10 Best Wahl Beard Trimmers in Reviews

Neat and properly-groomed beards will automatically deliver that masculine look which most people dream bout. Nowadays, beards have become a very bold fashion statement among men. For that reason, a beard trimmer will become a necessity as opposed to a luxury. When you get to the market, there will be so many beard trimmers some of which are not up to the task. Wahl is a pioneer brand in the industry of electric beard trimmers.

A good Wahl beard trimmer will work both for the professionals and regular home users as well. These beard trimmers are very unique and will deliver different settings for hair trimming. In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 best Wahl beard trimmers which will give you the trim you have always dreamt of.

Top 10 Best Wahl Beard Trimmers Reviews

10. Philips Norelco Trimmer for Beard - No Blade Oil Required

Let us kick off this review with the beard trimmer from Philips which is a renowned brand. This trimmer actually comes as an all in one package. You will, therefore, be able to trim the hair on your head, the body, and the face as well. This is one of the reasons why you need to purchase the trimmer. It is also equipped with a Lithium-ion battery which can be easily recharged. The total runtime for the battery is operated to be 6 hours. This clearly shows that this is something one can rely upon. This trimmer is also very easy to wash now that it has been made with quality stainless steel blades.


  • All-in-one trimmer for the head, body, and face as well. It comes with 29 pieces to cater to all your trimming needs
  • Comes in a convenient and premium storage case which will keep the attachments well organized for easy access
  • Operated by a powerful Lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and retains the charge for a maximum of 6 hours
  • Completely washable trimmer by simply rinsing it under the tap now that it is made of rustproof stainless steel


  • There is none for now

9. RENPHO Professional Beard Trimmer for Men & Kids, Rechargeable Kit w/LED Display

Next on this list is the trimmer from RENPHO which has amazing features for convenience. Its high-speed motor will give you a perfect trim without having to make unnecessary noise. You do not have to stress yourself even if you are shopping under a tight budget, this is because the trimmer comes at an affordable price. Its intelligent LED display will illustrate the charging status and clearly show the battery life left. You need to have all the confidence since this trimmer comes with a warranty of one year. To add to that, the customer support team is very reliable.


  • The cordless hair clippers are constructed with stainless steel blades for smooth and close cuts
  • This device features a cordless operation providing a maximum runtime of 4.5 hours and will only charge for two hours
  • Features some intelligent LED display to show the charging status as well as the remaining battery life
  • Best customer experience with one year warranty and US-based support team


  • Some people complained that it stopped working after a short time

8. Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer for Barbers & Stylists

This is among the best trimmers you will get in the market today. It has been designed to give a sharp performance similar to that produced by experts. Instead of visiting the barbershop, therefore, you will enjoy the service right at the comfort of your home. Some of the accessories included in the package include the styling comb, an automatic recharge stand among others. Additionally, the trimmer comes with detailed operating instructions that guarantee that you have a simple time using it. What’s more, it features a quiet motor to avoid making noise while in operation.


  • The device has been made to give a sharp performance which experts demand while getting the freedom of cordless operation
  • This trimmer has high precision Snap-on blades which are perfect for trimming & outlining
  • Accessories included are an automatic recharge stand, a styling comb, operating instructions among others
  • Features an ultra-quiet motor which creates a good environment while in use


  • Some people complained that it took longer to ship

7. Philips Norelco BT5511/49 Beard Trimmer with washable feature

Philips is a renowned brand in the hair trimming industry. This will, therefore, boost your purchasing confidence since you know that this is actually a brand you can rely upon. With its 40 adjustable length settings, you will be sure that this trimmer will be used on all types of hair. Again, it accompanies a very powerful battery which has a runtime of up to 90 minutes. Other than the ease of operation of the trimmer, you will appreciate the fact that it is completely washable. That tells you that this is, therefore, a trimmer that will serve you for a very long time.


  • Offers an even trim in an effortless manner which will match up with the hairstyle
  • Comes with 40 adjustable length settings and some additional three-guard attachments
  • The beard trimmer is very easy to operate and clean since it has fully washable functionality
  • Comes with an advanced battery which delivers a maximum operation time of 90 minutes


  • Some people have issues trimming the mustache

6. HATTEKER Beard Trimmer Kit - Waterproof and USB Rechargeable

With this beard trimmer, you are going to get the beard style you have always desired without much hassle. The trimmer is known to create some fine lines which make you stand out in the crowd. It is not only restricted to the beards since it can also be used for the nose and ear hair as well. This is a battery-operated trimmer that has been proved to take 90 minutes to get charged. Again, the anticipated operation time for the beard is 60 minutes. Being made in a waterproof design, you can be sure that cleaning and maintain the trimmer, in general, will not be an uphill task.


  • Precision shaving design for beards, nose hair, and the whole body in general
  • The device has a fast USB charging design and keeps the charge for a maximum of one hour
  • This is a risk-free purchase since the product comes with a warranty of one year
  • A fully washable design which makes cleaning much easy


  • It might be difficult to achieve an even trim

5. Hatteker Cordless Trimmer for Men - USB Rechargeable and Waterproof

On the fifth spot on this review is the Hatteker trimmer for men. It is USB rechargeable and waterproof as well. These are some of the features that everyone will like to consider when buying these trimmers. Being waterproof, you can expect that the trimmer will be very easy to clean and maintain. The battery for this trimmer will retain power for a maximum of two and a half hours which is convenient for most people. Again, the fact that it has a cordless operation will imply that it can be used anywhere you choose to use it. Its titanium blades will also remain sharp for a long time.


