10 Best Meal Prep Containers In Reviews

Meal prep has become a serious business as most people have become clued of balanced diet benefits. What meal preps do is helping you plan on what to eat therefore giving you chances to make some healthy choices. You basically need to have a grocery list comprising healthy items and then go shopping. After that, take your time to cut and chop meat and vegetable in readiness for cooking.

Preparation of food is not the problem here but the technicalities of packing and storing this food. For that reason, you need the meal prep containers. These are containers that will keep your food safe for a long without getting spoilt. To help you select the best meal prep containers, we reviewed the best containers in the market. We also complemented this list with a buyer’s guide. By the end of these reviews, therefore, we believe you will be in a good purchasing position.

Top 10 Best Meal Prep Containers in Reviews

10. YOUKIUS Meal Prep Containers- BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe (32 oz.)


Kicking off these reviews is the YOUKIS meal prep containers. They are made with BPA-free materials which act as a guarantee that you will be safe. What’s more, the containers are dishwasher safe which means that you will not have a hard time during cleaning. You also do not have to worry about placing the containers in the freezer or microwave since the containers are microwave/ freezer safe.

The containers have also been made in a leak-proof design for your convenience. Again, they are lightweight and portable which means that you can easily carry them wherever you go. The stackable design is a feature that becomes important for those individuals with limited space. The affordability at which the containers come with allows everyone to afford them regardless of their budget.


  • Microwave/freezer safe
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Scientific nutrition and healthy diet
  • Leak-proof and non-slip


  • It is not well-packaged

9. Cuisine Wonders Meal Prep Containers with Bonus Lunch Bag

By Cuisine Wonders

These containers give you the convenience you require in order to lose weight. Arriving as a pack of 20, you will be sure to have your meal any time you want. These containers are well-constructed to ensure that they do not leak. You also enjoy the convenience of carrying your meal to any place you want now that a carrying bag has been provided. The most amazing thing is that these containers come at a friendly price.

The quality design for these containers is the reason why most buyers prefer them. For instance, the containers make use of BPA-free materials in order to guarantee that you remain safe. The stackable design for these containers comes in handy if you are looking to save your space. Be assured that you will have an effortless cleaning time for the containers due to their dishwasher safe nature.


  • Made of BPA-free and FDA-approved materials
  • Comes with a bonus carrying bag
  • Dishwasher safe and stackable design
  • Has the best return policy


  • Chipped corners

8. EZ Prepa 32oz Meal Prep Containers- Dishwasher Safe

By EZ Prepa

EZ is not a new name as far as healthy meal planning is concerned. This is a cost-effective and ideal approach for meal prepping. This set comes as a pack of 20 reusable containers which are also stackable to save the kitchen space. They are conveniently made to assist you to measure the right portion sizes if you are dieting. As such, you will be able to control your calorie intake.

The fact that they are FDA certified gives you the confidence to purchase since your safety is guaranteed. They are also sturdy, versatile and will definitely stand the test of time. You will also realize that they are dishwasher safe. This implies that you will effortlessly clean the containers after use. The budget-friendly price for these containers also allows everyone to afford them.


  • Perfect meal prep set
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Lids don’t fit well

7. Enther Meal Prep Containers- BPA Free, Dishwasher/Freezer Safe

By Enther

These meal prep containers have actually been made to last regardless of the rigorous use you subject them to. The containers are crack-proof and they will comfortably be placed in the microwave. Since they are BPA-free, you do not have to worry about your safety. There are three separate compartments which give you a total storage space of 32 oz. when you buy, you are going to get 12 containers.

One more additional feature of these containers is that they can be easily stacked on top of each other. This is an ideal feature especially if you have limited space in your kitchen. Additionally, the containers are dishwasher safe so you can be assured of easy cleaning time. Their lightweight design, on the other hand, ensures that you can easily have your meal anywhere and anytime you feel like it.


  • BPA-free materials
  • Versatile, stackable, and space-saving
  • The containers are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Affordable price


  • Too small

6. Fitpacker Meal Prep Containers (One Compartment, 28oz)

By Fitpacker

This yet another meal prep container that comes as a single compartment with 28 oz. capacity. It comes as a set of 16 containers where lids are included in the package. The good thing about these containers is that they are fully reusable not forgetting about their dishwasher safe feature. The containers similarly come with a SureLock seal for a tight fit to make sure your meal remains fresh.

You will fall in love with the fact that these containers are leak-proof so your bag remains as clean as possible. Being made in the USA, it comes with FDA approval now that it features BPA-free materials. In case you are shopping in a tight budget, you do not have to worry since these containers have been affordably-priced. Apart from that, you are set to enjoy a refund of your money in case of any issue.


