10 Best Snow Thrower in Reviews

During the winter season, you need to have all the tools set in place for easy movements. One important tool is a snow thrower. The snow thrower takes over the hard job performed by a shovel and ensures your area is made clear. The tool is also important in ensuring that the snow on the sidewalk, driveway, and other areas are cleared during the winter seasons. Instead of having to spend a lot of ours outsides shoveling the gathered snow using your hand, a snow thrower is a great aid that fires up all the snow within no minute. So, how will you get the appropriate thrower to get you started?

To end your long hours searching across several webpages on the internet, we have come with The Top 10 Snow Throwers for you to consider. We have kept everything precise and clear and you can rest assured that you get the one that will get the job done. Additionally, ensure to check on the factors to consider below the products for a great shopping experience.

#10. Greenworks - 2601402 12 Inch Cordless 40V Lightweight Peak Performance Snow Shovel

If you need a machine to rely on when it comes to clearing a large heap of snow on the walkways, Greenworks 2601402 is what you need to make the job get done. The electric shovel helps you in a big way to move large contents of snow in a short time. Even in the hardest storm of time, this is a machine to put your trust in because it doesn’t fail whatsoever. Also, the machine doesn’t cause any shoveling during snow removal. Moreover, the battery that this unit uses is compatible with other Greenworks appliances like a blower, lawnmower, and many more. Embrace this machine to clear snow in your yard so quickly.


  • This snow thrower is cheaper than a full-size snowblower
  • It is quite simple to use and saves straining your back
  • The instructions offer easy ways of repairing and maintaining
  • Can work comfortably with the same battery as other Greenworks products


  • No way to direct the snow

#9. WEN 5662 18Inch 13.5 Amp 490 Pounds Snow /Min 6Inch Wheels Electric Snow Thrower

Do you still remember those days that you use to clear driveways using an old shovel? Of course, it was tiring and slow. Well, The WEN Snow Blaster has come to make things more easy and efficient for you. The blaster is capable of clearing snow up to 18” wide and 7.8” deep. Rusty shovel is a forgotten tool. By only using a single pass, your pathways and walkways are visible. Moreover, this machine has a 13.5Amp engine that’s over 2000 RPM to blow out snow up to 20 ft. away. Besides, the adjustable chute rotates 180 degrees with only a single turn to control snow direction. Snow clearing is made easy by using this phenomenal machine!


  • The lightweight design ensures it moves around with ease
  • The presence of the wheels offers easy mobility as it clears snow
  • The fully adjustable chute control the direction of the snow
  • It has a sturdy and reliable build for durability
  • Has great power making snow removal easy and quick


  • The safety switch does not stay on

#8. Greenworks -2600502 20Inch Corded 13 Amp Adjustable 180 Degrees 120V Snow Thrower

Greenworks 2600502 Snow Thrower has a 20” blowing width that makes work of removing snow on your walkway and driveways quite easy. Very easy to easy and maneuverable and fairly light as well. The 13 Amp motor offers powerful results like the gas alternative. The presence of an adjustable chute makes snow throwing efficient and effective. More interesting about this machine is that it is capable of throwing snow up to 20 ft. and the presence of 7” wheels offer great mobility. The snowblower itself represents a great value of the time.


  • The snowblower was easy to assemble
  • The machine is affordable compared to their alternatives
  • Has a powerful motor that delivers great snow throwing
  • It has 7” wheels that make mobility quite easy


  • The extension cord gets rigid when lying on a cold driveway

#7. Snow Joe SJ615E 15Inch 11 Amp Motor 440 lbs. snow /Min Single Stage Electric Snow Thrower

When it comes to dealing with snow, you don’t need any other tool other than Snow Joe SJ615E that’s offer great performance. This compact single-stage snow thrower offers friendly performance in terms of dealing with the winter season. Also, it has the power required to tackle heavy snowfalls on driveways, walkways. The unit combines the powerful gas power and the convenience of an electric system inside a snow unit dynamo. What’s more, it has compact wheels for easy movements in the snow environment and fully approved by ETL. With an adjustable directional chute, you can rest assured that the snow will be thrown up to 20 ft. distance.


  • The machine is ignited with just a press of a button
  • 180 degrees directional chute is capable of throwing snow up to 20 ft.
  • It has a powerful motor that pushes up to 440 lbs. snow each minute
  • Ideal for fast snow clearing on mid-size walkways and driveways


  • It does not have a GFCI plug

#6. Earthwise SN74016 40V Brushless Motor 16Inch Width 300 lbs. /Min Electric Snow Shovel

If you want snow cleared from the sidewalks, small driveways, decks, steps, walkways, and other paths then The Earthwise SN74016 is capable of doing the task quickly and easily. The electric shovel has a brushless motor with a long-lasting battery that offers great power for snow removal in any area of your house. As snowing begins, this is a set of gadgets that should be available in your home. With only a push of a button, the machine is ready for work without having to struggle with gas, cords, or oil. Furthermore, the four wheels offer easier ways of movement for all individuals.


  • It is easy to assemble, inexpensive, and well built
  • Has an ergonomic handle with a safety switch
  • The powerful and efficient brushless motor moves up to 300 lbs. snow/ min
  • Made of temperature resistant dual blade auger
  • Easy to use and transport


  • The wheels way smaller to move on a wet snow

#5. Toro 38381 18Inch 15 Amp 1800 Power 700 Pounds snow /Min Electric Snow Blower

A number #1 brand worldwide, Toro 38381. The snow thrower is capable of moving 700 pounds of snow per min thus offering efficient snow clearing. Also, this unit is suitable for patios, decks, walkways, small driveways, and many more areas. Using the power curve tech, ensures it clean down to the pavement and help lower clogging. Besides, the handles are ergonomically designed to enable you to handle them with ease. You don’t know how easy it is to assemble this unit. If you’ve yearned to get a machine that is built for great convenience, then you’ve found your search.


