Top 10 Best Potty Training Seats for Baby In Reviews

Confused about how you’ll get your toddler out of nappy and right onto the Potty? Wonderful. What you’ll need is a Potty Training Seat and a little patience. Ultimately, acquiring an appropriate training potty seat is fundamental to your kid’s confidence, success, and comfort. Here are some key important details you need to grasp to take home the right potty training seat.

The potty seat is placed directly on top of your lavatory, yet it requires a step stool to enable your child to sit on it. The training seats will enable your kids to master self-hygienic ways of relieving themselves and maintaining our homes and tidy.

Before making any step of purchasing a tot potty training seat, take a glimpse at our top 10 rated selections. From simple potty seats to sophisticated cushioned toilet training seats, our list will sporadically change your infant’s life.

Check our list below:

10. Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

Jool baby potty training seat fits all the standards toilets securely with an aqua color that fits both girls and boys. The specially designed splash guard keeps your bathroom clean by preventing urine spillage out of the toilet. Your kid is capable of gaining the confidence of using the potty because it is made from a non-slip material.

The good thing about this potty is the lightweight material made of that enables your kid to comfortably place it on the toilet with ease. If you want the best way of training your kid use a potty, pick Jool for the best experience for your toddler.


  • Cleaning is easy and simple
  • Have splash guard to prevent urine spillage
  • Give lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Can fits to all standards toilets
  • Made with a non-slip material


  • The splash guard should be a bit higher

9. Gimars Potty Training Seat

Searching for a toilet seat that will help your kid to learn to use the toilet bowl? Gimars is absolutely your choice since, it gives your child confidence, comfort while ensuring he/she is secure. The unique feature about this potty seat is the fact that it is portable and can be used during travels.

Make your little boys and girls learn how to use a toilet by equipping them with this perfect training kit. As a parent, you’ll automatically feel a sense of relief and confidence when you go for travels and your kids will have to use public toilets with this training seat – no direct contact with them which in turn improves your infant’s cleanliness and care. Give it a try today and you’ll never regret it because it is a perfect stand-in for a body chair during travel.


  • Much more non-slip
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Cleaning the potty seat is easy
  • Tight joints give a no-gap design and no pinch


  • You’ll need a kid’s step stool

8. Kalencom Potty Training Seat

Want your toddler to be part of the million infants benefiting from this convenient disposable potty and fold away potty training? KALENCOM toilet training seat is an amazing choice. Mothers across the globe who have used the potty have usually encouraged their fellow mothers to try this brand. Be a stress-free mum by allowing your infant to relieve themselves on their demand anywhere!

As compared to other brands, this Potette brand is flexible in that it’s capable of being used at home with a reusable line as well as disposable liners during travels. If you think about the design manner in which this 2in 1 potty training seat, you’ll definitely like it – It is designed with a sturdy base that makes your child feel at peace while the seats are contoured to make the kid feel comfortable.


  • Can be easily be converted to a folding trainer seat
  • Can be used in all toilet seats
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Disposable liners are easy to use


  • The tiny size makes it only be suitable for ages 15months

7. Boshaosumo Potty Training Seat

Looking for a kit for kid toilet training? Fine, our comfortable and secure potty training seat is the way to go! Boshaosumo is designed with four pieces of non-slide strips at the bottom to avoid unnecessary slipping with two adjustable arms which are not only meant for stability reinforcement but to ensure it meets all the standard home toilets. Moreover, they are designed with grip handles to keep your kid safe while seated on them.

It has a built-in splash guard to ensure your potty training experience is maintained clean and tidy, also made with a backrest and padded cushion to give additional comfort for your toddler. Making up a toilet to be cozy and safe for your infant begins with acquiring this breathtaking Bashaosumo potty training seat.


  • Easy to clean
  • Has 3 level protection mechanism that makes it secure & comfortable
  • Splash guard ensures your toilet becomes neat
  • Adjustable levers make the seat fits better


  • Does not fit well on the round toilets

6. Joovy Loo Potty Training Seat

When it comes to the combination of the modern style and watertight cleanliness that in return provides a perfect functional potty on the market trend, Joovy Loo merits. Teaching your tot to use this potty seat is simple – everything is visible and well designed. Joovy Loo is designed with two parts that fit perfectly hence prevent spillovers from getting trapped.

It is designed with bright white color and a smooth finish to make your cleaning easy and simple. If you think about cleaning the bowl, it is made to be much easier because lifting out is done with a no-touch grab handle. Purchasing one for your kid, in turn, offers your child freeways of potty without any limitation of his/her comfort.


  • Large integrated splash shield prevents spillovers
  • Accommodate all kids of all sizes
  • Contemporary style offers comfort to your toddler
  • The enclosed inner bowl prevents spillovers
  • Ease of cleaning


  • A child may confuse the appropriate way to sit on but it’s super dope

5. Summer Infant Potty Training Seat

Do you have a kid who has always created interest in using the adult flush toilets? Here comes Summer Infant potty that is designed with a realistic look and feels like the usual toilet. How happy will be your kid to hear a flushing sound that compliments a job well done?

When you want you kid to master faster how to use a potty, this one makes it even faster. It is made with a flip-up, removable easy to clean bowl. If your kid is below 18 months up to 50pounds, Summer Infant can work best for you. Boys are guaranteed to clear their mess without any splash occurrence because it is built with a splash guard.


