10 Best Indoor Growing Tents in Reviews

You probably know that you can grow your favorite flowers, plants, vegetables, or fruits in a more accessible and controlled environment. Indoor gardening allows you to achieve maximum potentials with high-quality yields compared to relying on outdoor climatic elements. Since you are keeping your growth in an enclosed area, you can easily control them to achieve all that you desire. Do you know how can easily increase that growth further? Well, it is through an indoor growing tent. It allows you to minimize any light leakages for maximum output. Better still, you can check on how your plants are developing at all times through the observation window.

Now, with the many available brands out there in the market, how do you get to know what is right for you. It gets so confusing trying to settle on a particular brand since you will need to consider a wide range of features. We have this problem of yours solved with the little task that you are required to do. We have compiled a list of the best brands that you can always make your choice. All you are left to do is to pick that one brand that will suit you the best. The list below entails the top 10 best indoor growing tents.

10. iPower Black and Silver Heavy Duty Water Resistant Indoor Growing Tent

Are you looking for a durable indoor growing tent? Look no further than this brand by iPower. This unit is designed from high-grade Oxford fabric cloth that is tear-resistant and waterproof for longer usage life. The reflective mylar blocks any light leakages for maximum plant output. You do not need to add any flaps or self-adhesive tape because the black lining creates the best lightproof seal. Additionally, you are assured of safer handling and smoother installation with the specially finished frame. You can as well check on your flowers or plants inside through the observation window.


  • Doubled stitched for durability and avoid light leakages
  • Made from stronger materials that support up to 110lbs
  • Comes with a tool bag to keep all accessories organized
  • Does not require any extra tools during assembly


  • Not ideal for taller plants

9. Ohuhu Zippered Well Ventilated Indoor Growing Tent with Velcro Side Window

Do you want to lower costs while improving plant production? Ohuhu indoor growing tent is a great pick. It is equipped with a large zippered door and a transparent side window which allows you to always check on your growing plants. This also helps to provide better air circulation while regulating external airflow to keep plants warm while extending plant growing seasons. With the reflective mylar lining and double stitches, you can block light from escaping and retain the heat. Since it is designed from heavy-duty cloth, it assures you of a tearproof and waterproof unit.


  • Keeps all your plants well contained to prevent any leakages
  • Comes with well-labeled parts to ease the assembly process
  • Takes the shortest time possible for cleanup and disassembly
  • Made from heavy-duty materials that remain stable at all times


  • The zippers are not very smooth

8. Kingso Sturdy Spacious Indoor Growing Tent with 600D Oxford Fabric Window

Whether you want to set up your indoor garden in your condominium or any other rented space, you can try out Kingso indoor growing tent. It is equipped with a highly reflective mylar lining that helps you to absorb more lights without any leakages. With the 600D Oxford cloth, you are assured of a tearproof and waterproof canvas to keep your plants growing. Moreover, it features double stitching that allows plants to achieve a better shading effect at all times. Assembly becomes such an easier task since this tent comes with detailed instructions and well-numbered parts.


  • The heavy-duty zippers prevent heat loss and light leakage
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to fully install this unit
  • Comes with a waterproof removable tray to ease cleanup
  • Has firm connectors and sturdy poles thus stable


  • Has some light leaks

7. Mars Hydro Canvas Reflective Indoor Growing Tent with Removable Tray for Hydroponics

If you are looking for an easy-to-set-up indoor growing tent, this brand Mars Hydro is a great choice. It features strong metallic poles and corners that keep this entire stable at all times. With the unique reflective mylar design, you are assured of 99 percent reflection for optimum production. The heavy-duty zippers together with the double layer lining prevent light from leaking for maximum light usage. Additionally, it comes with strong metal corner adapters and poles that do not rust nor fades the painting. This makes it a great birthday or Christmas gift for those who love horticulture


  • Zippers are well designed to avoid any unnecessary light leakage
  • Easy to set up with the clear assembly instructional manual
  • You can install it in the kitchen, balcony, and living room
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer


  • Lacks extra support beams

6. Vivosun Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Growing Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray

As an horticulturalist, you wouldn’t want to miss Vivosun indoor growing tent as one of your must-have accessories. This equipment is designed from high-quality 600D Oxford fabric and PE materials well known for their durability and safety. Featuring a new black modern design, it will always offer your plants the needed growing environment. With the strongest zippers and tightly reinforced seals, you can minimize light seepages for maximum production. Assembly takes the shortest time with the included clear instructions. In addition, it is suitable for different growing systems such as hydroponics, aeroponics, soil-based cultivation, and so on


  • Designed from materials with no smell and toxic-free
  • Has a higher reflection effect for maximum production
  • The viewing window allows you to check on the plants
  • Equipped with metallic poles to support more weight


  • Kids can easily access the zippers

5. Viparspectra Reflective Double Stitched Indoor Growing Tent with Rectangular Window

For an extra protected growing environment for your plants, you can pick Viparspectra indoor growing tent. Featuring double stitched and heavy-duty zippers, you have a well-protected space for your plants, veggies, fruits, herbs, or flowers to thrive. The string metal connectors and poles hold the frame in place to keep the entire unit stable at all times. Additionally, it is made lightproof to ensure that it does not leak any light whatsoever. You do not require any extra tools for installation therefore it will take you a few minutes. Even better, it is equipped with a waterproof floor plan which makes it pretty convenient for you to clean it and keep the space well enclosed.


