10 Best USB C to Lightning Cables in Reviews

New iPhones sometimes ship with their chargers which are a bit slow when it comes to charging or data transfer. These days, they do not ship these chargers therefore prompting you to purchase a new charger for yourself. You will therefore need a fast charging cable to save you time. Trying a USB C to lightning is such a great idea since you can boost charge on your mobile device from 0-50% within the shortest time possible. Better still, you no longer have to awkwardly rotate the cable to jiggle it into the phone’s port since you can insert this cable either way up.

Today’s marketplace is brimming with a wide range of brands with every manufacturer trying to market their own. This gets you so confused while trying to pick a model that can suit your needs in the best manner. Anyway, you no longer have to worry because we have a solution for you If you are ready to use the most effortless connectors out there then you are in the right place. Here are the top 10 best USB C to lightning cables that we vouch for.

10. Cabepow 2 Pack 10 Feet Long High-Speed Data Syncing USB C to Lightning Cable

You have got more than enough reasons to try out this USB C to lightning cable by Cabepow. It is designed from ultra-quality materials that can withstand several bends for longer usage life. Featuring reduced cord resistance and wide diameter wires, this unit charges at a much faster rate to save your time. On the other hand, it has a length of up to 10ft, making it more convenient to lie on the couch or sofa as you play your favorite games. This enables you to use it freely either in your bedroom, office, or in the backseat of your car. Since it has a compact design, it is such a great choice for those with smaller spaces.


  • Made from strong and durable PVC and TPE materials
  • Only weighs 1 ounce thus easy to carry around
  • Ensures safer and stable operations since its sturdy
  • The casing is made soft making it comfortable to touch


  • The cable is not flexible

9. Apfen 5 Pack Sturdy Durable Fast Charging Nylon Braided USB C to Lightning Cable

Playing your video games is now more convenient with Apfen USB C to Lightning Cable. This unit is covered with a nylon braided jacket that keeps it sturdier for longer usage life. The connectors are designed from heat-resistant materials that assure you of the needed safety and reliability at all times. Since it has a lightweight design, you can never feel it whenever you carry it from one place to another. Even better, it has been well tested to withstand more than 8000 bends for more usage before any replacements. This length makes it more convenient to watch a movie or play a game in the comfort of your chair.


  • Well designed for convenient and tangle-free operations
  • Ensures fast charging and high-speed data transfers
  • Designed from super quality materials that last longer
  • Has L-type design that helps to minimize bending


  • The cable is a little bit stiff

8. Ailawuu Black 6 ft Long Braided USB C to Lightning Cable for Fast Charging and Syncing

It gets so embarrassing wanting an urgent without a fast charging cable. Ailawuu USB C to lightning cable has a slim and reversible connector that enables you to recharge your phone without removing the case. Also, this allows you to plug or insert it without checking on the direction. Since it is designed from two shaded woven nylon, you are assured of a better appearance and longer usage life. Ideally, it guarantees you a perfect charge at all times thanks to its flawless compatibility with lightning devices. You can as well lie on your bed or couch while charging your phone because it has a length of up to 6.6 feet.


  • The connector is made of strong and durable TPE materials
  • Able to withstand more than 12,000 bendings and plugging
  • Has a maximum current of 2.4A for faster charging
  • Features a high transferring speed of up to 480mbps


  • The adapter can be very thick for some phone cases

7. Quntis 3 pack Black Nylon Braided USB C to Lightning Cable with Super Long Design

You can charge your phone, in the office, or your car with this 3 pack USB C to lightning cable by Quntis. It allows you to transfer photos, music, files between your MacBook and iPhone with a high transfer speed of up to 480mbps. With the C89 lightning connector, it supports a rapid charge of 3A thus charges faster compared to normal cables. During fast charging, you are well guaranteed of the needed because it is equipped with copper wires for safety reasons. Since it is certified by MFi, it charges your devices with no error message popping up while charging at s much faster rate.


  • Has inbuilt over-voltage protection to avoid damaging your device
  • The reversible connector minimizes wrong charging directions
  • Made slim to ease both transport and storage purposes
  • Equipped with reinforced terminals that last longer


  • Requires a USB C port for fast charging

6. CyvenSmart Long iPhone 10 feet MFi Certified Fast Charging USB C to Lightning Cable

No more data syncing nor safety worries when it comes to CyvenSmart USB C to Lightning Cable. It is designed from high-grade and strong military fiber components well known for their durability and strength. This increases tensile force by up to 200 percent. The metallic zinc-alloy connectors also improve durability while minimizing fraying. With this, it can bear up to 80 pounds and withstand 10,000 bendings making it 10 times stronger compared to the normal brands. Moreover, it has a length of up to 10 ft making it easier for you to comfortably browse in your bed or on your couch.


