10 Best Shadow Box Frames in Reviews

Do you have boxes of keepsakes, arts, medals, photos, or pictures of your family members languishing in your storage room? This keeps them all scattered and disarranged therefore you might lose those important items of yours. Perhaps you only need to display them in a little extra dimension to keep them neat to always remember those scenarios. This makes it easier to preserve your memories without any fear of forgetting them. Any movie stubs, tickets, and memorabilia can tuck away in a certain corner of your house for easy accessibility. You can easily see them through the glass and preserve them at all times.

So whether you need to keep it store any of your smaller items to keep them memorable, you will ways need the best shadow box frame. There is a wide range of brands available, therefore, settling on one can be much confusion. We have solved this problem by preparing a list of the best brands to aid you while making your choice. The list below consists of the top 10 best shadow box frames that you can always choose from.

10. ATdawn Ticket Memory Wooden Shadow Box Frame with Strengthened Glass Cover

Keep your entire room beautiful and distinctive room with this decorative shadow box frame by ATdawn. It features solid wood construction with a black and satin finish to keep your entire surrounding looking well decorated. Since it is equipped with 4 swivel tabs, you can easily open or close whenever you need to add or remove your items. You can as well drop any of your tickets because it features a 3.9-inch ticket slot at the top of the box. In addition, it comes with pre-installed hooks at the back which allows you the hang it on the wall, display it on a desktop or tabletop.


  • Has a vintage look to match your decors
  • Features a sturdy design to keep your items stable
  • Weighs less thus you can move it around easily
  • Looks elegant and beautiful with the satin finishing


  • Accommodates few tickets

9. KCRasan 100% Wood Shadow Box Frame for Keepsakes, Tickets, and Flower Display

You can always keep your memories at a visible angle in your house with KCRsan shadow box frame. It is equipped with a large rear clear glass front which enables you to view your contents at all times. The pins on the linen allow you to arrange a personalized collage with dried flowers, cards, medals, photos, beer caps collection, and so on. Since it uses a magnetic door design, it makes it easier to open it to add or remove any of your collections. This makes it an exquisite gift for your loved ones or anyone who would love to display their memorabilia. They are safely packaged to ensure safer delivery.


  • Made from solid wood materials that last longer
  • Has a magnetic door that eases maintenance
  • Features two hooks at the back for easy wall mounting
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable tasks


  • Has wrong listed measurements

8. Tasse Verre Linen Background Shadow Box Frame for Medals and Concert Tickets

If you are looking for a sturdier shadow box frame, this brand by Tasse Verre is a great pick. It is equipped with a strong plastic frame and a classic linen background which assures you of a sturdy and long-lasting unit. This black classic but simple frame becomes such a great addition to your room since it can complement any decors. Even better, you can either hand it horizontally or vertically because it comes with two attached sawtooth hanging hooks. Assembly is such a hassle-free task with the included instructions and it will only take you a few minutes.


  • Has a larger display area to store more items
  • The swivel tabs at the back ensure easy opening
  • Equipped with a linen cover was the usage of push pins
  • Made lightweight thus easier to transfer from place to place


  • Designed from cheaper plastic materials

7. Eucatus Best Products & Gifts Super Sturdy Genuine Hardwood Shadow Box Frame

Gifting your loved one Eucatus Best Products & Gifts shadow box frame is a great idea. This equipment is available in 3 pieces to allow you to display more items at one time. They are made of real wood and glass to keep all yours safer at all times. You can easily store your medals, arts, pictures, memorabilia, and many more. Since they have a simple black design, they can complement any house decor for a good-looking surrounding. With the sawtooth hangers and rear-loading case, you can mount it on the wall, on top of a standing table, or even a shelf display.


  • Keeps all your stuff well arranged, safer, and well protected
  • Has a stylish design to complement any home decors
  • Trays can be easily removed to ease any creations
  • Allows you to store medals, bugs, memorabilia, and more


  • The glass can easily get scratched

6. Lawrence Frames 10 Inch Rectangular Black Wood Treasure Shadow Box Frame

All your creativity can run wild for a good-looking surrounding with Lawrence Frames shadow box frame. It is designed from high-quality wooden materials with a satin finish for longer usage life. Maintenance is such a pretty easier task because you can easily wipe it with a dry cloth to get rid of dirt and dust particles. Each box comes with hanging hardware which makes it convenient for you to mount it on the wall. Since it features moveable spacer frames and glass, it offers you a wide range of display options. With this, you can display your projects or photos more desirably.


