10 Best Portable Dehumidifier in Reviews

The summer approaches imply warm weather and sunny skies, and – you name it – high humidity in the air. Unluckily, the humid air doesn’t usually stay in the outside environment. It can extend into your home and heighten already wet areas like laundry and bathroom room to be even damper. That is where a dehumidifier comes into play. Dehumidifier gets rid of excess moisture in an environment, unlike the humidifier that adds moisture to the atmosphere. In so doing, the dehumidifier prevents mildew, mold, and other issues developing that could have harm your health.

In this post, we’re going to stick to the portable dehumidifier that allows you to move from place to place. There’s a wide range of options to choose from, which in turn makes the chances of finding the best model to diminish. However, if you go on reading this post, we’ll offer you some exclusive options to consider. Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 best portable dehumidifiers in reviews.

#10. KTPOWER 192 Sq. Ft 27 Oz Compact & Portable Electric Mini Dehumidifier w/Auto-Shut Off

You’ll agree with us, humidity and moisture can damage your wallpaper, furniture, electronics, and even worse, can create a breeding zone for bacteria that harm your health. KTPOWER electronic mini dehumidifier is the solution to end this menace. It makes your home hospitable and preserves your interior décor as well. It features an inlet that brings in damp air and an outlet that takes dehumidified air out. The machine operates in a super-quiet manner, making it ideal for all environment places, for instance, offices, bedrooms, basement, etc. Besides, this device saves you on electricity bills because it uses low power.


  • Can remove up to 12 ounces of water per day
  • Protects your home against breeding viruses
  • Built with auto-shutoff and operate quietly
  • It’s compact, lightweight, and portable


  • It only ideal for smaller rooms

#9. Pro Breeze 150 Sq. Ft Compact & Portable Electric Mini Dehumidifier for High Humidity in Home

If you need a portable and reliable mini dehumidifier, check out what Pro Breeze has for you in-store. It efficiently lowers the humidity level in small rooms that are up to 1200 cubic feet. Some of these small spaces that you can use with this model include; basement, kitchen, caravan, garage, boat, and wardrobe. Besides, it comes with a lightweight design that makes relocation easy-breezy. It adopts advanced Peltier tech, which does not mean the only whisper quietly but incredibly energy efficient. Being quiet means, you can run it even in the bedroom without feeling disturbed or causing a nuisance. Additionally, it has the ability to extra up to 9 ounces of water in a day. It features an auto-off that takes effect when the unit is full.


  • Capable of extracting up to 9 ounces of water daily
  • The motor operates quietly for peace of mind
  • Energy-efficient with low power consumption
  • It’s ideal for offices, caravan or home


  • Not suitable for an RV

#8. Eva-Dry 53.2dB Maximum Portability Superior Quality Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier (White)

It’s time to give excess humidity a powerful knockout punch in no time by using the Eva-Dry Edv-1100 petite dehumidifier. This machine uses Peltier tech that ensures it is lightweight and operates quietly. It’s an excellent option for bathrooms, laundry areas, and small to middle-sized rooms where there are problems with the dampness of up to 1100 cubic feet. Additionally, this unit is compact and seamlessly fits on your workbench or desk. Your room will remain humid-free and more hospitable to live in by extracting moisture from the air and storing it in the spill-proof reservoir. Finally, it comes with a stylish design that blends seamlessly with your interior décor.


  • Only uses 23 watts of power to operate for energy efficiency
  • The motor runs quietly to avert a disturbance
  • The auto-shutoff feature makes operation easy
  • Great for boats, RVs, and bathrooms


  • Could be better with a tad bigger pour hole

#7. Pro Breeze 250 Sq. Ft Portable & Compact Electric Mini Dehumidifier for High Humidity Home

Pro Breeze compact electric dehumidifier is a modern and sophisticated device that clears moisture in your room in no time. It leverages on thermoelectric cooling technology to extract all moisture in your living space yet using low power and operates quietly. It’s ideal for use in the bathroom wardrobes, bedrooms, caravans, and other spaces. Also, it has a large water tank and auto-shutoff feature that conveniently controls the tank water level. Again, when the tank is full, you can easily remove it, empty it into the drain or sink using the easy to use water outlet.


  • Auto-shutoff and led indicator when full
  • Perfect for offices, caravan, and home
  • It’s ultra-quiet and energy-efficient
  • Portable, compact and lightweight


  • There isn’t a way to take the top off the water tank clean it

#6. Vacplus Efficient w/Auto-Shutoff & Continuous Drainage 30 Pints Dehumidifier for Medium Rooms

Are you tired of using your old dehumidifier that doesn’t seem to deliver optimum performance in your home? Your sorrows end now because the Vacplus dehumidifier will change your perspective for good. It’s built with an exceptional quality compressor with high dehumidification efficiency. It can easily remove up to 30 pints of moisture from your house per day. Also, it boasts an intelligent constant humidity and automatic adjustment for optimum dehumidification. Most importantly, this machine offers a shutdown and a timing boot function that allows you to program the 24-hour timer at your disposal.


  • Operates quietly for a noise-free environment
  • Has roller wheels that ease maneuverability
  • Has auto-shutoff and two drainage modes
  • It’s easy to use and effective


  • The 5G Wi-Fi isn’t compatible with the unit

#5. Inofia 1050 Sq. Ft 30 Pints w/Continuous Drain Hose Outlet Dehumidifier for Home Basement

You can now keep your working space and more comfortable with Inofia portable dehumidifier. It has a powerful fan system and compressor that removes up to 4 gallons of moisture in a day in the space of 1056 square feet. You no longer have to experience any stinky or clammy smell in your bathrooms, apartments, small basements, offices, laundry rooms, stockrooms, and many other places since this unit removes them. All you need to do is to set the target humidity between 30% and 80% and allow the dehumidifier to run intelligently all by itself. You can quickly drain this dehumidifier manually or using the 5.65 feet hose.