  • Equipped with damage-resistant connectors thus last long
  • You can clean the debris on the port using a push pin
  • Certified by MFi making it safer for everyday use
  • The aluminum alloy casing dissipates heat away


  • Has no signal that your phone is charging

5. Agvee Lightweight CompactSeamless Braided Case Friendly USB C to Lightning Cable

Agvee USB C to lightning cable is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your charging needs. This unit is designed from high-grade nylon fabric and pure copper materials which are well known for their strength and durability. The aluminum alloy shell is well designed to offer maximum protection while minimizing wear. Since it comes with a well-designed leather cable tie, it becomes so convenient to store or carry around. Even better, it only weighs 9.5 ounces making it so much easier for you to transfer it from one place to another especially while traveling.


  • Has a slim design thus fits most waterproof cases
  • Easy to store and transport with its compact design
  • Equipped with a harder shell to protect inner components
  • Allows you to charge your iPhone pad with the case


  • Equipped with a shorter cord

4. Uni 20 Watt Passthrough Braided Nylon USB C to Lightning Cable with Maximum Current

When it comes to a strong and long-lasting USB C to lightning cable, this brand by Uni is a great choice. It is equipped with an aluminum casing that assures you of a stable transfer and faster heat dissipation process. You can use it at home, in your office, or while out for business since it features a 6ft nylon braided design. Moreover, it offers you stable signals thanks to the nonslip grips for firm connections. For long-term durability, it is equipped with a strong protective cover with stained relief on both sides. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones during the holidays.


  • Charges your iPhone up to 50 percent in 30 minutes
  • Well designed for fast and better data transfer
  • The ultra-compact connector has a slimmer design
  • Has a unique branding that gives it a more premium look


  • Gets hot on the tip while charging

3. DE Coiled Ergonomically Designed iPhone USB C to Lightning Cable with MFi Certification

For better dash mount navigation, you can put all your trust on DE USB C to Lightning Cable model. It features a coiled design that allows you to keep your entire space organized and free from tangled cords. Depending on your needs, you can easily expand it to your desired length at all times. Better still, it charges at a much faster rate making it ideal for long-distance traveling even with a GPS on. As you charge your device, you can enjoy your favorite music, make calls, receive directions, and many more. With only a weight of 2.08 ounces, you can easily carry it with you to any place.


  • Has a compact design thus easier to store it away
  • Available in a low profile black color to match dark interiors
  • More convenient since it has plenty of space to stretch
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and more stable operations


  • Gets tangled since it coils

2. Jsaux 10 Feet Braided Nylon USB C to Lightning Cable for Faster Charge for Smartphones

You can keep your devices safer at all times with the use of Jsaux USB C to lightning cable by Jsaux. It uses a C89 Apple terminal that is more stable with long usage life. With the certification from MFi, you can always have peace of mind with no safety or data worries. In addition, the 8 pin connector with a lightning end offers you fast charging and data syncing for more convenience. Since it features a nylon braided design, you no longer have to worry about unnecessary tangles nor bending. Also, it is made from strong military fiber materials, you are assured of a long-lasting unit.


  • Longer enough to allow you to sit on your couch as you charge
  • Supports faster charging without overheating or overcharging
  • Comes with an aluminum connector for secure connection
  • Only weighs 3 ounces making it more portable


  • Causes glitches while playing games

1. Amazon Basics Nylon MFi Certified USB C to Lightning Cable for iPad and Apple iPhone

If you are looking for a USB C to lightning cable with a long bend lifespan, Amazon basics model is a great choice. These cables have been well tested to work well with various devices such as iPad and iPhones. It uses a smart chip that ensures immediate connection with your Apple devices at all times. You no longer have to worry about its charging speed because it has wide diameter wires and reduced cord resistance that maximizes the charging current. Additionally, the USB and lightning ends have an additional layer of protection which helps to reduce fraying while enhancing durability.


  • Has sturdy connectors for a secure fit for every insertion
  • Made lightweight thus easy to carry from place to place
  • Designed from quality components that last longer
  • Quickly charges your devices to save your time


  • The cable is a bit stiff

Factors to consider when purchasing a USB C to lightning cable

Length of the cable

This is one of the most important factors you should always consider before purchasing a cable. A longer cable brings so much convenience because you can easily charge your phone as you play your favorite game or watch a movie. A shorter cable will mean that you will have to leave your phone charging before using it.

Materials used

A good unit should be designed from high-quality materials to ensure a long usage life. Most of the brands above are made of high-grade TPE and PVC components well known for their strength and durability. This allows you to save on frequent replacement costs occurring from cheaply made units.

Type of connection

It is always of grand to consider a cable with the right connections at the end. You will need either USB C to USB C where each end is identical. Better still, you can check the charging brick that you use to know the size that you need to plug into it whenever you are not sure. This assures you of more convenient operations.

Charging and data transfer speed

Not all USB C to lightning cables have a faster charging and data syncing speed. Ideally, you should go for a cable that supports up to 100watts charging to get you fully covered. You can always save your time whenever you are transferring some files because it will take you the shortest time possible.


To sum up, you can always charge your iPhone faster or transfer music or any file at a much higher speed. This only happens with you picking one of the above brands. You can always charge your phone as you desire without taking much time. They are equipped with different features to meet the needs of different persons. Therefore, go ahead and select one that will suit you best and enjoy the benefits that it has in store for you.

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