10 Best OBD2 Scanner Tools in Reviews

With technological advancement, diagnosing errors in vehicles is easier than ever before thanks to the invention of OBD2 scanner tools. This tool is even ideal to be used at home. At least, you don’t have to visit a mechanic store any time you have a little car issue. Besides, they’re always going to come one or two issues that need to be diagnosed before they can get overboard. And the best solution to handle this challenge is an OBD2 scanner.

This tool enables you to detect issues in your car by enabling you to do an accurate diagnosis. Buying the best OBD2 is easier said than done, this is because there are many factors you should consider before you can buy one. Also, because there are tons of options to choose from, one may get overwhelmed. But to make your buying experience better, we’ve presented a review of the top 10 best OBD2 scanner tools. Let’s unleash the list.

10. INNOVA Repair Solution 2 App CarScan Code Scanner Professional OBDB Code Reader

This all-powerful tool offers top-notch maintenance and services at the palm of your hand. Do maintenance like an expert with transmission temperature, parking brake retract, ABS bleeding, and TPMS data. You can use it to scan beyond the powertrain, check engine, SRS modules, and ABS. Fully read and get rid of all errors from your car. Aside from that, it allows you to read and diagnose sensor data and tire pressures. Even better, it has the potential to check in real-time when the transmission fluid is in the right working range to help in fluid changes and diagnosis.


  • Maintain peak performance & safety on the road
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • Very easy to read codes
  • Offer accurate results


  • It doesn’t display the code indicated by the airbag light

9. Thinkcar Wi-Fi Free S4 Engine ABS Transmission Automotive OBD2 Scanner ThinkScan

Coming next is this innovative car scan by Thinkcar Thinkscan – a great option for mechanics and DIYers. This unit can be used in most vehicles such as hybrids, 12V light-duty trucks, minivans, SUVs, etc. It is worth noting that this unit doesn’t support 24V heavy trucks. The 8GB memory means that you can get data for many vehicles without having memory challenges. Even better, it supports over 8 languages, making it universal. Unlike other OBDII scanner tools, this one comes with more useful functions like 3 special functions, engine/TCM/BCM/ABS/SRS systems, 4-in-1 data graphing, and 10 OBDII mode functions.


  • Gives three free optional reset services
  • Offer five systems diagnostic tool
  • Gives you data in real-time
  • One-click easy upgrade


  • Somewhat pricier

8. Murcar 28 Reset Functions Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner CS6 Tool for SRS ABS TCM Eng

If you need the best diagnostic tool for your car, MUCAR C S6—5’’ might offer you excellent results. Unlike other options in the market, this tool is affordable with exceptional features. It features a 5-inch MIPI LCD display that enables you to check the issues on your car. Aside from that, it offers 6 reset and 6 system functions for better performance. Better still, because it supports over 9 languages, it can be used in all parts of the world. For car coverage, this tool has the potential to support over 93 vehicle brands.


  • Better memory to deliver data without memory limitation
  • Support more languages for universality
  • Can diagnosis over 93 vehicle brands
  • It is easy and simple to use


  • It’s still a new brand

7. ANCEL FX2000 Automotive Full OBDII ABS SRS Vehicle Code Reader Check Engine

Ancel FX2000 OBD2 scan tool is a professional tool that offers you great performance. It comes with OBDII test modes of a common code reader, clearing error codes, EVAP test, OBM test, 02 sensor test, and so on. Additionally, this scanner has the potential to diagnose ABS, Transmission, Engine, and SRS of the car and get live data stream in form of a graph rather than text format. What’s more, this is one of the must-have kits for mechanics and car owners to help them detect car faults with ease and get quick solutions.


  • Delivers a wide vehicle coverage with lifetime free update
  • Can diagnose most car faults and offer a quick solution
  • Ideal for mechanics and car owners
  • This tool is reliable


  • The instructions are that clear

6. LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP123 Free Update SRS Code Reader

If you need a car scanner that you can use out of the box, Launch CRP123 Elite is the ultimate choice. Plus, you don’t have to do any updates to use it. Rest assured, this unit is easy to use, accurate and quick. It has the potential to read and record data for engine, transmission, SRS, and ABS. Also, it can read and clear fault in any part of the vehicle as indicated on the dashboard. Further, it can display graphs, record, and replay data in full color. In addition, you can seamlessly print data through a PC.


  • It is designed in many languages that makes it to be a universal kit
  • Has intuitive & button operation with rugged design
  • Wider vehicle coverage and easy to use
  • Offers you a free internet update


  • The instructions aren’t clear

5. Foxwell Mechanic OBD2 Scanner Tool with Battery Power Source for Reading Codes

Foxwell OBD2 scanner tool is a must-have tool for every truck or car owner. It makes it easier for you to read DTCs, come up with any bad sensors, read any live data, and many more. With the graphing, you can monitor the trends and always be aware of any suspicious data. In addition, it can read freeze frame data which allows you to check on the fuel pressure, fuel trim, and so on. Therefore, before you can take your car to the mechanic, this diagnostic tool allows you to know where the problem is. This makes it a great fit for your loved one who owns light trucks, SUVs, or Worldwide cars.


