10 Best Men’s Electric Shavers in Reviews

Choosing between an electric shaver and razor is one of the biggest questions in men’s personal care and hygiene. However, if you are one of those people who shave every day then electric shavers should be the best option.

If you are looking for an enjoyable shaving experience, you need to invest in a good electric shaver. But with several options in the market, choosing one product can be a bit challenging. Here is a list of the top 10 best selling men’s electric shavers in reviews.

#10.Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 S3310/81

The Phillips Norelco Shaver brings along a new color scheme and redesigned shaving heads. As a water-resistant machine, this shaver is designed to provide a good shave and comfort too. Since it’s a cordless shaver, it will offer you the convenience that you need. It comes with a comfortable cut blade system with rounded edges that move smoothly over your skin to offer you a protective shave. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it will give you consistent power throughout the year. More so, as a one-touch shaver, you can easily clean it under the tap after the shave. Overall it’s rechargeable, cordless, and has the ability to use wet or dry.


  • Comfortable and quiet.
  • Has a good built.
  • Can be used while charging.
  • Easy to clean and waterproof.


  • Has 8 hours charging time.
  • The closeness of the shave could have been made better.
  • No travel pouch or a cleaning brush.

#9.Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men 2 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Waterproof

As a wet and dry pivoting triple head shaver what sets this shaver apart is its USB charging capability. Having a basic Android type phone cable, the Phisco shaver can be recharged from a laptop or PC USB port. This Chinese Li-ion shaver not only looks attractive but also has a double blade, a 2,800 rpm motor, and a floating head system that will ensure it gives you a comfortable clean shave. It also has long battery life.


  • It has a very good battery life.
  • Provides both wet and dry shave…
  • It has an LCD display showing the remaining battery percentage.
  • Comfortable to hold and well built.


  • Its plastic cover is a bit awkward.

#8.Braun Electric Shaver Series 7790CC

As one of the best electric shavers in the market, the Braun electric shaver provides an amazingly smooth shave. When it comes to the features this series is quite different from other shavers out there. Its face has three trimmers with the OptiFoil Trimmers helping it to cover more facial hairs in fewer strokes. Since its head is flexible it can quickly move around your face. It also has an alcohol-based charging and cleaning dock that can kill even up to 99% of all bacteria. Overall, it has a great built, pivoting head, 3 trimmers, cleaning head, and personalization modes. The only thing that’s missing is the wet and dry feature.


  • Flexible.
  • Solid built quality.
  • Automatic charging and cleaning dock.
  • Pivoting head.


  • Lacks wet and dry technology.

#7.Electric Shaver Razor for Men 4 in 1 Rotary Shaver Wet and Dry Water Proof

This electric shaver comes with a 4 in 1 functional feature including hair and sideburns trimmers, a beard razor, and a nose trimmer. It’s a 3D rotary shaver with precious blades that easily adapts to the contours of the face, jaw, and neck. It has a wet and dry feature and is also waterproof. It’s not only washable but can also give you a comfortable wet shave. It has an LCD display which shows the remaining battery capacity. It’s also cordless hence will offer you the convenience that you need.


  • Cordless.
  • Has a long battery life.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • It’s easy to use and carry anywhere
  • LCD display showing the capacity of the battery


  • Its blade might be susceptible to bacteria

#6.Aukuy Lady Electric Shaver

The Aukuy Lady Electric Shaver is not only efficient but also safe, secure, and gentle. Its exterior design is decorated and stylish to make it suitable for outdoor sessions. It comes with top protection to provide you with painless and gentle hair trimming. It will also offer you a safe and mild hair removal hence making it the easiest shaver to operate. In addition, it features a portable design with light and compact construction that makes it easy to move around. Having a rechargeable battery, it’s suited for both dry and wet shaving.


  • LED light that allows you to see where you are shaving.
  • Good for dry shaving.
  • Has an ergonomic and streamlined body.
  • It’s quiet.
  • Provides smooth and close shave.


  • Not suited for the armpits.
  • The instruction is not clear.

