10 Best Ionic Hairbrush in Review

The magnificent and fascinating hairbrush has gained immense popularity because of its wide functionality and high-quality outcome. This beauty tool has fundamentally improved on its usage and as a matter of fact, it has led to the development of numerous advance ionic hairbrushes meant for other detailed usages. Unlike in the past where we were rooted only to traditional ways of blow drying and flat irons, ionic hairbrush has come with more innovative ways of making your hair look stylish and incredible.

The most adorable feature about these ionic hairbrushes is the ease of use, with only a simple plugin and switch on, you are ready to go. In order to make you understand the various ionic hairbrushes in the market, we’ve reviewed the Top 10 Best Ionic Hairbrushes with distinguishable features you might get interested in.

#10. SUPRENT Ionic Hairbrush


SUPRENT leverage more on Nano ionic technology found in the barrel and the bristles that aid in reducing frizz and add more shine to your hair. To add on that, its cuticle is fully sealed, hence producing a soft, smooth texture from the roots to the end. In so doing, it makes loose curls and waves in medium to long hair and helps in straightening and adding volume to a shorter and medium hairstyle.

When you think about the best hairbrush for blowing and curling your hair, then SUPRENT ionic hairbrush should surface on your mind! With its ceramic barrel that heats up during blow-drying, helps to lock in volume & curl and the vent enables the air to freely flow, lowering the dry time. This hairbrush is perfect for your medium-long hair, being left to dry and curl in style. Not forgetting, is the upgraded one-piece handle that makes it more durable and lighter. Its ergonomic design one-piece handle enables elimination of hair pulling and catching


  • Have upgraded one-piece handle
  • More bristles and more strength of gripping your hair
  • Leverages on Nano ionic technology
  • The hairbrush is durable


  • Too big hairbrush for someone with small hair

#9. Osensia Ionic Hairbrush

By Osensia

If you wish to have a good hair day every day, Osensia ionic hairbrush is the best brush to work with. Having a gorgeous hairstyle begins with choosing the right and appropriate tools. In essence, our professional-grade round brush takes your unique blowout to the next level, leaving you with pretty volume and an incredible look within a fraction of a second. Whether you need a voluminous, sexy style or stunning, sleek look, Osensia ionic hairbrush is the best tool for your hair-turning effortlessly.

The magical brush is ceramic to enable airflow through the brush to maximize the hair shine, actually, the numerous holes barrel enables for max airflow, thus faster cooling time and faster drying time. Designed perfectly with a cushioned handle that enables you to hold comfortably without slipping off your hand and does not over-heat as well. Moreover, anti-static bristles are anti-bacterial and infused with ionic minerals for maximum shine.


  • Makes your hair dry quicker
  • Prevents hair against damage
  • Give your hair a great boost
  • Achieves natural shine
  • The brush is durable


  • Honestly, nothing goes wrong with this hairbrush, best brush ever

#8. LUCKFINE Ionic Hairbrush


Tired of blowing out your hair early in the morning and by noon it goes limp? LUCKFINE ionic hairbrush is your secret choice for max volume that keeps you look fabulous all day. In addition, this brush promotes significantly blood circulation, relieve fatigue, develop intelligence, and strengthen while improving your sleep quality as well. The portable design is essential since it enables you to use it anytime anywhere, no need to worry about how your hair-style will be maintained while you are on an adventure or a picnic.

If you adopt long term usage of LUCKFINE ionic brush, be rest assured to have reduced hair loss effectively, headache relieves and heal recurring dizziness. This brush can exemplary ergonomic design that is much important in giving a better handling experience. Avoid electrostatically and get ionic care for your smooth and shiny hair by taking maximum use on our effortless ionic brush.


  • Has a portable design
  • Enhanced blood circulation and strengthen brain
  • Portable design enables you to enjoy hair massage anywhere anytime
  • Prevent electrostatically, thus helping you regain your top strength


  • Although it doesn’t give perfect results for everyone, it’s worth to try

#7. Princely Ionic Hairbrush

By Princely

The princely ionic hairbrush is fundamentally meant to give women the hair beauty style they’ll love the most! Whether women are up to a perfect fashion accessory to finish their look or having the desire to have gorgeous blowouts, striking straight locks, big enviable waves, princely is the way out. Our innovative and unique pro collection will offer you the trending technology that helps you in achieving your desired results.

