10 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners in Reviews

The most critical thing when buying for an upright vacuum cleaner is how best a vacuum cleaner works in cleaning. Fundamentally, you consider the model that meets your needs and that it can collect dirt very quickly. Besides, there’re other considerations like the design of the tools. Cleaning has never been this easier with the use of the best upright vacuum cleaner. And their lightweight and compact design make them ideal for anyone who is constrained with space and still needs an appliance that makes cleaning effortless.

Searching for the best upright vacuum cleaner isn’t enough, and therefore, you should be aware of the place where you can find one. After all, most sites tend to coerce customers to buy from their selections. But the truth of the matter is, many things are left uncovered, and that’s what we’re here to do. After conducting cumbersome research, we managed to table you the best ten upright vacuum cleaners, including their pros and cons. With that, you can make your choice without being coerced.

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#10. Oreck Commercial 9lbs Powerful Automatic Floor Adjustment Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

Floor cleaning has never been this easier, the invention of Oreck commercial upright vacuum has proven it otherwise. It offers all the performance and power you need to clean any kind of floor in your home. Besides, its versatile nature makes it easier to keep your premise clean at all times. Also, it has a compact design that makes it fit into baseboards and cabinets and fits seamlessly under most clothes, furniture, desks, and chairs. Most impressive, it can be used on all surfaces such as tile, laminate, carpet, a wood without manual height adjustment.

Besides, it weighs about 9 pounds and capable of covering up to a 12-inch area, thus making cleaning jobs easy-breezy. It boasts an exclusive Microsweep function that enables you to switch from carpet to bare floor. What’s more, it has a cord guard to prevent cord damage. Most importantly, it comes with fingertip-controlled power on/off switch for effortless powering. Finally, it features a smart top-fill design that ensures there is no loss of suction and maintains power at peak even while the bag fills.


  • Better suited for cleaning low carpets and takes up less space for storage
  • Built with sturdy, balanced brush roll for excellent performance
  • Comes automatic floor adjustment for efficiency
  • It’s lightweight with a helping hand handle


  • Comes with no attachments

#9. Bisell 2252 Cleanview Powerful Swivel Steering Bagless Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Green)

Busell CleanView upright vacuum offers the exceptional performance you would expect from a professional floor care appliance yet at an affordable price. It features a specialized pet unit, so you rest assured that all pet-related dirt is cleaned. The sturdy triple-action brush removes, loosens, and lifts entangled pet hair. Also, its bristles work smoothly on hard floors to get rid of fine debris while, on the other hand, keeping it restrained through scatter-free technology. It has swivel steering that enables it to get under and around the furniture and other hard-to-reach areas in your home. Even better, the edge-to-edge cleaning potential allows you to clean with confidence that you’re doing an efficient job with a single pass. Purchasing this unit saves pets.


  • Has a multi-level filtration system that helps trap debris & dust
  • It cleans hard to reach areas like under and around furniture
  • Clean easily on hard floors with less debris scatter
  • The bottom has an easy-to-empty dirt bin


  • The shipping seems a little slow

#8. EUREKA NEU188A Turbo Spotlight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Pet Tool (Orange)

The new Eureka upright vacuum cleaner offers you the exceptional cleaning performance you desire yet at a budget-friendly cost. It’s highly lightweight at just 10 pounds. Also, it boasts powerful suction to allow it to perform highly. Aside from that, it has a unique engineered motor with a brush roll that is ideal for all cleaning floor types. Besides, it comes with accessories like a pet turbo brush and LED headlights; this unit will support all your cleaning requirements. It can switch from floor-cleaning to above-floor cleaning in no time. The deluxe stretch hose allows you to clean hard-to-reach places like light fixtures, ceiling, and more.


