10 Best One Piece Toilet in Reviews

The one-piece toilet is become a popular home improvement gear for most households because of their sleek and compact design. In most cases, they have skirted trapways that hide the plumbing connection and offer a smooth surface for hassle-free cleaning. A desirable one-piece toilet should have an efficient and robust flushing system to ensure operation run smoothly and saves you a lot of water. Besides, you should get one that has great construction and design to fit your bathroom space seamlessly.

With many models and choices flooding the market, choosing a one-piece toilet for a home can pose a challenge. And again, every site that you visit for help claims to offer state-of-the-art units which make you even to be more confused. For that reason, we’ve come to help you out. We give credit where it deserves. In this review, we offer you the top ten best one-piece toilets for reviews with each product having pros and cons to prove its superiority. Read on to learn more about these selections.

#10. New Drake Dual Flush 1.6 & 0.8 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Flush Toilet (Cotton White)

These latest models come with many exciting features. The New Drake Two-Piece elongated toilet will impress you with its potential to flush instantly and effectively. The high end features that it comes with include DYNAMAX TORNADO and CEFIONTECT FLUSH. In so doing, it helps in lowering the frequency of cleaning the toilet and also reduce the use of harsh chemicals and water. Also, it is very powerful and strongly constructed to offer its use in both commercial and residential areas. Its features are enhanced and functional. Finally, it comes with a universal height that great comfort across the board.


  • Uses a 360 degrees of cleaning power to reach every part of the bowl
  • The bowl is designed to reduce water flow resistance & turbulence
  • Powerful and durable for commercial and residential use
  • The flushing is quieter compared to other models
  • It uses water sparingly to save you on water bills


  • Gender inequality doesn’t suit men

#9. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T803 Chateau One-Piece Toilet (Glossy White)

Are you hoping to get a flush toilet with a beautiful design and an affordable price? Well, the Swiss Madison dual flush toilet might be your suit. The unit has a powerful dual-flush system that will sweep away any blockage that could be left on the bowl. With an elongated bowl, you are assured to seat with comfort for a relaxing relieve and include a quick-release seat that makes it easy to clean. The dual flush is also accompanied by high-performance gravity 0.8/1.28 GPF hence saving water. Besides, the side holes offer you an easy way to access the floor bolts for hassle-free installation.


  • Eco-friendly WaterSense toilet and meet EPA flushing guidelines
  • The elongated bowl provides added room and comfort
  • Dual flush uses water sparingly to save on water usage
  • It has a quick-release that offers easy cleaning


  • The lid has a rim that is too big to fit into the top of the reservoir

#8. HOROW HWMT-8733A Compact Skirted Trapways Commode Water Closet Dual Flush Toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733A one-piece siphonic toilet dual flush has a contemporary and compact design to suits your home needs. It also complements all your bathroom décor. The set-lid closes silently to ensure it doesn’t cause noise pollution. The dual-flush feature is suitable for water conservation; highly efficient 1.6GPF/1.28GPF. The dimension of the toilet, 25” L X 13.4” W X 28.4” H. Moreover, the toilet is easily installed and easy to keep it clean. Included in the package are the installation parts and illustrated guide that will make your installation quite simple. It is safe for use at home and it has been certified with ASME A112. 19.2M. Trust on this model to take your toilet hygiene to a higher notch.


  • Siphon flushing is quiet and powerful leaving no clogs
  • This toilet has undergone CEC certifications
  • The self-cleaning glazed surface is easy to maintain
  • Modern and compact to suit small bathrooms


  • Seeped out when water is in the bowl

#7. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Dual Flush Elongated High-Efficiency One-Piece Toilet (Cotton White)

If you are looking for a one-piece toilet unit with luxurious modern design, then WOODBRIDGE T-0019 dual flush toilet is your right choice. The skirted trapways depict a sleek look and make cleaning an easier task. Also, built with a siphon flushing design, you can rest assured that what goes on in the bathroom cannot be heard outside. The powerful flushing doesn’t cause leakage or clogs. The closing seat is from stainless steel hinge material that is durable. For safety purposes, this unit has certification with SCA & UPC. The dual flushing system saves you water and conserves the environment. The unit is available in a full set of toilets.


