10 Best Heater Electric Fireplace in Reviews

Are you planning to purchase a heater electric fireplace soon for our home? You have landed at the right place. Did you know that there are many advantages you can get if you embrace this appliance? It’s worth over the traditional gas-burning and wood-burning fireplaces. A heater electric fireplace doesn’t produce smoke, doesn’t consume fuel, and uses less energy to offer a wide range of visual effects. So, what’s the big challenge here? One big challenge is the flooded market with many types of these electric fireplaces.

This alone will give you a hard time in selecting the best choice. While that is the situation, we have come on time to end these uncertainties. We have the Top 10 Best Heater Electric Fireplace Reviews. Whether you are looking for an electric fireplace for a remodeling project or a new home, we’ll help you out. Additionally, we’ll offer you some tips that will enable you to make a more informed decision. That’s said, here is our profound list.

#10. Thermomate Portable Realistic Flame & Logs Vintage Electric Fireplace Stove

Thermomate Electric Fireplace is one of the reputable models that promise a better life. The compact design makes it a great choice for all indoor spaces including the corners. Also, the independent LED realistic flame effect and the adjustable brightness settings enable you to set the mood. Also, the quiet fan-forced heater electric fireplace adds ambiance and warmth to your home interior. With safely thermal cut-off, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe together with your family members. This is an appliance that is worth paying for your money!


  • Has a compact design making it a great option for indoor spaces
  • No overheating or damage because it has safety thermal switch off
  • Quiet and comfortable gear to use in your home
  • Central heating is a simple way to save more energy


  • Doesn’t emit enough heat for bigger size rooms

#9. KOOLWOOM Portable 3D Flame & Quiet Electric Fireplace Stove Heater (Black)

Having your home warm during cold nights or cold season is one thing that you would definitely like. KOOLWOOM has you well catered for. KOOLWOOM electric fireplace heaters produce heat enough to warm up your room. The electric fireplace heater is designed with a classic metal finish and copper effect handles that stay cool to the touch. Also, the compact and portable design of the electric fireplace enables you to fit it anywhere in your room and easily move it around. Besides, the LED fire flame effect allows you to adjust the brightness to suit what you love. Also, it has two heat settings that enable you to control the heat in your apartment or condominium.it also is safe from overheating because it the safety thermal cut-off switch which regulates heat and prevents it from overheating.


  • It is budget-friendly hence saves on costs
  • Puts out enough heat that makes your home so cozy
  • The sparkling flames give your home that beautiful look
  • You can use the flames with or without the heat


  • It is noisy and can irritate some times

#8. GMHome 23 Inche Moveable 7 Changeable Backlight 1500W Electric Fireplace (White)

Gmhome is more convenient when moving from room to room because it has four wheels that make it easy to move it. Also, it has unique seven background colors which give you the opportunity to select any color of your choice to have a dazzling look of your room or suit your decor. Moreover, it has the flame effect with two heat settings of 750w and 1500w gives supplemental heat for rooms up to 400 square feet. The remote control also helps you to adjust and set the flames with or without heat. You can do this in the comfort of your sofa or bed. This fireplace has a classic white mantel body that gives your small room that amazing room and a glass front that enables you to enjoy watching the flames. Also, it has safety overheating devices that safeguard your heater from overheating or the occurrence of any fires.


  • Installation is easy .it takes a few minutes to assemble it
  • With the four-wheel, it is made more portable
  • A remote control makes it convenient for you to change settings
  • Hassle-free fun and trendy fireplace that fits small area nicely


  • Does not blow enough heat especially for larger rooms

#7. Duraflame 3D Infrared Portable Space Electric Fireplace Stove DFI-5010 (Black)

On no 7 we have the Duraflame electric fireplace. It has the 3D flame effects that give your room that realistic look on a burning log. With five customized settings, you customize the flame effect to suit your room and your mood. Also it a patent-pending safer plug. This fire technology peace of mind because it controls the temperature and ensures that they are neither too low nor high. This thus prevents overheating or occurrences of fires. The infrared technology that it has produces heat that can warm your room in a matter of seconds. Also, with zone heating, your costs are saved dearly because you only heat the required rooms alone. Besides, it also saves energy because you can turn it off when not in use.