  • USB quick charge design and the cordless design makes it easy and convenient to use
  • This beard trimmer features a powerful and durable motor that offers substantial speed without producing heat and noise
  • Ceramic titanium blade which will stay sharp for a long time regardless of the hair type being trimmed
  • 100% waterproof which makes its cleaning relatively easy in order to maintain high levels of hygiene


  • It might easily get overheated

4. Remington MB6850 Beard Trimmer with Adjustable Length and 11 Length Settings

This is a beard trimmer from a reputable brand that has been in existence for a very long time. It comes with a very powerful vacuum system which is going to capture up to 95% of the trimmed hair. The amazing thing about this trimmer is that it will trim facial hair, the neckline hair as well as the sideburns. The trimmer is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery which can keep power for up to 90 minutes. Apart from that, it features 11 adjustable length settings to suit your needs perfectly. You will also appreciate the fact that it has washable blades which makes cleaning and maintenance very easy for you.


  • It comes with a rechargeable battery which has a power retention capacity of 90 minutes
  • The device features 11 length settings allowing you to adjust the length according to your needs
  • Its blades can be easily removed for cleaning and overall maintenance
  • Its powerful vacuum system will capture 95% of the trimmed hair


  • It will produce much noise compared to its competitors

3. SUPRENT Beard Trimmer for Mustache, Nose Hair, Waterproof & Rechargeable

The charging dock design for this trimmer will keep you ready to go all the time. It has been equipped with 420 stainless blades which do not get overheated. You can, therefore, rely on this trimmer for the safety of your skin. Being made in a waterproof design, you can expect that the trimmer will be easy to clean. Its 4 hair clippers offered in the package will guarantee that you get your desired trim. Again, it comes from one of the best brands in the market. This will, therefore, give you enough confidence to purchase. The support team will always be ready to help you in case you need any help.


  • The dock will keep the trimmer ready to go rather than waiting for them to get
  • Its 420 stainless steel blades with a precision gap will not produce any heat which might harm the skin
  • Four hair clipper combs for precision trimming allows you get your desired look
  • The package comes with a blade guard, storage charging dock as well as a charger for convenience


  • Some people complained of poor packaging

2. WONER Hair Trimmers, Cordless, and Rechargeable for Women, Fathers & Mothers

This is a 16 piece kit that includes accessories such as scissors, combs among a charger adapter so that you can have a perfect trimming experience. The sharp ceramic blade will guarantee that it remains sharp regardless of the hair size. Additionally, this trimmer has been proven to be easy to clean and maintain in general. You will also appreciate the fact that this trimmer comes with a 2000mAh battery which has good power retention. The approximated time it retains charge is 240 minutes. The good thing about the trimmer is that it only takes three hours to get charged to completion. What’s more, the support team is very friendly.


  • 16 piece kit with guards, comb, charge adapter among other accessories for convenience
  • A sharp and ceramic blade to guarantee that the blade remains sharp for all kinds of hair
  • The device comes with 35 cutting lengths which can be easily adjusted according to your needs
  • The beard trimmer comes with a 2000mAh battery which can run up to 240 minutes with only three hours of charging time


  • Durability for the beard trimmer is not a guarantee

1. RUNWE Electric Hair Clippers, Cordless Haircut with Charging Stock

Finally on this review is the RUNWE beard trimmer which features some titanium blades to give you a fast as well as smooth chipping. Additionally, it has a quiet operation which is advantageous in so many ways. For one, it will not scare away the kids during its operation. The manufacturer also provides a fast-charging station so that you can enjoy a continuous operation. Another feature which you will enjoy from the trimmer is the fact that the length cab easily adjusted. You can, therefore, rely on this trimmer for all types and lengths of hair.


  • High-quality motor with sharp ceramic blades to guarantee a fast and a smooth chipping
  • It accompanies a charging dock station which will hold the clipper for easy and instant access
  • Low-vibration and quiet operation will not scare away your kids or make the babies feel uneasy
  • The length can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the user


  • Some people complained that they received defective products

Factors to consider when buying the Wahl beard trimmers

Blade quality

Most of the beard trimmers from Wahl are actually fitted with blades of good quality. The blades are actually self-sharpening which helps in making sure that the blades remain sharp all the time. The materials used in the blades are stainless steel which is known to last longer than other materials. You, therefore, need to insist on the blade quality when buying.


The beard trimmers made by Wahl have a sleek and convenient design. This will, therefore, ensure that you get the comfort you deserve. Regardless of the beard size, therefore, the Wahl beard trimmer will give you an exceptional performance. Make sure to keep this factor in mind whenever you will be doing the purchase.


If there is one thing that Wahl has been focusing on is delivering the best durability on the beard trimmers. This is a technology that is well-aligned to modern-day requirements. Make sure that everything used in the construction of your beard trimmer will stand the test of time. This is a good way to ensure that you get value for your money.


Beard actually serves as a masculinity symbol. Neat and tidy beards will make you confident knowing that you have a perfect look. On the contrary, messy and untidy beards are going to appear like a bushman. It is therefore essential that you have a well-maintained beard which will only be possible if you get a Wahl beard trimmer. Above we have reviewed these trimmers to make sure that you have an easy shopping time. Before you can make the final decision, makes sure to go through the buying guide above.