Top 10 Best Leather Wallets for Men In Reviews

When was the last time you purchased a Wallets? Was it durable? Many instances have occurred in the past where you’ve been persuaded to buy a wallet just because it is cheap yet it ends up giving you wasting your money. Gone are those days, currently, you buy an item in an outlet store or directly on the internet with respect to the features it has.

Our review today is about leather wallets for men. Leather materials are known to be durable and cozy in their own way. We’ve managed to describe every individual Leather Wallet giving their genuine strengths and weaknesses. Read with me as we go through this purchasing guide of the Top 10 Best Leather Wallets for men;

10. Travelambo Leather Wallet

Are you bored with thick and heavy wallets? Travelambo works best for you. Characterized by its super minimalistic and slim design of about 0.12” thick and sizing of 3.3” x 4.1” x 0.12” makes it convenient to be placed in the back and front pocket. You can be assured that this wallet can enable you to walk around without anyone noticing the wallet in your pocket.

When it comes to personal security, Travelambo is absolutely secure. By leveraging on top RFID tech to prevent all RFID signals that are used in scanning electronically your wallet as you pass unnoticed. Blocking this will enable all your crucial data and info in debit cards, driving license, and credit cards against theft.

Thinking of where you’ll place the frequently used cards in your wallet? This one here comes with 29 card slots you can always place all your cards in each individual slot. The card is cheap and affordable, give it a try.


  • Made from leather that is soft & durable
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • The overall aesthetic of the wallet is masculine, minimalistic, and sleek


  • The front slot is a bit slow compared to the other slots

9. ESTALON Leather Wallet

Tired of carrying a giant wallet in your pocket? Estalon fits you well. Designed in a minimalistic manner, small and slim for bulk storage. Supports up to 4 to 5 cards with several notes. Nothing beats this genuine and durable leather with attractive and cozy make.

You can place either in your front or back pocket without any show of bulge or unstable walking. Make your walking, travel, and daily activities move smoothly by having this wallet unnoticed in your pocket. All your crucial documents are kept safe and secure with Estalon Leather Wallet.

The unique feature making this wallet to shine is the signal blocking capabilities from 10 MHz to 30 GHz. Since your credit; Debit; ID card; Driver license; Passport works at a frequency of 13.56MHz, it wouldn’t allow the outside signal to detect your documents information.


  • The wallet is convenient to carry
  • Secure your ID and Cards
  • It uses quality leather material, enhances its durability
  • Slim and compact design fits well in your back pocket


  • The wallet can absorb the musty smell

8. Bull Guard Leather Wallet

Need a luxurious wallet made from pure supple leather? Bull Guard made from genuine vintage leatherwork better for you. Of course, you deserve the best quality wallet made from pliable, Napa leather known for its durability. This wallet has a smart design with imposing storage capacity; 2-money divider slot, 1- see-through ID, 11 credit card slots having 3 slots easy for CC thumb access, and 2 slip-in pockets.

This impressive wallet helps you store your crucial documents in your pocket when you are on travel, outdoors, sports, and other involving activities. The wallet is not only slim to avoid bulging out in your pocket but it’s also characterized by its lightweight for comfortable movements. This comfortable, versatile card wallet keeps all your important cards while you are on a journey, working, or while you enjoy your sporting activity. With a high number of thefts with electronic devices, The Bull Guard bifold wallet has been designed with RFID blocking technology, which keeps all your data and personal info safe and secure while you travel or work.


  • The wallet is safe and secure
  • Made from genuine leather which enhances its durability
  • Slim and lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Hold all your card documents


  • Wallets come while being stiff, but given time softens and become flexible

7. SERMAN BRANDS Leather Wallet

SERMAN BRANDS 1.0 wallet is made from grain leather that makes all your cards and cash to be carried comfortably, yet keeping it thin in your pocket just like your smartphone. Forget about the overstuffed jeans or even bulge out in your tight pants. This brand makes this easier and makes you look cozy.

Built-in with RFID blocking technology that ensures all your electronic cards are not stolen by thieves. The wallet is available in six designer colors including Texas Brown, Jet Black, Mahogany, Chocolate, Charcoal Black, and California Desert. SERMAN BRANDS is the best method to secure your smart cards from unwarranted capture of data like debit/credit cards, driving licensed, and protection against access by NFC- equipped handset devices.


  • Safe and secure method of storing your documents
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable ways of keeping your cards and cash
  • Fashionable wallet with slim and lightweight features


  • The quality is not that perfect but the design is awesome

6. TRAVANDO Money Leather Wallet

Have this exclusive wallet to breathe new air into your accessory compilation. TRAVANDO is designed in a modern way with the various number of card slots and money partitions. The imperial design is well accentuated by the Metal symbol. When you place all your cards inside it, it brings a sense of captivation because all your cards are kept in a secure place.

This money leather wallet slims down your pocket with its slimness measuring 4.5” in x 2.8” in x 6” in fitting into your pocket without being visible, it is also complemented with its refined and stylish manner that combines convenience, elegance, and quality to make it stand out of others.