  • It’s qualified for removing pet hair from bedding, stairs & furniture
  • The transparent cover erases guesswork out of maintenance
  • Built with high-efficient motor for high-performance
  • Has an easy to empty dust cup with a washable filter


  • Excessive use can burn up the motor

#7. MOOSOO M 4-in-1 Cordless Suction Handheld Stick XL-618A Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

If you under a tight budget and you still need the best of the best upright vacuum, worry no more, MOOSOO M model is a competitive model at a friendly cost. Don’t even worry about putting it together; it’s done within seconds. Also, it’s straightforward to use and cleans almost any floor type, including; carpet floor, wood floor, tile floor, etc. The adjustable head angle enables movement in hard to reach areas and corners. You can fold it under the bed and furniture and clean everywhere in the house. Moreover, the LED light illuminates every dark corner and helps to keep track of the dust.


  • The LED light makes it easy to see all dirt on the floor
  • Cordless design makes it convenient to clean the floor
  • Has a swivel head that makes it easy to use
  • It’s lightweight for hassle-free cleaning


  • The battery needs constant recharging

#6. Hoover UH71250 WindTunnel 2-House Rewind Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

If you need an all-in-one home cleaning appliance, look no further than Hoover WindTunnel upright vacuum cleaner. It’s perfect for cleaning a home from floor to ceiling. With a multi-floor brush roll, you can turn the brush roll on for maximum cleaning on carpets off to keep off debris being scattered on the hard floors for a more thorough clean. It uses advanced multi-cyclonic hi-tech to provide you with a continuous cleaning experience without losing suction. On the other hand, the novel WindTunnel 2 technology brings two-channel of suction to get rid of surface debris and the embedded dirt. Additionally, it features a hassle-free 25 feet power cord that automatically retracts in seconds, hence eradicating the need of wrapping the cord again 16 feet of cleaning reach to allow you to clean dust and dirt anywhere.


  • Get rid of stubborn pet hair from chairs & upholstery
  • It’s ideal for whole-home cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Constructed with hassle-free cord rewind
  • Offer extended cleaning reach


  • -The power button is in an awkward spot

#5. Tineco Floor-One S3 Smart Cordless Lightweight & Powerful Multi-Surface Hard-Floor Cleaning

Are you looking for a more compact upright vacuum cleaner? Well, look no further than Tineco upright vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with a smart sensor technology that automatically detects wet or dry surfaces and adjusts the water flow and suction force appropriately. With one easy step, this unit is capable of vacuuming and washing any sticky or tough stains leaving your floors sparkling clean. You can easily monitor how your cleaning takes place, the battery level, and any blockage alerts on the easy-to-operate LED display. Moreover, it has a cordless design that makes it easier for you to maneuver up and down the stairs and on tighter spaces.


  • Has dual tank technology that keeps water clean always
  • Keep your hands cleaner by flushing the brush roller
  • Only weighs 9.9 pounds thus easy to carry it around
  • The powerful motors operate in a quiet manner


  • The water container is a bit smaller thus requires frequent refilling

#4. Sanitaire SL4110A On-Board Tools Corded Professional Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

All you need is Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaner to maintain higher cleaning standards in your home or office. This unit has a spacious disposable bag that accommodates up to 3 quarts of dirt and debris to avoid frequent disposal. It has a 30-foot cord that is long enough to allow you to maneuver around easily while cleaning your house and limiting switching plugs more often. With five height adjustment settings and a 13-inch cleaning path, you can now easily clean different carpeted floors. Several onboard tools such as an upholstery tool, crevice tool, and extension band are included to clean different surfaces on or above the floor.


  • Designed from high-grade and durable materials
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • The length allows you to clean a large area of 4680 sq. feet
  • Doesn’t require any extra tools thus easy to assemble


  • The high-low setting isn’t smooth to turn

#3. Bagotte 9-in-1 21KPa Powerful Lightweight Handheld Vacuum w/Rechargeable Battery for Home

If you are looking for a cordless upright vacuum cleaner to ease your cleaning tasks, you set to go with this brand from Bagotte. It has a powerful motor with a speed of 225 watts and a suction of 21Kpa to clean your floors thoroughly, leaving your floors with no mess. This cleaning device is equipped with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be used continuously for up to 30 minutes when fully recharged. Its versatility allows you to clean all corners of your house like under the sofa, sofa gaps, under the bed, and many other places with tighter spaces. With nine different cleaning modes, you can easily clean your house on different occasions.


