Top 10 Best Lunch Box Containers in Reviews

With the busy working environments and tough schedule, we’re used to following, convenient ways of carrying food to the workplace are becoming a necessity. Lunch boxes are the leading items you cannot afford to miss next on your purse or car, they are essential because apart from keeping your packed lunch together, it keeps it cold and fresh against contamination. Actually, lunch boxes make you organize what you’ll take during the day. It is the most versatile way of carrying your food on the go.

That said, we now come to the practical section where it will need your purchasing ideas and tactics. If you need to buy a lunch box that meets your requirements, you have to have a clue about what you need. Do you need small size or a big size lunch box? Which color are you looking for? And so on… As long as you have those questions prior to your purchase, you wouldn’t lose track. However, we have made things easy for you, because we’ve tabled everything for you, all your work will be to click on your preference. We’ve compiled the Top 10 Best Lunch Box Containers you need to give a try.

Please check the list below:

#10. The Biggest Loser Lunch Box Containers

By Biggest Loser

Are you looking for the best lunch containers that can give you your desired convenience? Look no more, because The Biggest Loser Lunch Box Containers are right at your doorsteps. They are designed such that they come with 5 sets of leak-proof containers. No difficulty in subdividing your food into portions, since these containers are divided into 3 compartments. These compartments help in organizing your meals and also ensure foods do not mix up.

Apart from the safekeeping of meals, these containers are the best space savers method and nest everything together. In fact, they are stackable and reusable with easy to clean. Be ready to charm start your week with these amazing containers that make your organization the whole meals you will be taking the whole week. Made from plastic that wouldn’t crack or break when inserted into the microwave, freezer, or even oven. Tired of breaking glasses containers while cleaning? These containers are dishwasher safe, no need to freak!


  • Leak-proof containers
  • Plastic wouldn’t crack or break under extreme temperature
  • Stackable & reusable containers
  • Easy to clean


  • The lid can change shape under high temperature

#9. A2S Protection Bento Lunch Box Containers

By A2S Protection

Yearning for the best ways to save money against pre-cooker low-quality meals and restaurants? Your desires have been fulfilled with A2S Protection that enables you to pack healthy, homemade food, and snacks at your own comfort. This set comes with 3 rectangles, eco-friendly food containers. You’ll enjoyable take your meals at the gym, at school, at work, and during your business travel with these ample containers. Each container has a capacity of 700ml, two removable compartments of 150ml, and a 400ml rest storage space. The measurements of each container is 7.5”x4.5”x2”.

It’s carefully designed to enable you to keep your portion under the right control, perfect containers for weight loss, healthy meal planning, and a handy set for athletes during their training exercise and anybody concern with a healthy lifestyle.


  • Healthy meal planning container
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • The containers are durable
  • Leak-proof against any spillovers


  • The compartments could be best if it were permanently fixed.

#8. EcoNaturell Airtight Bento Lunch Box Containers

By EcoNaturell

EcoNaturell Lunch Containers are the best combination to have a healthy lifestyle while you save money and loss or maintain your weight. Having these containers from EcoNaturell will help you while you are at the gym, school, or workplace because they are versatile and leak-proof. How about taking food anywhere you’ll be that is fresher, crisper, and at their perfect temperature? That’s cool and fantastic.

With 3 compartments, including the 180ml leak-proof container, your food is kept nicely separated, therefore it enables you to manage vegetables, fruits, meat, condiments, and even snacks with no worry about their messes, taste, or odor. You can comfortable warm and clean these containers without worrying about their material; they are microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • Have children friendly lids
  • Cleaning is quick and easy
  • Leak-proof and airtight containers
  • Enhanced antibacterial and durable PP material
  • Environmentally safe


  • Compartments can leak out into the underneath

#7. California Home Goods Bento Lunch Box Containers

By California Home Goods

Did you know that eating takeaway food, junk food, and fast food can be so detrimental to your health? However, we have a simple way to make you stay ahead of people as far as your health is a concern, California Home Good Lunch Box containers, enables you to carry your homemade food right by your side everywhere you go. It’s portable and light. Taking your own prepared food is an enjoyable, healthy, and desirable way to bid goodbye to health-related diseases.

The three-compartment box will help you to carry your appetizers, entrees, carbs, snacks, proteins, fruits, sauces & dips, and even desserts! If you are strictly following a strict diet, this a perfect set for you helps you organize your meals of the day. Nothing beats this incredible Bento Lunch box!


  • They are dishwasher & Microwave safe
  • Can be easily be cleaned
  • Hold efficient and quality food
  • Leak-proof containers you can rely on


  • Could be better with extra space

#6. DOURA Lunch Box Containers


DOURA is a 10 pack food container type with multi colors lids meant for you to store and carry any food you wish to eat on the go. These meal prep containers are made from the best quality plastic material, which has no odor or any harmful substances. Designed specifically to be tough so that it enables you to use it many times without any need to worry about any breakages or weakness.

As compared to those in the market, that is a light, thinner, leaky, and easy break, we spend our time choosing the best material, workmanship for coming up with the best formidable products, for instance, the bottom is frosted to avoid sliding. You can arrange the containers on each other without worrying about their safety, this is because the bottom is made rough to makes each container hold each other tightly.


