10 Best Light Pads for Tracing in Reviews

You can transform your creative artwork into better and perfect drawings by investing in a light pad for tracing. This unit helps you to easily and accurately trace images onto normal paper. It becomes a must-have accessory for designers, artists, illustrators, architects, and many more. They are equipped with even and bright LEDs that offer you great illumination for precise images whereas protecting you from eye strains. With this, you can perform your operations for longer hours while keeping your eyes safer.

With the wide range of brands available in the market, how do we get to pick the best brands? Going through all the models is such a daunting task and can lead to much confusion. We, therefore, thought it wise to make a list of products that will aid you in making your choice for a light pad. The list below contains the top 10 best light pads for tracing that will offer you the best results in the long run.

10.Winshine Portable Light Pad for Tracing with a USB cable for Artists Animation and Drawing

Artists can now draw better in a more comfortable manner with a Winshine light pad for tracing. This versatile unit can be used for viewing slides, sand painting, x-ray viewing, diamond painting, art, and many more. The LEDs offer you an even backlit to keep your eyes safer from any flickering effects. Regardless of the environment, you want to perform your arts in, you can easily carry it around since it has a lightweight design. Furthermore, it has adjustable brightness thus suitable for use in coffee shops, design studio, schools, in a train, and many other places.


  • Has 3 levels of dimming to suit your needs
  • A USB cable is included for charging purposes
  • Comes with 2 magnet pins for steady operations
  • The measurements are ideal for drawing architectural plans


  • The cord needs to be plugged in always

9. YhSuperdanny Portable Ultra Thin Clipped Light Pad for Tracing with Adjustable Brightness

You can perform your fashion design and draw better with Superdanny light pad for tracing. It can be used for sketching, diamond painting, animation cartoon, and many more. You can easily adjust the brightness level without any flickering effect for eyesight protection. Operation is such a pretty easier task because all you need to do is to place the drawings and paper and you are good to go. This acrylic panel has a better light transmission and low power consumption to save energy. The inbuilt measuring ruler allows you to trace and position your paper accurately for perfect drawings.


  • Keeps your eyes safer with no glares and shadows
  • Has a slim design thus takes less storage space
  • Features a wider working area for maximum tracking
  • You can power it from a power bank or computer


  • No cons so far

8. SevenFish Ultra Thin Portable Adjustable Brightness with a Stand

When it comes to a more compact light pad for tracing you can put all your trust in this brand by Sevenfish. It has a thickness of 3mm which makes it easier for you to carry from one place to another. You can adjust its brightness in different levels to suit the needs of different persons. With the memory brightness, you have your time saved for performing settings next time. Since it is designed from high-quality panel components, this unit assures you of longer usage life. This makes it suitable for stenciling, scrapbooking, quilting, calligraphy, tattoo transferring, and many other tasks.


  • Only weighs 1.87 pounds making it more portable
  • The handheld bag makes it easier to carry around
  • Comes with pad clips to keep it sturdy for accurate drawings
  • You can power it using the included USB cable


  • The stand is made of cheaper materials

7. Hiraliy Clipped LED lights Light Pad for Tracing with a Metal Stand for Diamond Painting

Whether you are making personalized designs or 5D paintings, the Hiraliy light pad for tracing offers you the best results. The workstation features bright LEDs with 3 adjustable brightness levels to suit your desires. You can work on your drawings for longer hours because the lights are well designed to protect your eyes from any stains. With a slim and ultra-lightweight design, you can easily carry it to any place of your choice without facing any difficulty. You are as well assured of the best viewing angle because the metal stand can be tilted into 6 different levels to protect the pad.


  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Can be powered via USB by laptops, power banks, and more
  • Suitable for stenciling, tattoo transfer, and so on


  • The stand is a bit smaller

6. Ticktecklab USB Powered Artcraft Light Pad for Tracing for Drawing and Sketching Artists

If you perform your artcrafts in different environments, you would require a more portable unit. Ticktecklab light pad for tracing only weighs 300 grams making it easier for you to transfer it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight. It is designed from high-quality acrylic organic glass materials that assure you of a strong and long-lasting unit. With the eyesight-protected technology, you no longer have to worry about sore eyes after longer usage hours. You can as well adjust the mode of brightness in different levels with just a slight touch to meet all your needs.


  • Has sleek lines and thin design thus more stylish
  • Easy to trace images with even and bright lights
  • Includes 10pcs of tracing paper for a good start
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations


  • Does not work well with thick tracing papers

5. Longan Craft Adjustable Dimmable Light Pad for tracing with a Carrying Case

Take your drawing skills to the next step and experience more with Longhan light pad for tracing. It is designed from high-grade acrylic materials that assure you of a longer-lasting unit. The brightness control has a memory to retain the last settings to avoid repeating the same step each and every time. Additionally, the touch sensors have a great design which makes it easier for you to adjust the brightness as per your desires. These lights are brighter enough to penetrate through papers with a thickness of up to 3mm. Also, it comes with a carrying case which makes it easier to carry it around.


