10 Best Portable Wheelchairs in Reviews

In case you know someone who is suffering from spine injuries or some other mobility issue, the best thing to do is get them a portable wheelchair. Unlike the other types of wheelchairs, a portable one will lead to greater independence. Your loved one will, therefore, enjoy moving with their wheelchair everywhere they go by simply packing it in their vehicle.

The question, however, remains on how to select the best portable wheelchair from the flooded market. When you are shopping for these wheelchairs, it is not right to gamble with untested brands. You, therefore, need to settle for those brands which are tested and approved to be safe. This will take most of your time since you will need to research. However, we have done the job for you by selecting portable wheelchairs from some of the leading brands.

The Best Portable Wheelchairs Review

10. Carex Transport Wheelchair - Foldable Design for Travel & Storage

This transport wheelchair is made in a way that it can easily fold to be carried everywhere you want. You will like that it comes with adjustable and removable footrests for comfort. What’s more, the wheelchair features a sturdy steel frame to effectively support the weight of the user. The width for this wheelchair is 19 inches and also comes with a secure belt to keep it safe all the time. Regardless of whether you are recovering from surgery or some chronic conditions, this will be the safest option. To make it convenient to use, you will realize that there will be no assembly needed.


  • It features adjustable and removable footrests to make sure that the user remains comfortable all the time
  • The wheelchair has a sturdy steel frame to provide full support and the good thing is that there will be no assembly
  • This wheelchair features a 19 inches wide seat which is made with a secure belt to guarantee your safety
  • It is made with a sturdy steel frame which will also fold down compactly ready for storage or transportation


  • It will arrive with defects due to poor packaging

9. Giantex Folding Wheelchair with an 18Inch Seat for Adults

The first thing you will like about this wheelchair is that it has a user-friendly design. You will have space for your little collections since it comes with a big pocket at the back. It is also made with 2 handbrakes over its big wheels which are also easy to use. The wheelchair also comes with two straps which will ensure that it is easy to fold. What’s more, the wheelchair comes with well-padded armrests which are very comfortable. The sturdy reinforced steel frame, on the other hand, will guarantee that it stands the test of time.


  • Features a user-friendly design with a wide pocket at its back for your little collections
  • The wheelchair comes with softly padded and detachable armrests which offer a comfortable place for your arms to rest
  • It has a sturdy reinforced steel frame which is strong enough to support a heavyweight
  • The leg rests for this wheelchair are very easy to adjust to fully support your legs


  • There is none for now

8. HEALTHLINE Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Removable and Elevating Leg rests

This is a lightweight transport wheelchair since it only weighs 36 lbs. that, therefore, means that it will be possible to carry it with you everywhere you go. To promote its portability, the manufacturer has made it in a foldable design in order to fit in your car. The updated frame style for this portable wheelchair helps to support your heavyweight without compromising your safety. One more feature that the wheelchair boasts about is that it does not require any tools to assemble. What’s more, it is very easy and convenient to use.


  • Comes with some removable flip-back arms and has lightweight making it ideal for transportation
  • The front leg rests for this wheelchair are very easy to adjust with no need for extra tools
  • Updated frame style which eliminates the need for seat guides for convenience purposes
  • This wheelchair comes with push-to-lock clasps on the wheels which make it secure and very easy to use


  • Some people complained that the back will rip very easily

7. Medical supply Team Aluminum Transport Wheelchair (Burgundy)

Next on the list is this aluminum transport chair which is made for easy transportation. It is therefore right to say that this wheelchair will be convenient both for caregivers and patients as well. The manufacturer has made this accessory in different colors for you to choose from. Another thing that this wheelchair boasts is the fact that it will be very easy to fold it down. When this is combined with its lightweight nature, you realize that it will be very easy to transport. You will also appreciate its sturdy nature which allows it to support a weight capacity of 300 lbs.


  • This is a well-constructed wheelchair that will comfortably support up to 300 lbs. of weight
  • It is made with quality caster wheels which only require minimal maintenance
  • The wheelchair is made to give both the caregiver and the patient an easy time
  • It has a lightweight nature and will fold down conveniently ready for transportation


  • The wheels are too small to roll smoothly

6. Drive Medical Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, 19inch Seat

On the sixth spot is the portable wheelchair from Drive Medical which is known for its outstanding performance. The wheelchair comes with a 19-inches seat to guarantee comfort to the patient. You will also be happy to learn that the frame is made with quality steel material to support heavyweights. The fact that this wheelchair comes in a compact size means that it will easily maneuver through the small spaces. For safety purposes also, this wheelchair comes with a seatbelt. Another convenient feature of the wheelchair is that it is very easy to clean.


  • Durable steel frame which will provide reliable stability whether being used independently or through the assistance
  • It features composite 8-inch wheels which are very light in weight and will be free from maintenance
  • The chair and the backrest will easily fold flat for simple transportation
  • This wheelchair will provide superior maneuverability in the narrow indoor layouts


  • The wheelchair misses the return details

5. Medline Lightweight Wheelchair with Handbrakes, 12-inch Wheels (Red)

If you are looking to give your loved ones or the caregivers a simple time moving you around, this is the wheelchair to choose. It has a lightweight and folding design which makes it possible to pack in the car. The sturdy construction of this wheelchair allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. One greater feature about this wheelchair is that it has a wide seat which makes it comfortable for the patient. The manual handbrakes, on the other hand, will instantly lock the wheels when need be. What’s more, this wheelchair has garnered so many positive reviews online to give you the confidence to purchase.


