10 Best Portable Camping Light in Reviews

If you’re planning to go camping with your family members, then I’m sure you wouldn’t forget to carry a camping light with you. It is a gadget that enables you to catch up with night events without feeling insecure. You can easily explore your camping environment in extreme darkness. This, obviously, boost your camping experience.

Shopping online for a camping light can be a bit difficult and frustrating since you are not in a position to try each of them before you purchase one. To this extent, we’ve done extensive research and tabled for you the top 10 best portable camping light you should consider for your outdoor activities today.

Let’s now get started…

#1. LuminoLite Camping Light

By LuminoLite

Are you tired of going camping with heavy headlamps and a wide range of flashlights? Want the best camping light that offers an easy way to carry and store? Well, LuminoLite Camping Light is the brand meant for you. You’ll love this light because it’s versatile and design in a phenomenal way. Has a 2-in-1 combination which makes it super-versatile. Actually, you can easily convert between a nice lantern and a normal power flashlight.

No need to worry about how you’ll carry it, The lantern is designed with a compact design that can fit into your pocket-size, 4” L & 1.4” Diameter, in such a manner does not consume a lot of space. You’ll even admire its lightweight of only 5 oz. and doesn’t strain your eyes because it is made with a zoomable optical lens for the flashlight and diffused lens for the lamp which delivers softer light. Easy to switch on and off with a strong hook at its top for hanging. A sturdy and stable design enables you to place in poor terrain.


  • Made with durable aircraft aluminum body
  • Easily converted between flashlight and lantern
  • Saves your valuable strength and space
  • Portable and lightweight


  • This lantern does not have a USB charging ability.

#2. Jingrong Camping Light

By Jingrong

If you want a camping light with multifunctional units for your outdoor activities, then Jingrong portable camping light fits exactly your needs. Has a flashlight, lantern light, and table lamp with SOS flash function. The light is design such that it has a foldable design with two stainless steel brackets and 3 foldable COB lamps and its head can be folded to 90 degrees. You have the capability to adjust the lamp to a different occasion. Built with an internal battery of 1200mAH 18650, thus having the ability to charge other gadgets like phones and tablets. Uses USB ports to extend to other peripheral devices. This lighting is suitable for emergency hurricanes and outdoor activities like fishing, camping, hiking, etc.

When you are inside a camping tent, you can easily hang the lamp using their hidden hanger hence enabling you to place the light on. The portable and collapsible design has made it easy for your kids to hold it.


  • Portable design and multi-function use
  • Has an emergency power bank and USB rechargeable
  • Quality assurance
  • Provide long working hours


  • If you try charging your phone, it might tend to stop

#3. BRIONAC Camping Light


The most pleasant way to break the darkness and light up your night is by using BRIONAC Led Camping Light. If you wish to go camping with a small size lantern with an easy way to store, then this brand will serve you best. Well, fit for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, emergency, power outage, and hurricane.

The 4-in-1 lighting gadget enables you to use a front white flashlight, Strobe & SOS, and a collapsible 360 degrees illumination. At the bottom is a strong magnet that absorbs in whichever metal surface you might need, in essence, provides a powerful grip to avoid falling. The two power supply modes ensure you don’t run out of energy before the night ends, hence gives an assurance that you’ll remain safeguarded until dawn.


  • Has a two power supply mode
  • Completely frees your hand when handling other tasks
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Designed with 4-in-1 multiple uses


  • The red LEDs could be turned on solid

#4. Flyhoom Camping Light

By Flyhoom

When it comes to portability and the ease of charging with a solar, Flyhoom Camping Light is the best. Designed as a LED solar bulb that enables safe visibility and ease of use. More so being a solar, charging is a no big deal with two options easy to hang using hooks. What you’re only required to do is to hang the light on a branch to lighten your space and it takes care of everything you want. Irrespective of the situation, it makes your night awesome.

As a matter of fact, this lighting device is practical, simple, convenient, and rechargeable and takes all your worries out of the unexpected situation of power outages or even in places where power is out of reach like outdoors, camping, hiking under the hood of the car or the same situations where lighting is required in an emergency.


  • Easier portability and hanging
  • You only need to charge in the sun
  • Built with 3 inner pieces of solar panels
  • Offers satisfaction guaranteed


  • Does not automatically turn on at the dusk.

#5. LETOUR Camping Light


Lasting for the best lighting bulb to make your camping a bit brighter and cheerful? LETOUR Camping Light is the ultimate dimmable decorative LED light you should go for. This LED light will guarantee you an enjoyable night parting in a unique and auspicious manner. LETOUR LED light is the best alternative to replace outdoor lighting lanterns having a rechargeable battery that will last for many years.

This LED light makes your night event to be stylish and adorable because of its stunning elegance and modern match. If you’ll manage to carry this light to one of your outdoor activity, then be rest assured that this light will enable you to makes that day remarkable and unforgettable since its makes environments shining and glamorous.


  • Shed warm and bright light to your outdoor event with a 60W bulb
  • Offers 5 different lighting mode, enables people with sensitive eyes to adjust
  • An energy-saving bulb
  • Can be easily be carried from one place to another


  • The 5 settings are kind of annoying to some

#6. Aidier Solar Camping Light

By Aidier

In most cases, camping is associated with environments without electricity but with high reception of sunlight, that said, AIDIER solar panel light is capable to survive in such conditions during night hours. No need to worry about what you’ll use when dark approaches.

