10 Best Stationary Bikes for Home in Reviews

Are you thinking of investing in home gym equipment? You can consider adding a stationary bike to your list. Exercise bikes are the most used devices at home to replace going to the gyms. They help to burn calories while strengthening your body. This allows you to perform all those exercises just in the comfort of your home. They can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of different persons. Most of them also feature extra features such as a cup holder to hold your favorite beverage at an arms length.

What’s more, is that you are left to make a choice and pick that one brand that will suit your needs in the best manner. The current market is flooded with a wide range of brands that will get you confused while trying to choose. Therefore, we have solved this greater problem by compiling a list of the best brands out there. The list below consists of the top 10 best stationary bikes for your home.

10. Binhia Comfortable Exercise Stationary Bike for Home with iPad Mount and Seat

Your baby can always remain asleep as you exercise with Binhia stationary bike for home. It is equipped with a silent belt drive which offers you quiet operations. The seat can be easily adjusted to different heights to suit both tall and shorter persons. Featuring a thickened triangular steel frame, it can support a maximum user capacity of 330lbs. Even better, it helps to burn fats quickly, strengthen your heart and build core muscles. Whether you are a beginner or professional, the multi-grip handlebar with adjustable resistance will always meet your needs in the best manner.


  • Equipped with two wheels to ease movements
  • Saves your time since takes few minutes to setup
  • Has a compact design thus occupies less space
  • Made from quality materials that are strong and durable


  • The cup holder is placed at a wrong angle

9. Afully Cycling Belt Drive Upright Fitness Cardio Workout Indoor Stationary Bike for Home

For a full body workout, you can try out Afully stationary bike for home. This bicycle uses pure wool which is more durable and helps to reduce riding noise. You can always track your progress every time since it displays distance, speed, and all other computer calculations. The free iPad holder enables you to watch fitness classes and get more entertained while exercising. You can as well keep your favorite drink by your side since the bottle holder is located at an arm’s length. This allows you to remain hydrated while performing your workouts.


  • The tension knob allows for resistance adjustments
  • Belt driven system assures you of a smooth ride
  • Has an enhanced tube for a more stable ride
  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble it


  • The instructions are not very clear

8. Mevem Adjustable Comfortable Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike for Home with LCD Screen

Why do you have to choose Mevem stationary bike for home? Well, it is because of its outstanding features. You can now enjoy a silent and smoother cycling experience thanks to the magnetic system. The multifunctional large LCD screen enables you to monitor distance covered, speed used, odometer, and calories burnt per unit time. With the well-cushioned seat, you can always enjoy a safer and comfortable ride no matter the riding time. This dear can be adjusted in 4 different ways for added comfort for people with different needs. You are well-guaranteed safe since the pedals are well caged to avoid any accidents.


  • You can adjust the resistance by a simple twist
  • The two wheels allow for swift tilting and movements
  • Has 4 rubble supports for use on uneven surfaces
  • Equipped with antiskid handlebars thus safer


  • Has poor installation instructions

7. Vigbody Upright Workout Cardio Stationary Bike for Home with Adjustable Seat

Vigbody stationary bike for home is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. It features a thickened carbon steel and plastic construction for a longer-lasting unit. With the belt-driven system, you can now ride your bicycle in a quiet and smoother cycling experience. The multifunction monitor is equipped with a bigger monitor that allows you to track calories burnt, distance, speed, and more. Furthermore, it is equipped with some wheels which allow you the move around so easily.


  • Supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 330lbs
  • Has a big triangle structure to keep you stable always
  • Made from quality, durable steel components
  • The seat can be customized in 4 ways for comfort


  • Heavier before assembly

6. Yonkful Workout Cardio Indoor Adjustable Stationary Bike for Home with Seat Cushion

You have got more than enough reasons to choose the Yonkful stationary bike for home. It is designed from high-grade alloy steel components that assure you of a stronger and longer-lasting unit. This makes it suitable to support a weight of up to 280 pounds. The 35lbs flywheel offers a high precision run out that assures you of safer cycling at all times. Besides that, the LCD screen displays time, speed, scan, odometer, and distance for easier monitoring. In addition, the pad holder enables you to listen to your favorite music while cycling. You can as well adjust the tension knob to meet your exercise intensity level.


  • The seat is well designed to keep you more comfortable
  • Has adjustable pedal cages to meet your needs
  • Features a steel construction for stable operations
  • Equipped with a button for emergency stops


  • The seat is so wide

5. Harison 35lbs Flywheel Exercise Belt Driven Stationary Bike for Home and Gym

As a fitness enthusiast, you can try out Harison stationary bike for home. This bicycle is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD that displays time, scan, distance, calories, RPM, and so on for easy monitoring. The 2-way adjustable handlebars and 4-way adjustable seats make it easy to customize to suit different people with different heights. Moreover, the solid flywheel and belt-driven system offer you a quiet cycle for more comfortable operations. With the inbuilt table holder, you can easily store your phone, magazine,iPad, and other smaller items.