  • Hidden plumbers connection make this unit smooth for easy cleaning
  • Uses siphon flushing mechanism that operates quietly and powerfully
  • The closing seat is soft with a durable stainless steel seat hinge
  • The clean & sleek look compliment different styles
  • Has a quality construction with an elegant design


  • It is heavy and require 2 people to move and install

#6. Winzo WZ25028 Dual-Flush 0.8/ 1.6 GPF 17'' High-Efficiency One-Piece Toilet (Seat White)

Imagine with Winzo WZ5028 one-piece toilet, you have a powerful flushing system yet saving you water and money. On average, it uses 1.28 GPF. Installation and cleaning is also another easy task, it has no corners, no grooves, and easy to reach area makes everything easy. In addition to that, the side holes offer easy access to fixing the floor bolts. The seat height is 17-inch which makes seating and standing quite easy for any adult. Moreover, the release design is quite simple and easy to use. Before this model is released to the market, it is tested for quality and functionality. Even better, the double nozzle flushing function in the bowl creates minimum trapped dirt and less cleaning needed.


  • Has an ergonomic design with no grooves and corners for easy cleaning
  • Provides high-quality soft closing seat for gentle and quiet closure
  • It’s a powerful flushing potential to save water and money
  • It is easier to install, remove and maintain


  • The first installation requires a professional plumber

#5. TOTO ADA Eco Ultra-max Cotton White Durable Elongated Dual-Flush One-Piece Toilet

TOTO ADA one-piece toilet is perfect in every way. The super-smooth glaze prevents any dirt and debris from sticking. Also, the built-in soft hinge system allows for a quieter and gentle lowering of the seat. Its bolts are well tightened to ensure the easy installation of this unit. Furthermore, it is resistant to any chemical cleaning agents since it is constructed with high-quality materials. Even better, it does not splash any water when flushed. The curved tank allows you to keep anything on top of it. And again, operating this toilet isn’t difficult it’s more of 1, 2, 3…


  • Remains clean for long as dirt does not easily stick on its surface
  • Has a catalyzed ion barrier that keeps away any debris
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort when using it
  • Made from high impact plastic for long usage life


  • It doesn’t clean well above the waterline

#4. American Standard Elongated Right Height Flush Valve 4'' Size One-Piece Toilet (White)

American Standard one-piece toilet has 2 3/8-inches trapway that ensures that all dirt in the bowl is flushed out completely. Also, it has an easy to clean surface that keeps your toilet ever clean after a cleanup. Its bowl is elongated for comfortable use. Besides, it has your water saved as it uses 1.6 gallons of water when flushed once. Further to that, it features a slow close toilet seat to prevent the seat from slamming. These features also allow for a quieter and more peaceful operation. This one-piece toilet works quite well for those large spaced bathrooms, unlike the small sized ones.


  • Works best with no difficulty for those using a wheelchair
  • Has a taller height for a more comfortable use
  • Flushes well to prevent any form of clogging
  • It has a 16.5-inch rim that is easy to use


  • Has a louder flush though it lasts for a few seconds

#3. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One-Piece Toilet (Glossy White)

Swiss Madison flush toilet has two powerful nozzles that get rid of any dirt leaving a sparkling toilet bowl. The toilet is modern and sleek to complement your bathroom décor. The fully skirted trapway makes it easy to clean this unit. The matte chrome hinges release quickly when you need to unlatch the seat from the cover. Moreover, the dual flush allows you to choose between partial and full flush depending on your needs. It uses a small amount of water per flush thus does not wastewater. You can flush it with the lid closed to avoid small splashes.