You can miss admiring this brush since the hairdryer saves half-time and effort, making your hair curly or wavy while you blow your hair creating a more natural look in a finished outlook. The two random color clips and the one hair ring, helps you create innovative styles. What is left as your assured choice is princely because it uses tourmaline technology that produces a high volume of negative ions that reduces hair damage that is brought by high temperature while molding? Make this brush your closet partner to make your hair look charming.


  • Better help you create the ideal style
  • Simple to operate hairbrush tool
  • More durable compared to other ionic brushes in the market
  • Tourmaline technology produces a high volume of negative ions and lowers damages to your hair


  • Does not work on natural hair especially if you have tight curls

#6. Fagaci Round Ionic Hairbrush

By Fagaci

Extremely in need to have the simplest way to seal your cuticles so that your hair looks gorgeous and protected fully? Fagaci round ionic hairbrush surpasses your expectations. During your usage, the cylinders release negatives ions during the heating process closing off the cuticles, making it easy to run through the hair. Wondering whether this brush does well with your hair, worry less, this brush works well with any type of hair. Smoothen or straighten your curly hair in a magical way with your Fagaci hairbrush. The best way you can create soft loops and add the right hair formation.

Create a long-term volume under high temperature while cleansing your scalp to boost blood circulation and promoting hair growth. All this is made possible by the strong nylon wires that are designed with longer and resilient features to overcome the high temperature, hence aid in loosening the hair from the stitches and enables smooth brushing.


  • Boost healthy hair and fast styling
  • The tails come with a splitting needle to separate your hair
  • Ergonomic rubber handle
  • Durable ionic hairbrush
  • Best grip & no tangling hair


  • Can work excellently if you have more skill in drying

#5. PHOEBE Mini travel Ionic Hairbrush


Looking for an idea to travel ionic hairbrush, which will keep your hair straight and amazing? PHOEBE mini travel ionic hairbrush is a mini lightweight dual with ¾ inch hot curling brushing brush weighing only 170g and with 8.7” length. Excellent travel gear for your hair! Also, its high-quality nylon bristles and the long cool tip prevents you from being burnt when styling. It’s recommended that you avoid using wet hair.

As you undergo your hair beauty process, the ceramic tourmaline barrel produces negative ions that help reduce the heat damage and locking more moisture to make your hair look healthier and smoother. Further to that is the fast heating process, once you switch them on the button, it only takes about 60 seconds and you’ll readily to curl your hair that is maintained throughout the day.


  • Mini lightweight for travel and shorthair
  • Ceramic tourmaline for ionic technology for healthier hair
  • Easy operation and fast heat-up
  • Safety use & reliable
  • Great curling brush with adjustable heat settings


  • The button to turn the heat on & off is in the same location as when holding your thumb while using it

#4. Bio BlueWave Ionic Hairbrush

By Bio

This brush is unique on its own because it creates you volume faster with the square round barrel that’s gives added tension. The wave-shaped bristles are infused with Nano Ionics minerals that add shine and condition, thus eliminating static and fly-away. Fearless, Bio BlueWave ionic hairbrush is a unisex tool and can be used by everyone. It is designed such that it is lightweight to help reduce unnecessary breakages, tears, and split ends.

One special thing about this brush its unique square-round design that allows you to create a number of styles using the same brush. The wavy and angled bristles offer max tension for styling while the honeycomb-shaped-vent enables to increase airflow for increased styling.


  • Makes color-treated & fragile
  • Easy to handle
  • The perfect brush for blow-drying short hair
  • Gives create looking curls
  • The brush is more durable


  • The actual brush part has a tendency to get hot

#3. CNXUS Straightener Ionic Hairbrush


CNXUS straightener is a perfect choice to get healthy and straighten hair. If you like getting daily hair care, then this electric hair straightener helps you detangle your hair and straighten your hair instantly while leaving behind frizz-free, sleek, healthy shiny hair. Don’t be frustrated with hair knotting, pain-induced due to hair breakages, this one straightener is your solution, it’s capable of repairing the hair quality of harm. Achieve beautiful straight salon quality hair that will last you the whole day with CNXUS straightener!

