10 Best Home Theater Projectors in Reviews

Have you ever thought of upgrading your entertainment? Do you think a TV is all you need to enjoy some moments? Make an extra step in your life by trying out a home theater projector. They are well designed with the needed brightness, top-notch contrast, and many more. The best part is that you can get those huge images compared to your TV. Better still, they are made portable such that you can carry them with you whenever you are moving from one place to another most especially during movie nights.

So if you are looking forward to going the whole hog with an HDP compatibility and 4K projector then you are in the right place. Currently, markets are flooded with a wide range of confusing brands which can lead us to pick the wrong models. That problem is all solved since we have compiled a list of the best brands out there. The compilation below consists of the top 10 best home theater projectors to choose from.

10. Gzunelic Android LED LCD Home Theater Projector with Bluetooth Wireless Mirror

For higher light transmittance and brighter pictures, the Gzunelic home theater system is a great choice. It has higher lumens of up to 7500 which assures you of better visual experience during both daylight and dark conditions. This makes it ideal for use in small classrooms, home theaters, and smaller meeting rooms. It adopts 4 silent fans which dissipate heat away to avoid damaging this unit. This also helps to control temperatures inside for longer working life. The 6 layered coating lens keeps the size of the image within the confines from a greater distance.


  • Allows you to surf the internet since it is a wifi projector
  • Smaller in size thus takes less storage space
  • Has good overall image quality with up to 4500 lumens
  • Ideal for use during both indoor and outdoor events


  • Not suitable for use in bigger rooms

9. ZCGIOBN Business and Outdoor Home Theater Projector with 7200 Lumens and Remote

Enjoy your gaming more conveniently with the ZCGIOBN home theater projector. With dual Wifi connectivity, you are assured of a stable and faster wireless connection with your PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and many other electronic devices. Since it is Bluetooth enabled, you can easily pair it with BlueTooth speakers, gamepad, headphones, keyboard, mouse, and more while streaming audio. Additionally, it supports 4K that offers you clearer and sharper pictures. The inbuilt dual big power stereo speakers and up to 23ft projection distance offer you bigger screen entertainment.


  • Has soft projection light to prevent eye strains
  • Comes with a remote and supports a wireless connection
  • The removable dustproof net prevents ant damages
  • Equipped with cooling fan system for air ventilation


  • The remote lacks a back button

8. Epson Widescreen 3400 Lumens Color Output Wireless HDMI Home Theater Projector

When it comes to a portable home theater projector then you can put all your trust in this brand by Epson. It only weighs 6.2 pounds thus you can never face any difficulty whenever you need to transfer it from one place to another. This wireless device allows you to move around more freely since you can project your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without plugging into the projector. With convenient controls and easy image adjustments, you can set it up within the shortest time possible. Whenever you need to project anything from your PC or Mac, you can easily connect it with the included USB cable.


  • Comes with a carrying case to ease portability
  • Supports HDMI for digital audio and video in one cable
  • Ensures wireless set up by scanning the QR code
  • The speakers are loud enough for use in smaller places


  • Lacks a way of connecting it to an external speaker

7. BenQ 2200 Lumens Short Throw Home Theater Projector for more Accurate Colors

BenQ home theater projector is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your projection needs. It has a low input lag of 16ms which assures you of an ultra-smooth gaming experience even during intense operations. The 6x color wheel delivers crisp results and rich colors to keep you enjoying your gaming and movies. You can fully immerse yourself into games since you can easily project a 100-inch screen from a distance of 3 feet. Even better, it is designed from high-quality components well known for their strength and durability. Also, it saves you much of your storage thanks to its compact design.


  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble this device
  • More convenient since the fan operates quietly
  • Has less rainbow effect, better colors, and quality pics
  • Provides more options compared to Optoma brand


  • Heavier compared to ViewSonic model

6. ViewSonic 1080P ISF Certified Home Theater Projector with Low Input Lag for Sports

Regardless of the high definition format, the ViewSonic home theater projector offers you the clearest pictures. It features higher native resolution making it suitable for watching games, movies, TV, videos, and many more. With the RGBRGB color wheel, you are assured of the best color accuracy to access the original color content. When in super eco mode, power consumption is greatly reduced and lamp life extended up to 20000 hours. Moreover, it is equipped with ultra-low 16ms latency that delivers faster and smoother images free from any delays whatsoever.


  • The keystone correction eliminates crooked images
  • Offers you optimized color output in all environments
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry around
  • Has longer lamp usage life of up to 20000 hours


  • The speakers lack bass

5. XGIMI 300 inch Display Home Theater Projector with Built-in Harman Kardon Sound Bar

As a movie lover, the XGIMI home theater projector becomes one of your must-have accessories. It features 1920×1080 native resolution which offers you up to a 300-inch display with clearer images. With the increased lumen count, you can enjoy incredible brightness in your theater, living room, or during outdoor movie nights. On the other hand, the speakers produce vibrant and beautiful sounds for the best audio-visual experience. Even in total darkness or in places with ambient lighting, it displays brighter images to keep you entertained at all times. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones.