  • The wallet is functional & slim
  • Slim down to your pocket
  • Offers the quality you can feel
  • Industry-tested security
  • Intelligently designed functionality


  • When you put many documents, it will look bulky

5. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

Get a genuine leather wallet that offers you a secure method of storing your cards. RFID Blocking wallet seems good in terms of privacy and safety features. The wallet measures about 4.4” x 3.6” when folded and 0.5 thick hence offering smart scan proof comfort. For quick access to a Photo ID or driver’s license, it is designed with bifold money pocket slots. Irrespective of the type of currencies you have, the large bifold compartments will accommodate with ease.

It has been proven to be durable because of the leather material it’s made from, as well as the protector shield. This wallet enables you to walk freely without feeling insecure because the wallet is constructed with RFID blocking technology to away with identity theft – it blocks the 13.56 frequency signal embedded in the credit/debit cards. However, the technology doesn’t block other frequencies used by employees to access the gates and doors of their workplace.


  • It is a safe and secure method of storing essential cards
  • With protector shielding material, the wallet is made durable
  • Have many slots to enable storing of many items
  • It brings confidence and comfort


  • Could look much better if the photo flip section was removable.

4. Vaultskin Notting Hill Leather Wallet

Needs the coziest with elegant design leather wallet? I don’t think you’ll get a fine and good-looking wallet more than Vaultskin Notting Hill make. The premium, designer style is a combination of style, functionality, and convenience. The wall flourishes well because of the minimalistic design that makes it fits well in your front and back pocket.

Feel luxurious with this lightweight and slim NOTTING HILL leather wallet, with its front outside pocket featuring a brand’s logo reversible pull-strap, which gives you quick access to the one card you use regularly.


  • Easy access of any card
  • RFID blocking tech for security
  • The original leather makes the wallet more durable
  • Slim & lightweight for easy movements


  • It is a little bit thick for some individuals

3. Bryker Hyde Leather Wallet

Purchase an executive bifold wallet with 11 card slots, 2ID windows, receipt divider, and dimensions sized to precision to give high capacity with ease of access to both front and back pockets. With this wallet, you are 100% sure of high strength stitching.

Bryker Hyde leather wallet uses the latest RFID technology to avert electronic pick picketers and identity theft. They block both the low and high frequencies limits at 125 kHz and 10 MHz up to 300 MHz signal strength. If you wish to quickly access multiple IDs, this wallet offers 2 ID windows.


  • Made from exquisite leather that is durable
  • Has a divider for separating bills, global currency, and receipts
  • It is designed with RFID tech for securing your documents against identity theft
  • Ideal for travel when you are on the go


  • Can look bulky when it’s new but with time with get slimmer

2. House of Jack Co Leather Wallet

What else could be more perfect and interesting for a man living and breathing DEER HUNTING? Warranted to offer results… Jack’s Deer leather wallet is an undeniable champion for fellows who are Deer hunting admirers. The outer section revealed an embossed deer graphic that looks handsome and attractive.

Look no more for durable and a perfect daily carrier for your cards and notes because they wouldn’t disappoint in any way. Designed with 6 interior card slides, 2 receipts pockets single bill compartment, ID window with Thumbhole, it’s the best wallet to have. The overall dimension of this wallet is 3.25” x 4.25” (L X W).

With daily usage of the wallet, your wallet will be endowed with an auspicious gleam at its own – the more you use your wallet, the better look it will gain.


  • Perfect for daily carry
  • The wallet is durable because of the high-quality hide
  • Has many slots to store all crucial documents


  • Show scratches that easily

1. GRAINIDO Trifold Leather Wallet

Get 100% genuine leather that is safe and secure with RFID technology and convenient to carry currency notes, credit cards, and IDs. What will impress you about GRAINIDO wallet is compartments and slots; Has 2 note compartments, 6 credit card slots, I ID card slot, and 2 document compartments.

With the RFID technology, your valuable personal data is not left vulnerable to any attack – it offers a shield that ensures the spying signals do not penetrate to read data from the cards.


  • Secure and safe way to keep cards
  • The wallet is durable due to leather material
  • Provides a money-back guarantee
  • Provides many slots, enabling you to store a number of documents


  • It May sometimes look bulky when new but after sometimes, it becomes slimmer.

What You Need To Take Into Consideration When Selecting Leather Wallet for Men

Men are not selective when it comes to purchasing items, yet to get the value of your money, you need to pick the best quality item that meets all your requirements. To enjoy the optimum purchase experience of these best Leather Wallets, we have set for you some factors you need to have prior to the purchase.

The Slots and compartments you want: Depending on the number of documents you wish to hold in the wallet, always check to ascertain that the wallet you are purchasing contains the max slots and compartments. Doing this will avoid later regrets.

The slimness of the wallet: Pick a wallet that well fits your pocket. Very slim wallets can seem loose and less compact and less slim also can bulge out of your back pocket. Check on each wallet size to ensure you grasp your liking.

Security capability: With both debit and debit cards being readable via electronic devices, theft cases continue to increase. Most wallets have been built with RFID technology that ensures frequency from identity theft does not penetrate the wallet. Ascertain the technology a wallet is using before you can purchase.


The reviewed wallets above have the best features you can think of, therefore, purchasing one doesn’t make you incur any loose, taking into account that you purchase a wallet that has all your preferred features like the correct number of slots, photo portrait slot, notes compartments and the color that suits you. Buying from us the rated wallets will mean you’ve accomplished a successful purchase. Be on top with these quality and durable leather wallets for men.