10 Best Whitening Teeth Pen in Reviews

Teeth whitening pens are getting its day to day use by the majority of people in the world. Given that you’ll want to keep your teeth white and shiny, you wouldn’t miss looking for this product. This plastic tube comfortably fits into your hand and resembles a pen but has whitening gel in it. Once you’ve applied to your teeth, you can check the results right in front of a mirror. I must say that this product is easy to use because all you need to do is to twist the teeth whitening pen to release the gel.

Many people are interested in acquiring this whitening gel, yet they are so reluctant and unsure about the appropriate whitening pen to select from. The good news is, I’m going to help you out in choosing the most suitable whitening pen you need. Without any much ado, let’s now look into the top

The best teeth whitening pen reviews

#1. ECCO PURE 1-Pack 35% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen

ECCO PURE teeth whitening gel pen is known to offer exceptional results in matter teeth whitening. It leaves you with a wow-effect after you’ve applied to your teeth. The soft-tip brush works perfectly and makes you have a pearl white smile. The better option that saves you a lot of time instead of visiting a dentist. Additionally, this product is cost-effective, and you can whiten teeth whenever you go because it is portable. With neutral PH and selective ingredients, this teeth whitening product has been the best choice for many. Forget about the traditional whitening products that irritated and increase gum contact, and this one option lowers the risk to zero.


  • Designed with a travel-size thus makes it portable
  • Offer precision target with the fine focused tip
  • The whitening system is cost-effective
  • The gel can is applicable in a fast and convenient way
  • It is FDA &CE approved


  • The gel comes unevenly on the brush

#2. LOVATIC 2-Pack Safe Advance Teeth Whitening Solution

You’ll conquer with me that our teeth are not naturally white. How about communicating with someone with stains on the surface of your teeth? Do you feel embarrassed? Of course, I am sure it’s such an awful experience. And you wonder how other people have shiny teeth? Well, we have the best solution for you. Consider going for this incredible Teeth whitening pen by LOVATIC natural teeth whitening gel that offer promising results. Because it has 35% of carbamide peroxide ingredient in it, this whitening gel easily removes the long year’s stains. The size should not worry you since it is small enough. Can fit into your pocket or handbag comfortably and therefore you can take it anywhere you go. Given that you’ll use this pen as provided, you count on a pearl smile always.


  • Easy to take everywhere because it has a small size
  • Removes stains effectively and quickly
  • Design in a clear tube for one to note the amount
  • The smartest teeth whitening solution for everyone


  • You’ll require to buy the product often because they get depleted easily

#3. Blitzby White Smile Painless Teeth Whitening Pen

When looking for the best teeth whitening product, consider the one that offers simple ways of using it. Blitzby teeth whitening gel is the easiest to use product in the market that you should give a try. It effectively removes years of stain. The product is safe and gentle to use; therefore, you should not have a fear of it, causing pain on your teeth or bringing sensitivity. The compact design makes it portable, and you can travel with it anywhere you go. Besides, the unit is affordable and offers a money-back guarantee. Use this teeth whitening pen if you want to have an attractive smile in front of your loved one.


  • Offer super-fast results
  • The product is easy to use
  • The compact design makes it portable
  • It is a safe and gentle teeth whitening product


  • It doesn’t last long

#4. Votala 2-Pack Plus Natural New Version Teeth Whitening Pen

Excellent teeth whitening pen gel should offer safe ways of whitening your teeth. That’s why we suggest you use this product by Votala because it doesn’t provide risk factors for your teeth and gums. The presence of carbamide peroxide gel ensures all the stains on your teeth are completely removed. The brush of this product is design such that it is so convenient to use and whitens your teeth so effectively as compared to other pens. If in any way you have a nagging dental issue, then using this item can deal with the problem and leaves your mouth fresh and clean. Additionally, this whitening serum does not leave any unpleasant taste on your teeth. The small size makes it fit into a bag and travel.


  • Prevent new stains from developing on your teeth
  • Has no annoying strips of a thick paste that you would have left for about an hour
  • Delivers impressive results by moving your teeth shiny
  • Convenient and travel-friendly
  • Safe and gentle for daily use


  • You should not swallow the gel

#5. TONGKUN 2-Pack On-the-Go Use Natural Teeth Whitening Gel

To get whiter teeth that brings a brighter smile, you need to select an appropriate gel that works immediately. The immediate results are obtainable if you use this effective TONGKUN teeth whitening gel. The first reason I say so is that it is capable of removing years of stains after a few days of application. Secondly, the gel is safe and gentle; therefore, and it doesn’t cause any pain or injury to your mouth. Of course, the compact design makes it portable; hence, you can carry it anywhere you go inside your pocket or handbag. The mode of using this gel is also easy and straightforward. Lastly, this high-quality item is affordable, and the price is so lovely.


