10 Best Non Slip Yoga Mat In Reviews

Yoga mats are very essential for healthy, comfortable, and safe yoga practice. They assist you to prevent slipping whenever you are performing yoga poses. You require to choose a yoga mat that has great thickness because a thin yoga mat can lead to serious injuries to your knees, elbows, and other parts of the body. In addition to that, it will prevent you from contracting infections from the dirty floors of your local yoga studio or at the gym. Since yoga mats are soft and even, you won’t have to worry about uneven floors or cold floors.

With the increased number of yoga mats in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the right one for you. Luckily enough, we have done some research and come up with the top 10 best Non Slip Yoga Mat reviews.

10. GoYoga All-Purpose Anti-Tear 1/2-Inch Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

By GoYoga

The GoYoga Exercise Yoga Mat measures 71 inches long by 24 inches wide to give you enough space for maximum exercise. The mat is made of high-density material with a thickness of 1/2” to comfortably cushion your elbows, knees, hips, spine on hard floors. Ordinarily, this premium exercise yoga mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces that are non-slip to prevent injuries. Also, it has exceptional resilience that enables you to keep your balance whenever you are practicing any style.

Made with moisture resistant technology, this Mat can be easily be hand washed with water and soap. Other than that, it is lightweight and foldable for easy storage and transport.


  • Measures 71 inches long 24 inches wide
  • Double-sided non-slip surfaces
  • Free yoga mat strap included
  • Made with moisture resistant technology


  • Super easy to clean
  • A free strap is included
  • 2-year warranty


  • Strongly smells like rubber for a while

9. Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-Inch Thick NBR Foam Yoga Mat

By Sivan

This is a decent yoga mat for trainees for several reasons. It is perfect for toning, stretching workouts as it provides extra support when you are doing exercise. It is also extra wise measuring 71 inches x 24 Inches thus it is ideal for people of all sizes and shapes. Other than that, this mat is 1/2-Inches ultra-thick and it is designed with memory foam protecting your joints and knees enabling you to grip the floor for balance.

The ribbed surface on the bottom side will provide a strong grip on the surface thus preventing injuries. What’s more, the mat is made using durable material that does not tear easily. It is also easy to clean.


  • 71 x 24-inches wide mat
  • Integrated carry strap
  • 1/2-inches ultra-thick mat
  • Washable and lightweight


  • Non-slip surface grips the floor
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Made of durable NBR foam


  • Heavy mat

8. NewMe Fitness 5mm Thick Instructional Yoga Mat for Home or Gym

By NewMe

Make fitness safe, comfortable, and most importantly fun with NewMe Fitness Yoga Mat, it is ideal for beginners and measures 24 inches x 68 inches thus it is large enough for all people. Moreover, it has a thickness of 5mm providing the perfect amount of padding enabling you to have much comfort and balance. No need to have guesswork workouts as this mat comes with clear 70 how-to illustrations on popular poses and self-guided sessions.

The mat is made of durable and eco-friendly materials that are toxic, latex, and BPA free. Therefore, no worry about a toxin when doing your exercise. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can request for refund.


  • Measures 24 inches x 68 inches
  • 5mm thick yoga mat
  • Made of a durable and eco-friendly PVC
  • Nontoxic – free of BPA


  • A slightly tacky surface keeps feet and hands stable
  • Great for both men and women
  • Comes with printed w/ 70 illustrated poses


  • Does not hold well for hot yoga properly

7. AmazonBasics Extra Thick 1/2-Inch Exercise Mat

By AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat is another incredible yoga mat that has pleased many customers. The exercise mat has a textured surface that is going to enhance traction. In addition to that, this mat is 1/2-inch thick with extra cushioning support thus comfortable for all kinds of exercise. One great thing about this mat is that is made using durable foam and it is lightweight for easy transport. It is also perfect for daily workout routines.
These nonslip pieces are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and don’t have Phthalates, PVC, TPE, or any other harsh compounds. What’s more, many customers love this mat because of its thickness, good stability, good size, and smooth surface.


  • Made of lightweight and durable foam
  • Carrying strap included
  • Textured surface for enhanced traction
  • 1/2-inch extra-thick yoga mat


  • Have a great cushioning support
  • Perfect for home or studio use
  • Measures approximately 74x24x0.5 inches


  • Hefty weight

6. Clever Yoga Longer and Wider Mat Non-Slip Exercise Mats

By Clever

This purple mat by Clever Yoga is perfect for stretching, Pilates, yoga and workouts, and other exercises. It is an extra thick mat that will give you a very comfortable experience with an extra thickness of 6mm. this will enable it to protect your joints and knees without compromising stability and support. Most importantly, this mat measures 72 inches long x 25 ¼ inches wide making it ideal for tall and short yogis alike. Also, it has a lightweight design thus it is easy to carry to your fitness club and yoga studio.

The mat is made of premium quality materials that are 100 percent non-toxic as well as safe to use. In addition to that, it is designed to withstand the toughest and does not wear or tear easily even after day to day usage. The closed-cell surface locks out moisture, dirt, and germs while keeping stinky odors and bacteria at bay.