  • Only weighs 1.68 pounds thus more portable
  • Has a compact design to save your storage space
  • Complements most house or office decors
  • Durable since it is made from high-quality materials


  • Does not have some padding

5. Emfogo Carbonized Black Sturdy Decorative Shadow Box Frame with Front Glass Door

Whether you would want to store some fried flowers or arts, you can try out the Emfogo shadow box frame. It is constructed from high-quality paulownia wooden materials well known for their longer usage life. This unit allows you to create a personalized display of your medals, concert tickets, awards, dried flowers, arts, collages with photos, and many more. With the torched wood finish, it becomes such a great addition to your home or office. Additionally, it is equipped with a front glass door that is easier to open to add or remove any items. Since it is transparent, you can see all your stuff inside at all times.


  • You can mount it on the wall or stand it on the table
  • The retro horn lock keeps your items safely locked
  • Equipped with an extra punch below for extra storage
  • Available in four different colors and two sizes


  • The pouch is very small

4. Frametory White Item Holder Shadow Box Frame with Sawtooth Hangers for Photographs

The frametory shadow box frame is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your display needs. You can use it as a DIY display for those smaller items and gifts from your memorable days in your life. It helps to protect your items and precious pictures from dust and dirt particles for longevity. Moreover, it has a lightweight design making it easier for you to carry around your house. This versatile unit can hold different items per unit time to complement your decors at home or in the office. Also, it is easier to open thus you can fit any of your items in a more convenient manner.


  • Well built thus assures you of a longer-lasting unit
  • The magnet at the front is so strong for closure
  • Made of quality materials that do not easily scratch
  • Has a sleek design to complement most decors


  • Has smaller dimensions

3. Golden State Art Black Display Shadow Box Frame for Collections, Collages, and Mementos

When it comes to a lightweight shadow box frame, you can trust this brand by Golden State Art. This unit only weighs 4.04 pounds making it easier for you to transfer it from one corner of your house to the other. You can use it to display smaller objects, pictures, items, trinkets, artworks, and many more. With an intuitive design, it complements any home or office decor because it displays all your items in a lovely manner for a personal touch. On the other hand, the glass cover is made from high-grade materials to resist any breakages. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones.


  • Easy to assemble thus saves your installation time
  • Has a magnet that keeps the frame tightly closed
  • Comes with some hooks to ensure easy hanging
  • Versatile to allow you to display different items


  • Lacks proper instructions

2. FrameWiseUSA 2 inch Weathered Blue Shadow Box Frame for Picture and Photo Display

You can always create that perfect display to keep your memories alive with FrameWiseUSA shadow box frame. It features high-quality craftsmanship for a stronger and longer-lasting unit. You can use it to display your favorite jersey, pictures, photos, kitchen, and many other items. With a front glass sliding mechanism, you can easily set up your creation and display it in the best manner whatsoever. Additionally, it has a unique rustic weathered blue color that perfectly complements any decor for a good look. Since it only weighs 2.03 pounds, you can easily transfer it from one room to another.


  • The frame is easy to open for convenient operations
  • Remains stable and sturdy after adding more items
  • Painting on the wood does not fade away easily
  • Has a good depth to hold more items per unit time


  • The pins bend so easily

1. MCS Black Lightweight Solid Wood Linen Lined Shadow Box Frame for Horizontal Display

Are you looking for a high-quality shadow box frame? Look no further than the MCS shadow box frame. This unit is designed from high-grade wooden materials that assure you of a longer-lasting unit. It comes with attached hangers which allow you to hang it either vertically or horizontally. With a simple black finish, it can easily match all your home decors for a good-looking home. Better still, you can use the padded linen fabric interior to display heirlooms or pin mementos. The pinboard has a depth of 5 inches where the internal spacer allows you to pin items up to 25 inches deep on the board.


  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations
  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to carry around
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer
  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble it


  • It is not very deep

Factors to consider when purchasing shadow box frame

Backing materials

Some brands will have fabric backings be it textured burlap or soft linen. This allows you to use push pins to keep your momentos in place at all times. Others have wooden backing which makes these shadow boxes ideal for holding some decorations such as corks, sand, shells, and many more. Both backing materials are indeed the best and will hold all your items intact.


Shadowbox frames are available in different sizes to suit the needs of different persons. If you would love to display a few items then you can go for a smaller one with a lesser dimension. On the other hand, for those who would want to display more stuff then it is wise to go for a larger shadow box frame to suit your needs.

Materials used

You should always consider the type of materials used to construct these units to be assured of how long they can last. Most of the brands are designed from high-quality wooden materials that are well known for their strength and durability. Others are constructed from either plastic or metallic materials to meet different needs.


If you are creating a memory box, you might need a deeper one that can beautifully hold larger items. Some shadow boxes can be shallow while others can be very deep. Your choice will greatly depend on the type of items you would want to display there. You should as well ensure that they look so elegant with their depth.


With all that said, you now have an easier way to pick the best shadow box frames out there in the flooded market. All you need to do is to consider your needs and preferences before settling on a particular. These brands only differ in their features but are set to deliver the same performances. You can display all those memories and always see them at any time when you are around. Go ahead and make your choice from the list above and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it with no regrets at all.