10 Best Small Greenhouse in Reviews

Embracing the technique of greenhouse should now be accessible and affordable for you with the introduction of small greenhouses into the market. You can plant a variety of crops under this controlled environment seamlessly. In essence, a small greenhouse uses the same technique as that of a large greenhouse that regulates day and night temperature to the optimum level. Besides, they come in varied configurations and sizes. If you have yearned for these farm equipment to be introduced into the market, then this is an opportunity for you to seize.

Whether you are looking for a small greenhouse to fit in your garden, patio, or yard, we have finally here with perfect solutions. Even better, we have taken into account all the budget concerns. After reviewing tons of mini-greenhouses in the market, we were lucky to get the top 10 best small greenhouses for reviews. Read along to have an insight into our findings.

#10. Lafuncosa Outdoor Indoor Protective Cover Pop Up Flower Waterproof Mini-Portable Greenhouse

For outdoor potted plants and cold days and nights, Lafuncosa mini-portable greenhouse can work better for you. With anchors and plenty of materials at the lower section offers excellent stability in case your pots are not on soft grounds. This plastic small controlled environment provides a safe and attractive protective cover for seed breeding. The dimension of this greenhouse is 27.55cm by 27.55cm by 31.49cm. Besides, it is waterproof, and the curtains open with zippers. Additionally, it can support plants, seeding breeding, and flowers. Count on this unit to protect your crops against insects, rain, and even cold weather.
Furthermore, it cans serve both indoor and outdoor needs.


  • Great small greenhouse to keep plants against rain, insect and cold weather
  • The transparent plastic materials offer a clear view of your growing plants
  • Provides a protective cover for your growing seedlings
  • It works for both indoor and outdoor needs


  • It doesn’t support many plants

#9. VegTrug Frame & High-Quality Polythene Cover Easy Assembling Small Wall hugger Greenhouse

At 9th position is a small greenhouse with a polythene cover that has a frame attached to raise vegetable planter referred to as Vegtrug. Creating your mini-polytonal environment should now be quite comfortable with this model. All your plantations inside this unit are protected from pests, weather, and diseases. Setting up this mini-greenhouse is a breeze because all the needed tools and instructional manuals are included in the package. It is convenient for garden and patio use because it takes a small space. Even better, it is sturdy and constructed from durable materials to last.


  • Keeps everything off the ground and easy to water and maintain
  • Offer plant protection against pests, weather, and diseases
  • Assembling procedures are elaborate and straightforward
  • It is much convenient and works best for small space
  • Perfect to fit into most wall VegTrug


  • This model is a little pricey but meets the needs

#8. Ikea Indoor Outdoor Steel Frame Polyester Powder Coating Roof Vent Small Greenhouse (White)

What a protective and conducive environment for seeds to germinate and plants to grow more seamless by Ikea Greenhouse, to your full surprise, this mini-greenhouse is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Although it needs assembling, the procedure of putting it together is straightforward. The roof vents offer free air circulation and temperature to cool because it can be opened in a half-way position. When it’s dirty, the only thing you are supposed to do is wipe using a damp piece of cloth. Moreover, it is from a high-quality steel frame coated with polyester powder.


  • Assembling is quite simple and easy since it comes with all tools needed
  • Provides an excellent environment for seeds to germinate and plants to grow
  • Made from sturdy steel frame coated with polyester powder to last
  • The vent system offer free-air circulation and temperature control


  • Sides are not of real glass paneling thus will scratch very easily

#7. Goscinny Indoor Zippered Roll-Up Door Strong Frame Coated Steel Small Greenhouse (Green)

Do you wish to extend the plants growing season with the best mini-greenhouse? If yes, this small greenhouse by Gosunny is your ultimate solution. It’s portable with a walk-in style; hence all your plants can flourish with greatness. For instance, flowers planted in it can enjoy the cool and grow healthier in both snowy and cloudy seasons. In simpler words, this smart greenhouse is suitable for plant growth and protection against pests and diseases. If you need a new way of giving seeds an early start, choosing this small greenhouse will go in handy with your plans. The roll-up zippered door makes it easier to close and get into the greenhouse. Besides, many shelving enables your plants to look organized and keep them safe. Look no further than this small controlled environment for successful plant growth.