  • Has antistatic carbon filters that remove all dust and crevices
  • You can quickly empty the dust container by pressing one button
  • The filters can be detached when you need to clean them
  • Only weighs 9.8 pounds thus easy to carry around


  • Requires a charging time of 4-5 hours

#2. Dyson Corded HEPA Filter Ball Multi-Floor Origin High-Performance Upright Vacuum Fuchsia

Dyson upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide range of features to help meet all your cleaning needs. You should never worry about the kind of floor that you are cleaning since this equipment automatically adjusts itself to clean carpeted or hardwood floors. It has stiffer and shorter bristles that allow you to penetrate to the deepest part of your carpets. It has a longer cord and wand that enables you to maneuver easily up on the stairs or under the furniture. You can as well empty the dust bin without getting your hands dirty by just pushing the button. This unit ensures that all dirt is collected inside it to avoid releasing any particles back to the environment.


  • Prevents any allergic reaction or asthma thus user friendly
  • Has a strong suction force to remove any microscopic dirt
  • Easy to maneuver around since it has a ball design
  • Made of high-grade materials that last longer


  • It’s a bit heavy as compared to other models

#1. Shark AZ1002 Espresso Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap & Powered Lift-Away w/Hand Vacuum

For an ultimate cleaning experience, all you need is Shark upright vacuum cleaner. This device has a dual brush roll system that allows you to clean deep floors, leaving them looking sparkling clean. You can easily clean under the furniture or any other tighter spaces because it is equipped with a canister that can be detached. Besides, you do not have to remove any hair wrap since the zero-M does all that job for you. With LED lights on the handle, you can clean your floors during the night since you can see any hidden debris. All the dirt, dust, and other debris are trapped inside the vacuum to avoid releasing back to the air.


  • Comes with a thick and long cord for more convenient operations
  • Has a detachable canister to allow you clean hard to reach areas
  • It takes a few minutes to put it together thus saves your time
  • The noise reduction technology decreases the noise levels


  • It clogs so easily after cleaning for a few minutes

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Corded vs. Cordless

First, cordless upright vacuums enable you to move freely in the house without relying on the power socket location. Such models operate using rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, corded vacuums are the best options for a spacious home that requires frequent cleaning. They allow you to take on your cleaning needs without necessarily breaking.

Bagged vs. Bagless

The main models of upright vacuum cleaners include bagged and bagless options. No matter the model that you select, your house will be cleaned to perfection. But, they have a small difference to break the two. Bagless upright vacuums are known for being eco-friendly, but you be required to clean the container and get rid of the stuck hairs. On the contrary, bagged tend to be a little bit messy. It often requires replacement. If you wish to settle for a bagless option, go for a model with an excellent structural design for hassle-free cleaning.

Size & Storage

It’s fundamental to consider the size and storage of an upright vacuum before paying for any model. Think of the available space for storing this appliance. In doing so, you have an idea of the size of the vacuum you will buy. The best idea about this unit is that they don’t feature a hose section that could have occupied a lot of space. Most models are sleek and very easy to store. So, if you have limited storage space, then opt for a model that can fit into a small footprint.

Quality Brushes

Well, the best vacuum cleaner requires high-quality brushes to enable it to pull the pet’s coat and any other dirt from the furniture, carpet and transfers it into the suction area. Even better, it performs this task without being tangled in a pet coat, which could have made it lose its capability to deep clean your home. If your floor is hardwood, then you should opt for the model that can switch off the brushes when cleaning different floor types.


We hope you checked the in-depth description of all these top 10 best upright vacuum cleaners and made some comparisons with regards to their charging time, weight, battery life, and power. After this, you’ll be in a position to purchase the best model without any assistance. The information we’ve presented to you is a collection of various internet sources, which are unbiased. You shouldn’t rummage through different sites to acquire the best upright vacuum cleaners, we’ve compiled the best options that are second to none. Good luck!