10 Best Pregnancy Tester in Reviews

Do you doubt whether you’re pregnant or not? Well, you have no reason to second-guess while you can be 100 percent sure. The simplest way of confirming your condition is by doing a pregnancy test using the best pregnancy test kit. This kit offers you accurate results without spending a fortune. Although a professional can do a pregnancy test, doing a home pregnancy test is equally the same as that done in the hospital. And the beauty of it is that you confirm your results with your loved ones. These tests detect a hormonal change through your urine.

If you need to get the best pregnancy results, you need to invest in an accurate and reliable pregnancy test kit. And for that reason, we’ve come to ensure you don’t leave anything to chance. Instead of having to hunt through thousands of options out there, we have narrowed down to the top 10 best pregnancy test kits in reviews. Read on to learn more regarding the kits.

#10. ClinicalGuard Pack of 20 Individually Sealed Easy to Use HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

When it comes to a pregnancy test, we all need fast and accurate rests, that is why you have a reason to pick Clinical guard pregnancy tester. This unit operates by detecting the availability of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine. Depending on the concentration of this hormone in the urine, the color intensity of the bands tends to vary. If the results come out to be positive, one should consult a physician, and if negative, you can still repeat the test for assurance. These strips have an intensity of up to 25ng/l; thus, you rest assured of accurate results. With one color band in the control zone, the effects are negative and positive when distinct colors appear on the control and test zone.


  • Only weighs 0.32 ounces thus you can carry it with you
  • You can use them as both mid-stream and dip in tests
  • Convenient because it gives accurate results always
  • Easy to use since all you need to do is dip it in urine


  • It’s the cheapest kit on this list

#9. MOMMED 55-Piece Quick & Reliable Home Pregnancy Test Strips w/ 55 Urine Cups

Just some days before your missed period, you can know if actually, you are pregnant or not with MOMMED pregnancy tester. With up to 99% accuracy, this tester gives you accurate and convenient results to provide peace of mind at all times. You can conduct a pregnancy test at the comfort of your home since it is easy to use and does not require any medical assistance. The package comes with 55 home pregnancy tests and 55 urine collection cups to enable you to conduct your test at any given time. Moreover, it comes with a well-instructed manual that guides you through the four easy steps to do your test.


  • Have sensitivity of 25mIU/ml for accurate results
  • It only takes up to 5 minutes to read the results
  • They have a compact design for easy carrying
  • Saves your time because it comes as a pack


  • The cups are a bit small thus hard to use

#8. First Response 3 Count 99% Accurate 3 Minutes Early Result HCG Pregnancy Test Kit

We need assurance to be confident of a pregnancy condition; thus, this pregnancy tester with three tests is all you need. The first response pregnancy kit has 3 test kits to avoid a frequent visit to the drug store. Just as its name suggests, this unit can detect the pregnancy hormones six days before you can realize that you just missed your period. They detect up to 4 significant levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in the urine. You can get to know your pregnancy in only 3 minutes because this unit has an accuracy of up to 99%. With a weight of 2.24 ounces, you can pack it in your handbag while traveling from one place to another.


  • For best results, it is good to test the morning urine
  • Super sensitive thus can detect any HCG hormone
  • Has a well-instructed manual for clear guidelines
  • Easy to read since the results are clear enough


  • Doesn’t come with pregnancy cups like other brands

#7. AFAC 3 Pack 99% Accurate 2 Results Windows Early Results Home Pregnancy Test Kit

With a bright reading screen, you no longer have to strain to check on the pregnancy results with AFAC pregnancy tester. This pack has three pregnancy testers that bring more convenience when you doubt the results, and you want to take another test. They have a better accuracy since it has a sensitivity of 25MIU to be able to detect the presence of pregnancy hormones. These testers need only to be dipped for about 10 seconds for accurate results within 3 minutes. Additionally, they quickly absorb urine samples, so you would have to wait for a more extended period to get the results. You can use them in 2 different ways: by dipping them into the urine or placing it in a urine stream.


  • Packaged in an aluminum bag to avoid faulty results
  • Well-designed for a good grip at the end of the strip
  • Has a larger splash window that is easy to read
  • Easy to use since it comes with clear guidelines


  • Should only be stored at a temperature of 39-86°F

#6. Gatwtop 5 Counts One-Step High-Sensitive Use Urine Test Strips Pregnancy Test Kit

Sixth on our list is a Gatwtop pregnancy tester that comes with five different test strips. This pack has high sensitivity and can detect HCG hormones in the urine at varied concentrations of 25mIU/ml, 20mIU/ml, 15mUI/ml, and 10mUI/ml. It is ideal to use these pregnancy testers at the earlier stage of pregnancies for better and accurate results. With up to 99% accuracy levels, this tester can detect pregnancy hormones and display results within 5 minutes. You can conduct anywhere at any place since they are individually packaged and weighs up to 2.4 ounces. Reading the results is easier because one red line signifies negative consequences, whereas two lines depict positive results.


  • Gives fast results since it only takes up to 5 minutes
  • It has been certified and approved by FDA and CE
  • They have a longer shelf life of up to 24 months
  • You can conduct the test privately


  • You should hold the absorbent tip until it thoroughly wet

#5. PREGMATE 10 Count 99.8% Accurate & Reliable 25 mlU/ml Home Pregnancy Test Strips

If you need to get the job done with no bells and whistles on your pregnancy test, PREGMATE pregnancy tester is the best choice. With the production of HCG hormone due to the formation of an embryo, this tester can accurately detect pregnancy. All you need is to dip this unit into the urine below the maximum line for about 3 seconds before reading the results after 5 minutes. Besides, this pack has the highest sensitivity level of 25mIU/ml to give you 99.8% accurate results. To ease transportation purposes, they are packed individually and only weighs 0.32 ounces. You can use it 5-6 days before your missed period for the best results.