  • The roll-up zippered door design makes it easy to get in and close the unit
  • It is quick and easy to assemble since it comes with all the needed tools
  • The shelving system makes your mini-garden look organized and safe
  • Constructed from durable and robust materials to last


  • The shelves offered are very flimsy but are modifiable

#6. TOOCA 4-Tier 27'' x 19'' x 63'' Indoor Outdoor Roll-Up Zipper Door Portable Mini Plant Greenhouse

TOOCA 4-tier indoor and outdoor portable mini-plant greenhouse offers you an ideal plant growing environment at your disposal. The clear PVC cover is the best choice for protecting seedlings from frost and against excessive moisture. Ideally, this unit offers you an extended growing season for all your preferred plants. It’s steady and reliable with an iron frame with PVC outer cover. You can trust this unit to offer you many years of use. Also, it has a roll-up zippered door that gives you easy entry and safe closure. What’s more, the whole greenhouse is easy to install and portable, and it can move anywhere.


  • Made from high-quality iron frame material for many years of use
  • It offers protection to your seedlings from excessive heat and frost
  • Roll-up zippered door design makes it easy to access and close
  • Has a large capacity that can hold a max of 11lbs weight


  • It could be best with a smooth plastic canopy

#5. Porayhut UPF PVC & Durable 600D 4 Zipper Doors Outdoor Portable Backyard Small Greenhouse

Perfect size for two-four by 4 feet raise garden bed, Porayhut backyard small greenhouse is a reputable brand that has got many customers talking. The triangular structure n top ensure water is not gathered on top when it rains; water flows seamlessly down. This greenhouse uses a 2x6mm steel wire that is also easy to fold for portability needs. It leaves two ends with a mesh window that keeps your crops ventilated. Besides, it has four doors having a double zipper and also double stitching for the safety of all your plants. Without fear of rain and cold weather, you can now plant attractive flowers and tasty organic vegetables using this small greenhouse.


  • Suitable for backyard planting trees, vegetables and raising seedlings
  • Comes with a compact carrying back for portability needs
  • Has a unique design that meets all gardening needs
  • It is easy to use this offers you a convenient life


  • The zipper is not easy to close and open

#4. KINGSO 8 Sturdy Shelves Outdoor Indoor Roll-Up Zipper Door Gardens Patios Mini Greenhouse

Get KINGSO small greenhouse for dual-use. First, this greenhouse is ideal for plants, seeds, flowers, herbs, vegetables, or for holding supplies. Besides, it has a sturdy iron frame with spray paint that prevents any rusting from occurring. The clear polythene plastic cover retains all the heat by avoiding any heat from dissipating. In addition to that, you rest assured of no-frost or any pests that can damage your greenhouse plants. You can use it with a fan to create an ideal growing environment. Moreover, you should ensure that the bottom a more substantial potted plant to keep this greenhouse steady. Finally, it has different shelves to hold different potted plants with different weights.


  • Has waterproof UV protection for the best solar performance
  • You can quickly move it around as it has a portable design
  • Made from sturdy materials that keep your plants safe
  • Easy to set up as it does not require any extra tools


  • The shelves don’t hold much weight

#3. Erommy 7.5 ft. 3-Tier Shelf Hexagonal Walk-in Outdoor Indoor Portable Greenhouse (Green)

You can now protect your seedlings during the harsh winter season with Erommy portable mini greenhouse. This unit is from high-quality steel materials with a galvanized finish to prevent chipping and rusting. This frame has a reinforced transparent PE plastic to protect the plant while allowing enough light to penetrate through. The presence of tethers and single-sided tape makes it easy to attach this cover to the frame. The three sides have 6 mesh racks to hold potted plants weighing up to 33lbs. Moreover, installation is more comfortable as you can connect it with the PE connector, and you will get done within a few minutes. With all this, you are assured of high humidity levels for your growing plants.