  • Very safe for young kids because they can’t get hurt from any form of heat
  • With the use of a fan, you can blow away any excess heat in the room
  • Presence of infrared quartz heat helps in maintaining the natural humidity
  • Overheat protection help instantly shut off to avoid overheating


  • Used mostly as a supplement for other sources of heat

#6. Muskoka 25 inch Curved Front 1500W Infrared Panoramic Electric Stove (Black)

Muskoka 25″ is best suited for homes, condos, lofts, apartments any temporary room. Muskoka produces the heat of 5200 BUTs than heat a room of an area up to 1500 square feet. Also, it has a panoramic design with wood stove case styling and an operable door that makes your room more presentable. Also, it has the variable thermostatic temperature adjustments that enable you to set the temperatures of your room to your desired level that is comfortable with you. Moreover, it has a hidden control panel that operates the flame heat and power. Therefore no plumbing nor venting is required. You easily assemble it and plugin for an instant ambiance and heat in your room.


  • The blower at the bottom enables it distributes heat very well
  • The hidden control panel makes it easy to operate flame, power, and heat
  • You can use this unit in large rooms
  • It offers cost-effective heat to any area you need


  • The heater at the bottom heats the floor making it hot

#5. JAMFLY 26 inch Infrared Quartz Adjustable 750w – 1500w Electric Fireplace Heater (Brown)

If your space is such small or does not desire a large electric fireplace JAMFLY ’26 is best suitable. This small mantel fireplace is beautifully designed to give your room that classy look. It is made of hardwood materials and finished with black or brown wood grain to have it last long without any replacement. The carved hearth base gives it that modern look also. Also, this mantel can be used for also heating function apart from decoration purposes. With the 750w and 1500w heating modes, it is easy to warm your small room apartment or condo. Also, it has a remote control that enables you to modify the flame effect and heat in your room.


  • It is more authentic for small rooms
  • Takes less time in putting them all together
  • Easy to use with no assembling required
  • The flame looks more realistic than many other models


  • The rotating sound makes it a bit uncomfortable

#4. FLAME&SHADE Portable Freestanding with Thermostat Electric Fireplace Heater (Black)

This is one of the electric fireplaces that are more convenient to use. Flame and shade electric fireplace has got high and low heating options (1500w and 750w) to enable you to enjoy warm air in your room. It also has a freestanding electric wood stove with realistic burning logs ensures that you enjoy all the benefits resulting from the warmness created by the fireplace. Moreover, the fan-forced convection heat with a base stand ensures the stability of your electric fireplace. You can also operate it at a distance using a remote to suit what you desire. This makes it compatible with homes and workplaces. This portable electric fireplace is only used indoors and can provide heat for rooms of an area of 400ft square.


  • Made from lightweight materials thus making it more portable
  • More reliable because it is manufactured from the most outstanding components
  • It creates a realistic burning log fuel bed in your room
  • The presence of the thermostat and timer functions enhances your safety


  • The dim lights work best only for dark rooms, not bright ones

#3. Xbeauty 33 inch Electric Fireplace Multi-color Flames Remote Control 750w/1500w

What is better than enjoying that warmth from a flame during the cold winter season? X beauty electric fireplace insert has a 3-flame bed and flame color settings that are red, orange, and blue. This allows you to customize the look of the flame to best suit your room, lighting system, or even your current mood. The touch screen and remote control function enable you to adjust the flame on your sofa or chair. Besides, the enlargement portrait fireplace viewing windows creates that focal Centre in your room and also creates that feeling of comfort. It also 2 heat mode settings 750w and 1500w that radiate soft warm air into your room. The heater also can be used for both heating function and decoration purposes.


