10 Best Vitamin C Supplements in Reviews

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you must boost your immunity to lowering the chances of contracting this virus. Vitamin C which is also referred to as ascorbic acid plays the most important role in our bodies. Whether you need to boost your immunity or rejuvenate your skin better, you are going to need plenty of Vitamin C. This nutrient also functions as an antioxidant that helps to protect your cells against any damages. Lack of vitamin c can lead to acute scurvy which is very fatal and therefore can cause death. Therefore taking these vitamin C supplements will be more beneficial in your body. You would need this if you have a difficulty in meeting your nutrition needs from whole foods.

How do you get to pick the best supplements out in the flooded market? It is never an easier task at all. You can get confused and end up picking a fake brand that will get you regretting your entire life. All in all, we have everything easier for you by compiling a whole list of brands for the best results. Our list below entails the top 10 best Vitamin C supplements to keep you feeling healthy at all times. It is as follows;

10. Emergen-C Orange Flavored Caffeine Free Vitamin C Supplements for Immune Noisy

For everyday immune support in your body, you can try out Emergen-C vitamin C supplements. They are equipped with more vitamin C compared to those in fruits thereby keep you feeling healthy and good. It delivers the most important antioxidants that are suitable for use throughout the year. They are naturally flavored and also in a gummy form making it easier for you to take them at all times. While at home or traveling you can easily dissolve them in water to get a tastier and healthier serving of vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. Furthermore, you can add this to your favorite smoothie to achieve a more refreshing drink.


  • Available in different that can you can make your choice from
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose either gummy or chewable forms
  • You can use them with hot water to ease the dissolving process
  • Has some zinc particles to help you get better quickly


  • Need to consult a doctor before using it

9. Solgar Unflavored Vegan-Friendly Vitamin C Supplements for Better Antioxidant Support

To increase iron absorption in your body, you can use Solgar Vitamin C Supplements. The vitamin C metabolites help to retain these vitamins in your cells for a certain period. With this, you can improve your immune system and antioxidant support for more benefits. Those with sensitivity can take them because it has a unique calcium ascorbate metabolite complex that reduces acidic levels and eases digestion. On the other hand, they contribute to collagen formation to keep your entire skin healthy and well rejuvenated. They are free from any flavors, wheat, gluten, milk, and many other products.


  • Highly absorbable thus easy to digest by sensitive stomachs
  • You can carry them with you when traveling as they are lightweight
  • Improves your immunity since they are retained in the cells
  • Made natural, therefore, you can take them with your medicine


  • The pills are very large

8. Unpretentious 2lbs Lab Tested Gluten-Free Vitamin C Supplements in Powdered Form

As a vegetarian, you can improve your vitamin C levels with Unpretentious vitamin C supplements. This powder consists of powerful antioxidant that helps in improving your general body wellness. Your skin will always stay rejuvenated because it helps to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Since they are well designed, they are also beneficial during cell production in your body. In addition, they achieve the highest level of purity because they have been tested in the lab and proven to be free from GMOs and gluten. You can use it with your entire family for a longer period before getting another container.


  • You can add it to a smoothie to keep children taking them
  • Designed from quality products thus more beneficial
  • Dissolves easily therefore cannot be easily noticed
  • Has a better taste compared to Best Naturals brand


  • The powder is a bit sour

7. Best Naturals 100% Pure Powdered Vitamin C Supplements with a Weight of 454 Grams

Best naturals vitamin C supplements offer you a wide range of benefits to keep your body healthy and strong at all times. This pure powder enables you as an adult to age in a healthier manner. Not only does it support the immune system but also the circulatory system and heart health. With a berry blend, this brand works wonders when it comes to antioxidant protection. It has received the best verification, therefore, assuring you of solvent-free and non-GMO products. Ideally, it is more convenient to scoop the powder at all times because it comes with a measuring spoon.


  • Has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives thus safer for use
  • Great for growing your nails, hair, and other body parts
  • Made from quality components for healthier results
  • Easier to swallow since it has a berry flavor


  • The container is too large to carry 1lb powder

6. Nutricost Non-GMO and Gluten-Free Powder Vitamin C Supplements with Ascorbic Acid

When it comes to unflavored vitamin C supplements, you can put all your trust in this brand by Nutricost. It is made from high-quality and potent vitamin c products to offer you the best immunity and more benefits. You can them with your entire family because it features up to 907 servings per bottle. Additionally, it can be used by vegetarians because they are vegetarian-friendly for better body functioning. Since the vitamin is not naturally produced in the body, this dosage will always help you to replenish them at all times. Also, it is ideal for rejuvenating your skin to prevent any aging skin issues.


  • You see some dramatic changes on your face after usage
  • Has a tiny lemon flavor making it easier to swallow
  • Comes with its scoop thus more easy to access them
  • Takes a longer period before expiring


  • Does not state where the ingredient originated from

5. Doctor's Best Pure Vitamin C Supplements for Immune system, Heart, Brain, and Eyes

You can build your joints in the best manner possible with Doctor’s Best vitamin C supplements. They are ideal for building a healthy immune system and support your body’s antioxidant potential. With the ascorbic acid, you are assured of an electron donor in your body that works in supporting different metabolic enzymes whereas enhancing your body’s antioxidant potential. Moreover, they are designed from gluten-free materials thus safer for everyday use. Even better, they are ideal for supporting circulation, brain, eyes, heart, immune system, and many other body parts.


