10 Best Lipstick Set In Reviews

There is nothing more stunning than having luscious looking lips. Ladies want to look their best because beauty is a sweet term that is mostly associated with confidence. A lipstick set is one of the most important pieces of makeup that is considered essential for every woman. The lipstick set comes available in numerous colors and shades, which is definitely something to look at whenever you are trying on a new style.

Nevertheless, not all lipstick sets are created equal. To help you weed out the lipstick sets that are long-lasting, weightless, and contain shade that matches the style of every person. We compiled a list of the top 10 best Lipstick Set that will give your lips a neat, smooth, and beautiful finish!

The Best Lipstick Set Reviews

10. Taykoo Matte Lipstick 12 Colors Waterproof Long-Lasting Lipsticks Set

Taykoo is a well-known and trusted brand for its high-quality products. This Lipsticks Set comes with a total of 12 colors that will show your different Beautiful Sexy Lips. Ordinarily, the lipstick set is silky, elegant, and exquisite, giving you a great experience. It is suitable for all season’s makeup, especially in dating, office, summer party with friends, or shipping. Other than that, it has a sweet smell; thus, it will make you more attractive and charming. This Matte Lipstick set is super long-lasting and waterproof without Meltdown or fading. The product comes in a small size that can be hidden in a small pocket. Also, it comes in a beautiful makeup box.


  • Long-lasting and waterproof lipsticks set suitable for all seasons
  • Comes in 12different colors for different Beautiful Sexy Lip
  • Lip Gloss has a pleasant smell making you more attractive and charming
  • The set includes 12 Pcs matte lipstick


  • Can feel thick and heavy

9. CATKIN X Long Lasting SUMMER PALACE Moisturizing Lipstick Set

Women who want a more natural look will surely adore the CATKIN X Moisturizing Lipstick Set. It contains Olive oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and natural botanic ingredient that will bring nourish and beauty to your lips. There is no mineral oil, hormone alcohol, or fragrance, making it the best in the market. In addition to that, the Lipstick Set has a Chinese style design and has a beautiful 4D phoenix package. At any rate, this Lipstick Set will make your lips look more elegant, smooth, and soft all day and night. With its compact and exquisite appearance, this makes it easy to carry it around. Also, it has an excellent package making it a beautiful gift for your friends or lovers.


  • Has a compact weight and small in size for easy to take for travel
  • Gives your lips an elegant, smooth, and soft look all-day
  • Made with a natural ingredient to bring you beauty
  • Easy to use and will easily paint the makeup you want


  • Smells unpleasant to some

8. BONNIE CHOICE Matte Velvet 8 Colors Moisture Lipstick Set

This budget-friendly lipstick set long-lasting and offers an incredible shade range. It comes with a total of 8 colors lipstick set that is waterproof and long-lasting, and you can easily remove them with lip cleansing oil. Besides that, it is made with natural ingredients making it suitable for all skin types together with sensitive skin. Along with that, this lipstick set is suitable for all season’s makeup. Whenever you are going shopping, date, office or you are having a summer party with your friends. Moreover, the lipstick set has bright colors and a soft texture to keep your lips soft and smooth. Lastly, these high-quality matte lipsticks are much pigmented for long-lasting effects.


  • 8 Colors Lipstick Set with a charming matte
  • Waterproof and long-lasting giving you a sexy experience
  • The Set is made with Natural Ingredients giving a long-term effect
  • Ideal for all skin types including the sensitive skins


  • The tendency to break off in the tube

7. Afflano Makeup Liquid Lipstick Natural Nude Matte Lipsticks Set

Long-lasting wear and vivid color are just some of the reasons why lipsticks are loved by most women. It has a matte effect of glamorous and will plump your lips while protecting your pout. And yes, this Lipsticks Set has good pigmentation and it is applied fairly evenly across your lip. On the other hand, it is suitable for all seasons; thus you can use it when you are going for a date, office or Christmas party. After applying these Lipsticks, you will build a harvest-inspired smile that you need. This long-lasting lipstick is not too intense, but it will stay all day. Also, it will protect and hydrate your lip. It comes with a sweet and mild scent.


  • A long-lasting liquid lipstick that creates endless looks
  • Has good pigmentation and will protect your pout
  • Applies smoothly and comfortable for all season’s makeup
  • Offers a natural finish on your lips for a harvest-inspired smile


  • The soft texture melts in warmer climates

6. Viva Lips Lipstick Set Liquid Matte Lipsticks | Set of 5

Viva Lips is one of the most trusted brands because they focus on manufacturing Lipsticks using natural ingredients. They are long-lasting liquid lipsticks that have high volumes of pigment that ensure stronger and more intense color. Besides that, this Lipstick Set offers full-day coverage, which means that there is no need to refresh your makeup after every few hours. One great thing about this Matte Lipsticks is that it is budge and smudge-proof, which means that when it sets on, it will not accidentally wipe off. The lipstick is a nourishing and moisturizing agent thus. It is going to take care of your lip health. Finally, applying this long-lasting liquid lipstick is very easy, and you will enjoy a perfect look all the time.