The 360 swivel cord makes it the best choice to be used in a salon where blow-drying is common and often, the rotation prevents the cord from twining and makes its ideal to be used by professional salons, at home, or during travels.


  • Made from a high-quality ceramic comb
  • Has 5 temperature levels settings for all types of hair
  • Health care for your hair
  • A safe tool to straighten your hair


  • The on button tends to stick in place, which gives trouble in using

#2. BONTIME Ionic Hairbrush


BONTIME 2-in-1 hairdryer & style integrates a smoothing and a combing in one step while drying. No doubt, this hairbrush was specifically designed to satisfy your most demanding needs. In fact, it is perfect for both dry and wet hair. Takes less time while you dry, less time while you style whereas you get more time enjoying healthy hair beginning today.

Far-fetched infrared heat and negative ion technology can directly evenly heat your hair, eliminating burns and hot spots to the hair and scalp. Additionally, it locks in your hair’s natural moisture thus eliminating frizz, split ends, knotting, and add shine, repairing your hair quality of harm making a smooth, silky, natural lustrous resemblance.


  • Sleek and portable design
  • 2-in-1 hairdryer & style for all hair type
  • Infrared heat helps prevents heat damage and retention of natural moisture in the hair
  • Durable and safe to use even at home


  • Does not produce the amazing magical smooth and straight hair you might want but it works better

#1. MEXITOP Ice Ionic Hairbrush


Let’s stop all the hot tools and nasty products stripping our precious hair of natural goodness and on the contrary, let’s embrace all-natural devices that condition your hair from root to the end without any of the chemical, cord, mess, or heat. I’ll rather recommend you to start embracing MEXITOP ice ionic hairbrush that maintains your hair in all-natural ways at the top. This hairbrush not only helps your hair to lock moisture deep inside each strand but it also keeps your hair look beautiful, healthy, and improve hair loss problem.

Within 15 minutes, you’ll be capable of noticing changes in your hair look. It has again commendable reputation over years across the globe that’s why it should be your next option to try at home. If you usually experience rough and tough hair, this is your option that you need to try to keep your hair irresistible healthy while making it soft and smooth with a great definition and shine. Comes a 3-in-1 to work as a hair moisturizer, ionic hairbrush, and anti-hair loss brush. And it works all for you in one device.


  • More convenient and smart
  • Activate hair follicle anti-hair loss technology
  • Durable battery and a convenient USB charging
  • Great for dry & heat damaged hair


  • The ice comb tend to develop problems

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Ionic Hairbrush

You’ll agree with me that not all the described above hairbrushes are the same, yet finding the one that meets all your requirements is a hassle-free task. Described below are some things you need to consider when purchasing an ionic hairbrush that straightens your hair with ease:

Nylon Bristles

Choosing a hairbrush that has boar and nylon bristles is recommendable since it makes your hair soft and smooth without causing any damage on your head and hair.

Cushioned Handle

Handling a hairbrush comfortably is an undeniable need. The ionic hairbrush should enable you to hold the barrels together with less effort. Moving the device over your head should also be easy.

Tourmaline Technology

Ionic hairbrushes that have been made with tourmaline technology tend to heat faster and produce more negative ions thus ending up giving shiny, frizz-free, poker-straight, and sleek hair.

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic plates also aid in making your hair look smoother and shinier by releasing more negative ions. Moreover, it speeds up the rate of hair straightening.

The Brush Shape

Brush shape you’ll shop will be determined by the length of your hair. For instance, If you have medium or short hair, a flat ionic brush will best fit your needs while if you have longer hair, consider buying a roller brush


Having frizzy or unruly hair should be your story of the past because our top 10 best ionic Hairbrushes will sort you out. If you wish to achieve silky and smooth hair, this is your time to try one of our products. They offer undisputed outcomes to your hair. They work simply like the expensive flat iron but at a cheaper cost and to make it even nicer is, it does not cause any damage to your head or hair. As long as you choose the hairbrush that fits your preference, you always sit back at home while making your exciting curls and good-looking hair.