  • Helps in regenerating vitamin E back to its native form
  • When taken for two weeks it raises red blood cells
  • Aids in improving magnesium levels higher
  • Features a good flavor for easier swallowing


  • Has a lower count

4. Puritan's Pride Immune System Support Vitamin C Supplements with Bioflavonoids

You can maintain your wellness journey and individual health with Puritan Pride’s vitamin C supplements. Featuring high-quality vitamins and supplements, you can always improve your immune system. They have been scientifically formulated thus free from any gluten, GMOs, or soy. With only a weight of 5.1 ounces, you can easily carry it with you to avoid missing your daily dosage. These fairly thick capsules are not so large making it so easier for you to swallow them without so much effort.


  • Keeps your healthier and stronger than before
  • Does not leave any weird taste behind after swallowing
  • Suitable for use by those who experience heartburns
  • Relatively smaller in size to ease swallowing


  • Not vegan friendly

3. Now Vitamin C Supplements Capsules with Bioflavonoids for Antioxidant Protection

As an adult, you can boost your immune to the greatest level with Now vitamin c supplements. Not only are they rich in vitamin c but also magnesium and iron minerals. These capsules are needed during amino acids metabolism, utilization of nutrients, and neurotransmitter synthesis. In addition, they work better as an antioxidant that aids in maintaining healthy tissues by neutralizing any free radicals occurring from normal metabolism. The bioflavonoids help in faster utilization of vitamin c for better absorption. This makes them a great gift for loved ones most especially the elderly.


  • Offers you up to 100 servings for a longer usage time
  • Has a slippery coating making it easier to swallow
  • Gentle on your stomach Thur causes no problems
  • Helps to maintain your skin and brain integrity


  • A bit larger compared to other brands

2. American Health Gluten-Free 24hr Immune Support Capsules Vitamin C Supplements

For all-day support, you can take up to 1000mg once in a day of American Health vitamin c supplements. They are formulated from non-acidic components that are always gentle on your stomach for optimum comfort. Since it is the best anti-oxidant, it helps to fight free radicals that can cause oxidative stress. With the addition of citrus bioflavonoids, your body can absorb them better for easy utilization of vitamin c. Additionally, it has naturally occurring metabolites to help to increase retention of these vitamin c in the white blood cells. Therefore, it helps to boost your immunity at all costs.


  • Free from gluten, GMOs, sugars, additives thus safer for daily use
  • Helps to improve your skin complexion for good looking skin
  • Can be taken by those with ulcers since they are gentle on your stomach
  • Easy to get down your throat with their fairly large size


  • Larger compared to Nature’s Bounty brand

1. Nature's Bounty Adults Vitamin C Supplements for Better Immune Support in Tablet Form

If you want to maintain your immune system for a long period, you can try out Nature’s Bounty vitamin c supplements. They help in the functioning of the red blood cells whose main work is to fight disease-causing organisms. These tablets also support your antioxidant health in fighting any free radicals in your body. The presence of free radicals can cause unnecessary premature aging of the cells. Additionally, they are designed from pure components that are gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, no artificial colors, and many more to ensure that you take safer products.


  • Smaller in size thus easier to swallow by everyone
  • Dissolves so easily because it does not have any coating
  • Made from quality components to keep you healthier
  • Ideal for curing yeast and bacteria vaginosis in women


  • Has some little flavors

Factors to consider when purchasing vitamin c supplements

Form of the supplements

These vitamin c supplements are available in different forms. They are available in powder, tablet, or capsule form. If you prefer taking pills it would be a nice idea to try out encapsulated brands. If you don’t like swallowing pills then you can go for liquid or powdered supplements that allow you to mix them with your smoothie.


You will always want to check if the supplements are reputable by checking on the manufacturing standards and ingredient sourcing. A good brand has been tested by third-party organizations such as consumer labs. You can as well check on the added ingredients if you opt on considering fewer sugars and more.


Men, women, or pregnant mothers require different levels of vitamins. However, certain medical conditions might require you to take higher dosages. These supplements come in a wide range of dosages to suit various needs. High dosages are unnecessary and can cause harmful effects in your body. You should only consume what the doctor recommends for better results.


Different brands have different price taggings. Some brands can be expensive and others cheaper. You should always keep in mind that a higher price does not necessarily mean a better brand. There are various brands available in the market at various price points to suit your budget.


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that plays the most important role in keeping your body healthier. In developed countries, it is very rare to find people experiencing vitamin C deficiency though this can cause adverse effects if left untreated. The above brands guarantee you better skin and boosted immune system. They come in a variety of dosages, forms, and prices to suit the needs of different persons. Lastly, you should always consider consulting a doctor prior to adding any supplements to your wellness regimen.

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