  • Fully enclosed to ensure your plants grow in the right conditions
  • Equipped with two slant bracing tubes to keep it stable
  • Large enough to accommodate most of your plants
  • Easy to access as it has a large zipped roll-up door


  • Can be picked up and displaced by strong winds

#2. EAGLE PEAK 8'' x 6'' Instant Pop-Up Indoor Outdoor Roll-Up Zipper Entry Doors Mini Greenhouse

EAGLE PEAK small greenhouse is all you could be looking for to keep your plants safe against harsh weather conditions. This greenhouse has 6-inches x 8-inches floor space meaning that it holds most of your plants at a time. You can add up more shelving to accommodate more plants. The steel frame and steel- ceiling roof keeps the plants unharmed and safe from any harsh outdoor conditions. Also, it has strong fabric walls that do not tear easily. Two of its walls are zippered to allow for easy access to the plants from both sides without disturbing them. Lastly, it comes when it is almost fully assembled; thus, you would not need any assemble tools as you just need to join up the frame.


  • Designed from a sturdy frame to keep it stable at all times
  • The breathable windows isolate any pest from entering in
  • Has an ample space to allow plants to grow in any direction
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it is portable


  • You need anchor bags to keep it more stable

#1. YOLENY 10'' x 20'' x 7'' UV Protection & Waterproof Outdoor Larger Walk-in Greenhouse (White)

More experience comes with well-made products. YOLENY small greenhouse is well-constructed to keep your seedlings, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and all other plants safe. It is built with a strong heavy-duty steel frame with a powder coating and reinforced with a transparent polyethylene cover that transmits 85% light. The cover fully encloses all the plants for higher humidity levels and keep them warmer for a faster growth rate. With a zippered door and eight roll-up windows, you can easily control the amount of heat and light that enters the greenhouse. Even better, it uses a tunnel design to allow you to manage many crops at a time conveniently.


  • Constructed from high-grade materials to offer an extended use
  • It is waterproof to prevent any water particles from seeping in
  • Has strong ground ropes and stakes to keep it sturdier
  • Can be used during both the winter and summer seasons


  • The direction of arc pieces is not labeled making assembling difficult

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Small Greenhouse

Wood or Metal Frames

Ideally, wood made houses offer more comfortable housing for your plants, not to mention the attractive assembling procedures as compared to the metal frames. But on the other hand, metal frames are durable and sturdy, although it a bit pricier when compared to wood structures. If one meets your budget needs, don’t hesitate and go for it.

Transportability & Installation

The main concern for most people when it comes to buying a small greenhouse is the portability and installation issues. It is more encouraging to go for a compact model that is easier to pack and move with it almost anywhere. Ensure to settle with a model that comes with a guide for a breeze installation. Additionally, the one with polythene materials is easy to pack without the concern of breaking or tearing up.


The other factor you might want to consider is the shelves that the greenhouse has. Shelves offer you an excellent way to customize your conservatory to meet your needs. It becomes even essential to have easily removable shelves since it enables you to join longer crops. Never underestimate this factor because it makes your greenhouse serve you better.


The other paramount concern that stands out when purchasing a small greenhouse is the budget. If you need a model that will serve you for a long without any fuss, it’s essential to consider a model with a friendly-budget. Never be swayed by too cheap a small greenhouse because it might not last long. Luckily enough, the models we have reviewed are cost-friendly and meet all your quality needs.


Having the best small greenhouse in your home comes with more benefits than you thought. Speak of protecting your plants while they grow, planting a variety of crops, controlling temperature, and keeping away pests and diseases for good. And the quality of produces you’ll harvest out of this mini-greenhouse is plausible. We tell you what, and a small greenhouse is the source of joy for remodeling your garden to offer you incomparable yield. This article has provided you all the things you need to know regarding a small greenhouse and further provided a list of the best small greenhouse you might want to consider. Hopefully, you’ll acquire a mini-greenhouse that goes in handy with all your needs.