better placed, we reviewed the top 10 best baby sleep blankets available in the market. Before getting there, however, below is a brief buying guide.

Top 10 Best Baby Sleep Blankets in Reviews

10. BaeBae Goods Sleep Sack for Girls

For those individuals looking for the perfect sleeping blankets for their baby girls, this will be a very good pick for them. It actually arrives as a two-pack for your convenience. You will also have the convenience of selecting the favorite color for your kid from the options available. What’s more, the baby sleep blanket has been made with quality materials that guarantee that the kid will be warm throughout.

One additional and excellent feature about this blanket is that it is very true to size. You, therefore, do not expect any sizing issues after purchasing. Additionally, the blanket is equipped with a high-quality zipper to guarantee that you have an easy time changing your kids’ diapers. The stretchy fabric used in making the blanket will also guarantee that the kid remains comfortable all night long.


  • Made of stretchy materials for comfort
  • It is true to size
  • The sleep sack has been equipped with a quality zipper
  • Arrives in 2 pack


  • There is none for now

9. OuYun Baby Sleeping Bag for spring and autumn

You never know what you are missing if you are yet to acquire this blanket for your kid. We agree that it is a bit pricey but that does not disqualify its purchase. First, you will have the convenience of selecting your favorite color and size for the kid. Second, it is made with quality cotton material to keep the baby warm all through the night. This is basically giving you value for money.

One more feature you will like about this sleeping bag is that it has some detachable sleeves. This will, therefore, translate to comfort as you will have an easy time putting the blanket on. Again, there are simple washing guides for this blanket. It, therefore, means that you will enjoy cleaning the blanket after the kid soils it up. Generally, this is a blanket for all four seasons.


  • Double layer cotton material
  • Very easy to clean
  • Arrives in multiple selection colors
  • Warm, comfortable, and durable


  • A bit pricey

8. Tommee Tippee Grobag Baby Sleeping Sack, Grey

This is another sleeping bag for the baby that has actually been made from one of the leading brands today. This is, therefore, a guarantee that the kid will remain very safe throughout the night. The baby sleeping blanket has medium weight and will therefore not cause any discomfort to your kid. You will also appreciate that this baby sleeping bag has been made in multiple colors from which you can choose.

The construction of this baby sleeping bag features quality cotton material. This will not only guarantee warmth and comfort but it will also contribute to durability. One more excellent feature of this material is that it has been made with materials that are machine washable. What this therefore means is that you will have an easy time cleaning it. What’s more, it comes at a fair price.


  • A high-quality YKK zipper
  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • The cotton material is machine washable
  • A medium weight which is comfortable for the kid


  • Few color selections

7. Nested Bean Zen Sack - Adjustable Baby Sleeping Bag

This is a very unique sleeping sack that is made using lightweight materials. However, these materials are of good quality since they have proven to offer a long service time. The breathability of the construction materials is the next thing that you will fall for with this baby blanket. Its design is adorable and well-thought to ensure that the kid not only remains comfortable but stylish as well.

One great feature you get to appreciate about this baby sleep blanket is that it comes with dual zippers. The convenience which this gives you is that you will have a simple time whenever you want to change the diapers for your kid. You will also appreciate the fact that this baby sleeping bag has some adjustable straps so that the baby can grow with the blanket.


  • Easy to use
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Lightly weighted design
  • There are several selection sizes


  • A bit weighty on the chest

6. Baby deedee Sleep Bag, Blue (6-18 Months)

This is one of the coziest baby sleep blankets you will get in the market today. The reason we say so is that it has been made with some breathable fabrics which will keep the young one comfortable. Apart from that, it comes with a cocoon shape which keeps every night great for the young one. Being made in India means that this is actually a bag you can rely upon.

What’s more, the baby blanket features some creative shoulder straps. This, therefore, eliminates the struggles parents get when trying to get the hands through the armhole. Its lightweight nature, on the other hand, will make sure that your kids remain as flexible as possible. We cannot also forget to mention that this brand has very professional customer service for your convenience.


  • It features a quality inner lining
  • The zipper is large and thick
  • Keeps the kid at a perfect temperature
  • Has a great customer service


  • Poorly made shoulder straps

5. Gunapod Unisex Sleep Sack with WONDERZiP

The reason why most customers like this baby sleep blanket is the fact that it comes from Gunapod. Again it has been made in a unisex design which makes it ideal for both boys and girls. It is also equipped with high-quality zippers which will not easily come off. With these zippers, therefore, you are assured of an easy diaper changing time.

