10 Best Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel In Reviews

As far as garden reels are concerned, the options available are actually endless. With all these options, people prefer buying hose reels that can be easily mounted on the wall. This is a very good idea which helps in saving space for those who have limited space. If you are therefore looking for the best wall-mount garden hose reel, this is the right place to be.

In this article, we have reviewed the several garden hose reel available today to help you take home the best. Of course, there are so many factors to consider when doing the purchase. Toward the end of this article, we have listed some of these factors. In the meantime, go through the list of the top ten best wall-mount hose reels available today.

Top 10 Best Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Reviews

10. GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel with a Convenient Hose Guide


We begin these reviews with the GARDENA hose reel which is among the best options in the market. With this hose reel, the hose will forever be in reach anytime you need them. It comes with an integrated steel spring which has been perfectly suited for all hose lengths. Apart from that, the integrated hose guide helps in preventing any twisting of the hose.

During the winter season, you will enjoy the convenience of removing the reel from the wall to protect it from frost. Although some people complain that it is a bit pricey, you will appreciate everything from this hose reel. With the many positive online reviews, you will have all the confidence to purchase.


  • Features an integrated steel spring
  • Included accessories are wall plugs, screws, and wall brackets
  • It comes with an ergonomically-shaped handle
  • Flexible use and easy to transport


  • It rusts on the inside

9. HOSELINK Automatic Garden Hose Reel, 82-Feet


The Hoselink retractable hose reel will make watering gardens very easy more than ever. If you are tired of the unruly hose tangles, you will definitely want to purchase this reel now that it has an easy rewinding technique. The wall-mounted unit has a spring-loaded hose which will help to do the hard work. The locking mechanism will secure the hose at whatever length.

It comes with some easy to use connectors and a durable bracket. The fact that the required installation hardware is provided means that you will do the installation in a hassle-free manner. Again, at its affordable price, you will have all the reason s to purchase the hose reel.


  • Includes 180 degrees swivel bracket
  • It has a smooth pull out and a rewind function
  • 82 feet with quality brass threaded ends
  • Comes at a relatively affordable price


  • It will not last

8. Gartenkraft XG-75S Hose Reel, Black/Gray

By Gartenkraft

This is a retractable hose reel that has a slow rewind technology. The free locking system also helps in making the operation of this reel much easier. The manufacturer produces it in two color options for the buyers to choose from. Its new access panel gives users the option for replacing or adjusting the hose. It is also priced in a fair manner to make sure that everyone accesses it regardless of their budget.

Another impressive feature of this hose reel is that it comes with an installation kit. This will, therefore, make sure that you have a very simple installation time. You will also appreciate the fact that this unit can be easily removed if need be. These are some of the many features which make this reel stand out.


  • Features a multi-functional spray nozzle
  • Comes with a quick-release mount & handle
  • Two-color options available
  • Simple installation


  • Limited in stock

7. Goodyear 27527153G Retractable Air Compressor

By Goodyear

Are you thinking of opening an auto shop or you have one already? If this is the case, you need to supply equipment from a trusted brand. Among these brands will include Goodyear which is known to produce hose reels and air compressors of good quality. This is essentially a brand that is committed to offering customers hassle-free shopping.

Other than the peace of mind you get knowing that this is a reputable brand, the installation is nothing but basic. To add to that, it has been made using the best quality materials to make sure that it lasts for a very long time. The good thing about this brand is that you get the product shipped and delivered at your doorstep in a fast manner.


  • Durable and very easy to mount
  • This is a multi-functional hose
  • Buy with confidence as it is made in the USA
  • Several color options available


  • It is not leakproof

6. Power ProductsUSA Retractable Hose Reel

By Power ProductsUSA

On the sixth position is this hose reel which has the best features in the market today. It features a fully retractable and a slow return system for convenience. It supports a maximum of 500 PSI which makes it 50% more compared to its competitors. Since the needed mounting hardware has been included, you can rest assured that you will have a very installation time. Apart from that, it has been priced in a very fair manner.

As far as the construction materials are involved, we can confidently say that this hose reel will stand the test of time. This is among those products which you have to purchase with confidence now that a money-back guarantee has been put in place. This means that you will be able to return the product with no questions asked if you are not satisfied.


  • Unbeatable product durability
  • All the mounting hardware is included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Retraction issues

5. Giraffe Retractable Hose-Reel, Wall Mount

By Giraffe

Scooping the fifth position in these reviews is the Giraffe hose reel which wall mounted. This hose reel is very easy to operate as you can easily lock the hose at your preferred length. It also comes with an automatic hose guide which helps in tangling the hose in an orderly manner. It is also very flexible which allows you to use it from different angles. Additionally, it comes at a very affordable price for every budget type.