  • Comes with a free water bottle with its holder
  • Has a solid structure to support a weight of 280lbs
  • Certified by SGS thus safer for everyday usage
  • The aluminum allow pedals are non-slip


  • The pad of resistance wears off easily

4. Yosuda Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike for Home with Seat Cushion and iPhone Holder

No more wobbles or any funny noise while cycling with Yosuda stationary bike for home. It is equipped with a 40lbs chrome flywheel that helps to motivate you to conduct more exercises for a healthy life. The updated belt drive allows you to cycle in a uniform, firm, and smooth manner. This system does not require any maintenance thus more convenient. Additionally, you can easily adjust resistance which enables you to stop the bike for safer cycling. This bike also uses pure wool for less noisy operations and lasts longer. This makes it the best gift for your loved ones.


  • Comes with an extra brake for easier replacement
  • iPad holder allows you to listen to some music
  • You can monitor your events with the display monitor
  • Features adjustable straps for a more customized fit


  • The monitor is made of cheaper materials

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Magnetic Endurance Exercise Stationary Bike for Home

For low-impact fitness, you can put all your trust on Sunny Health & Fitness stationary bike for home. Featuring a performance monitor, you can easily track your speed, calorie, time, distance, odometer, and so on. You can easily adjust the magnetic resistance to achieve a contactless and smooth resistance that is maintenance-free. On the other hand, you can easily adjust the seat to keep you more throughout your cycling period. Additionally, you can keep your favorite beverage in arm’s reach because it features a bottle holder. Also, the pedals are well caged to avoid any slippages.


  • The transport wheels ease movement and storage
  • Has belt drive mechanism for a silent cycling
  • Maintenance-free since it does not require oil
  • Made of a strong frame that supports a weight of 265lbs


  • The display does not show heart rate

2. Pooboo 330lbs Weight Capacity Magnetic Resistance Adjustable Stationary Bike for Home

You will always achieve that amazing cycling workout with Pooboo stationary bike for home. This bicycle has adjustable handlebars and an adjustable seat that offers you a more customized experience for more comfortable operations. No matter what your fitness goals are, the heavy-duty steel frame can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 330lbs. Additionally, it is equipped with a digital monitor that allows you to track your distance, exercise time, speed, pulse, calories, and many more. With the low maintenance belt drive system, you are assured of a stable and cycling experience.


  • Has a solid steel flywheel that ensures stability
  • The emergency stop brake assures you of safety
  • Equipped with a resistance wheel to control the intensity
  • Features transport wheels for easier movements


  • Not suitable for small people

1. MBH Fitness Make Body Healthy Magnetic Indoor Stationary Bike for Home and Gym

If you are looking for a high stationary bike for your home, this brand by MBH Make Body Health is a great choice. It is designed from high-grade steel components which assures you of a strong and long-lasting unit. With this, it can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 331 pounds. Installation is such a hassle-free task since it comes with clear instructions and it will only take you a few minutes. Additionally, it is equipped with non-slip pedals that ensure safer cycling. They are also made of steel to avoid frequent breakages. During your daily cycling, you can easily store your phone or tablet on the phone holder.


  • Fully adjustable thus suitable for all trainers
  • Has a soft seat cushion to keep you comfortable
  • The bottle holder helps to keep your drinks accessible
  • Features magnetic resistance system for a smooth ride


  • It is quite heavy

Factors to consider when purchasing a stationary bike for home

Level of resistance

Different bike styles feature different levels of resistance. Most of them can be easily adjusted making it easier for you to increase or decrease the intensity. This helps to meet the needs of different persons. They are equipped with a knob that aids such adjustments. Also, you can enjoy your workouts more comfortably.


Since not everyone is comfortable with a certain seat or handlebar height, it always wise to go for a bike with adjustable settings. The height of the seat can be easily customized to offer you a more comfortable ride. On the other hand, you can as well adjust the handlebars to avoid straining while riding.


It is always wise to go for a stationary bike that lasts longer. They feature a high-quality steel construction that assures you of a longer-lasting unit at times. This also ensures that you remain sturdy and stable during all your riding operations. Additionally, with a sturdier frame, it can support more weight per unit.

Price level

You should always consider a unit that is within your budget to avoid overstretching. If you do not plan on using the bike on daily basis then you can go for one on the lower end of your pay scale. However, if you are looking forward to a longer-lasting unit then you should be ready to invest more money in it.


Everyone prefers a different type of stationary bike. This comes in with the fact that they are equipped with different features to suit the needs of different persons. The list above contains the best brands that you can always choose from. So depending on your needs or preferences, you can settle on any of them. Though they vary in their features, they will meet all your needs in the best way. Therefore go ahead and make your choice and you are never going to regret it.