  • Only weighs 5.5 pounds thus easy to carry around
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations
  • The remote allows you to operate it from a distance
  • Features a game mode that reduces lagging


  • It does not come with the Google play store

4. LG 2500 Lumens Cinebeam Home Theater Projector with Bluetooth Hardware Interface

Easily transform your ceiling or wall into a better projection screen with an LG home theater projector. You can always enjoy clear and crispier images even at a distance of twelve and a half feet. Setup is such a hassle-free task since you can easily install it on the floor, tabletop, move it from one place to another, and many more. Diagonally, you can transform your wall into a 150-inch screen to keep you entertained at all times. The trumotion technology aids in reducing motion blur while increasing the projector’s refreshing rate. Better still, it outshines all the ordinary projectors because it features stunning highlights and more precise colors.


  • Has a lightweight design thus more portable
  • Allows you to screen share videos with a smartphone
  • Features a lower noise level to curb any distortions
  • Produces deep and rich colors to beautify video sources


  • It has no lens shift

3. Vava Black 2500 ANSI Lumens Laser TV Wall Mount Home Theater Projector

Without any obstructions or wires, you can immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment with the Vava home theater projector. It has a throw ratio of 0.233:1 which enables you to project the visuals inches away from the wall. You will always enjoy your movies or games at all times because it displays larger images even at a further distance. Even with ambient lighting, it can produce brighter images since it uses 6000 lumens. Additionally, it features a 3 segment color wheel that displays all the accurate and precise colors during projection. With the vivid contrast ratio, you are assured of the brightest white color and deepest black colors.


  • Does not require any extra hardware to install it
  • Has ultra-long lifespan thus more convenient
  • Equipped with 7 multimedia ports for all connections
  • The inbuilt stereo offers you a superior audio experience


  • Lacks a good eye protection mode

2. Optoma 6-Segment Color Wheel Home Theater Projector with Integrated Soundbar

Enjoy that cinematic experience at the comfort of your home with an Optoma home theater projector. The 6 segment color wheel offers enhanced brightness and richer colors for reproducing movies and games as you desire. With the wide color gamut, you can take your cinematic visuals to another level since it supports accurate vivid colors. Throughout its lifespan, laser technology features outstanding brightness of up to 30,000 hours. You can as well entertain yourself in any environment at any time since it has 3000 lumens of brightness. Also, the soundbar is well designed to produce well-detailed sound and clear frequencies.


  • Has a compact design thus saves your storage space
  • The app allows for easy placement and plays on smartphones
  • Ensures better image alignment with the correction system
  • Features large image size for performing workouts


  • The remote control adjusts the volume slowly

1. Sony Full 4K HDR Home Theater Projector for Gaming, Movies, and TV with 1500 Lumens

Whether you are a 3D or 4K lover, you will always rejoice in having Sony home theater projector. This unit assures you of high definition viewing because it features 3XRD imagers that display 4096×2160 pixels. Since it is HDR compatible it offers you a wider contrast for better colors and improved realism. With the super-resolution 4k more upscale, every pixel is well analyzed and mapped for better imaging. Additionally, it comes with a remote control which makes it easier for you to adjust the settings. Assembly is such a hassle-free task because it comes with clear instructions on installation.


  • Has a sharper focus for better images and videos
  • Setup is straight forward thus saves your time
  • The fan operates quietly to avoid any disturbances
  • Picture controls on the remote are easy to use


  • A bit pricey

Factors to consider when purchasing a home theater projector

Brightness capability

You should always consider how bright your projector is. This greatly depends on the number of lumens it possesses. A unit with a higher number of lumens assures you of a higher level of brightness compared to the one with a lower number of lumens. You will always feel comfortable and well entertained in a well-lit room.

Throw ratio

This better explains how the projector’s image will be wide given the distance between the screen and the lens. You should always a unit that projects the images in the desired size to suit your needs. For bigger meetings and larger meetings, you can go for one with a larger throw ratio to ensure that your images are clearer to everyone.


It is ideal to go for home theater projectors with the sounds. Most of them are equipped with inbuilt speakers to amplify the sounds in case you are presenting your work in larger classrooms or meeting rooms. For bigger movie nights, it is wise to go for these larger sound systems for more convenient operations.

Connection methods

Most of these home theater projectors feature multiple connection methods. Almost all new models will always provide HDMI connectivity since it supports video resolutions of up to 1080p. Larger projectors have standard full-size HDMI ports while the smaller ones have micro or mini HDMI ports that require different cables that are usually come with the projector.


With the above information, you have got more than enough reasons to consider a projector over a TV. You can always enjoy a movie with your friends or family in a more comfortable manner. Depending on your needs, go ahead and pick what will suit you in the best way. Though they are equipped with varied features, they are well designed to offer you much-needed tasks. All you are now left to do is to choose from the list above and you are never going to regret it.