  • The LED have a longer lifespan of up to 50000 hours
  • Has eco-friendly lights to keep your eyes safer
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • Has magnetic construction that keeps it sturdy


  • Does not produce much light when powered by a USB

4. Image Ultra Lightweight Diamond Pad Light Pad for Tracing with Dimmable LEDs

Do you need to perform your sketching operations in a more convenient manner? Image light pad for Tracing is a great pick. You can easily adjust its brightness by pressing it for about 1-3 seconds to suit all your needs. The LED lamps have a flicker-free design that provides even light to avoid damaging your eyes. Featuring a larger working board, it is ideal for people to draw on it at the same time. Even better, it comes with a USB cable which makes it easier to access any USB port of a computer, power banks, and so on. With this, you can use it for stenciling, scrapbooking, sketching, and many more.


  • Keeps your eyes safer with the flicker-free lights
  • Easy to operate by just pressing the adjustment button
  • Has an ultra-thin design making it more portable
  • Comes with a longer USB cable for convenient operations


  • Measurements are not at the bottom

3. Agptek Sketching and Quilting Light Pad for tracing with USB Adapter

Tracing images becomes such an easier task for you with an Agptek light pad for tracing. This unit features a light that passes through the paper and illuminates images to ease operations. It comes with a USB adapter and USB cable that make it convenient for you to access any USB port. Moreover, it has a thin and ultra-portable design which makes it easier for you to take with you to any place. You can as well change the illumination so easily beacay you can conveniently adjust the brightness modes in three different levels. This makes an ideal gift for photographers and amateurs.


  • The touch button can easily be controlled with a simple touch
  • Suitable for calligraphy, embossing, and many more
  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to carry around
  • Provides the needed brightness for better illumination


  • The corners are not rounded

2. Gaomon Professional Tattoo Light Pad for Tracing for Artists and Photographers

You can always protect your eyes as you make your drawings with a Gaomon light pad for tracing. It has flicker-free and eye-friendly LEDs to keep your eyes safe from any harsh lights. With its ultra-thin design, you can carry it from one place to another with so much ease. Moreover, it produces light that can penetrate easily through the paper to allow you to trace the drawing in an easier manner. You no longer have to reset the brightness level each and every time you want to use it because it retains the previous settings. In order to meet your needs, you can easily adjust the brightness levels.


  • Has a precision scale thus suitable for cutting objects
  • Easy to power it on since it comes with a USB cable
  • Features a compact design to ease storage purposes
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry around


  • Comes with a shorter cord

1. US Art Supply White Dimmable Light Pad for Tracing Ideal for Scrapbooking and Quilting

Are you looking for a lightweight light pad for tracing? Look no further than this model by US art supply. It only weighs 3.6 pounds thus making it easier for you to carry from one place to another without facing any difficulty. The LED lamps are well designed to offer you up to 50,000 hours for longer usage life. This makes it suitable for embossing, sewing projects, stenciling, drawing, sketching, and so on. You can as well adjust its brightness to suit the needs of different persons. Since they feature a dimmable touch power button, it is suitable for use by any artist.


  • Does not require any regular maintenance to ease usage
  • Has energy-efficient design to save you on costs
  • Designed from scratch-resistant materials for longer usage
  • The soft foam feet ensures a firmer surface grip


  • Has a very sensitive on and off button

Factors to consider while purchasing light pad for tracing


You should always consider that the size is enough for you to perform your operations in a more comfortable manner. If you are working on bigger sheets you can go for a light pad with a larger workstation. For those planning on working on smaller sheets then a small-sized panel is the best choice.

Brightness level

Different people have different needs. Not all people will be comfortable with a certain level of brightness. It is therefore ideal to choose a brand with an adjustable brightness level. This makes it easy for you to customize it to a level that you are well comfortable with. Most of them feature three levels where the highest intensity offers you greater illumination.

Materials used

Everyone would always love going for a unit that will last longer. With this, you will always need to consider the materials it is designed from. They are designed from acrylic materials that are well known for their strength and durability. With this, you are able to save on frequent replacement costs occurring from those units made of cheaper materials.

Power supply

Most of these light pads cokes with a USB power cable. This will aid you in recharging this unit for continuous operations. This makes it convenient to connect it to a laptop, power banks, and many other appliances. With this, you can easily recharge your device at any time in any place. You should as well consider a longer cable for easier operations.


So there you have the guide to picking the best light pad out there in the market. These products have been selected with you in mind to ease your operations. No matter your needs, you will always be assured to find the best light pad for tracing here! They are equipped with different features to meet your needs in the best way. Therefore, go ahead and pick the brand that will suit your desires in the best manner. You will never regret having picked any of the above brands.