  • Have vibrant color and texture with high volume pigment
  • Lip liner offers full-day coverage and lasts you for the entire day
  • Moisturizes and nourishes to kips your lips hydrated
  • Smudge and budge-proof and it is easy to apply


  • Wipes off easily

5. Revlon Super Lustrous 5 Piece Lip Gloss Kit

This particular type of lip gloss is long-lasting and does not smudge on cups, clothes, or anything else that your lips may touch during the day. It includes four Super Shiny Lip Gloss shades that provide for Fatal Apple, Pango Peach, Snow Pink, and Pinkissimo. In addition to that, it will give great hydration on your lips Shouting-out color, multidimensional shine, and moisture. This Lip Gloss Kit is made with natural ingredients that include capuacu butter, moringa oil, and agave. The non-sticky hydrating lip gloss set has a great reservoir tip and applicator that will bathes lips with a generous layer of glossy shine. It doesn’t feel thick or heavy on your lips and doesn’t leave chapped streaks whenever you put it on.


  • Has Ultra-Glossy Finish with non-sticky color and high shine
  • Includes 4 Super Shiny Lip Gloss shades
  • The formula contains agave, capuacu butter, and moringa oil
  • Shout-out to color, multidimensional shine, and moisture


  • Could be more creamy

4. SHANY Cosmetics Sweet 16 Creme Lipstick Set

SHANY Cosmetics is a great brand that provides multiple lines of lipstick that offer excellent results and affordable. These 16 highly pigmented and moisturizing lipsticks usually come with numerous shades ideal for any occasion. Starting from dark berry shades going all the way to natural pink shades, you can select the best one depending on your own needs. Subsequently, this lipstick set is ideal for all makeup lovers from newbies to professionals, and will work for every occasion and style. Unlike other lipsticks that feel sticky and hard to apply, the SHANY Cosmetics keeps it comfortable and pleasant even with just one streak. Last but not least, the product is 100 percent cruelty-free, and it is designed for beauty.


  • 16 moisturizing and pigmented lipsticks that come in a variety of colors
  • Long-lasting shades for any occasion
  • Perfect for all makeup lovers, from newbies to professionals
  • Storage box with foam slots and a removable lid to house each lipstick


  • Expensive compared to some

3. bareMinerals Celestial Magic 8-Pc. Nude Radiant Lipstick Set

This next set of matte lipsticks from bareMinerals is probably the inexpensive one we could find. It comes with eight shades of NUDE Radiant Lipstick. It is a creamy and clean formula that will leave your lips super hydrated and soft with radiant shine and medium coverage color. The set features berry, mauve, and pink hues that flatter all skin tones. What’s more, it comes in a compact mini lipsticks fit and will fit perfectly in your small bag. With that, you can easily carry it for your trips and holiday events. You will find that this creamy formula is much more comfortable to wear all day. Also, it does not smudge or budge, dries quickly, and doesn’t flake. Lastly, it is a perfect gift for your lovers and friends.


  • Make your lips feel hydrated and super soft and will have a radiant shine
  • Does not include any potentially hazardous chemical substances
  • High-quality and long-lasting lipstick with light shades
  • Super-rich color with a modern matte finish


  • Color fades more quickly than some

2 CATKIN 8 PCS Matte Silky Cream Lipstick Set

This matte liquid lipstick from CATKIN provides a non-drying matte formula that leaves your lips with a soft finish. It is 8 Colors Matte lipstick that comes in a beautiful box. This makes it an excellent gift for your family, friends, and lover during birthday, Valentine’s Day, and other festivals. In addition to that, this long-lasting rouge lipstick is waterproof and does not fade. It is one of the high-quality cosmetics products that you can find in the market. The Lipstick Set is made using a natural and straightforward healthy formula of Vitamin E, Olive oil, Jojoba seed oil, Phytosterol that does not feather. Apart from that, this Cream Lipstick will moisturize without chapping or flaking.


  • Long-lasting, waterproof and does not fade
  • 8 pigmented shades and super-rich colors to choose from
  • Moisturize your lips without flaking or chapping
  • Smudge and budge-proof thus easy to apply


  • Strong smell and taste

1. MISKOS Matte Waterproof 12PC Lipstick Makeup Set Cosmetic Gift Kits

MISKOS is among the favorites for long-lasting and non-drying matte liquid lipsticks. It comes in a total of 12 Colors that includes purple, naked, brown, pink, red, coral, orange, chili, and more. It is waterproof and would not stick on the cup. Moreover, this Lipstick Makeup Set is suitable for all season’s makeup, including summer party, shopping, dating, office, or any other place. At any rate, this makeup set will give you a sexy experience for more than 10 hours. This matte liquid lipstick has very pigmented colors and will complement all skin colors. Plus, the Makeup Set is enriched with natural ingredients that will leave your lips having ample moisture and a beautiful non-drying matte finish.


  • Comes with a total of 12 Colors that compliment all your skin types
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all seasons makeup giving you a sexy experience
  • Waterproof and long-lasting for more than ten hours


  • Fairly expensive

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Lipstick Set

Color Range

Lipstick Set comes with as many as 20 shades and as few as three lipstick shades. Yes, not all shades will fit your personal preference. Go for a color that looks great with your specific skin tone. People fall into three categories: cool, warm, or neutral. You can know what your skin tone is by looking at veins on your wrist.

Texture and Finish

You need to decide whether you want a striking ultra-matte look or a comfortable matte formula before you purchase a matte lipstick. Comfortable formulas are ideal if you’re going to wear lipstick daily. On the other hand, Ultra matte lipsticks can be uncomfortable, but they create a statement.


Different brands come with different prices. You need to look for one that will work correctly for you and at the same time comes with an affordable price.


These are some of the best Lipstick Set that you can find in the market. They are made using natural formula or ingredients, making it safe on your lips. In addition to that, they are waterproof, long-lasting and are going to give you a sexy experience. Choose the best Lipstick Set from this top ten list and might prove to be your right choice.