  • Removes years of stains permanently
  • The safest and gentle teeth whitening gel
  • The compact design makes it travel-friendly
  • It has no sensitivity once applied
  • Offer easy procedures of use


  • The tube that holds the gel can break easily

#6. AsaVea Natural Mint Flavor 2-Pack Teeth Whitening Pen

AsaVea is a professional and innovative teeth whitening pen that aid in whitening teeth to a max of 8 shades with elegant use. The gel has carbamide peroxide, which is a powerful and safe form of peroxide that effectively removed stains. The stains might have been caused by wine, smoking, tea, coffee, soda, and many more. With under one minute of use daily, you can be confident that your teeth will look sparkling after sometimes. The compact design makes this unit an on-the-go teeth whitening gel. More impressively is the durable twist mechanism with a soft brush tip that professionally pains each tooth for a thorough whitening experience. If you want the best way of saving your time and money, then shop this product for marvelous results.


  • Design in a travel-friendly way
  • Features a durable twist mechanism
  • Effectively removes years of stains
  • This gel does not cause sensitivity or pain in your teeth.


  • Has a bad after taste

#7. iSmile California Organic Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Pen

iSmile California is a professional teeth whitening gel that offer an immediate smile. The 1-charcoal powder jar is meant to provide long-lasting results. And to ensure you’ll remain to protect to avoid the awful stains, you’ll need to use the organic coconut in a day. It is a safe and gentle product that is even recommended by the dentist. Forget the sensitivity teeth whitening pens that left you feeling more pain than before and embrace this painless and zero sensitivity pen by iSmile.


  • Charcoal powder offer long-lasting results
  • Safe & gentle with zero sensitivity
  • Leaves your mouth feeling fresh with effective whitening
  • The years’ stains get removed with time


  • The product is quite pricier

#8. Tetyana Naturals 2-Pack Safe 35% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen

Bid a word of goodbye to stains from years of alcohol, cigarette, wine, and anything else you usually use. Embrace the new sweetest smile by using Tetyana Naturals teeth whitening pen. I am sure you’ve tried other teeth whitening gel, and you’ve noted how others are messy and tiresome. With no doubt, this innovative teeth whitening solution will bring to an end your fruitless search for the perfect whitening gel. No mess, no wait time whatsoever. You only need to apply on your teeth and go about your duties. This solution is so gentle, and after use, you wouldn’t experience any sensitivity.


  • The gel is way affordable and cost-effective
  • Does not cause any sensitivity on your teeth
  • Offer super-fast results
  • It removes years of stains on the surface of your teeth
  • The compact design makes this pen portable


  • Difficult to get the gel out of the whitening pen

#9. TEREZ & HONOR 3-PENS Travel-Friendly Whitening Pen

Enjoy whitening your teeth on the go by using Terez & Honor teeth whitening kit. If you’ve wanted to get a professional whitening of your teeth, then this travel-friendly pen will end your anguishes. Has inexpensive and straightforward procedures for whitening your teeth. The product comes in a 3-pack of teeth whitening pens. The gentle ingredients also make your teeth react positively without causing any sensitivity or pain on your teeth.


  • Comes with three-pack of teeth whitening pens
  • Made with gentle ingredients that don’t cause pain to your teeth
  • Does away with years of stains
  • A travel-friendly whitening gel
  • Super easy to use the teeth whitening pen


  • First use require more twisting

#10. UCANBE 5-Pack Natural Mint Flavor Safe Teeth Whitening Pen Kit

Where else can you get whiter teeth within one week? UCANBE teeth whitening pen kit is the only solution for quick and effective teeth whitening. It not only an effective teeth whitening solution but also it is the safest mode of whitening your teeth. It only needs that you brush to obtain shiny brighter teeth. You can use this solution in any place you are because it is portable with its compact design. The tube of the gel is transparent; thus, you can check the amount left before it’s too late.


  • Safe and effective dentist formulation
  • The tube of the gel is transparent for you to see the amount left
  • Only one-minute daily use with assurance and confidence
  • A safe and convenient way of whitening your teeth


  • The gel can make your mouth feel bad

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Teeth Whitening Pen

So ideally, what should you check for when shopping for a teeth whitening pen? Because there are various options available on the market, you need to acquire one that will whiten your teeth to the best level you want. That said, here are crucial factors to put into consideration for a perfect shopping experience.

Clear Gel Pens

Of course, you don’t want to be frustrated to arrive home and find that the gel you’ve purchased is half full. Consider buying a whitening gel with a transparent casing that makes you see the amount of gel inside. Besides, the open container, will info you the amount remaining after every use, so you can plan to buy another one when the level is low.

Safe Ingredients

It is advisable to read the labels for the ingredients from which the product is made. Ascertain the components such that you know if they are safe for your teeth as well as the amount. For instance, chemical substances like chlorine dioxide can whiten your teeth so correctly, but it is not a safe chemical for your body.


Like any product, you’ll want to buy something that will bring you more benefit than harm. Buy a teeth whitening pen that offers as many uses as it can. You might find other gel that is good for touch-ups.

Final Thought

If you want a convenient and inexpensive method of improving the whiteness of your teeth, then you better give a try one of the above teeth whitening gel. They provide a simple way to polish your teeth and do away with surface stains. In this review, I hope you gone through the list and gotten the right whitening solution that you’ll take home. Have the exact appealing smile you have desired by applying one of these whitening gel. Always ensure to follow the given instructions for long-lasting results.