10 Best Hoverboard Scooters in Reviews

The best balancing kit that you can find in the market is a hoverboard scooter. Despite their late introduction in the market in 2014, they have proven their importance by gaining tremendous popularity. First-timers, will usually experience stumbles and falls but safety, reliability, and efficiency are guaranteed.

Also, it’s good to know that the market is flooded with a wide range of hoverboards for adults and kids. With that respect, choosing the hoverboard scooter that best suits your needs is a hassle. Are you looking for a hoverboard scooter for your kid or yours for fun? You ought to dedicate your time to researching the best options.

Lucky enough, we have done the challenging part for you. Instead of you having to maneuver all the hundreds of thousands of options on the web, we have cut down your search to only ten best options. So, without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 best Hoverboard Scooters reviews. They are of high-quality and from durable materials, therefore, purchase one without the need to fear.

#10. FLYING-ANT Two-Wheel 6.5'' for Kids Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter

To get us started, we have a FLYING-ANT hoverboard that is lightweight and comes with a bag for easy portability. Make this system the greatest gift for your kid or your friend because it offers great performance. Besides, it comes with four unique colors for different people to choose their stylish colors. In addition to that, the flashing LED light will offer you a phenomenal riding experience. The guided instructions will enable you to get started with ease. Even if you are the first user, you can easily ride this system since it offers an enjoyable and exciting time. People try using it, why not you?


  • The hoverboard is a perfect gift choice for a birthday or Christmas
  • Made with a strong shell & sturdy structure for easy balancing
  • Available in four colors to meet various people’s need
  • It is ul-2272 certified for guaranteed safety
  • Power by dual motor for high-performance


  • The balance system is out of control

#9. Felimoda Smart 6.5'' Two-Wheel with LED Lights Kids & Adults Self-Balancing Hoverboard

The next kit on the lookout is the Felimoda hoverboard scooter. This unit is suitable for adults and kids. Also, it offers an exciting experience to ride around because it has stable wheels and sturdy construction. Built with safety in mind and backed with UL-certification that means the UL-2272 standards for safe charging and electrical performance. It comes with a charger. For beginners and amateurs, this hoverboard is built for your needs because it is easy and safe to ride on. What’s more, it is easy to learn and maintain the art of riding. The 300 watts dual motor is strong to overcome sloppy and rough topographies. You’ll surely enjoy using this system!


  • Has a strong dual motor that can overcome slopes and general obstacles
  • Has a good construction for safe and reliable performance
  • Perfect hoverboards for kids and adults riding experience
  • Learning to ride this hoverboard is simple and easy


  • Tough to mount and dismount without it shifting

#8. Hover-1 6.5'' Wheels Chrome with LED Lights 2-150W Motor Electric Hoverboard Scooter

Hover-1 is a favorite choice for many individuals most likely because of the built-in Bluetooth speaker pairs. For that reason, it means you can play music directly from your phone as you glide. The ultra-bright LED headlights with battery indicator all contribute to the high-performance of this system. Besides, the two-150 watts motor will offer efficiency in performance even in sloppy areas. Have 6.5-inch tire wheels hence offering a convenient and stable form of movement. Additionally, it is IPX4 waterproof and built with a rechargeable lithium-ion-battery for assured durability. Trust on this hoverboard for your gliding experience!


  • Has a sturdy construction for reliable and durable functionality
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker pairs offer great music as you glide
  • It is waterproof thus it can work in a light raining environment
  • The LED lights will offer you a safe gliding environment


  • One side tends to move faster than the other one

#7. SISIGAD 6.5'' Two-Wheels with LED lights & Bluetooth Speaker Electric Scooter for Adult Kids(Plating Dazzle Series)

If you need a hoverboard scooter with a great reputation in the market, then SISIGAD electric hoverboard scooter is the right choice to purchase. Safety is guaranteed because the brand has passed the UL2272 safety and electric test. Also, it has a built-in wireless speaker connected to the portable device instantly, leaving you to enjoy your sweetest music without wearing a headset. Moreover, learning is a breeze with an easy and stable stepping section. Expect maximum performance from using this unit because it can run up to 9 miles per hour and charge quicker. The 6.5-inch high-quality rubber tire with non-slip and shock absorbing pedals will enable you to travel with great comfort. Finally, it’s the best gift you have ever known for beginners, amateurs, office workers, or kids.


  • Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy your favorite music hands-free
  • Safety is guaranteed because it is UL2272 safety and electric test
  • Has high-quality rubber rides for a comfortable riding experience
  • Weight-bearing ranges from 44lb to 260 lb.


  • Kids should be accompanied when they are riding on this unit

#6. DOC UL Certified 6.5'' with Built-in Speaker & LED Lights Wheels Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Are you looking for a self-balancing hoverboard that fully complies with US UL certifications? Look no further than the DOC hoverboard scooter. The system has a maximum load of 180lbs and built-in with a 36V 2.0Ah battery for prolonged working time. Also, it comes with a non-slip footpad which is thicker and durable. Hence, you can expect better stability and a great transition experience as you ride. Moreover, the high-intensity headlight will offer you safer and more fun riding. What’s more, the built-in speaker tactfully offers you extra-ordinary sound effects. Lastly, the new colors and overwhelming look will offer you an interesting performance.


  • Non-slip foot pad will give you better stability and traction
  • It is reliable and durable since it is excellently produced
  • The LED headlight will offer you a safer and more fun riding
  • Fully comply with UL-2272 standards for safe riding


  • It requires a signature but it is super fun

#5. WORMHOLE Off-Road Dual Motor 6.5'' Two-Wheels Self-Balancing Electric Hoverboard Scooter

People occasionally think that good hoverboard scooters don’t exist in the market, but in the real sense, great options are there for you. WORMHOLE hoverboard scooter is among those great choices. This 6.5″ hoverboard has a charging time of 2- hours. And it from plastic materials that last long. Also, it has a maximum speed of 7.41miles per hour and supports a weight of up to 165 pounds. Also, it is lightweight and usable on any ground surface. You can also rock out with your favorite music with the in-built Bluetooth speakers. Besides, it is a great gift for a friend or family member who is an outdoor ardent. Safety is also guaranteed because this self-balancing kit has top levels of safety and security.


  • Takes only 3 minutes to fully learn how to use it
  • Has a warning alarm when your battery is low
  • Bluetooth pairs quickly for any kid’s music
  • The wheel works best on all terrains


  • Supports less weight as compared to SISIGAD brand

#4. Gyroor S300 UL2272 Certified with LED Lights Electric Hoverboard Scooter for Kids & Adults (Gray)

If you consider quality and design as your preferred requirements for a hoverboard, then the Gyroor hoverboard scooter is the best recommendation. With the self-balancing design, you can expect to get a comfortable gliding experience. When fully recharged you can ride for longer distances as it has a maximum speed of 10km/hour. It has bright LED lights for a cool ride and also makes you aware of the remaining power. The 3.5-inch wheel is made of rubber materials making it suitable for all smooth and rough surfaces. Additionally, it has a connection bar kit that converts your hover shoes to the hoverboard. This hover shoe is for sure the best for both beginners and pro-riders.


  • Has high-quality batteries for a long usage life
  • Operation is made easy as it balances automatically
  • The carry strap makes it easy to carry the hover shoes
  • You can know the remaining power using the LED lights


  • The weight of the shoes is a bit heavy as it weighs 17.15 pounds

#3. Gyroor Swift with Music Speaker & LED Lights 6.5'' Two-Wheel Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

The next hoverboard scooter on our list is the Gyroor hoverboard scooter. The system weighs approximately 18.5 pounds and supports a weight of 220 pounds. Moreover, it has a strong aluminum frame that makes it a longer lasting kit in the market. The 6.5-inch tires are from rubber materials that make it durable. You can fully recharge it for some 2 hours to allow you to cover a distance of 7.5 miles before it runs low. Also, it has a climbing angle of 15-30° with a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour. The LED lights are adjustable using a Gyroor App. This is the best gift for every occasion like Christmas or even birthdays. The built-in speaker allows you to listen to your music as you ride through the Gyroor App.