  • Auto-defrost features protect this unit from low temperatures
  • The washable filter filters any dust particles to avoid damage
  • When the water reservoir is full the auto shut off notifies you
  • Has an easy to operate control panel with only four buttons


  • The digital hygrometer isn’t that accurate

#4. Ivation 30-Pint Programmable Humidistat Hose Connector Auto-Shutoff Portable Dehumidifier

If you are looking for a compact portable dehumidifier, then you got it all right with this brand from Ivation. With only a weight of 30 pounds, you can easily carry this unit from one place to another without feeling its weight and fits into smaller footprints. This powerful dehumidifier has two fan settings that enable you to customize your setup to remove moisture in the space of 2000 square feet. You are assured of a safer environment because it prevents mildew, mold, and cracking of structures that protect your family members from allergens and asthma triggers. During humid months, this unit removes up to 30 pints and can be emptied upon shut off.


  • You can easily control moisture level with the LCD interface
  • The on and off switch allows you to power it on or off
  • Have smooth-rolling casters making it more portable
  • Two fan speed settings ensure ultimate comfort


  • The hose is a bit shorter

#3. hOmeLabs 3000 Sq. Ft Efficient Energy Star Dehumidifier for Basement and Large Rooms

Are you looking for a portable dehumidifier to remove moisture in more substantial spaces? Look no further than Homelabs portable dehumidifier. This unit removes up to 35 pints of moisture in a day within an area of 3000 square feet. You can install it in your bedroom, office, bathrooms, cellar room, any basement, or any other space without any huge bills. The built-in- wheels make it easier to move this unit from one place to another in your house. Additionally, you just need to adjust the settings to meet your needs then allow it to run until the tank is full, it then automatically shuts off for drainage. You can drain it off continuously using the drain hose outlet.


  • You easily customize your settings using the touch panel
  • The built-in compressor reduces odors and allergens
  • Prevents any excess moisture with the 24-hour timer
  • Has ergonomic handles that ensure a firmer grip


  • It doesn’t come with a hose

#2. Midea MAD50C1ZWS 70 Pint w/Reusable Filter Portable Dehumidifier for Bedroom Basement

With better air, you rest assured of better health, that’s why all you require is Midea portable dehumidifier. This powerful unit collects up to 50 pints of water in the space of 4500 square feet, making it ideal for your bedroom, basement, or bathroom. You no longer have to worry about power outages since it has an auto-restart function to avoid any disruptions. When the water tank is full, you can quickly empty it by connecting it with a 75-inch female garden hose. The 24-hour timer helps you to control the time that you are going to use this unit. Furthermore, the variable operating modes aid you in removing moisture in different humidity thresholds.


  • The continual dehumidification mode is ideal for rainy seasons
  • Operates quietly with a volume of fewer than 51 decibels
  • Variable fan speed improves the removal of moisture
  • Has a cleaning alert to maintain the reusable filter


  • The manual isn’t well-instructed

#1. Vremi 4500 Sq. Ft Operates Quietly Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated for Basement & Large Spaces

No more excess moisture or unpurified air in your space with this durable portable dehumidifier from Vremi. Not only does it eliminate any excess moisture in the air, but it also purifies the surroundings to prevent any allergens, dust, or dirt particles in your space. This unit is built for bigger spaces such as offices, basement, bedrooms, cellar rooms, and many other places. The auto shut off feature notifies you when to empty the water tank, or you can use the drain hose outlet for continuous drainage. Moreover, it has a large water tank with a capacity of 1.8 gallons to avoid frequently emptying it. This is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a friend or a family member.


  • The water level window allows you to check on collected water
  • Quietly removes moisture without producing any noise
  • Removes 50 pints of water in the space of 4500 Sq. feet
  • Has wheels that make it easier to move around


  • The water tank is harder to put back

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Dehumidifier


Before you can purchase a portable dehumidifier, you need to ensure that it performs to the optimum. It should be capable of removing everything spanning from a small quantity of water to liters of water daily. You should opt for a model that works best in the environment you may want to dry. As such, you should select the model that meets all your needs.

Ease of Use

The next aspect to keep a close eye on is the ease of use. If you purchase a dehumidifier that is difficult to use, you wouldn’t have an easy time using it. While making such consideration, you should check on customer reviews to ensure that the brand that you’re planning to purchase is reputable. Keep in mind that a low-quality device will highly disappoint you.


The size is an essential aspect to consider when shopping for the best portable dehumidifier. Remember, you are looking for a compact model that will seamlessly fit into small spaces in your room. Many powerful machines deliver high-performance yet still have a low profile. You should balance your needs and space requirements if you wish to have a model that will quickly go whenever you want without any challenge, better you for those compact and lightweight models.

Energy Use

You need to opt for a machine that is energy efficient. For that reason, you should check the wattage of the machine you choose with features like auto-shutoff and restart function. The list above includes models that are at least 1000 watts and still don’t consume more energy. You can opt for any of the above models as long as it meets all your needs.


You’ll concur with us, excess humidity in your home can be very detrimental. Excess moisture can heighten the risk of development mildew and molds. As such, it increases the chances of developing respiratory diseases like pneumonia and flu. And to end such menace, you ought to purchase the best dehumidifier. Making a selection of the best portable dehumidifier has never been easier. With the list above, you can buy without going through thousands of models in the market. The models are affordable and reliable. Shop with confidence!