  • Three compartments make it easy to separate different food
  • Bentos are easy to wash
  • They have fineable sizes design, making you match your food reasonably
  • They are very strong and durable


  • The lid does not snap quite fully, restraining you from carrying anything liquid

#5. LEXINGWARE Lunch Box Containers


Looking for perfect portion control containers? LEXINGWARE lunch box containers have been designed purposely for you. Comes with an impressive size that absolutely fixes perfectly to your lunch bag. Easily removable and portable and you can always enjoy your favorite meal in whichever place you’ll be. The goodness with these containers is the compartments that enable you to place cold items on one side which can be removed to heat the main dish. Take eating to the next level by eating healthy food from these compact containers which maintains the food taste while keeping it fresh.

Leave alone the cheap flimsy plastic bags that are leaky and don’t last and acquire this best set. No fear to worry about whether it can be placed in a microwave or not, it is microwave, dishwasher safe. If you’ve been looking for an airtight and leak-proof lunch box, then you need to try this one without haste.


  • Made from BPA-free material
  • It’s very versatile, the inside compartments are removable
  • The material makes it durable
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe


  • The main lid doesn’t leak but the compartments leak

#4. AmazonBasics Lunch Box Containers

By AmazonBasics

One of the magnificent food-storage containers you can’t miss to check and be attracted with, is AmazonBasics containers, with one reason, they don’t frustrate or retract back. They are focused on proving storage services in a more advanced manner. Gives you a convenient way to store food with a locking glass mechanism. This set of tightly enclosed containers comes in handy for storing leftovers, freezing smaller portions of food prepared for later meals, bringing lunch at work, and many more.

These containers offer you various sizes and shapes, thus enables you to store any size or shape of foods. The most exciting thing about these containers is the fact that you can place them in a sizeable backpack without any inconvenience, you can always work around comfortable.


  • Convenient food storage solution
  • BPA-free plastic lid lock securely
  • Borosilicate glass base is non-porous
  • Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave safe glass base


  • The lid doesn’t fit properly

#3. Click & Go Bento Lunch Box Containers

By Caleb Company

When it comes to the best way you can save with a strong and sturdy lunch container, Click and Go by Caleb cater to all those needs. Designed to ensure all your food items are separated without any leakages. Made from high-quality plastic, heavy-duty construction, and super durable designed particular to offer results and look attractive altogether. You’ll always eat your favorite homemade food like a sandwich, meat, snacks on the go, instead of spending a lot of money on unhealthy and junk foods from the cafeteria or outside stores.

Preparing a tasty lunch is half-way through the process. Lunch actually needs to taste great and look amazing and as an additional fact, it has to be protected inside Bento lunch box by Caleb. The silicone seal helps to ensure have a tightly enclosure, in turn, keeping your food fresh and avoids any leakages. To prevent slides and add enough grip is a textured edge at the bottom, is that a plus for you?


  • Save with homemade food
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Has a versatile design
  • Can be easily clean


  • It is a bit bulky

#2. PIXI Creations Adult Bento Lunch Box Containers

By PIXI Creations

Embrace these containers for packing lunches prepared at home, more so when you are not sure about the quantity you and your kids take for lunch. Moreover, PIXI creations lunch box containers help you put together all meals required for the day when you’re getting ready for work and getting kids for school. Has 6 compartments that are the perfect fix to put any portion size of meals and snacks while keeping your stuck at the right amount of food enough and sufficient for you and your kids, no wastage or overeating.

No leaky lids at all times. Of course, no one will risk buying a food container that is leaking since it can make your meal messy. PIXI Creations understands that you’ll like to enjoy your meal as it was, so it has ensured the lid stays tightly.


  • Food stays fresh for long
  • Microwave and dishwasher safer
  • Enables you to pack the perfect portion
  • Safe and sturdy containers


  • Has no dislike

#1. Zilpoo Lunch Box Containers

By Zilpoo

Are you the type who only take snacks for lunch? Zilpoo lunch box containers have been appropriately designed for you. Works great for entertaining and keeping a number of snacks together in your kitchen to preserve and serve. The lids are perfectly designed that allows easy transportation of fruits, meats, veggies, and cheese. Gives the best way for everyone to choose their preference.

Comes as a set of 2 thick, sturdy containers with one being pink and the other one with a purple lid. Their leak-proof natures make them be used in the office desk, taco night, poolside, and playdates. It is dishwasher safe and BPA free and has a dimension of 10” x 2.25”.Having this set is never a regret!


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Thick and sturdy containers
  • Is BPA-free
  • The lid fits securely
  • The containers are very versatile


  • Way too small

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Lunch Box Containers

Consider the following factors before purchasing any Lunch Box Container that impresses.


One aspect we might forget to check when purchasing a Lunch Box Container is the size factor. The size will depend on the amount of food you’ll carry with you on your normal occasion. The number of people you’ll use the container with will also determine the container you acquire. If the lunch box is meant for your kid, I suggest small size containers, while if it will be for both you and your kids, go with a reasonable size.

The material

The material you’ll choose will depend on its resistivity and whether it is glass or plastic. Not all plastic material containers are BPA-free. Ascertain that the lunch box container is safe and does not pose any health hazards. Also, not all glass is strong enough to withstand heavy heat, ensure you choose a glass that doesn’t break or chip easily

Cleaning & Maintenance

How easily does the lunch box you pick clean? Despite the fact that all lunch boxes containers are easily cleaned with water and soap, not all the containers accept heighten washing thus choosing wrongly can prevent you from enjoying yourself comfortably. It recommendable that you choose a Food container that offers simple and quick cleaning and maintenance procedures.


In the above review, we’ve included everything that can keep you on track as you make your ideal purchase of the best lunch box containers. The provided list is stunning and without fear, you can pick any set as long as it meets your needs. We hope with continuous research and analysis we have always undertaken, can make a change in your purchase experience, because we believe that you should receive the first-hand information.