10 Best Smart Deadbolt Lock in Reviews

Are you able to apprehend how the world has changed technology-wise? Indeed, many technological devices have completely change the way we perceive life. How was life without a smartphone? Yes, smartphones have revolutionized our communication sphere. Even though these technologies have eaten the way we live, nothing beats the invention of smart locks.

These smart deadbolt locks have made our lives simple. No need to worry about the lock status at home, since you can check everything on your smartphone. As you know, there are various smart locks on the market, and picking a suitable one is somehow difficult. For that reason, we’ve come to help you out. No struggling anymore.

So, without much ado, here are the Top 10 Best Smart Deadbolt Lock Reviews and a buyer’s guide.

#10. TACKLIFE Keypad with One-Touch Motorized Single Cylinder & Backlit Deadbolt Door Lock

Taking security measures in your home to the highest level has never been easy until the invention of TACKLIFE Smart Deadbolt Lock. The lock brings you safety and reliability aside from its nice appearance. How enjoyable it’s to walk around without the burden of carrying keys – this unit is keyless. Also, it comes with six customizable user codes that can set between 4 to 10 digit codes. The one-time codes can be used when you have visitors around while the master code option suit the security and convenience of your family. For enhanced safety during danger, this unit comes with a low battery indicator which relays the signal to its alarm when suspicious unlocking of the lock. Additionally, installation is a breeze! With just a screwdriver, you’re good to go. Use this lock for front doors, back doors, side doors, garage doors, etc.


  • It has a customizable automatic door locking well 99 seconds elapse for convenience
  • The smart deadbolt lock is easy to install
  • This lock suits almost all standards doors
  • The cold & hot temperature don’t affect the password input
  • It doesn’t require any key to unlock the lock


  • This lock automatically locks even when the door is still open

#9. Signstek Bluetooth Keypad with Satin Nickel, APP, Password & Key Deadbolt Lock

Imagine controlling all the doors of your home with just a simple tap? Yes, this is now possible with Signstek Smart Deadbolt Lock that enables you to control the door lock through an app installed on your smartphone. The app that controls these locks enables you to manage all users who access your house. Because it supports remote control, this locking system is ideal for most people who don’t stay at home every time, thus enhancing the security of your home. Visitors can come to our home warmly because they have access to our homes using the one-time use code. With just a screwdriver, all the installation guide is complete. This locking system also supports Bluetooth connection, therefore you can lock your home without waking up from the coach. When its battery is low, the system will notify you to replace the battery.


  • The smart app enables you to lock and unlock the door comfortably
  • This locking system doesn’t need any key because you can control it via a smartphone
  • Installation is easy with only a screwdriver required
  • Notifies on time when the battery is running down for replacement


  • The key tumbler is of low quality

#8. InteTrend Newest Bluetooth Enabled Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt Lock

Have you thought of getting an enhanced lock for your home? If not, then let’s get started. Our phenomenon choice for you today is the Newest InteTrend Smart Deadbolt Lock. With this lock, you’ll enjoy keyless entry to your house. By just tapping on a smartphone, you’ll are welcomed to your home uniquely. The one-time code is available for guests who might be visiting your home, so it’s inclusive and convenient, plus, a mechanical key as the backup just in case. This locking technology suits hotels, homes, apartments, and even offices. If you embrace this lock, issues like forgetting to close your door will be done away with. Everything will be sorted out through auto-mode options.


  • Comes at an affordable price and great material quality
  • Simple set up with guides and instructions easy to use
  • Has customized lock settings that can be connected to your smartphone
  • Both front and back panel are from zinc alloy suitable for harsh environments


  • Meets all customers’ needs, no cons

#7. Hornbill Keyless Entry Front Door Digital Electronic Bluetooth with Auto Lock Smart Deadbolt Lock

Hornbill Smart Deadbolt Lock offers maximum security to your house. The keyless codes with Bluetooth unlock and anti-peep password ensure your home is kept safe and sound. If you want to check on the locking/unlocking records, you can access them directly on your app. Also, you can know your door status in real-time anywhere. As a homeowner, you can share the codes with your friends and guest that are sable only for a few periods and subjects to be revoked whenever need. Forget about copied keys or stolen keys because this keyless technology ensures your home is safe always. In case the battery is running down, the smart reminder notifies you via the app, your home will remain safeguarded.


  • It offers extra security for your home with keyless codes
  • Real-time record enables you to know your door status
  • Easily install with the use of a screwdriver
  • It is fast in sharing codes with friends and guest


  • You’ll need to drill an extra hole for installation

#6. Igloohome Touchscreen Keypad with Built-in Alarm Bluetooth Enabled Smart Electronic Deadbolt 2S

Get access to your home by leveraging on this state-of-the-art deadbolt 2S –Igloohome. You’ll get the convenience of keyless access with maximum comfort and peace of mind. The lock is known for its sleek design that measures 11mm thickness for the front door panel. The smart lock system is manageable by Bluetooth keys, PIN codes, or even offline, thus enabling proper property management in any part of the world. With the mobile app, you can allow access to your home remotely with just a tap of a button. This is the surest security system to install in your home.


  • Physical keys are available as well for flexibility
  • Uses encryption and synchronization which doesn’t require an internet connection
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Has durable batteries that can be used up to 9 months


  • The app sometimes hang continuously

#5. Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Compatible with Apple home kit, Android & iOS (Dark Bronze)

Forgotten or lost keys are issues of the past. With this nice looking Reagle Smart Deadbolt, you enjoy the convenience you get of walking around without carrying any key. To control your door lock, you’ll find everything on the smartphone by inputting the codes into the given integrity keypad. When you have visitors coming to your home, no need of using the mechanical key, you’ll give temporary access to them and you’re done. Also, the Reagle lock notifies you through an alarm in case the battery runs down. Installation is easy which takes an average of 15 min.


