10 Best Sound Bars for TV in Reviews

Are you looking for a soundbar to accompany your TV or do you want to build the home theater system of your dreams? Well, all you could ever need is a soundbar for TV. This comes in because most of these modern TVs have less room for inbuilt speakers. They will always look fantastic but you will need a better way of doing advanced screen tech justice. These units are now taking over the subwoofer, traditional speakers, and home theater receiver in a different manner. First, these models have a compact design, takes the shortest time possible to set up, and easily affordable. On the other hand, their audio quality is always way better than that of a TV’s standard built-in speakers. Ideally, a soundbar and TV go hand in hand to receive the best results whatsoever.

The big problem comes in when you need to pick the best brand from the currently flooded markets. To end such frustration, we have compiled a list that will offer you tailored options for the best soundbars out there. We have gone the extra mile by getting to test each of the brands below to ensure that they will always meet your needs and quality requirements. Whether you need a soundbar to listen to your favorite music or watch a movie at the comfort of your home, our list offers unlimited usage. That said, the list below entails the top 10 best Soundbars for TV to check out.

10. Meidong Portable 36 inch Immersive Bass Soundbar for TV with Premium Audio Quality

If you loving watching movies or listening to music, the Meidong soundbar for TV becomes one of your must-have accessories. This 36-inch unit accommodates different sizes of TVs and is more portable compared to other models. With the wireless Bluetooth connection, you can effectively connect your Bluetooth device on a range of up to 33 feet. The remote control included enables you to free your hands without any operation limitations. Moreover, the inbuilt speakers offer you the best home theater system and surround music listening experience. Also, it has more input choices for easier and more varied connections.


  • Has a portable design thus easier to carry from place to place
  • Features a sleek design to save your storage space
  • Versatile since it is compatible with all models of TVs
  • The remote control is easy to use and well-labeled


  • The wires are a bit short

9. Tao Tronics 32 Inches Three Equalizer Mode Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth Connection

The black color of the TaoTronics soundbar for TV will always complement the standard colors for most home electronics and decors. So if you are looking forward to enjoying your life to your fullest then this is the appropriate brand. This unit will always help you to enhance sound whether you have a traditional TV or a digital TV. If you are using former TV models, it is more advisable to use the RCA cable to create a better connection. On the other hand, you can connect using Bluetooth, an audio cable, an optical connection, or RCA cable as well if you are using the latter models. With powerful speakers, this soundbar offers you the best whole audio experience.


  • Equipped three different equalizer modes to suit different needs
  • Has inbuilt speakers that deliver an excellent audio experience
  • Makes use of Bluetooth, RCA cable, optical and remote connections
  • Has a slim design to save you more of your storage space


  • Takes some time to fully install it

8. TCL Black Digital Bluetooth Enabled Alto 6 Soundbar for TV for Wireless Streaming

Immersing yourself in your favorite entertainment is the best thing only with TCL soundbar for TV. With Dolby Digital decoding, you are assured of maximum sound clarity and offer a virtual surrounding sound. You can as well wirelessly stream your audio using a Bluetooth-enabled device by connecting it to the soundbar. Better still, it has a compact design which makes it hidden without taking much space. Also, it features specialized sound modes that allow you to enjoy your movies and music at all times. Besides that, installation is such a hassle-free task because, with the USB, HDMI, optical, AUX, and Bluetooth connections, you can do it within the shortest time possible.


  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to carry around
  • The remote control ensures easy and convenient operations
  • Easy to install because it takes a few minutes
  • Features a larger sound stage for loud and clear sounds


  • Difficult to determine whether the soundbar is on or off

7. Megacra Dual Bass Wireless and Wired Soundbar for TV with advanced Audio Settings

You can always enjoy your music from any corner of your house with Megacra soundbar for TV. This unit allows for Bluetooth connection which enables you to stream your favorite music from your tablets, TVs, smartphones, and other devices. With the bass enhanced technology and dual patented curved bass ports, you can always retain the clarity and intensity of your sound. In addition, it features multiple connection methods to connect most of the devices. Better still, you can match your favorite sound thanks to the bass and treble adjustment settings.


  • Sits flat below your TV screen to save your storage space
  • Has powerful speakers that deliver high-quality sounds
  • Prevents any disturbances with its lower noise level
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to fully install it up


  • The optical cable is a bit shorter

6. Bomaker 100W Soundbar for TV with Adjustable Deep Bass Levels and Equalizer Modes

Bomaker soundbar for TV is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your audio needs. It is well designed to pump out 100W from 4 full-range drivers that offer you the best audio system experience. With the adjustable surging bass, you can always achieve a rich a powerful bass without any distortions from hissing noise. Featuring 9 equalizer modes, you can adjust your home theater audio to achieve varying sounds to suit all your needs. In addition, with one remote, you can manage your entertainment, so that you can stream from anyplace in your room up to a distance of 33 feet.


  • Offers you stable connections free from any lags
  • Only weighs 6 pounds thus easier to carry around
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations
  • The accompanying guide makes setup such a breeze


  • The optical cable is of poor quality

5. Vizio Black Compact 29 inch Surround Sound Bluetooth Enabled Soundbar for TV

For an amazing sound and audio quality experience, you can put all your trust in the Vizio soundbar for TV. This unit is equipped with powerful stereo speakers that help to enhance and deliver the best sounds. It offers you 95db of crystal clear and room-filling sounds with no harmonic distortions. With the inbuilt Bluetooth, you can seamlessly stream your audio from your mobile devices without any wired connection. Furthermore, it has a streamlined and compact design thus takes less storage space. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones during the holiday season.