  • This is a lightweight wheelchair that comes with 12-inch wheels for better performance on all types of surfaces
  • It features a powder-coated aluminum frame which is very durable and supports a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The folding transport wheelchair is very easy to store and transport for convenience
  • Features full-length armrests and detachable footrests for comfort purposes


  • The brakes might be hard to engage

4. Roscoe Medical Aluminum Transport Wheelchair – 12-inch Rear Wheels

This is an aluminum transport wheelchair that is very easy to use. You will appreciate its foldable design which makes it convenient to store or transport. The armrests for this wheelchair are well-padded to make sure that the patient gets the best comfort. What’s more, it is well-constructed to support up to 300 lbs. weight capacity. It is made with 12-inch wheels for better performance on all types of surfaces. The manufacturer has also made it with a safety belt to guarantee the safety of the patient. Other convenient features for this wheelchair include lockable handbrakes and a padded seat for comfort.


  • This is a comfortable and lightweight wheelchair that is very easy to use both for caregivers and patients
  • It is made by one of the leading brands in the market to bring the patients a high degree of comfort
  • This transport chair comes with an adjustable seat belt for extra user safety and lockable handbrakes
  • The folding wheelchair features well-padded armrests and a seat for ultimate comfort


  • Replacement parts are not easily accessible

3. NOVA Medical Support Transport Chair, 12inch Rear Wheels, Red

This wheelchair features a unique design that is very light in weight and consequently very easy to maneuver. You will also appreciate the fact that it comes with secondary wheel locks that are easily removable. What’s more, there are anti-tippers to make sure that your patient remains safe. If you are looking for a portable wheelchair that is versatile across all types of terrains, this will be the ideal pick. The manufacturer has also made the wheelchair with instant handbrakes for convenience. Its footrests, on the other hand, are very easy to adjust and use too.


  • This wheelchair is the most versatile across different types of terrains
  • The footrests for this wheelchair are very easy to remove or adjust to keep the patient’s feet comfortable
  • Made in a lightweight design to give you peace of mind when storing or transporting it anywhere
  • It is equipped with a seat belt and some anti-tippers which will help to guarantee the safety of your patient


  • The brakes have not been made to the best standards

2. Medline Excel Wheelchair with a 24inch Wide Seat, Chrome Frame

On the second spot on this rank is this wheelchair whose seat has a width of 24 inches for comfort purposes. You will also appreciate that the arrests are well-padded for comfort purposes. The leg rests for this wheelchair easily swing away not forgetting that they are easily removable for convenience. The wheelchair boasts a sturdy construction that allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. on that similar note, the overall weight for this accessory is 60 lbs. which makes it convenient to store and transport.


  • The seat dimensions for this wheelchair are 24 inches for the width and 18 inches in height
  • It comes with a swing-away footrest which is also very easy to detach when need be
  • The wheelchair features well-padded armrests with an easy-to-clean design
  • It is made with quality construction allowing it to support a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.


  • Some people complained that it is not as strong as they expected

1. Karman 19.8 lbs. Ergonomic and Lightweight Wheelchair

Finally on this review is the ergonomic wheelchair which is also light in weight. This, therefore, means that it will be easy to transport from one place to the other. Its sturdy construction allows the wheelchair to support heavyweights. The manufacturer has also made the wheelchair with some removable footrests for convenience. Although it comes at a bit high priced, it is obvious that the wheelchair will give you value for money. What’s more, the manufacturer has provided a limited lifetime warranty to give you enough confidence to purchase.


  • This wheelchair is constructed in a lightweight design since it only weighs 19.8 lbs.
  • It comes with very strong rear wheels which are well supported by a fixed axle
  • You need to buy with confidence since the wheelchair is backed with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The manufacturer has made the wheelchair with some removable footrests for convenience


  • It is a bit pricey

Factors to consider when buying a portable wheelchair

Weight capacity

Before you can buy a portable wheelchair, it is wise to check its weight capacity. Ensure that the weight capacity for your preferred wheelchair surpasses the weight of the wheelchair user. This will help in ensuring that the wheelchair serves them for quite a long time. Most of these wheelchairs have a weight capacity ranging from 250 to 300 pounds.

Folding technique

Other than ensuring that you pick a lightweight wheelchair, it is good to pick one which has a good folding mechanism. This will help to ensure that the wheelchair easily folds up and down for convenience. However, you should not compromise quality construction since that can translate to safety risks.


If your preferred wheelchair will not provide the best comfort, it will not be worth your money. Before you can, therefore, order yours from Amazon, you need to ensure that it has the needed safety features. Among the features that you ought to look out for will be a cushioned back, padded armrests as well as a wide seating region.


Above is our compilation of the best portable wheelchairs. All of them come with quality features for the best comfort and convenience. It is, therefore, our hope that selecting the best portable wheelchair will never be an issue. All the information provided above is perfectly accurate and you can rest assured that these are the best picks. In case you do not know what to look for in a portable wheelchair, we provided a buyers’ guide too. What is actually left is for you to read through the review and make an informed decision.