Let us mention something about its construction. The materials involved in making these sleeping blankets are not only comfortable but also skin-friendly. If you had previously purchased baby blankets which led to rashes on their skin, this will be the best alternative. One more thing which the sleeping blanket boasts about is the approval it has from the sleep consultants.


  • Easy to change the baby’s diapers
  • Made of comfortable materials
  • Sleep consultant approved
  • Soft and skin-friendly


  • Not enough in stock

4. RESTCLOUD Baby Sleep Bag for Toddler

This is yet another option of baby sleep blanket which you can select. It is made with a combination of the best materials for comfort. The open leg design makes it perfect for toddlers especially those who are mobile. You will also appreciate the fact that the manufacturer of this sleeping blanket is known and reliable. This will give you enough confidence to purchase.

The three-way zipper design for this sleep blanket also guarantees you a perfect time when you will be changing the baby’s diapers. It has also been made with long sleeves to ensure that every part of the kids’ body has been properly covered. When it comes to cleaning, you can rest assured that you will have a very good time doing so.


  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • It comes with three-way zippers
  • Made of quality materials
  • Long sleeves for comfort


  • Poor quality zipper

3. OuYun Baby Sleeping Bag with Detachable Sleeve

This is yet another brand that comes from one of the leading brands in the market. It is made with quality cotton material which assures safety and warmth for the kid. Other than being super soft, it is made with eco-friendly materials. This, therefore, means that the kid will not suffer from rashes after wearing the blanket. This is the real definition of comfort.

When it comes to cleaning, we assure you as a parent that you will have a very simple time. you will also be in a position to choose the level of thickness you want from the several options available. The 2-way zipper for this blanket also guarantees that you will easily change the diapers for your kid. All these are the features you will enjoy after purchasing this blanket.


  • Made of quality and organic cotton
  • It has a two-way zipper
  • Easy to clean
  • Several selection colors


  • Too big

2. MIKAFEN Baby Sleeping Bag for winter

On the second spot, we have the MIKAFEN sleeping bag which is ideal to be used amid the cold winter. Being made with quality cotton materials will imply that the kid will be comfortable and have a good night’s sleep. The comfortable fit for this blanket is a good replacement for the loose blankets. The good thing about this blanket is that the pricing is generally fair and affordable to all.

There is two color selection for this blanket for you to make. It has a good design which will be appealing to the kid as well. You will be happy to realize that the manufacturer has placed a warranty of 18 months on the product to show its good quality. What’s more, you are set to enjoy a refund of your money in the case for one reason or another you are not satisfied.


  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Removable long sleeve
  • Backed with 18 months warranty


  • None identified

1. PEACE MONKEY Baby Sleep Blanket for winter

Most parents trust this baby sleep blanket since it comes from a known source. Other than that, it is made with quality cotton material which will keep the baby warm amid winter. One better thing about this sleep blanket is that it is true to size. You will, therefore, have no size issues with this brand. If any, the support team will be ready to do a replacement for you.

The wearable blanket has an appealing design for the kid which will make your baby like it. Additionally, the blanket is equipped with quality zippers which will guarantee that you have an easy time changing the kids’ diapers. The sleeves for the blanket are also very easy to remove which means that its wearability is excellent. The breathable nature of the blanket will guarantee comfort for the kid.


  • Made of natural and organic cotton
  • It has an appealing design for the kid
  • Friendly support team
  • The sleeves are very easy to remove


  • Prone to shrinking

Factors to consider when buying the baby sleep blankets


The baby sleep blanket must be made with quality materials in order to guarantee that the kid will remain comfortable. We are all aware that kids have sensitive skins which call for well-made sleep blankets. Other than comfort, the materials used should be able to stand the test of time.


The size of your baby’s blanket has a very crucial role to play. You need to select the perfect size in order to keep the baby warm and comfortable. Selecting either a small or big sleep blanket for the baby will definitely compromise these properties. To be safe, know the size of your kid before purchasing.


How can you forget to keep the baby’s safety in mind when purchasing? First, make sure that the construction materials involved are of the best quality. Again, you need to make sure that the blanket has no loose tassels or some fringes which might get the kids easily tangled in them.


This is high time you need to replace the baby’s blanket with some baby sleep blankets. As a parent, you will have peace of mind knowing that your parents have been well-cared for, they are safe and warm amid the cold weather. The good thing about these blankets is that they come with some innovative designs which allow you to change the diapers with much ease. If you are looking for convenience, you need to get one for your kid. The above reviews have listed the best of the best you will get in the market. The task now lies on your side where you will be needed to read and make the best decision.