10 Best Spinner Luggage in Reviews

As an avid traveler, you usually tend to worry about the safety of your luggage that you travel with, but have you tasted spinner luggage? Yes, spinner luggage is the simplest way of overcoming the stress that comes from traveling because it stores your items safely. So, for your next journey, have a peace of mind by finding the best spinner luggage for guaranteed security. The unit comes with sufficient space to accommodate everything that you’ll be traveling with. Also, they have wheels for easy mobility with rugged construction for durability.

With that in mind, we need to jump straight to what brings us here today. Upon completing cumbersome research for the best spinner luggage, we only manage to rate the best 10 spinner luggage reviews. Also in this review is a simple buyer’s guide that will help you in the selection process. Here we go.

#10. AmazonBasics Hardshell 22inch Built-in TSA Lock Spacious 40 Liters Capacity Spinner Suitcase

First off, we have AmazonBasics Spinner Luggage. The suitcase will enable you to makes memorable traveling moments because it keeps your items in a safer place. The true metallic spinner offers nothing but guaranteed security. The 22-inch carry-on unit has a sleek look with great reliability. If you love traveling or usually go for a weekend out, you can expect great convenience and stylish travel. Get all the required clothing, essentials, and appliance into this phenomenal unit for joyous traveling. Aside from that, the size of this suitcase is spacious enough to accommodate everything you need to travel with. Zippered closure also offers great safety for all your essentials.


  • The brushed metallic finish makes the suitcase elegant and stylish
  • The 22-inch hard-shell suitcase is reliable and long-lasting
  • Spacious enough to keep all your belongings for travel
  • It is small enough to be used as a carry-on


  • The handle is too short and too wider for the slits

#9. EEE AILOUIS Extra-Large Lightweight Expandable with Wheels Luggage Rolling Duffel Bag

Are you looking for a suitcase to transport bulky items like quits, coats, or blankets? EEE AILOUIS luggage rolling duffel bag is your ultimate choice. The product comes with an extra-large capacity for moving home, sending kids to college, emigration, or travel abroad. Made with soft waterproof nylon fabric that is high-quality and wear-resistant. Additionally, it comes with full 360 degrees smooth wheels for easy maneuverability. Built with an excellent design that offers you effortless movements even when the suitcase is fully loaded. The front pockets are easy to access because their design meets the travel requirements. Moreover, it can carry luggage up to 66lb. Finally, it can adjust itself to fit the loaded luggage with ease.


  • A perfect choice for transporting heavy items like quilts, coats, blankets
  • The front pockets are conveniently designed for easy access
  • The full 360 degrees wheels offer smooth maneuverability
  • It is a great blend of classic style and high-quality
  • Supports up to 66 lbs. of weight capacity


  • The wheels don’t ride in a straight line but aren’t a deal-breaker

#8. Steve Madden Luggage 24'' Telescopic Push Button with Wheels & Handle Global (Black)

You can now avoid paying airline fees for luggage suitcases because the Steve Madden Luggage suitcase comes with a sleek and lightweight construction that keeps everything you need safe. This traveling unit offers great comfort and convenience because you need not carry two or more suitcases. The wheels make even maneuverability quite easy because you need to drag along. Also, the ergonomic handle will make movement quite easy. On the handle side is a telescopic push handle that doesn’t hurt your hand. What’s more, the interior is endowed with organization pockets for decently storing your items. That’s said, make your travel count today by gifting yourself this useful suitcase.


  • Numerous pockets on the interior of the suitcase offer decent organization
  • Offer convenience and great comfort because it keeps everything intact
  • Treasurable spinner luggage for international travel
  • The handle has a strong grip that keeps it in place


  • The logo is crooked and doesn’t appear fashionable

#7. NINETYGO 24'' Polycarbonate Hardside TSA-Approved Lock Rolling Spinner Wheels (Black)

NINETYGO Spinner Luggage is another travel partner that you should give consideration. With a high-quality finish and fashionable design, you can count on this gear for complete peace of mind traveling. On top of that, the suitcase can pack everything you require during your trip period. Moreover, it meets the TSA standard lock hence protecting your belongings and even make your journey more interesting. The wheels are from elastic and TPE shock-absorbing material with 360 degrees spinning for great performance in any road condition. In addition to that, the handle is comfortable and durable to hold and doesn’t break that easily.