What you need to know about this Light is the fact that it offers the best way to save energy and doesn’t pollute the environment in any way. What will impress you even more about this Light is the extra power bank that ensures full lighting period and enables you to charge other appliances? Enjoy your camping in the most fabulous way by using AIDIER Camping Lighting!


  • Uses solar energy & USB dual charging
  • Multi-purpose LED light with power bank function
  • Offers long-lasting light with simple design
  • Magnetic IPX7 waterproof solar lights


  • Should not be placed in a position that directs directly to once eye

#7. Warsun KS-08 Camping Light

By Warsun

If you’re looking for a light that can be used indoors or carried outdoors, look no further than the Warsun Light. Multifunctional, lumen, easy to carry, hook design, and magnet adsorption can also be used to adopt wild applications. It’s perfectly wonderful. Has a hook design that enables the lamp to hang on objects like tents that cannot be absorbed. In this degree, adapt to various difficult environments and make work emergencies more comfortable.

Warsun Camping light has a built-in super-strong magnet, which can be attached to metal surfaces like car bodies for temporary lighting. Moreover, the hook design enables the lamp to hang on the objects such as tents that cannot be absorbed.


  • Portability makes wild applications
  • Hook design and magnet adsorption
  • Design with 3 mode function
  • Super bright COB light


  • The light automatically turned itself off when power is low without any signal or warning

#8. GARINEMAX AGENT Camping Lantern


Need the best lamp to enjoy enhanced visibility and comfort knowing that you’ll be safe, secure, and happy at any time of the day? GARINEMAX AGENT flashlight offers all the generously to you. This Lantern light is the best thing you can’t miss in your backpack when you are out for your camping activity.

You need to get your today and can extend a hand by purchasing one as a gift to a person you love. Express your love and care to friends and family so that they could get this lucky camping lamp and they’ll get more and more fortune.


  • Eye-safe and eco-friendly
  • Strong magnetic base
  • USB rechargeable
  • Simple control button
  • Compact design that enables it to be portable


  • Bright light is harmful to one eye

#9. EverBrite Camping Lantern

By EverBrite

EverBrite Lantern is ideal for family camping. Two sizes of lightweight lanterns make this led flashlight to meet different needs for your family usage, perfect for camping, hiking, emergencies, and outdoor area lighting, reading, and studying. The other unique factor about this powerful lighting is the glowed switch with 3 modes; high mode, low mode, and strobe mode which fits your different brightness needs. Additionally, the button glows in the dark that makes it be identified easily.

Another desirable feature about this lighting is the long working hours, for instance, the big one has 300 lumens light output, with working time more than 20H at low and 4H at high, while the small one has 150 Lumens light output with working time more than 15H at low and 3H at high.


  • Ideal for family camping
  • Drop resistance and illumination distance
  • Long working time
  • Glowed switch with 3 modes


  • Bulbs tend to weaken with time

#10. Blazins Bison Camping Light

By Blazin’ Bison

Cherishing to have a bulb with unbelievable runtime for up to 200hours? Blazin’ Bison Light is the answer. Be confident that when you need a storm light the Blazin’ Sun will always shine. Doesn’t give you any challenge when it comes to storage methods. Design with “S” hook for hanging from elevated supports. Hang as an area cooking light over your camp-stove or clip it under your car’s hood for focused beam repairs.

Endowed with 4 power settings, 1500, 900, 500, or 200 lumens. Made such in a way that it’s durable and rugged. Also made from a water-resistant material that makes you camp with confidence without your lamp going off


  • Brightness during storms and blackouts
  • Offers a long runtime
  • Durable and rugged with water-resistant professional grade materials
  • To hold the lamp inverted in a tent just pops off easily, you should hang it by the bail
  • Runs cool and is very sturdy


  • The build quality of this product is very poor, the hook at the bottom of the lanterns tends to be weak

What You Need To Consider When Selecting Portable Camping Light

For the best camping lanterns, consider the following factors;


Obviously, going for bigger camping will deprive you of the advantage to carry along with you. Lightweight and compact size lamp are desirable because they are portable.

Light Duration

Remember you are going to camp for some days and in a no-electricity area, the duration it will take for the light to serve you is the major factor to consider. You want to have a lighting source that will stay longer and brighter.


Brightness will have to do with your preference. If you wish to illuminate your camping environment to keep off wild animals, plan to shop a lantern with higher lumen like 600 lumens and up LED lamps.

Type of batteries required

The one used with the flashlight is known to be more expensive and heavyweight than AAA or AA batteries which is something you need to put into considerations.


LED lighting gadgets are much reliable when you are out for your camping with your family members. From the list we’ve gone through, it’s absolutely visible that some lanterns are unique and powerful with their great features. Henceforth, no need to strain searching everything on the internet, you only need to read through our review and make a well-thought decision in purchasing a camping light that well fits you. Our review is purely based on real interaction with customers that have constantly used the products and we hope you’ll also get one for yourself.