  • Has a dual flush tornado design to wipe away all germs
  • Soft to close the cover to avoid the production of any sounds
  • Quick to release toilet makes it easy for a cleanup
  • The elongated height allows for more comfort


  • It can’t accommodate a 10-inch rough-in

#2. KOHLER K-4007 -0 24.25'' x 16.75'' x 25.63''Round-Front Bowl One-Piece Toilet (White)

Is your bathroom small but you desire to install a modern toilet? Kohler one-piece toilet can fit your small spaced bathroom seamlessly. The round-top bowl and low profile tank take limited space. The canisters take in water from 360° for a consistent flow of water for flushing. This one-piece toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It also features a quiet close lid and seat for quiet use at all times. Additionally, it is constructed from high-quality materials for long-lasting use. The grip tight rubber bumpers make it easy to install and clean this unit.


  • Has a great finish that blends well with your bathroom decor
  • Easy to clean as it does not easily attract germs and dirt
  • The compact tank curves save your bathroom’s space
  • The canister prevents any more leakage when flushed


  • It is a bit low for taller people

#1. Saniflo 023 Sani-compact Stylish Self-Contained Half-Bathroom One-Piece Toilet (White)

Install this one-piece toilet at your place and you will never regret having done so. Saniflo one-piece toilet can be installed in lofts, ground floors, upper floors, and basements. Also, it uses one gallon of water with one flush. Flushing is electronically timed to only release one gallon of water each time. Besides, it accommodates release from toilets and sinks. You only need to press the push button and it automatically releases the water. The non-return valve prevents the effluents from flowing back into this unit. It vertically pumps up to 9 feet and horizontally up to 100 feet. You don’t need an extra toilet tank as it uses the flushing mechanism.


  • Water-efficient as it only uses one gallon of water per flush
  • Can easily be accessed by people with physical limitations
  • It can fit into smaller and tighter spaces in your house
  • Easy to install as it does not require extra tools


  • Spews water if the clamps are not tightened well

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best One-Piece Toilet

You are highly encouraged to read through the following aspects to be able to buy a one-piece toilet that will fit your family. It’s a one minute section, don’t get tired.

Flushing System

The first paramount feature to consider is the flushing system. How powerful and convenient can it flush? Choose the toilet with a robust and effective flushing system. The models that we offered you can flush with ease. For that reason, it offers you a convenient hands-free operation. So, have that as your initial consideration.

Configuration required for your Bathroom

Secondly, we have the settings that are required to install the toilet that you decide to purchase. Construction and overall design are important are deciding how well the toilet can fit into your bathrooms look. For that matter, a one-piece toilet is more desirable because it comes with a bowl and tank attached for quick configuration. This will enable you to choose a toilet that sleek and stylish without the tendency of collecting dirt and odors.

The size, Height & Rough-in

Toilets come with varied sizes and it’s crucial to check its dimension to ensure that it will fit seamlessly to space in your bathroom. For instance, some toilets come with 12-inch in size right from the wall but baseboard excluded. It is also referred to as the rough-in measurement. The height also should be your priority to ensure that it will suit all people.

Water Efficiency

Saving water should be your aim in buying a one-piece toilet. If you get the model that uses 1.28 GPF, the better because a lot of water will be saved. That doesn’t mean the flushing rate will be weak, even it’s stronger than you might think. When you use water sparingly, it doesn’t only mean you are saving yourself huge water bills, but you are also conserving the environment in one way or the other.


And getting the best one-piece toilet was that easy. Read through the whole of this article and you can be sure to come out will something tangible. Don’t be attracted by those cheap models being offered in the market, because sometimes quality can be compromised. Also, don’t rush in making your choice, unless you wish to come back after a while for another unit. Stick to the guide we’ve presented to you to lead you in finding the best one-piece toilet. Lucky enough, the list we have offered includes models of toilets that come from reputable models only, you have an upper-hand in getting the best of the best. Otherwise, have a pleasurable shopping time!