  • Its interior is portioned into small compartments for the great organization
  • This suitcase is perfect for travel because it has a lightweight design
  • The TPE silent run wheels offer a smooth ride on any road surface
  • Has a lightweight and durable shell with high-performance


  • It doesn’t have a space extension

#6. Samsonite 14'' Under-seat Spinner II Luggage with Mesh Lining USB Port Smart Back Sleeve

If there spinner luggage that is eye-catchy and adorable then it is Samsonite under-seat spinner II luggage. Endowed with a bright and stylish design will incredible color for keeping your belongings safe. The USB port will even make your travel become so enjoyable because you don’t have to expose your power-bank. You can rest assured that you wouldn’t pay for carry-on fees because the suitcase is sleek and lightweight. Also, you can fit it under-seat or overhead. And it is a small unit that makes sit be counted as a personal item. Moreover, the 360 spinner wheels will make movements easy even when it is full. The wheel will make your checking into a hotel or to the fight a super-easy thing.


  • Has front and side pockets that are waterproof for organization
  • It is made lightweight and compact for a carry-on travel
  • Movement is made easy with the spinner wheels
  • A built-in USB port enables you to power up your device


  • It is way too small to fit a 17.5” laptop

#5. GoPenguin Luggage Hardshell Suitcase with Spinner Wheels Built-in TSA Lock for Travel (White)

GoPenguin Luggage suitcase is a unique bag that makes traveling more interesting. First, this suitcase has given close attention to travel details. Built with Hinomoto silent wheels, unbreakable shell with full TSA-approval locks for easy movements. The interior section is divided into two sections for a neat organization which in turn offers you ready to fly a suitcase. If you choose this thoughtful spinner luggage, you can expect to have an exclusive travel experience. The materials that make up this suitcase are of high-quality and combine with excellent craftsmanship for a state-of-the-art unit. Lastly, we must say that this classy option will surpass your expectations.


  • Two dividers storage system offers an organized way of keeping your items
  • Built with YKK zipper that provides great safety to your belongings
  • The hard-outer-shell is durable enough for any environment
  • The silent wheels spin 360 degrees for easy movement


  • Plastic scratches and turns white extremely quickly

#4. Dakine Split Roller Collapsible Brace & Split-Wing Urethane Wheels Heavy Duty Functional Spinner

If you are out there searching for the best stylish rolling luggage, then you need to give it a try to Dakine Split roller Spinner. The special unit combines functionality, durability, and style to bring joy to your travel. Also, it has a larger capacity that enables you to pack everything you need for your next travel. In addition to that, it is easy to use and comes from high-quality materials, and reinforced by a limited lifetime warranty. The collapsible braces offer great stability and fold flat for easy storage. So, if you are yearning for a peaceful journey and a comfortable stay, then, this unit is good for your needs.


  • The zippers in the main compartments are safe and secure
  • It is stable and easy to move with a foldable design
  • Durable split roller luggage offer prolonged use
  • The spinner luggage is available in two sizes


  • Support wings need to be redesigned

#3. CHESTER Medium 26'' Lightweight Checked Polycarbonate Hardshell Unbreakable Spinner

CHESTER spinner luggage makes reaching your destination quite easy with its sleekest and strongest materials. Whether you plan to make a short flight or a long vacation, this unit by CHESTER spinner will make your aspiration come true. The exterior is lightweight, water-resistant, and ultra-durable to absorb external pressure and eliminates dents. Also, the compartments are organized and efficient to store all your required essentials. Moreover, the suitcase has been fully approved with a TSA lock. Furthermore, the wheels are multi-directional, hence offering smooth and silent roll in.