With a five feet leading hose, you will be able to water your garden with utmost convenience. It also comes with nine adjustable sprayer nozzles which make its operation very easy. The manufacturer has also placed a warranty of two years on this product which shows the confidence he has in this product.


  • Good quality hoses
  • It is backed with a warranty of 2 years
  • 9 adjustable sprayer nozzles
  • Features an automatic hose guide


  • The hose is subject to breaking

4. TACKLIFE Hose Reel, Wall Mounted and Retractable Hose Reel


In case you are yet to purchase the TACKLIFE hose reel, you actually do not know what you are missing. This is an automatic reel which means that the hose will be retracted automatically. Its braking system guarantees a controlled rewind while the layering system will neatly coil the hose effortlessly. You will also appreciate the fact that it has a speed design which is good enough for kids, pets as well as seniors.

This package comes in a complete form with all the needed fittings in order to connect to the tap and start watering. This is actually a product that gives you value for your money now that it finds application in many areas. You can use it for watering, car wash, ground cleaning, and many more uses.


  • Auto reel with 65 feet hose
  • It comes with the necessary fittings
  • Retractable and easy to use
  • The speed design is safe for kids and pets


  • Will need replacement in a short time

3. ReelWorks L705102A Retractable Water Hose Reel, Max. 300 psi

By ReelWorks

This is a hose reel that has been engineered by a trusted brand to do the hard work for you. The quality construction will not allow it to handle the heavy tasks with ease but also ensure that it lasts. If you are therefore shopping for a quality hose reel on a limited budget, this is the ideal choice for you. The positive latching mechanism will automatically lock the hose at your desired length.

The polymer hose is UV resistant and weather resistant in general which helps in guaranteeing durability. Apart from that, you will appreciate the fact that it is very easy to mount which helps to save your valuable time. All these are the features you are going to enjoy from this hose reel.


  • It has a positive latching system
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy installation


  • Durability issues

2. Goplus Retractable and Wall Mounted Hose Reel (65')

By Goplus

On the second spot is the Goplus hose reel which actually comes from a known brand. This reel is very easy to mount on the wall with the 4pcs bolts after drilling four holes on the wall. Its nozzle features 9 patterns so that you can have different spray ways. The cupped handle, on the other hand, allows you to have a good grip which will not only save space but also make it easy to carry.

The automatic retraction, on the other hand, makes it very convenient to use. Apart from that, you will be in a position to lock the hose at your desired length. If you are worried that you might not get this reel due to your limited budget, you have no reason to worry. It comes at a very affordable price for that matter.


  • Swivel bracket included
  • Constant force stainless steel spring
  • 9-pattern nozzle included
  • Very affordable price


  • Great although it might not last

1. Wasser Vela Garden Hose Reel with Multi-Pattern Spray Nozzle

By Wasser Vela

Last but not least is the Wasser Vela hose reel which packs all the amazing features you would want to see. It fits the US standard tap thread which makes it ideal for so many people. Again, it comes with the needed mounting hardware to make the process of installation much easier. Its mounting bracket also allows 180 degrees swivel also.

This hose reel has been made with high-quality materials which help to guarantee durability. Again, it has been priced in an affordable manner which helps in making sure that everyone accesses it regardless of the budget. Although it is still new in the market, you will enjoy everything about it.


  • Mounting bracket permits 180-degree swivel
  • Fits the US tap thread
  • Six positions pistol nozzle included
  • Very affordable price


  • Still new in the market

Factors to consider when buying the wall-mounted garden hose reels

Construction materials

This is one of the primary factors to look into whenever you will be doing a purchase. If you want the hose reel to serve you for the longest time, you must settle for sturdy construction materials. Apart from that, you must check to guarantee that the materials are resistant to rust.


This is the next thing to keep in mind when shopping for these hose reels. It is always a good idea to select hose reels which have a basic installation. If the installation is a bit complicated, you must check to see whether an installation guide has been included.


This is the next thing you must check when buying. A good hose reel is one that offers an automatic retraction for the hose after you are done watering. This will, therefore, make the hose reel very easy for you to use.


Everyone will agree with us that the garden hose reels are ideal when it comes to good storage of the garden hoses. However, to get the best storage services, you must ensure to go for the best hose reels. Among the best reels is the wall-mounted garden hose reel which acts as a good option for those looking to optimize their storage space. Above, we have listed the top 10 best wall-mounted garden hoses available in reviews. Any option from the above list will be ideal for any buyer looking for convenience. Apart from that, the buying above will prove to be effective, especially for new buyers. Just make sure to read through the reviews above to know what suits you best.