  • Has one-click buttons for easier operations
  • Easy to carry around since it has a handheld design
  • The arranged keypad assures of an easier task
  • Displays accurate results to know the car problems


  • The OBD2 cable cannot be detached

4. Autel Black Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Tool for Turning Off Vehicle Engines with Carrying Case

When it comes to a lightweight OBD2 scanner tool, you can put your trust in this brand by Autel. It only weighs 1.92 pounds, meaning that you can carry it with you to any place at any time to help you detect your car problems. With its sleek design, you can easily click on the buttons for better operations. Moreover, you are assured of what is more than generic code reading because it has an enhanced AutoVIN technology. The inbuilt DTC features allow you to access the definitions of the codes to know where the problem lies in your car. Since you can be updated, you can receive any current updates from Autel.


  • The inbuilt speaker assures audible message cues
  • Has a clear TFT color display that is easier to read
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable scanning tasks
  • Easy to use to avoid visiting the care mechanic all times


  • Does not scan traction control

3. CGSULIT Grey Car Code Reader OBD2 Scanner Tool with View Freeze Frame

Say goodbye to frequent visits to the mechanic shop since the CGSULIT OBD2 scanner tool has got you covered. This unit allows you to pass a smoke inspection test since it enables you to check the status monitors that emit smoke. You can easily check the conditions of your car when your Car Engine Light is on. Its lightweight design makes it more convenient to carry it with you to check your car problems at all times. Ideally, you can use it to read live data, read codes, read vehicle information, erase codes, and many more. The wide display interface is easier to read at all times.


  • Smaller in size thus takes less storage space
  • Easier to operate by beginners without the manual
  • Comes with a USB cable for more convenient operations
  • Allows you to retrieve car information within minutes


  • Generic and cannot download PID’s of an OEM

2. Creator 6 Buttons OBD2 Scanner Tool with Wide LCD Display Screen for Reading Live Data

You can check the conditions of your vehicle at all times with the Creator OBD2 scanner tool. It is equipped with a wide LCD screen that allows you to check the reading clearly and conveniently. You can use it with US-based cars, Asian cars, and OBD2 compliant cars. This unit makes it easier to check on the status of your battery, detect any faulty parts, view the charging status, and many more. Additionally, you do not require any batteries because you can charge them directly from the OBDII interface of your vehicle thus suitable for Auto shops and home mechanics.


  • Has an upgraded design to clear all car troubles
  • The live data stream displays the status of your car
  • You can initiate the leak test with the EVAP test function
  • Takes less storage space with its compact design


  • Heavier compared to Launch model

1. Launch One Pack Automotive OBD2 Scanner Tool with Light Sensors and Scan Tools

As a beginner, you can easily check any faulty codes in your vehicle with the Launch OBD2 scanner tool. It features a long cable and flexible insulator that assures you of more convenient operations. You can easily pass through the Smog test because you can easily check the status of emission monitors and fuel systems. When you are done repairing those faulty parts you can get rid of the faulty codes and turn the ignition of the vehicle. It is very helpful in checking any abnormal performance since it displays live data. With only a weight of 3 ounces, you can easily carry it with you when traveling.


  • Easy to understand thus assures you of easier operations
  • Has a very bright screen that is easy to read
  • Does not need since it runs off your car’s voltage
  • The codes are displayed in English for a better understanding


  • Does not come with a manual

Factors to consider when purchasing the best OBD2 Scanner Tools


You should choose a scanner that is fully compatible with your vehicle model, fuel type, make, etc. Most scanners that are available may support heavy and light-duty trucks also. Besides, check the protocols. Most OBD2 scanners can cover 5 OBDII protocols however, others can support extra protocols as well. Besides, you need to know that OBDII can only work well with all the 1996 and models above that.


Choose a scanner putting your car’s requirements in mind. If you’re a DIYer and you only need to save some extra money, you should consider a scanner that offers only basic features. On the other hand, if you are a pro or an expert mechanic, you should go for a scanner that has more advanced features. In so doing, you’ll be able to save money and offer your vehicle a boost.


Of course, corded scanners still have their importance, however, Bluetooth scanners are opted for by most individuals these days. Bluetooth adapters have the ability to work better with Android devices while Wi-Fi adapters have the potential to work better with iOS appliances. But others can offer support for the two devices. What’s more, most adapters can support Bluetooth- and windows-enabled Pcs.

Price Range

The last consideration you need to consider is the price. These units come in a wide range of prices and your budget will play a key role in this case. For instance, Wi-Fi adapters are pricier than their Bluetooth counterpart, however, price always depends on other factors like features, warranty, etc. So, you should go for the one that meets all your requirements, the budget included.


Without having the proper tools for handling a computer fault in your car, it’s only becoming impossible to fix the issue. However, if you can get the right tool at hand, you can clear the fault and get on with your life. If you own a car and you’d like to save hundreds of dollars from visiting a mechanic from time to time, you need to get the best OBDII scanner tool. And the list above can enable you to avoid buying low-quality and pricier scanner tools. So, read the list above, and settle with the one that captures your interest.

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