10 Best Inversion Tables in Reviews

If you’ve battled with back pain for long and would want a different remedy apart from the typical method of taking pills, you might want to consider using an inversion table. As a fact, inversion therapy is no doubt among the most known and beneficial way of physical therapy presence at the moment. It’s so because it leverages on an inversion table. The table stretches out the spine and improves the blood floor while countering the earth’s gravitational effects that are believed to be the most usual cause of back pain.

However, this kit usually costs more than conventional fitness machines; hence it’s essential to select a model that offers the quality for your money. Finding such kind of a machine is not easy given the tons of brands available in the market. However, to make your selection a walk in the park, we’ve researched for you, and here are the top 10 best inversion tables in reviews.

#10. Amazon Renewed Teeter FitSpine X3 FDA-Registered Inversion Table Back Pain Relief

If you are suffering from back pains, then all you need is Amazon renewed inversion table. This unit has a comfortable surface that is firm to keep your spine stretched to ensure a pain-relieving mechanism. The steel frame has an 8-pt floating suspension system that ensures that you are always comfortable lifting the bed. Additionally, the lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes add more traction to the lower back and relieve any muscle tension. You can as well secure your ankles in a comfortable position since it has the most extended ankle lock handle. As you rotate in inversion, you are always safe because of a secondary gravity activated lock.


  • Brings ultimate comfort since it has thick foam liners
  • It has a wraparound design to prevent accidents
  • Has adjustable nodes to relieve any muscle pain
  • The micro-adjusting lever ensures a perfect fit


  • Don’t offer clear instructions on assembly

#9. LFFCC Folding 3 Angle Position Inversion Table Adjustable Control Pin w/Adjustable Headrest

When it comes to a portable inversion table, this model from LFFCC stands out to be the best in the market. It’s from high-quality materials that last longer. This unit is adjustable to suit various users with a maximum height of 196cm. With only a weight of 36kg, it can support users with a maximum weight capacity of 300kg. You rest assured of improved blood circulation, good posture, an alert mind, increases energy levels, and relieves back pain, and so on. Additionally, it has three different angles adjustable rear crossbar to enable you easily invert this table. The ankle cushions are molded to support your ankles comfortably.


  • Can quickly return to an upright position with foam-covered handlebars
  • The removable lumbar pillow supports your lower back
  • Holds you comfortable since it has a soft foam backrest
  • Secure and safe since it has a 2-piece ratchet design


  • A bit heavy hence it harder to move around

#8. Body Vision IT9825 Heavy-Duty Premium Inversion Table w/Adjustable Head Pillow (Red)

With the highest level of comfort, Body vision inversion is well known to suit all your needs in the most comfortable way. The backrest is well padded and has a removable headrest pillow to support you with the most ultimate comfort. It has an adjustable lumbar pad that can be used to support your lower back, shoulders, upper back, middle back, and neck. Besides, the ankle support system has four adjustable leg rollers to ensure a safe inversion time free from calf pinching. Its frame is from high-quality steel materials that are well known for their strength and durability. You can as well adjust it to suit your height since it supports users with a height between 5.1″ to 6.6″.


  • Has a removable pad that can be used in your bed or chair
  • Coated with scratch-resistant paint to maintain its new look
  • Suits varied needs with four different inversion positions
  • Easy to move around with transport wheels


  • Lacks information on how to fold and store

#7. KINGSO Foldable Align Bench Premium Gravity Inversion Table Home Neck Back Pain Reflexology

KINGSO inversion table offers you a wide range of features for a great inversion system. This unit only weighs 31kg, yet it can support users with a maximum weight capacity of 150kg. It is constructed from high-quality steel and leather materials with a longer usage life. You can easily adjust to suit your height since it is made adjustable between 130cm-190cm. Moreover, it has an adjustable inverted angle to keep you comfortable at all times. It is known to improve posture, blood circulation, keeps your mind alert, and minimizes any back pain. With a foldable design, you can easily carry this equipment from place and place and saves your storage space.


  • Ensures a firm grip since the handles are well-padded
  • Prevents you from falling as it has shoulder guards
  • Available in blue and red colors to choose from
  • The adjustable foothold your feet comfortably


  • Takes up to 30 minutes to assemble

#6. Teeter FitSpine X2 FDA-Registered Inversion Table Extended Ankle Lock Handle Back Pain Relief Kit

You can now trust the teeter inversion table to relieve your back pain since it will be gone in no time. It has a firmer surface that enables you to do your inversion most comfortably whereas relieving any back pain. The 8-pt floating suspension system ensures that you are always comfortable when lifting the bed of the steel frame. It has adjustable and removable acupressure nodes that trigger relief points hence relieve any muscle tension. You can as well secure your ankles and minimize a lot of bending with the extended handles. Since it comes when almost fully assembled, it will only take you a few minutes to set it up for use.


  • Has a folding design to ease transport and storage needs
  • Can be securely locked out in a fully inverted position
  • It occupies a smaller footprint to save you space
  • It has been approved and tested by the FDA for safety


  • Doesn’t support users weighing more than 300lbs

#5. MaxKare Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Support Inversion Table Equipment for Back Pain Relief

MaxKare inversion table is well known for its strength and durability in the market today. This equipment is designed from high-quality steel and memory foam materials that last longer. It has a lumbar support pad that can easily be detached or adjusted to relieve back pain. The headrest can as well be adjusted for a comfortable neck position to prevent any neck pain. Moreover, you can easily control your inversion since the handles are well-secured with anti-slip materials for a firmer grip. You also secure your ankles in a comfortable since it is well equipped with an ankle holding system with rear and front rollers to ease maneuverability.