  • The bowl is easy to clean
  • The potty promotes healthy habits because of the wipe compartments
  • No spillovers since it has a splash guard
  • Have Interactive toilets handle
  • Has a realistic design that motivates your kid


  • The splash guards are not that strong

4. Fisher-Price Potty Training Seat

Puppy is the greatest training friend for your kid, providing toddlers captivating phrases and sounds to appreciate a successful job done! In addition, is the puppy’s Potty storybook, that infant can read as they are taken through the Potty job from the initial point to the finish line! How impressive does that sound, in fact, the interesting book is well kept in the well-built ‘tank’!

Want to know the greatest reason your kid should go potty with a Puppy potty training seat? The mastery of potty training is well endowed with over 40 songs, sounds, phrases, tunes to make the transition of your kid from the napkins to toilets a rewarding and smooth process.


  • The bowl is easy to clean
  • Has removable potty ring with handles that help kids feel secure
  • Has storybook and sounds that captivate the toddler
  • Makes a smooth transition from diaper to toilets


  • The sensor may get damaged if not well taken care of

3. ROOYA BABY Potty Training Seat

This potty is a 3in 1 potty training toilet, which you can use as a stand-alone potty or a potty chair for toddler to work out their training journey. The potty training kit is compatible with most toilets, therefore, you can always make your kid use it in any place you go. Your kid is made comfortable and safe with this non-slip quality thickening made potty. One of the greatest features it makes this potty to be outstanding is the ergonomic design with soft linings to makes your kid feel comfortable while seated on the potty.

ROOYA Baby is the cleanest potty you can think of- from the urine splash guard that prevents spillage to the removable inner potty that you can empty and clean without any difficulty. Nevertheless, the inner section is made with smooth plastic, no grooves, or even corners preventing dirt from building up around it.


  • Comfortable and safe
  • Splash guard prevents spillage
  • Has removable training seat
  • Is designed with a cute color toilet seat that impresses kids


  • The wipes pocket could be much bigger

2. Learn Laugh Love Kids Potty Training Seat

Do you wish to train your toddler using a potty but you don’t know where to start & which type of potty fits best your infant? Learn Love kid’s potty seat designed with a ladder makes everything simple, your toddler can potty train without involving you a lot, in essence, offers you peace of mind.

Don’t bother yourself with continuous changes in your kid’s diapers, save your energy by purchasing Laugh love potty. Although many potty chairs are not a good fit for toddlers, Love favors all kids, it is designed with a durable step that can be easily adjusted to accommodate all kid’s sizes. This is one of the best potties to transition your kid into adults’ toilets.


  • Fits standard & oval toilet seat
  • Build to be sturdy and stable ensuring your kid is safe
  • Has non-slip seat
  • Folds for easy storage & travel
  • Fits all kids of all sizes because the step is adjustable.


  • The seat opening is too big for little toddler bottom

1. KIDPAR Potty Training Seat

Go for KIDPAR potty if you want an easy way to train your potty, the kids can work for themselves because it has a ladder that they can climb up and clear their mess without any challenge. Kidpar fits perfectly to all sizes toilets with long toilet seats. Setting up the potty is not a big deal. The most encouraging thing about this potty is the anti-skid pedal and cushion that enables your kid to climb up and sit without falling or sliding. The adjustable pedals can be raised or lowered with respect to your kid’s height.

When not in use, Kidpar can be folded and stored in a closet or behind the doors thus saving a lot of space. The potty ensures your kid is kept safe since it is made from non-toxic and odorless material. The seat of the potty is made with a water-resistant, soft, anti-mildew material that makes cleaning easy and fast.


  • Cleaning is easy and fast
  • Made from a durable material
  • Easy to train potty
  • Designed with anti-skid pedal and cushion


  • Can inadvertently pinch toddler legs when they sit inappropriately

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Potty Training Seat

After you’ve gone through all our products, you’re left with that last enjoyable part of getting the decision-maker’s points. These are the considerations you need to go through one by one to avoid miscalculations. Potty training seats are fantastic and adorable to our kids as a way to make the transition from diapers to an adult’s toilet smoothly.

Below are a few considerations you need to put in place as you go purchase a potty seat for your toddler;

Your experience with potty

Have you ever used a potty seat before? If you’ve enough experience in training your kids with this potty, you’ll always go for a potty that impressed you the most. However, it doesn’t mean your lack of experience will lead to an inappropriate choice, No! You have to acquire a simpler potty to avoid complications and confusion.

Your stipulated Budget

Stick to your set budget, you’ll thank me later. Maintaining your budget will enable you to organize your work without fail. Go for a Potty training seat that meets your budget.

Age of your kid and weight

The age of your kid will determine the size of the potty seat you’ll purchase. The goodness about many reviewed potty seats are adjustable, thus can accommodate all sizes. Other sizes that are fixed to kids with ages and weight; 15 months kid with 40lbs are encouraged to purchase small sizes potty

Mode of use

Are you planning to travel with your kid? Choose a potty seat that is easily portable and can be folded for easy movement. If you want a Potty Seat that will only be used in the house, buy one that fits all the properties you have in your house. Ensure to check that the potty seat you are purchasing is compatible with other standard toilets.


Having discussed more on Potty Training Seats, I know you want to be left alone to contemplate on the type of potty seat you want to acquire for a kid, but before that, makes you buy something that adds value to your money. Buying from us is definitely the unregretful decision you can do. Make your kid have remarkable moments while potty with one of a kind Potty training seat.