  • Built with efficient and organized compartments for keeping small items
  • TSA approved lock for peace of mind storage of luggage overhead slots
  • The premium multi-directional wheels offer smooth movements
  • Comes with a lightweight and unbreakable shell


  • Good for the price but don’t have a bigger size

#2. Travelpro Platinum Elite Luggage Contour Grip MagnaTrac Spinner Wheels Suitcase

If you want a suitcase built with durability in mind, then Travelpro Spinner Luggage suitcase is something you should give a try. It comes with a premium design including stainless resistant fabric, scuff resistance, chrome zippers, and leather accents. The product is handy for long travelers and helps in getting rid of wrinkles on the fold-out-suites while keeping all your essentials safe. Besides, the interior section has integrated pockets for safe storage of small items. Movement is quite easy with this suitcase because it comes with 360 degrees spinner wheels that offer effortless movements. Pick this option if you want something simple yet functioning as required.


  • The magnaTrac spinner wheels offer a practical control and seamless roll
  • The zippers have a sturdy construction for prolonged use
  • Built-in with a fold-out suite to keep your clothes wrinkle-free
  • Spacious enough to accommodate all essentials belongings


  • It doesn’t have numerous compartments on its interior

#1. VinGrdeValise All-Purpose High-Density Foam 12 Bottles Wine Travel Suitcase (Burgundy)

What a great way to travel with lightweight spinner luggage carrying all your favorite wine spirits and beer – VinGrdeValise. The suitcase offers you a confident way to travel overseas without living your favorite wine behind. As a fact, the unit features a flexible design with a removable insert for picking to be easy. Surprisingly, this unit is capable of carrying up to 12 bottles and personal belongings at a go. The outer side of this product is a 100% compound material shell with durable closed-cell foam. Also, it has a Hinomoto wheel that makes it easy to maneuver around with ease. You ought to get this admirable choice if you love spirits and wine.


  • Capable of carrying up to 12 bottles with personal belongings
  • A TSA compliant lock mounted on the flush for safety
  • The removable inserts make packing quite ease
  • The wheels make it easy to maneuver around


  • It is heavy and weighs 24lb and 65lb when full

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Spinner Luggage

When purchasing the best spinner luggage bag, it is not all about the outer outlook. Many smart features come along with it. And if you fail to check out for the features, you may end up buying a cheap and generic unit that doesn’t make any difference. Well, here is our guide that will enable you to make the best purchase.

Space & Expandability

The main reason why you are buying this unit is the sufficient space that it comes along with. But knowing your luggage size is a determining factor towards buying the suitcase with your preferred size. Lucky enough, our picks have various sizes, so you wouldn’t miss getting your suit. In addition to that, the spinner luggage with the expandable feature will enable you to store extra items.


As usual, durability is a factor that comes along with the materials making up the unit. For that reason, you need to know the material making up the spinner luggage you choose for guaranteed durability. The more you get a durable suitcase, the more you count on it for extended life. On that point, ensure you go for the suitcase from high-quality and exceptional material. Most spinner luggage is from polycarbonate hard shell to withstand rough use.

Ease of Carrying

Strong handles with adjustable points make the gear to be friendlier in terms of carrying. Availability of a handle will offer you the easy point of holding and you move along. The wheels also aid in movements, therefore, you need to look for the ones that have spinner wheels because they rotate 360 degrees.

Safety Features & Zippers

Last but not least is safety features and zippers. Here, we are talking about the general design of the spinner luggage. The locking system and zippers should be strong enough to lock your essentials inside without exposing them. Security here is the main concern, so, any spinner luggage suitcase that you settle with should guarantee safe storage.


With the information we have offered you concerning spinner luggage, you are now sure to make the right choice for your next travel or trip. Even if you are sure about your purchase, you should read through all this review, who knows, your other alternative unit could be right at your disposal. Have peace of mind and let the spinner luggage keep your belongings safely and securely as you travel. You can still make your other extensive research but the bottom line is, we suggest to you the best of the best products always. Choose us and you’ll never regret it!