10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Reviews

Is sweeping, wiping, and dusting the floor giving you too much headache? Have you ever thought of trying out a robot vacuum cleaner? Imagine a robot vacuum cleaner that can do everything for you. What’s even more interesting is the fact you can remotely clean your house.

Automation is taking a new direction as far as house maintenance is a concern. In the current advanced robot vacuum cleaners, your major duty in the cleaning process is to empty the bin otherwise everything else is done by the robot.

Robot vacuums are the currently trending items being sold in the market yet despite making your life 100 times easier, you have to make comprehensive considerations before a purchase one for your home. If you’re planning to buy one soon, worry no more, because we have rounded up the 10 best robot vacuum cleaners you may consider.

10 .EYUGLE Robot Vacuum Self-Charging Cleaner

Do you wish to clean thin carpets and hard floors but you don’t know which type of robot vacuum cleaner to use? Eyugle works best for you. With a 60 minutes working time when fully charged it’s capable of cleaning up to 200 square.

It is designed with two brushes with 900pa suction strength and mopping as well. The major feature of KK320A1N is automatic charging. Expect a clean home with this automatic robot.


  • Makes cleaning easy with four cleaning modes (automatic mode, powerful mode, random mode, and edge mode)
  • Capable of working on sweeping and mopping simultaneously
  • Has a large capacity dust box to collect dirt
  • Built-in with anti-collision and anti-drop sensors – to prevent from falling


  • It is not good to use in cleaning thick carpets

9 .Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Save energy and time with Aiper robot vacuum cleaner. Have fun with family members as the cleaning goes on automatically. Don’t even bother yourself on how you’ll charge, the cleaner charge itself automatically. You can control the robot directly from your smart app on your Android or IOS system.


  • Has a safety detection system to prevent them from falling down the stairs
  • Does the cleaning continuously.
  • Perfect to clean even pet hair
  • Not limited to one type of floor, whether hard floor, carpet or even tiles
  • You can schedule cleaning time right from your controller
  • It is not noisy
  • Has a large dust box capacity


  • Avoid cleaning environments with mud or glasses

8 .Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is another powerful robotic home cleaning for Pet hair, Carpet hardwood floor, and allergies comfortability. One can set a cleaning schedule. It has a removable large mopping pad. It is enhanced with anti-collision and anti-falling sensors to avoid falling from stairs.

Irrespective of how busy you may be, cleaning can be done with programmable activation. As long as the cleaning schedule is set, you’ll never miss even one.


  • Built with automatic recharge dock, thus recharge itself automatically
  • Pet and allergy-friendly
  • You can program the cleaning schedule you want to be done


  • Cannot clean big objects like glass particles

7 .ECOVACS DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a wide area you wish to be clean? Ecovacs has up to 120 minutes runtime so can be your choice. It has both voice and app controls. The controller app for Ecovacs comes with features like cleaning modes, accessories status, direct control, scheduling, status update, etc.


  • The robot cleans at a very low noise level thus you can enjoy life.
  • It is used on any type of floor, easy for deeper cleaning
  • The robot can be started, stopped with ease
  • The low profile design makes cleaning under furniture an easy task


  • The low noise it produces can a bit be itchy while studying or sleeping

6 .OPODEE E30W Smart Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve always being disturbed by the aimless rambling of the traditional generic robot Vacuum Cleaner, the Smart S-shaped vacuum cleaner is your choice. Opodee is fully intelligent. It is designed with a chip and gyroscope, which aid in building a map and the cleaning plan of your house.


  • Continuous cleaning, it navigates almost everywhere
  • It is a pet-friendly vacuum
  • The slim body enables the robot to clean unreachable areas, under the sofa or even kitchen cabinet
  • Has robust suction power, making cleaning perfect
  • The ability to get off obstacles


  • Not to be used in wet environments like in the bathroom

5 .COREDY Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Do you want a robot vacuum cleaner with improved power but super quiet? Coredy automatic robot vacuum cleaner is definitely your choice. It increases your cleaning power to a max 1400pa suction power with about 120minutes of working time. The battery is long-lasting.


  • Has powerful suction strength to make cleaning perfect
  • Improved smart protection
  • Has three cleaning systems, thorough cleaning done.
  • Long battery life
  • Good navigation


  • No mapping
  • No smart features

4 .Bagotta BG600 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Bagotta has improved feature that makes cleaning even easy and simple. It has super-strong 1500Pa suction strength, one-touch activation, cleaning almost all surfaces. Bagotta cleans dust particles, pet hair, debris, and large particles.

With its slim design, it’s capable of penetrating kitchen cabinets and under the sofa. It is not noisy thus can be used even when somebody is asleep. You can set a cleaning schedule.


  • It can be used to clean any floor type
  • Built with a fall protection technology
  • Has a magnetic strip control that can be placed on a dangerous region like a staircase the robot should not reach
  • Has multiple cleaning modes
  • You can empty the dust bin with ease


  • It has no mopping function and voice control

3 .TESVOR Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum is fit to clean tiles, hardwood, or on a low pile, light thin carpets. It cannot be used on thick carpets over 0.6 inches or any tile with black stripes. Tesvor offers smart planned cleaning with app control, remote control, Alexa, and Google voice control smart features. For connection of your robot vacuum to your App, you must have Wi-Fi standing at 2.4G Hz speed.


  • has a smart mapping system
  • It indiscriminately cleaned uncovered area
  • Can clean up to 1600 sq. ft.


  • It is not that noisy but can disrupt conversation on a phone.

2 .ROBOROCK S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is a robot vacuum cleaner that moves from room to room cleaning perfectly without omission of your house, can go recharge itself, and resumes cleaning until it’s done. It has 200pa suction strength which is a replacement for your regular mopping.


  • It is best for homes with bets
  • Has the advanced climbing ability
  • Perform zoned cleaning
  • Has a durable and powerful battery


  • It lacks virtual walls

1 .LEFANT Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a robotic vacuum cleaner that takes great care of your home, Lefant is what you might have been looking for. The Robot leaves your floor with no traces of debris or dust. It works perfectly on all types of floors like tiles, linoleum, and hardwood.

It leaves no corner untouched. You have full control of the robot. Save money and energy by acquiring this unique robot vacuum cleaner machine.


  • It doesn’t require supervision of any kind
  • Has 1800Pa suction power to ensure cleaning is done with ease
  • Quiet while in operation


  • No mapping

Wrap up

It’s your turn now to embrace technology. Make work easier and save your time with Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It does the most excellent job within a few minutes. With the few consideration we have put across, we hope to see you purchase the best Robot Vacuum Cleaner that fits your home. Check to ascertain that the type of vacuum cleaner you are buying matches the floor at your home.