  • No oil or any gas is needed to get it working
  • It does not emit any form of smoke in the room
  • The heater can be used with or without the flames
  • It is easy to install and operate


  • The heater is hot when in use careless can get you burned up

#2. SUNLEI 36 inch Recessed Built-in LED Multi-color Remote Control Electric Fireplace Insert

Could be you be having one of those outdated fireboxes and yearning to get yourself one of these modern electric fireplaces? SUNLEI electric Fireplace Insert is one of the best models around. This fireplace has two heating modes, that of 750w and 1500w to radiate warm soft air into your room. In an area of 400 square feet, it can be used without a heater. Moreover, it has the lifelike led pulsate flame lights with burning fireplace logs that give it that realistic flame effect. Also, it has five flame settings that radiate a soft ember glow and intense blaze in your room. This fireplace also allows you to adjust the flame to concur with your current mood and situation. This is made possible with the presence of remote control, therefore you can adjust anywhere in your room without necessarily getting nearer to the fireplace.


  • Ideal for many kinds of occasions like home, office, etc.
  • Easy to have it installed in the place of your choice
  • It is portable therefore you can change from place to place in your room
  • You can change the bottom and background color at your will to suit what you want


  • Cannot be used outdoors only on indoors occasions

#1. JAMFLY Mantel Package Remote Control 750w-1500w Electric Fireplace (White)

If you are one of those who love traditional looks for your fireplace then you should go for JAMFLY Electric Fireplace. JAMFLY mantel fireplace has fluted pilasters and timeless craftsmanship that gives it that traditional look. The carved hearth base makes it more modern making it more convenient for any home decor. Also, it has an ultra-high density LED light that reflects the life-like faux resin logs and a glowing ember bed with a flame affected with the 3D technology that brings you warmness and more comfort in your surroundings. Apart from using the mantel for decoration purposes, it can be used as a free-standing fireplace heater which enables you to heat your room. Using a remote control you can either reduce or increase the flame effects depending on how warm you want your room to be.


  • Made of quality material making it last long
  • Designed to give your home that elegant ambiance
  • Suitable for smaller spaces or apartments
  • Easy and saves time when assembling it


  • Not appropriate for larger spaces and larger apartments

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing a Heater Electric Fireplace


A timer is one of the greatest features to check when acquiring an electric fireplace. This is because it enables you to set the time what the fireplace will be in operation. For example, if you’ll be using the fireplace in your bedroom, then you can set it to switch off when you wake up early in the morning.


A thermostat is like a controller. It ensures the temperature that circulates in your room is enough and to your preference. A heater electric fireplace should have a thermostat that is adjustable within a range. With this, you can rest assured to sleep or sit comfortably without having to manually switch off the heater.


As you go purchasing an electric fireplace, you have to choose according to the display models. The current models use LED screens while the old ones makes use of LCD technology. Moreover, some advanced units use LED screens together with faux fire logs and crystal ember beds. The display also should be cool when touched.

Remote Control

As you know, operability brings convenience, so is it for a heater electric fireplace. Those that come with remote control are mostly preferred because they enable you to control at a distance. It enables you to switch on/off the fireplace or change the color of the flame as well as adjusting the thermostat settings right where you are.

Multi-Color Options

In most cases, electric fireplaces come with many effects and flame color options. These include blue flames, tall, orange, etc. Also, most models have three varied color settings that aid you in bringing a nice mood.

Overheating protection

Safety is one consideration that should never be underestimated. Because your electric fireplace produces heat, there should be a well-set measure to regulate the heat that comes out of it. A unit that offers overheat protection is ideal and worth your investment.


To sum up this discussion, a heater electric fireplace is less expensive, more convenient, and safer as compared to the traditional fireplaces. Also, these units come with a myriad of functions and features that help you achieve not only comfort and warmth but also the right ambiance in your home. You’ll concur with us that electric fireplaces currently exist in abundance. However, our review has looked into the top 10 best heater electric fireplaces. The guide that is also attached to the review, will offer you important information that is geared towards enabling you to have a good shopping experience. Shop right and you’ll never regret it.