10 Best Toy Storage Boxes in Reviews

Are you finding it difficult to keep your kids rooms organized? Perhaps many toys are lying around the floor, making the room look messy. If that is the case, investing in a good quality Toy Storage Box is a perfect solution for you. This unit will keep toys of every shape and size neatly placed in one place, making the room look tidy. Moreover, Toy Storage Box teaches your small kid a sense of responsibility by keeping the toys in a designated place after playtime.

If you are experiencing trouble in selecting the best Toy Storage Boxes for your kid, in this article, we are going to take you through the top ten best Toy Storage Boxes in reviews.

#10. Step2 Fun Time Toy Storage and Room Organizer, Pink

This is one of the best-selling toy storage boxes that will keep all the kid’s toys in an organized manner. It includes 11 storage bins that will keep your kid’s room spotless and neat. Ideally, this Toy Storage has 2 different sizes of storage bins to meet the storage needs that are perfect for storing crafts, books, toys, and other children’s accessories. All the bins detach easily for easy cleanup. Moreover, it has a safety wall anchor that ensures added stability.

Toy Storage will teach your child how to organize and clean in a fun way. Other than that, it is a perfect creative storage center that is ideal for both kids and moms. Finally, this product is spacious, and all your childhood toys are kept safe whenever he or she is not playing.


  • Includes 11 storage bins that help to keep the child’s room spotless
  • Detachable bins for easy and portable clean-up
  • It is included with Wall anchors for safety purposes
  • Has personalizable stickers for the toy and bins storage units


  • Not for outdoor use

#9. Delta Children 9-Bin Deluxe Toy Storage Organizer Pixar/ Disney Cars

Is your child a lover of car toys? Then you must be having a mess in your house. This will come to an end if you purchase this Delta Children Toy Storage Organizer. It is recommended for kids aging 3 years and above, and the organizer is made from solid wood for durability. This Toy Storage Organizer comes with large, medium, and small bins that come with colorful PAW graphics that look attractive for your kids.

When fully assembled, this Organizer measures 37.01 x 11.81 x 26.38 inches and requires very few steps to assemble. One great thing about this storage organizer is that it meets or exceeds CPSC regulations and national safety standards.


  • Ideal for kids aging 3 years and above
  • Made of solid wood and fabric for durability
  • easy to assemble and measures 37.01 x 11.81 x 26.38 inches
  • Meets or exceeds CPSC regulations and safety standards


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

#8. Step2 Lift Box for Roll Toy

We love this Roll Toybox as it offers ample space for different types of toys. First, it has over three cubic feet of storage capacity; thus, you can use it to store clothes, games kits, books, and toys. This box has built-in handles that allow you to grasp comfortably, and its durable molded wheels will never scratch the floors. Following this, the kids can easily pull this box around their bedroom or playroom and put books and toys away at the same time.

This box has durable poly construction and 2 legs for stability. Its colors and design match with any room’s interior décor while it requires very little effort to assemble. With its durable poly construction, this makes it easy to clean and require very little maintenance.


  • Holds over 3.75 cubic feet of storage
  • Durable poly construction and has Two legs for stability
  • Built-in handles that allow easy grasp
  • Durable molded wheels that do not scratch the floor


  • Bulky and takes more space

#7. Delta Children Deluxe Toy Storage Organizer with 9-Bin

Any grandparents or parents can invest in this Toy Storage Organizer to gift their kids on some auspicious occasion. It measures36 inches x 11.81 inches x 28 inches, and It is very easy to assemble. This storage organizer has two large bins, three medium bins, and four small bins that allow your kid to organize their toys in an orderly manner. The 9 bins have various sizes, and they will brighten the child’s room with their stylish colors.

The toy storage organizer has a perfect kid-sized height allowing your kid to view clearly and choose their favorite toys. The frames of this storage organizer are made from sturdy, and the bins are constructed from strong fabric for durability. It is recommended for children aging 3 to 6 years. Above all, this storage organizer meets or exceeds CPSC regulations and safety standards.


  • Perfect for kids aging 3 years to 6 years
  • Meets or exceeds CPSC regulations and national safety standards
  • Measures 36 x 11.81 x 28 inches, and it is easy to assemble
  • The frame is constructed from sturdy wood and bins made of strong fabric


  • Adult assembly needed

#6. Gimars 22 Inch Collapsible Toy Chest Box Storage Bins

Do you want additional space for your kid’s toys? If that is the case, these Chest Box Storage Bins by Gimars will suit all your needs. It has an overall size of 22 inches x 15 inches x 13nches making it a great storage solution for books, baby diapers, dog toys, kids’ toys, blankets, and clothes. It is going to keep everything in place, neat and organized; thus, your room will look great. The box is included with 6 pcs plastic insert that holds the side upright. Moreover, it has firm handles on the ends, making it easy to carry the box around.

This box has a durable jute tote and waterproof coating inside, making it strong and easy to clean. When it is not in use, this toy storage box is collapsible into a small size for easy storage. Finally, it has a sized height allowing your kids to get toys out and study how to put them back.


  • It measures 22 x 15 x 13 inches and keeps everything well organized
  • Included with 6 pcs plastic inserts that keep the sides upright
  • Durable jute tote and waterproof coating inside
  • Stylish and collapsible where you can fold it into a compact size when not in use


  • Paints chips easily

#5. Honey-Can-Do Gray SRT-06475 Kids Storage Toy Organizer

This is a lovely Storage Toy Organizer to buy for your kid’s playroom or bedroom. It includes 12 plastic toy totes that are 5-inches deep. This toy organizer is ideal for 3-year-old kids. It will enable them to learn new ways on how to arrange their correction. In addition to that, it will encourage kids to organize clothing, books, small toys, and more. The 2-storage rack can be installed on the wall to ensure added safety.