  • Easy to open and close since it is equipped with updated zippers
  • Made waterproof to provide an extra protective environment
  • Ideal for growing pepper, seasonal fruits, tomato plants, and more
  • Has multiple round vents which assure you of better ventilation


  • Requires two people while setting it up

4. Zazzy Quality Sturdy Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Growing Tent with a Floor Tray and Kit Bag

Zazzy indoor growing tent is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. Featuring a strong metal construction and thick waterproof canvas, you are assured of a durable and sturdier unit. It is equipped with a highly reflective tear-proof mylar which offers your plants the needed environmental conditions. The heavy-duty zippers have a black lining which helps to seal all the light to avoid any leakages for maximum production. On the other hand, you can check on your plants at any time through the observation window. Assembly is such a pretty easier task thanks to the included detailed instructions.


  • Has rectangular vents with mesh for maximum ventilation
  • The waterproof trays help to hold fallen leaves and soil
  • You can store all your accessories in the tool organizer
  • Ensures maximum filter output with ventilation opening


  • Not suitable for tighter spaces

3. Green Hut Highly Reflective Indoor Growing Tent with Tool Bag and Removable Floor Tray

You can always keep temperatures right for your indoor growing plants with Green Hut indoor growing tent. It is equipped with a lightproof and tearproof reflective lining which allows you to retain the right temperatures for herbs, plants, and flowers. Also, the heavy-duty steel poles and 600D mylar assures you of a strong and durable unit. The large zippers and 1.5-inch ribbon prevents the tent from leaking light while ensuring a long-lasting unit. Moreover, it comes with a clear instructional manual that makes it easier for you to assemble this device within the shortest time possible.


  • Designed from heavy-duty materials that can support 110lbs
  • You can install it in your condominium, greenhouse, and more
  • Ensures safer handling with the specially finished frame
  • Allows you to check on your plants from the observation window


  • The zipper spot can leak some light

2. AC Infinity Advanced High-Density Indoor Growing Tent with a Quick Observation Window

When it comes to a high-quality indoor growing tent, AC Infinity brand is a great choice. It is designed from high-grade steel and 2000D Oxford fabric that assures you of a long-lasting unit. Since it features an aluminum plate, it will always allow for a lightproof cable passthrough. The surface of the inner walls has cross patterned diamond mylar lines which reflects light and maximizes output. With the inner ribbon stitching, it prevents light from leaking while ensuring maximum reflectivity. You can place it in any room in your home such as guest room, closet, basement, garage, and many more.


  • The steel poles have a metallic finish this looks elegant
  • You can open the air venting screen for airflows
  • Takes the shortest time possible to fully assemble it
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations


  • Does not have individual doors

1. Spider Farmer Full Spectrum Dimmable Indoor Growing Tent with Ducting Clips

If you want to grow some of your favorite flowers in your house, you can try out this indoor growing tent by Spider Farmer. It has a lightweight design thus it is easier for you to move around when need be. Setup is such a hassle-free task since it takes a few minutes with the included clear instructions. You can grow your plants all year round because you can easily control the environment they grow in. This is made possible with the presence of the dimmer switch which allows you to adjust light intensity. Compared to 1500 QB lights, the LEDs only consume 100 watts which is 50 percent less power.


  • Does not have any fan thus produces no operation noise
  • Offers you maximum yields with uniform canopy penetration
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Has viewing mesh screen for easy removal of humidity


  • The instructions are not very clear

Factors to consider when purchasing an indoor growing tent


You should always consider the size of the tent before settling on any particular brand. Depending on the number of plants you would like to grow, you will be prompted to either choose a smaller or larger tent. Better still, you should also put into consideration the height of the plants to accommodate them fully without bending and so on.

Materials used

Everyone would love to purchase a unit that would last longer. You should check on the materials used to design this unit to know how durable it is. Most of the brands feature heavy-duty construction with stronger poles and Oxford fabric cloth. These are well known for their strength and durability. With this, you can minimize any frequent replacement costs.

Grow light

Light is one of the most elements required by plants during the growing period. You should ensure that they are well lit for optimum output. It is therefore wise to consider a unit that does not leak any light. Most of these brands are equipped with double stitches, zippered walls, and black lining to ensure that no light is lost in the process.

Ease of assembly

No one ever desires to try connecting a particular unit for a long period. It is wise to go for an indoor growing tent that is easier to assemble. Most of the models above do not require any extra tools during assembly. Even better, they come with detailed instructions to aid throughout the assembling process. This helps to save your precious time.


Finally, you can easily transform from a nongrower to a grower with an indoor growing tent. You can grow some of your herbs or vegetables in a more accessible environment. They are equipped with a wide range of features to suit the needs of different persons. Therefore, depending on your needs you will indeed find that particular brand that you have always been looking for. You can as well install it in your condominium, garage, or any other rented space of your choice. Go ahead and pick that one brand of choice and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.