  • The LED lights get you a safe and cool ride during the dark hours
  • Comes in 2 modes making it perfect for both kids and adults
  • Have self-balancing techniques making it easy for beginners
  • Made sturdy to enable you comfortably on most surfaces


  • Not suitable for riding on the mud or through water

#2. SISIGAD 6.5'' Self-Balancing Hoverboard with LED lights & Speakers UL-Certified for Adults Kids (pure color series)

For beginners, this is for sure the best hoverboard scooter to use. You’ll get a smooth ride with rubber tires that overcomes any rough obstacles. The comfortable foot pedals also give you that comfortable ride that you desire. This hoverboard scooter supports weights between 44lb- 260lbs. Also, its battery should be recharged for approximately 3-5 hours for a 30-60 minute ride. Also, this hoverboard has a speed of 6miles per hour. This is a perfect gift for beginners, amateurs, office workers, and your family members who love being out. It also had a maximum climbing angle of 10° thus it should not be used on many sloppy grounds to avoid tripping over


  • Enjoy your ride with some music on through a Bluetooth connection
  • You can use it for a long period when fully recharged
  • Made lightweight for easy portability purposes
  • Easy to use for beginners and amateurs


  • Does not support the weight of more than 260lbs

#1. SISIGAD 6.5'' for Adults & Kids with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights Electric Hoverboard Scooter (pure color series)

A fun time is usually the best time for your kids. Get your kids SISIGAD hoverboard scooter and they will like it. First, its tires are from high-quality rubber materials that give it a longer usage life. These 6.5″ tires accommodate weights of up to 260lbs. Secondly, it comes with a rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged for about 3-5 hours. When fully charged it can operate for 30-60 minutes. Also, it has a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour. Finally, you can enjoy your music without wearing any earphones because it has built-in speakers that can be connected through Bluetooth.


  • Can be used on various surfaces like mud or wet or gravel
  • Tires are non-slip to prevent sliding on slippery floors
  • Perfect gift for a friend or a family for any occasion
  • Saves your time as the battery is recharged quickly


  • It should be fully recharged before its initial use

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Hoverboard Scooter

Choosing the best self-balancing kit involve some important consideration. Now that you have some ideas about the hoverboard scooter that might suit you, you need to follow this guide to make an appropriate decision. They include:


The first and foremost thing to consider is the safety of the system. The hoverboard scooter you are buying should be safe to avoid minor and major accidents. With that respect, ensure to check the UL-certification on the kit that you decide to buy for safety. The certification approved the kit for fire safety and electrical system. Newbies are advised to ride with creating care because the standards don’t governor the rider’s use. Stumble and falls are common, ride safely.


For guaranteed durability and protection, it is highly recommended to buy a hoverboard scooter with a waterproof feature. Of course, there isn’t a hoverboard kit that is fully waterproof when submerged in water. However, the above selections quite interesting because they can withstand slight rain, water splashes, or mist.


The next factor to consider is the use of the hoverboard you are buying. A hoverboard scooter comes with various use, like for transportation, for fun, as toys, or for sporting activities. The design and materials used will also differ as per their use. As for transportation, you find that they come with larger wheels to necessitate easy movements. That being said, it’s now your turn to choose the purpose of the hoverboard you are purchasing.


If you are so concern about the advanced features, then you need to consider a wide variety of options. These features may include, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, Speakers. Others also are easily controlled with Smartphone apps.

Other extra factors that you may get interested in include weight, speed, and color choice. You’ll never go wrong with your selection if you follow this guide.


We wouldn’t deny the fact that there are excellent choices of hoverboard scooters in the market. But what’s the need of researching endlessly on the internet yet we have a tailored list for you. We brought together these selections after a through contrast and comparison on the web. The value of your money is well-guaranteed if you purchase our suggested products. Even better, we are providing you with the best quality and durable self-balancing hoverboards, buy yours now. In case, you have any queries concerning any of the above units, you can leave a message in the comment section below. Have a great shopping experience!