  • The super-clear results are easy to read and interpreted
  • Have more full strips that are clear and easy to read
  • Comes as a pack of 10 testing pregnancy test
  • Their value best suits their cheap pricing


  • Doesn’t accurately detect early pregnancies

#4. Clearblue Fast & 99% Accurate Easy to Use + & - Result 2 Home Pregnancy Test Kit

Clearblue pregnancy tester is here to calm you down with a countdown feature that can be taken five days before your missed period. This package contains two pregnancy testers to enable you to conduct two tests. They give you 99% accurate results, so with no doubt, the results displayed are likely the accurate results. You can use them to test your pregnancy conditions five days before the missed period or four days before the awaited period. These testers have an integrated Flood guard technology that prevents more urine from entering them. Moreover, it is easier to conduct a pregnancy test with these units since the color of the tip changes from white to pink.


  • Have an ergonomically curved handle that makes sampling easier
  • The results window is clear and easy to understand
  • Well-designed making it easier to use these testers
  • Gives up to 99% accurate and convenient results


  • Gives false results when checked after 15-30 minutes

#3. Easy@Home 5 Pack HCG Midstream Pregnancy Test Sticks with Ovulation Predictor App

Are you looking for a reliable pregnancy tester? Look no further than Easy@home pregnancy tester. This set contains five units that enable us to conduct five different tests. You do not need any cups to perform the tests since they have an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip. When used in the right manner, you rest assured of 99% accurate results. Two lines indicate positive results, whereas one line signifies a negative result. For the best results, it is ideal to use the first urine in the morning because it has a high level of HCG hormone. Furthermore, you can easily record the results using the free prenom ovulation predictor App.


  • Gives feedback regardless of high or low HCG hormone levels
  • Have a user-friendly design making it comfortable to test
  • Quickly detects pregnancy one day before the missed period
  • Delivers results within 3-5 minutes thus saves your time


  • The sticks are a bit tiny thus hard to use

#2. BND Top 12 Count Clear & 99% Accurate Individually Sealed HCG Early Pregnancy Test Kit

If you need more pregnancy testers around you, then consider BND top pregnancy testers. This pack includes 12 units to enable you to conduct the test anytime that you desire. Even with the scant traces of HCG hormones, these testers can give accurate results six before your missed period. The best results can be achieved by conducting a test on a smaller amount of morning urine. Two clear lines indicate positive results, whereas one line indicates negative results. With a weight of 7.5 ounces, you rest assured that you can have this package with you at any time. Finally, it easy to conduct this test since it has clear instructions.


  • Easy to follow understandable directions
  • The pink lines are less prone to evaporation
  • They are individually sealed to avoid errors
  • Able to detect any trace of HCG hormone


  • It requires you to pee in a different cup

#1. Right Time Pack of 2 Prank Joke Positive Results Every Time Convincing Pregnancy Test Kit

Get your pregnancy results right on time with Right time pregnancy tester. Unlike other pregnancy testers, this brand comes in a set of 2 units. You can now prank your boyfriend, mother, husband, and so on of your pregnancy conditions to check on their reaction. It does not need urine or any acidic substance since even tap water can give you positive results. These testers have been made by the top manufacturers to provide pretty convincing results to your loved ones. The instructions are all faked and need not be followed. Additionally, they are made lightweight with a compact design to enable you to easily carry it to the place you want to perform the pranking moments.


  • Always turns positive, so there are doubts at the end
  • Convenient since you can use any less acidic liquid
  • Retains the results thus does not fade easily
  • Makes a great fun time with your loved one


  • The lines are darker than the real lines

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Pregnancy Test kit

Detection Date

The sensitivity of the pregnancy kit to give accurate results even at the early dates of pregnancy is very important. And as you know, there is no need to stay for long without knowing your results. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to purchase a kit that can test pregnancy at the earliest dates possible. The kits we have presented above can detect the HCG hormone in the urine in the early days of pregnancy.

Ease of Use

Well, as the factor implies, you need a kit that can enable you to check your pregnancy with ease. For instance, at least a kit should allow you to sit and relax while you wait for the results in less than 3 minutes. Also, those that are dip into the urine are best because you’re not involved in the process. Besides, the ease comes in when reading the results; the kit should come with an instruction manual that allows you to take the results simply.

Ease of Reading the Data

Once the results are out, the kit should allow you to take the data effortlessly. The results should also be easy to interpret without any ambiguity. In most cases, the kit shows one line when the results are negative and two lines when the results are positive.


This aspect is not often considered because pregnancy test kits are generally affordable. But even that being the case, it’s imperative to find your budget needs and go for the kit that is of high-quality at an affordable price. Some cheaper pregnancy kits tend to compromise the accuracy of the results that it gives.


The above pregnancy test kits are among the best and reliable options to consider in the market currently. The kits are approved by clinicians and highly-rated by most users. They have full support in terms of their reviews and online recommendation. And as if that’s not enough, these kits can detect your pregnancy as early as five days. Some even have other sophisticated features like detecting your fertile days. You need to ensure that you choose the best kit that will drive away your fear. Knowing your pregnancy results starts by choosing a reliable and accurate pregnancy test kit!