  • You get to benefit from the convenience of going keyless
  • Enable auto-unlocking to have your lock open automatically when you arrive home
  • You’ll get a notification in case the battery is running low
  • Installation is simple and takes an average of 15 minutes


  • The door notification info doesn’t match the action initiated

#4. ZKTeco Fingerprint Lock Bluetooth Enabled Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt Outdoor Lock (Silver)

ZKTeco Smart Outdoor Lock combines a traditional deadbolt and contemporary technology to bring convenience and safety. You can easily unlock your door with MIFARE Access Card, your fingerprints, User-generated passcode, or even a physical key. To keep off hackers, you need to enter random keys to ensure they don’t see the exact code for your locking system. Moreover, this unit is easily installed with detailed installation instructions that can be read quickly and fast. The smart lock can be used for the front door, side doors, etc. The system can allow up to 100 users. Pick users today for enhanced home security.


  • Easy to install and use with only a screwdriver required
  • You can comfortably track who comes in and unlock your door remotely
  • Allows various modes of unlocking your door, Card access, fingerprint, passcode, etc.
  • This lock comes with an affordable price and friendly usage


  • The interior of the latch assembly was slightly bent

#3. AIGURD Biometric Keyless Electronic Touchscreen Smart Door Lock (F22 left handle)

How about making your life smart? Truly, technology has made our lives enjoyable and sweet. Think about this, losing or forgetting your key at home? That’s stressful I’m sure. That’s why we’ve brought to you this keyless locking system by AIGURD. This smart deadbolt Lock keeps away your worries and makes your day to day activities convenient. To access your home, you can use fingerprint entry, keyless code, or even the mechanical key as the backup. With over 200 fingerprints allowance, this locking mechanism suits your home front door, office main door, gym interior, etc. Stay secure and true to technology by equipping your doors with these high-tech locks.


  • Uses stainless steel plates for enhanced durability
  • The best locking mechanism to simplify your life
  • Comes with a simple DIY installation guide
  • The temporary visitor function allows you to set a pass for special access


  • The deadbolt can block the installation

#2. PIN Genie Bluetooth Keyless Entry Advanced 3D Fingerprint Reader Deadbolt Lock-Satin Nickel

For the secure and enhanced safety of your home, PIN Genie Deadbolt Lock is what you should take home. This system prevents the codes from being guessed by randomly changing the location of PINs after every use. With the easy intuitive access for you, no other person can guess your pin even if they see you enter. Besides, it has a 3D fingerprint sensor that offers advanced biometric reading before giving access. The unit is made with premium-grade quality materials that ensure it lasts for a longer period. What’s more, know get into your house by tracking the locking /unlocking system of your home.


  • Made from premium grade material that ensures the durability of the lock
  • You can easily track the history of who access your house at a particular time
  • Has a DIY installation guide that takes less than 15 minutes
  • The peek-proof digital keypad makes it nearly impossible to guess password


  • The LCD screen doesn’t function in direct sunlight

#1. Prodigy Keyless Entry Commercial Interconnect Lock 4000 Smart Lock (right hand 0.5''- Flat Black)

If you want to get the freedom to live keyless plus enough safety, then think of acquiring a Prodigy Smart Lock. With the combination of smart access technology, keyless convenience, versatility and maximized security, this unit will give you the best of everything you need. Not forgetting its stylish yet heavy-duty design. Installation is a breeze. Accessing this system easy and flexible – come & go entry access. The battery of this system is good and can function for one year. The enhanced level of security offered by this lock is unbeatable. This is a lock that has advanced security features.


  • It offers easy and reliable keyless home entry activation using a programmable touchpad
  • Design to withstand most extreme temperature and conditions including fire
  • Comes with intuitive functionality that adds ease and convenience to your day
  • No need for an expert set up, DIY installation guide explains everything


  • No direction to show how to install the outer doorknob

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Smart Deadbolt Lock

As you plan to settle down with any of the above smart deadbolt locks, just spare a minute and go through these basic factors that will help you in picking the best of the smart locks.

Ease of Installation

There exist two smart lock models, the first one involves minor changes on the deadbolt, in most cases the latch, while the other one, entails making full changes on the deadbolt for satisfactory integrity. A good smart deadbolt lock will have a well-displayed guide that will enable you to install with less than 1 hour.

Remote Control Capability

One desirable feature of any smart deadbolt lock is the remote control capability. The fact, that you can be far from your home and you can check to ensure your home is locked well, makes its ease your work. The remote control of the lock is done right directly on your smartphone with a simple click. To make this connection successful, there should be a network connection linking the app and the physical lock. Bluetooth control locks also have been made, so that you can lock your home without having to wake up to physically lock the door.

Smart Home Integration

A smart home system ensures your home security is maintained on a higher point. For any modern home, this is a smart kit that will keep everything in a convenient place. The lock your purchase should interact with other devices at home via the home network.

Lock Independence

The essence of a lock in your home is to offer full security, that’s why it’s important to buy a smart lock that has independence. Your lock should not develop any issues once opened in the box. Although you can make connections to the HVAC system, doorbell, and thermostat, the smart locks should work even in the absence of these peripherals.


To sum up, we’ve offered you a guide that will keep you on the right path as you do your shopping for the smart deadbolt lock. Our review is positive because the products we’ve reviewed met most customer’s requirements with fewer drawbacks. Given that you’ll pick the right option, you’ll never go wrong. If you want to stay stress-free, then it’s high time for you to acquire these advanced home security locking system. We do hope that our guide will help you get the appropriate lock that will suit your home for convenience and security. Let the lock do everything for you.