  • The controls built with is easy to use
  • Uses a power curve technology to prevent clogging
  • It is lightweight making it easy to maneuver around
  • Throws snow up to 30 ft. for quick snow clearing


  • It is only suitable for light snow conditions

#4. WORX WG650 18Inch 13 Amp Adjustable 180 Degrees Collapsible Electric Snow Thrower

How about getting through the winter season with ease? Well, that is only possible with The WORX 18” Snow Thrower. Being powered by a very high performance 13 Amp mower that can slice path of 18” wide and 9” deep while throwing the snow up to 30 Ft. Additionally, it is high time for you to clear snow from your driveways, walkways with ease using this appliance. Aside from the functionality, this unit also is ergonomically designed to lower fatigue and increases your comfort; it has 3 positions adjustable handle for every individual to choose the appropriate height. What’s more, the compact wheels that come with this unit offer improved maneuverability while the rubberized steel auger ensures throwing a large amount of snow becomes so easy.


  • It is capable of moving a large amount of snow with ease
  • Has a compact design that makes storage simple
  • Quick-clamps make handlebar adjustment and assembly a breeze
  • Comes with three height settings that enable you to set your comfortable height


  • The main large wheel for the belt isn’t very strong

#3. TACKLIFE GST01 15 Amp 10Inch Depth 20Inch Width Steal Auger 3000RPM Electric Snow Shovel

TACKLIFE TST01 is a machine that gives you the best experience in blowing snow. It has a working width of 20” and a depth of 10”. This enables it to throw snow to a maximum distance of 25 ft. Also, it has an adjustable chute that can rotate up to 180°. This snow blower also has a 15 amp extension cable that is made cold and freeze resistant to withstand any severe conditions when throwing snow. The steel auger has a rubber blade that enables it to last long without damaging the surface. Furthermore, this snow blower is equipped with an overload protection button for safe operation and increases the life of the machine.


  • Made of quality materials to prolong its life
  • The hook makes the long cord manageable
  • Comes with a user manual for easy setup
  • Has a high speed that clears snow quickly


  • Only suitable for outdoor small works

#2. EGO SNT2100 56V 35 ft. Throw 21Inch Cordless Single Stage Weather Resistant Snow Blower

EGO Snow Thrower is designed to fulfill your needs during the most demanding situations. You can use it during early mornings or even at night because it has 2 led lights that make it easy for you to see when it’s dark. Also, it has an adjustable variable speed that allows you to control how far the snow can be thrown. This speed auger throws snow up to a maximum distance of 35feet. Finally, this snow thrower is built with a high-efficiency brushless motor that has s clearing of 21 inches.


  • Clears snow quietly without producing any sound
  • Produces no fuss and fumes at all
  • Can withstand demanding conditions like wet or heavy snow
  • You can easily use it even in tighter walkways


  • The chute can clog up after some time

#1. Craftsman CMXGZBF7124837 2 Serrated Input Auger 10 degrees Rotation Snow Thrower (Black)

Everyone would love to have a safe and smooth drive during winter or snowy conditions. Craftsman Snow Thrower has all these catered for you. Craftsman thrower has serrated augers that have a diameter of 12 inches. Also, it has a high-speed impeller that pushes the snow through the chute. The discharge chute rotates at 180° to effectively get rid of the snow. You should correctly attach this snow thrower to your tractor for the best results. Once you have installed this snow thrower to your tractor you do not require any tools to attach or remove the snow thrower.


  • The poly chute has a rust-resistant design to withstand any moist conditions
  • Gives you a clear driveway that has to go no spot at all
  • It can work even during harsh weather conditions like winter
  • The machine is easy to assemble and use


  • The rear wheel weights and chains are sold separately from the snow thrower

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Snow Thrower

Because you want to make your life much easier, it is a good idea to consider some factors before giving in to any snow thrower. So, to make it come true, here are some crucial factors that will ease your shopping experience.

Clearing size

The initial factor to put into consideration is the clearing size. Consider the one that clears the area you need quickly and efficiently. The clearing size is measured with the inches. Go for the one that goes above the standards size, in most cases, 24-inches is the way perfect size.

Engine Size

The best snow thrower has an engine size of at least 208cc to enable it to work faster and efficiently. The site has undergone various tests and you can’t be compared with the generic models. Also, the engine is capable of offering enough power to move across big depth snow with low maintenance costs. Choose a reliable engine size that wouldn’t frustrate you during snow clearing time.

Electric Start

A snow thrower with a push-button is way advantageous because it lets you do the job instantly and efficiently. Lucky enough, our review set uses this electric start mechanism to make everything simple and quick. No one would have extra time to spend on igniting an engine rather, most times are dedicated to clearing the snow.


Adjustability is one feature that any snow thrower should have. For instance, the direction of the chute should be chargeable for snow clearing to be done more efficiently. Besides, the handles should be adjustable to accommodate different people comfortably.

Depth of Clearance

The main reason why you’re buying a snow thrower is because of its power to clear snow quickly, therefore, you need to check on the depth it can clear at a go. A desirable size is those with 21” and more. One sure thing with our reviewed set is that they can perform a good depth.


Hoping that our review has offered you information that will lead you to buy a good snow thrower on the market. The guide will make even your shopping a great one. Yes, the machines above do almost the same job, but as you know, some do an incredible job than others. Our recommendation on this is, set a budget and check on our review to ascertain the one that meets your budget. The functionality also should not be overlooked as it is the reason you are acquiring this machine. Having this tool will mean that you’ll stay more comfortable in every winter season. Give it a try today!