  • Made in the USA
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fully reusable
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Not ideal for long term investment

5. Upper Midland Products meal prep containers - Reusable and BPA Free

By Upper Midland Products

On the fifth spot is the Upper Midland prep containers. The containers are made with premium material not forgetting that the containers are also reusable. What’re more the containers are resistant to cracks which therefore implies long years of service. If you are looking for quality meal containers at a budget, this will be definitely a very ideal pick.

These containers are also dishwasher and freezer safe which means that you will be able to clean them with ease. The 12 oz. capacity will also make sure that you have your meal anytime you want. To add to this, the containers are compact and lightweight so that you can move with the containers everywhere you wish. All these are the features that make these containers stand out.


  • Premium quality and reusable plastic
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • It has a capacity of 12 oz.
  • Compact and spill-proof


  • Too small

4. Prep Naturals Meal Prep Containers for Adults with Lids

By Prep Naturals

Prep Naturals have a new set of meal prep containers that come with three compartments. This is, therefore, an ideal pick for anyone looking to save time and money as well. The premium looks as well the ease of use for these containers will encourage healthy eating as well as cooking of meals at the comfort of your home. Do not hesitate to purchase these affordably-priced meal prep containers.

One more unique thing about the containers is that they are safe and very easy to use. Being made with BPA and FDA approved materials makes them ideal for your health and safety. The dishwasher safe design for these containers will also make sure that you have an easy cleaning time. buy with confidence since the manufacturer offers a full refund of your money if you receive a faulty item.


  • Freezer and microwave safe
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Safe and simple to use
  • 100% food safe


  • Will not last

3. Prep Naturals Meal Prep Containers

By Prep Naturals

This is another safe and easy way through which you can prep your meals. They have been made by one of the reputable brands in the market today to bring you the best results. What’s more, they are freezer and microwave safe which makes them convenient to use. If you are looking to diet in a healthy way at the comfort of your home, this is the way to go.

Other than the durability which these containers come with, you will appreciate the fact that they are easy to clean. In case of any issues after purchasing, you can return the product and receive a refund for your money. These are some of the many features which make this set a worthy purchase. Make sure to purchase the set and enjoy dieting in a healthy way.


  • Saves time and money
  • Portion control
  • Guaranteed full money refund
  • BPA-free and FDA approved


  • Not sturdy

2. GoEcoBox Meal Prep Containers, BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe

By GoEcoBox

Make your meal planning easy with these meal prep containers. These containers will give you a total storage space of 35 oz. Apart from that, the manufacturer has priced the containers in a very affordable manner. This will, therefore, implies that you will afford the containers regardless of your budget. The microwave and dishwasher safe nature of these containers is yet another feature they boast about.

These plastic containers are BPA-free and you, therefore, do not have to worry about your safety. The money-back-guarantee should also give you enough confidence to purchase. What’s more, they employ only quality materials to make sure that they last. The lightweight nature of these containers will also prompt you to purchase them since you will take them everywhere you go.


  • Makes meal planning very easy
  • More durable and flexible
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


  • Durability issues

1. Freshware Meal Prep Containers | BPA Free (28 oz.)

By Freshware

Finally, on these reviews, we have the Freshware meal prep containers. Arriving as a pack of 15 containers, you will be able to store up to 28 oz. in order to remain fit and healthy at the same time. Your safety has also been taken into account now that the materials used in making these containers are BPA-free. To add to this, the containers arrive at a very affordable price.

The microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe nature of these containers also makes the containers very unique. Apart from that, these containers employ quality construction materials to make sure that they last for a long. Just purchase these containers since you are promised a full refund of your money in case of any dissatisfactions.


  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Poor packaging

Factors to consider when buying meal prep containers


This is the first aspect to look for in a meal prep container. The container can be made of plastic or glass and it is upon you to select. However, as much as you want durable construction materials, your safety should never be compromised. For this reason, make sure that these materials are BPA-free and FDA-approved for safety.


Before you can select the meal prep containers, you should be aware of their general size. What you need to know here is the size of your cabinet to make sure they will fit in well. If you will be carrying your containers in your bag. Make sure you select a size that fits perfectly in the bag. You should also keep in mind the capacity of the container on this line.

Ease of cleaning

This is something else to keep in mind before you can purchase. The ease of cleaning will be to some extent be determined by the construction materials. Quality plastic or glass materials will definitely give you a simple time when it comes to cleaning. It would be wise for you to choose those containers which are dishwasher safe to guarantee its cleaning ease.


Carrying a cooked meal will be perfect in ensuring that you monitor the body’s health. For anyone who is on a workout program, it will be important for you to check the diet. Making up your mind for the meal prep containers will make sure you eat anytime you feel like it. In the above reviews, we have listed the best meal prep containers available in the market today. We also prepared a buying guide which lists the important factors to be considered before purchasing. In short, you have everything you need to go shopping for these containers. All the best!