  • Has three fixable positions for comfortable inversion position
  • Ideal for shaping your body, decompressing spine, etc.
  • Suitable for almost all users with different heights
  • Strong enough to hold users of up to 330lbs


  • The shoe grips aren’t glued very well

#4. Health Gear ITM5500 Heavy-Duty 300lbs Advanced Tech Inversion Table w/Vibro Massage & Heat

All you need is a Health Gear inversion table for isolated heat therapy and vibrating massage to get rid of back pains. It has a 4-inch memory style foam backrest that supports you comfortably during inversion. The vibrating massage pad is made adjustable and can be removed when you need to relax on your chair or lounge. Furthermore, the four-position inversion pin enables you to select between 20, 40, 60, and 90-degree inversion positions without using the lower straps. You are assured of a safe inverting since it is equipped with four adjustable rollers that prevent calf pinching. Also, you can easily fold it for secure storage and transport purposes.


  • Its height can be easily adjusted to suit your needs
  • The massage pad is lightweight to ease inversion
  • Have transports wheels making it more portable
  • Easy to install as it doesn’t require extra tools


  • The bed area isn’t adjustable to suit taller persons

#3. Bigzzia Heavy-Duty Inversion Table w/Headrest & Adjustable Protective Belt for Back Pain Relief

You have many reasons to choose this high-quality inversion table model from Bigzzia. This table only weighs 23kg whereas it has a maximum user capacity of 136kg/300lbs. Its frame is designed from high-quality steel materials with a longer usage life. It provides more stretch during inversion exercises for more elongated muscles and decompresses all the joints. The inverting shoulder holder can be easily adjusted to support you comfortably since it provides extra cushioning to avoid any pressure on your shoulders. With a folding design, this equipment occupies a smaller footprint of about 0.1 square meters. The height adjustment tube enables you to adjust it to suit each user’s needs quickly.


  • The lumbar pillows comfortably support your lower back
  • Can be easily inverted in different angles for a perfect fit
  • Has a triangle design for a safer inversion exercise
  • More secure since it has a safety lock pin system


  • It is only available in red color

#2. Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table w/Adjustable Headrest

Just as its name suggests, the Innova Fitness inversion table is ideal for maintaining your daily fitness routine. It has an adjustable massage pad that offers multi-mode massage settings for a complete and comfortable massage. This equipment has the right balance system that allows you to search for your center of gravity for easy inversion exercises. You can easily adjust the single angle system for a safe and comfortable inversion position. Additionally, you can also adjust its height to suit users with varied height needs. The heavy-duty steel frame is strong enough to support a user with a maximum capacity of 300lbs.


  • Offers a relaxing inversion with an adjustable headrest
  • Soft-touch foam handlebars ensure a firmer grip
  • Has a large backrest to support you comfortably
  • Has a foldable frame for easy storage purposes


  • The foot holders don’t support smaller feet

#1. IRONMAN Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table w/Optional No Pinch AIRSOFT Ankle Holder

IRONMAN inversion table has a patent-pending airsoft ankle holder that offers you unmatched comfort. You wouldn’t feel pain or pinch on your ankles while inverting. And also, the fact that it uses airsoft technology allows air to flow freely into different sections to fit your ankles and legs. It features an easy to reach sure lock adjustable ratchet ankle locking mechanism. As such, safety is guaranteed.

On the other hand, the extra-thick memory foam vinyl covered backrest offer extra-back comfort while inverting. What’s more, it supports a weight capacity of up to 350lbs. Aside from that, it can fully stretch up to 180 degrees vertical inversion to give you maximum back and neck pain relief.


  • Patented stretch handles offer easy body positioning
  • Can support up to 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Offers guaranteed safety while on it
  • It’s comfortable to lay your back on


  • The packaging is not up to standard

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Inversion Table


It’s not easy and comfortable to hang your body upside down, but the comfort an inversion table comes with makes it possible. Choosing a table that isn’t comfortable will increase your pain rather than alleviate it. The inversion table you select should have comfort in mind to enable you to have an excellent inversion experience. While choosing the comfortable model, pay close attention to things like neck support, back support, and even ankle support. These areas should be padded well.

Safety Features

The build quality of the inversion table is critical in ensuring the kit is durable and safe. Safety is a very crucial matter and must be taken very seriously. An inferior made secure system may make you fall on your head, which can cause a fatal problem. So, in that case, you should ensure that the system that keeps your feet and ankles are reliable. In essence, the table should have a designed that’s stable even when you’re hanging upside down.


The other thing to consider when purchasing the best inversion table is the build quality and durability. Of course, you don’t want a kit that will break down after a few weeks of use. You should stay away from those cheap and poor quality models. As such, you should be more concerned about the quality of the product rather than the price. Most importantly, you’d want to spend money according to your budget.

Weight Capacity

The last but not least factor to consider when shopping for an inversion table is the weight capacity. Remember this is an equipment that offers support, weight capacity is very crucial. The weight capacity for different inversion tables differs. Ensure to check the spec to be sure with the weight support. Choosing the right weight capacity is not only crucial for your safety but also your comfort.


That brings us to the end of our exclusive collection of the best inversion table. We believe we’ve offered you all the necessary information you might want to know before opting for any particular inversion table. Ideally, we’ve removed all the obstacles and frustration that comes with buying with no experience. It’s now your work to choose the model that suits you well. Also, the models of inversion tables we’ve reviewed are from the best brands in the market. Besides, they offer the best comfort and value for your money. We’re sure that you’ll immensely benefit from owning one of them.