The plastic bins have rounded corners, making them play safe, faux food safe, and fail-safe. With its quality, construction makes this Toy Organizer stain-resistant and durable. This is definitely a fine addition to any kid’s room.


  • Comes with 12 plastic toy totes that are 5-inches deep
  • Perfect for kids’ room, playroom, and bedroom toy storage
  • Quick and easy cleaning surfaces that are stain-resistant
  • The toy rack can be easily mounted to the wall for added safety


  • Not ideal for heavy use

#4. EZOWare Large Foldable Storage CStorage Boxes for Kids Room and Nursery (Gray)

Parents can now maintain the cleanliness and tidiness in their toddler’s bedroom or playroom by effectively organizing their toys with this Storage Box by EZOWare. This Collapsible Bin offers a perfect way to store, organize, and accessorize a baby’s items. You can use them at home office, home, or office, and it is designed to march with your room’s interior décor. This box has natural brown and soft beige accents for a neutral color scheme.

You can utilize these Storage Bins as kid room toy storage, clothes baskets, closet organization bins, book and magazine organizer, or dog toy storage, among others. It has a dimension of 16.5 inches x 12.5 inches x 10.5 inches, and it is constructed from premium linen polyester fabric for durability.


  • Has a fashionable design to match your rooms interior décor
  • Perfect way to organize, store and accessorize kids items at home
  • Comes in a set of three where each box measures 16.5 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Made of premium linen polyester fabric that is durable


  • Difficult assembly

#3. AmazonBasics Storage Organizer Kids Toy Bins, White

AmazonBasics is one of the trusted companies for making high-quality products. This Storage Organizer will keep your small child toys organized when they are not in use. You can place them in the play area or child’s bedroom and encourage them to keep their lovely toys in an organized way. Ideally, these toys bin features a composite frame and has a capacity of up to 25 lbs. in addition to that. It usually anchors to the wall for safety.

This kid’s toys bin features a white frame with light green, light purple, light pink, and dark pink bins; this makes it colorful and will complement your room’s décor. Each bin can be assigned with a different type of toys for better organization.


  • The organizer comes with removable plastic bins
  • Constructed from sturdy composite wood for durability
  • Colorful plastic bins and comes in different sizes
  • Has a 25 lb. capacity and it Anchors to wall


  • Quality of the hardware needs to be improved

#2. Delta Children Storage Organizer Deluxe 9-Bin Toy Organizer

For those who do not have a lot of space in their home. Delta Children Toy Organizer will not take up much space in your room and will organize all your child’s toys. It is made from solid wood while the bins are made of fabric for durability. In addition to that, it comes with 2 large bins, 3 medium bins, and 4 small bins and is available in Dark Chocolate, Grey with Blue and White with Pink colors.

Ideally, this toy organizer is recommended for kids aging between 3 to 6 years. When the playtime is over, the kid can easily tidy up by placing the toys, books, and art supplies into the bins. Assembling this organizer is very easy and measures 36 inches x 11.81 inches x 28 inches.


  • Perfect for kids aging between 3 years to 6 years
  • Made of solid wood and has a perfect kid-sized height
  • Measures 36 x 11.81 x 28 inches and require easy assembly
  • Meets or exceeds CPSC regulations and safety standards


  • Flimsy bins

#1. Tot Tutors Springfield Extra Large Toy Storage Organizer

Last but not least is this Toy Storage Organizer by Tot Tutors. It is an extra-large Storage Organizer with 25% more storage when compared to Top organizers. It is also included with 12 standard size plastic bins and 4 double Size plastic bins that are easy to access, making it fun for girls and boys taking out books, toys, and games for playtime. The bins will teach your child with sorting and cognitive skills while enabling them to learn how to organize equipment.

The storage organizer is engineered with premium wood, and the bins are made of plastic materials for long-lasting durability. It has a storage capacity of 7.5 cu. Ft and the construction materials are both phthalate and BPA free. Finally, this organizer is perfect to use in kids’ playroom, bedroom, and living room.


  • Made of Metal, Plastic and wood materials
  • Includes 12 standard size plastic bins and 4 double Size plastic bins
  • Removable bins for cleanup and playtime
  • Easy to assemble and has a capacity of up to 7.5 cu. Ft


  • A bit expensive

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Toy Storage Boxes


Toy storage organizers usually handle a lot of weight, and thus you need to look at its strength. Therefore, it is very important to look at the materials used in construction before buying them.


Storage organizers that allow you to modify the placement of bins are efficient to use. With that, you need to look at the number of bins and check whether they are removable to let you customize the placement as per the toys

Cleaning mechanism

Typically, kids accidentally drop the bins into the floor that can make them dirty. With that, it is very important to choose the storage organizer that is easy to clean.


The oval frame structure of the toy organizer decides the sturdiness and durability of the organizer. It also determines how much weight the organizer can carry. Therefore, choose a unit that is made with a high-quality frame.


You cannot separate your little kid from toys, but you need to do something to keep them organized and neat after playtime. The Toy Storage Boxes listed above are durably constructed and look elegant irrespective of where you set them up. What is remaining for you to make a decision and bring one to your child’s room.