  • Extra thick yoga mat
  • Measures 72″ long x 25 1/4″ wide
  • Reversible non-slip surfaces
  • Designed to withstand the toughest sessions


  • 100% non-toxic and safe to use
  • Durable sports and fitness mat
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • For some yogis, transitioning is difficult

5. Youphoria Yoga 24 x 72-6mm Premi-OM Yoga Mat

By Youphoria

The yoga industry is one of the best workout exercises to enhance your health and fitness. Getting yourself this Youphoria Yoga mat, you will be able to perform your yoga exercises without injuries and will greatly comfortable. The mat is made using antimicrobial and liquid-absorbent materials and this will eliminate the need for a yoga towel. Other than that, it is lightweight and durable and there is no stretching, flaking, or falling apart with these full-size yoga mats.

Cleaning this yoga mat is super easy and does not have a strong lingering odor that other brands of yoga may have. To sum up, with this yoga mat, you will be able to perform all kinds of forms of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, and various hot yoga.


  • Lightweight and extra-durable
  • Intense grip and anti-slip
  • Weighing in at 2.5 lbs. thus portable
  • No lingering odors


  • Perfect for all forms of yoga
  • Eliminates the need for a yoga towel
  • Super easy to clean


  • Rubber smell

4. Incline Fit 1inche Extra Thick Exercise Mat Non-Slip Yoga Mat

By Incline

Many yoga mats are thin not protecting your elbows and knees from painfully digging into the ground when doing some exercises. But the good news is that, with Incline Fit Yoga Mat, you will forget all those problems. This mat features a firm 1-inch extra thickness that will alleviate stress on sensitive areas such as the Knees, hands, hips, and joints thus making it simple to complete all your yoga exercises. In terms of durability, this yoga mat endures everyday use irrespective of the workout intensity.
This product is safe from latex, heavy metals, and Phthalate and it does not have any odor. When it comes to cleaning, you can wash with water and soap and then hang it outside to dry.


  • Nonslip for safety
  • The firm 1-inch extra-thick mat
  • Durable and will endure the everyday use
  • Easy to clean


  • The mats stay in place against the floor
  • It has no harmful chemicals
  • It’s lightweight yet durable


  • No texture

3. Natural Jute Yoga Mat Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly for All Types Yoga

By Natural

Natural Jute Yoga Mat is another amazing mat for exercise lovers. The product is made from organic jute fiber making it eco-friendly and is going to support you perfectly as you do your fitness programs. At any rate, this mat is suitable for all levels and sizes from pros, beginners, men, and women alike. You will likewise enjoy taking exercise classes, Pilates, or just relax for comfort in your morning meditation,

One uniqueness of this mat is that it is soft on your skin for increased comfort and functionality. In addition to that, it is easy to clean as you can just simply wipe it down with water and then hang it to dry.


  • Super easy to roll and lightweight to carry
  • Soft on your skin and joints
  • Suitable for all levels and sizes
  • The textured high-performance grip on the top


  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Durable yoga mat
  • Super easy to roll


  • Lacks proper cushioning

2. IUGA Pro Non-Slip Odorless Lightweight Yoga Mat


IUGA Pro yoga mat is made using SGS certified TPE material allowing you to perform hot yoga. It also has a thin polyurethane top layer that absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat. Ordinarily, this Lightweight Yoga mat weighs only 2.5 lbs. thus you will easily carry it to your yoga studio or yoga classes comfortably. In addition to that, the mat is skin-friendly as it is made with sustainably harvested tree rubber and it is completely free from latex, PVC, and other toxic materials.

You will be able to practice all forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, and various hot yoga. Also, this mat will keep you safe as it has a slip-free and strong grip surface letting you take your yoga exercise to the next level.


  • Completely odor-free mat
  • Lightweight and extra-durable
  • Perfect for all forms of yoga
  • Completely free from PVC and latex


  • Comfortable without compromising performance
  • No sliding and no slipping mat
  • Perfect for carrying when traveling


  • It May not be suitable for hard floors

1. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

By Jade Harmony

Any smart user will find Jade Harmony yoga mat worth investing in. it is one of the best-selling yoga mats that you can find in the market. This mat is made of natural rubber that has more cushioning and resilience thus you will provide the support that you need. In addition to that, the mat is 3/16 inches thick providing great cushion and traction while still offering stability for standing poses.

It is crafted from a high-density and durable foam thus it will resist tear and wear even after day to day usage. If you suffer from sensitive skin challenges, then this Yoga Mat is perfect for you. It includes zero heavy metals and latex to prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions during use.


  • Provide incredible grip and durability
  • No PVCs or synthetic materials
  • Weight only 4.3 – 4.5lbs
  • Both sides are anti-slip


  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin challenge
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It has a perfect amount of padding


  • Slightly expensive for a travel mat

Factor to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Non Slip Yoga Mat


This is one of the main factors to consider. Basically, thick yoga mats have more cushioning providing a comfortable environment during your exercise. It also prevents any injury that may occur.


You need to look for a mat that is made using high-quality materials for it to be durable and wear-resistant. Some of the common materials used to construct yoga mats include vinyl, rubber, cotton, and recycled materials.


You should look for a mat that is non-slide and non-slip. This will you from sliding whenever you are doing yoga exercises. Furthermore, Sticky mats don’t allow dirt and sweat upon them.


With the right yoga mat, exercise will be more enjoyable and effective. These are the top-rated yoga mats that are of high quality, comfortable and versatile and they rely on great service. In addition to that, they are double-sided, non-slip and you can choose the perfect size for your yoga class. Kindly choose one of the yoga mats on the list and it will help you to take your yoga exercise to the next level.