  • Easy to set up with the included clear instructions
  • Offers you table stand or wall mounting options
  • Ergonomically designed remote for easier access
  • Has a lightweight design thus easy to carry around


  • The volume is not super loud

4. Samsung Black Bluetooth Soundbar for TV with Deep Bass and Enhanced SoundTracking

Samsung soundbar for TV assures you of crispier and clearer voices while watching. It comes with a wireless subwoofer that offers bass effects for excellent sounds. With different modes, you can experience more in gaming or different operations. The smart sound mode helps to go through the content and modify the sound effects for an amazing sound. This soundbar is mostly compatible with Samsung TVs in the market. You can connect this device to your mobile phone through Bluetooth to enjoy your downloaded music. Better still, the included remote controller enables you to turn on/0ff or change music anytime at the comfort of your chair. Finally, installation is such a pretty task because it is packaged with a wall mounting kit that is equipped with 2 brackets, 2 screws, and 2 bracket attachments.


  • Game mode enables you to set it to achieve gaming sound effects
  • The wireless subwoofer has a frequency of 43Hz-20kHz
  • Features compact design thus fits in between a 58″ inch TV legs
  • Takes five minutes to set it up thus saves your installation time


  • Has a poor adaptive sound lite option

3. Yamaha Audio Bluetooth Soundbar for TV with Inbuilt Speakers and Four Sound Modes

When it comes to better sound quality, Yamaha audio soundbar does it the best brand you can always settle for. It is equipped with DTS virtual:x that aids to virtualize sounds from different corners for great sound output. This unit comes with an optical cable and HDMI cable that makes connection easier and setup much convenient. The included remote control allows you to easily control your music, movies, or games for a more enjoyable operation time. Additionally, the wireless subwoofer has more bass effects to sounds that offer you a real sound production. Its lightweight design is an added advantage when installing or whenever you need to transfer it from one place to another.


  • The clear voice mode allows you to get all details of the sound
  • Fits perfectly in front of your TV since it has a compact design
  • You can use the home theatre controller app to ease operations
  • Enables you to send 4k HDR videos via the HDMI output jack


  • The touch controls give little feedback

2. Bose Black HDMI ARC and Bluetooth Connectivity Soundbar for TV with Remote Control

What a most excellent way of hearing high-quality audio from your HDTV using Bose soundbar for TV! This unit features a single soundbar that offers you the best sound quality for all your favorite TV programs. This makes your audio clearer compared to normal talking to clever sound effects. Even better, the dialogue mode brings each word in a detailed manner to stand out better. You can always position this appliance at any corner of your house for more movie streaming and thrilling music. In addition, you can listen to your favorite music at the comfort of your couch because it is Bluetooth enabled. With the universal remote control, you can easily control Bluetooth, TV, bass connection, and many more.


  • Designed from advanced technology for clear audio
  • The ergonomically designed buttons ease bass controls
  • You can easily set it up using optical and coaxial cable
  • Very versatile thus it can be installed at any place


  • The remote control is smaller thus easy to lose

1. JBL 2 in 1 Home Theatre Wireless Soundbar for TV with Surround Audio Output Mode

Are you ready to enjoy an all-wireless movie experience right in the comfortable living space? JBL 4K ultra HD speaker is a great choice. It makes use of two detachable batteries that offer up to 10 hours of playtime for more convenient operations. Moreover, it uses 510 maximum total system power for maximum performance. The 10-inches wireless subwoofer has 3 HDMI inputs that enable you to connect Bluetooth and 4K gadgets for uninterrupted streaming of videos. Since it can work best with any smart TV remote controls, you can use one TV remote to operate both appliances at any time. Finally, it allows you to stream any of your favorite music using your mobile device.


  • Ensures high-end audio surround sound since it uses 510W of power
  • The included 10-inch wireless subwoofer offers a thrilling bass
  • Offers you the best 4K connectivity for crystal clear display
  • Has a slimmer profile to save you on storage space


  • Bass is non-existent at lower levels

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Soundbars for TV

Ease of Setup

The best soundbar device should include all the necessary accessories that make setup such a straightforward task. These accessories should include the necessary cables that require connection and continue watching your favorite videos with quality sound. Even if models come in many dismantle parts, connections should come with an easy DIY system to save your time and energy.


These units come as wireless devices, but the connectivity level of one model to the other varied in different aspects. Few models use wired connections but also have wireless connectivity. Bluetooth is the main mode of connection, and as long as you’re in range with your smartphones, you can always play your favorite videos or music at any time on your couch. You can as well use optical input and RCA connections for some devices.

Storage options

You should not buy a soundbar without considering the compactness and its shape. They come in different sizes to suit different needs. The units should be sleek, and even on a personal level, you should ensure that the choice that you make works seamlessly with your TV, stays hidden, and takes less space. With a small design, it means that you can save your space while looking as elegant as possible.

App Control

As part of enhancing technology and new making, the soundbar to work better is the app control that enables you to control how you’ll love your device to operate. This, however, doesn’t mean that all brands feature app controls; if you need one with app control, you should always check with the manufacturer to ensure that it offers that particular utility.


Purchasing the best soundbar can sometimes be much of a daunting task to do, but with this simple and detailed review, you can a selection like a professional. This appliance is the best thing to connect with the TV for crystal clear sound while watching or listening to your favorite music. The guide section has made your shopping easier since it enables you to make a better decision while trying to select one that wins your heart the best way. Be sure to take note that reputable companies assure of you longevity and full-functionality. With all that we have mentioned above, you are assured to come across your dream soundbar for TV.