#5.MAX-T Electric Shaver USB Charge Rotary Shaver With a Trimmer

If you are looking for a new comfortable shaving feel then this shaver is the best option. It has a 1 minute fast USB charging technology and a 1-hour full charge. With its 4 direction flex heads and mute high speed, it will easily adapt to the contours of your jaw, face and offer you a close comfortable shave. Since it provides both wet and dry shaves you can enjoy shaving in the shower with a gel or foam for better shaving results. More so, its pop up trimmer is skin-friendly.


  • USB wall charger.
  • Detachable and washable.
  • LED digital display.
  • Has an extreme shaving system.


  • When you are using it for the first time its motor might seem underpowered.

#4.Electric Shaver Rotary Shaver Wet and Dry Jinding

As a 5 head design shaver, this electric shaver can easily fit the curves of your neck and face. It’s a waterproof shaver hence its whole body is washable and also convenient to use in the bathroom. However, you need to know that you can’t soak it otherwise its service life will be affected. Made with an upgraded double blade design, it has the best blades that can offer you the best shave fast. Overall, it’s a great gift that can be used while charging


  • It has a 5 blade floating design.
  • It has a harmless system for extreme beard shaving.
  • Wet and dry and waterproof.
  • Multifunctional replaceable blades.
  • Provides more than 50 minutes of shaving time.


  • it’s washable, you can soak it in water.

#3.HATTEKER Electric Rotary Shaver 4 in 1 Razor Beard Trimmer

As a multifunctional shaver, HATTEKER is ideal for shaving the sideburns, beard, and nose. With its face brush, it can help you clean your face with lots of ease. With its 4 direction floating head it can easily adapt to the contours of your neck, face, and even the jaw and offer you a close and comfortable shave every time you use it. It’s a wet and dry full waterproof shaver that you can use in the shower. It has over 60 minutes of shaving time and has a premium quality motor that’s efficient and fast.


  • Fast charging.
  • LCD display.
  • The whole body is washable.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Close and precision shaving.
  • Double blade upgraded technique.


  • The housing material does not smell good

#2.Braun Electric Shaver Series 3 3040s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 3 ProSkin comes with a MicroComb technology that feeds and catches more hair so as to provide a faster shave. As an iconic German brand, this shaver has a simple intuitive design but provides an outstanding performance. Since you don’t need to dwell on the same spot you will greatly minimize skin irritation. It has specialized cutting elements protected by patented metal mesh to provide you with a clean close shave. Apart from shaving with water, you can use it with foam, gel, or even water. In addition, it has a powerful premium battery and is 100% waterproof.


  • It has a good built.
  • Shave wet and dry
  • Has MicroComb technology and triple action cutting system.


  • It can be a bit costly for some people.

#1.Gemo Electric Men’s Foil Shaver Waterproof Beard Trimmer

If you are looking for that close, smooth shave then this is the best product to use. Gemo is a dual foil head shaver that provides you with a smooth shave without cutting you. It’s cordless and rechargeable hence you can enjoy your shaving for even up to 50 minutes. It’s also convenient to wash in the sink and has a multifunctional trimmer that’s suitable for shaping the mustache, sideburns, and any facial hairstyle.


  • It has amazing features.
  • It’s cordless.
  • Has a dual foil head.
  • It’s waterproof.


  • It might not be suitable for heavy facial hair

[Things to consider]

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for the best men’s electric shaver

Foil or rotary

While electric shavers are categorized into these two major categories, some men prefer one type over the other. You, therefore, need to choose the one that suits you.

Wet or dry

Most electric shavers are supposed to be used on dry shaves even though some can be used on wet. You need to consider this because some of them might not work when wet. If you want to shave in the shower ensure that your shaver has a wet/dry feature.

Cleaning and charging dock

Shaver’s that have an auto charging and cleaning system is easy to maintain. If you want a clean hygienic shave then you need to go for shavers that have this feature.

Battery life

While no shaver can maintain its battery forever, there are some which last longer than others. If you are looking for the best shaver, avoid the ones that have 30 minutes of battery life.


Just like other products electric shavers usually vary in price. If you are looking for a good shaver then you need to set aside.


These are the top 10 best-selling Men’s electric shavers in reviews. You need to know that shavers are in plenty in the market. Although some of them may resemble each other, their performances are quite unique. I hope that this detailed guide will give you the information that you need to make a good buying decision.