10 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask in Reviews

Snorkeling has gain popularity over the years and it’s quickly becoming the most liked vacation activity. If you use to snorkel in the past, I’m sure you know that the sporting activity entailed a face mask and a snorkel. Yet currently a full face mask is available that has gain more reputation in the market. The goodness with the full face mask is the fact that it delivers 180 degrees field of view and provides for an enjoyable experience that needs no learning at all. Since this design is still new, it’s wise that you go for the best full face snorkel mask. Doing this will help you acquire the best performance and the best fit which is an assurance of a remarkable and wonderful underwater experience.

Many options are available in the market, and for this reason, we’ve sampled out the Top 10 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask you might want to consider.

Without much ado, let us begin…

#1. Gpeng Full Face Snorkel Mask

By Gpeng

Having a Full Face Snorkel Mask that makes it easy for you to breathe naturally and comfortably through your nose and mouth is desirable. Gpeng is what makes your snorkeling more enjoyable. In fact, its innovative design means you’ll stop struggling with breathing through a mouthpiece and start enjoying the mind-blowing underwater life experience instead. Designed with 4 intake valves inside the mask and an innovative longer snorkel that allows you to breathe naturally and calmly through either your nose or mouth.

What will impress you more about this mask is the visibility it has. It offers a clear vision of the time. And the fresh venting enables the mask to be anti-fog resistant thus enabling you to see sea creatures fully. In addition, the mask is designed with a wide field of view hence you can take any images of everything underwater.


  • No discomfort pressure around your nose and eyes
  • No dizzy problem thus you can see more sea creatures
  • Enables you to breathe more comfortably
  • Design with anti-fogging features


  • The mesh bag isn’t big enough

#2. AOMAIS Full Face Snorkel Mask


Whether you’re a casual snorkeler, an avid scuba diver, a hardcore free diver or you have kids who want to play around with the ocean waves, AOMAIS Snorkel Mask is just for you. During selection time, ensure to pick a snorkel that allows free diving in the most comfortable manner possible. If you enjoy spearfishing, snorkeling, free diving, then this snorkel mask makes you be an expert.

The unique features of this snorkel that makes it be different from another mask in the market are ergonomically curved tubes, replaceable mouthpiece, and purging vale system, all geared towards making snorkeling an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the mask from which this snorkel is designed is easy to clean – what you only need to do is washing the mask snorkel with clean water, which in return provides a clear view.


  • Prevent water from entering when submerged
  • Offers better breathing control
  • Super clear anti-fogging panorama goggles
  • No leak seal mask
  • High adjustable for youth &adults


  • Could be much better with larger straps and buckles

#3. Dive Energy Full Face Snorkel Mask

By Dive Energy

Tired of flimsy and cheap snorkels? We understand how annoying and uncomfortable the generic snorkels are, and we’ve not hesitated to help. We’ve come with a well-made design with improved features that will make your snorkeling the best activity to do. Dive Energy Snorkel Mask perfectly fits on your face, offering you a see-through view, while giving you a comfortable moment. You wouldn’t breathe with any problem because it is designed with a soft, silicone mouthpiece.

You can rest assured that having this snorkel with giving you long hours staying underwater without any fogging noted. Adjusting the snorkel has even been made simpler and easier with the buckles with two buttons on each side, truly, you’ll adjust the buckles to your best-fit position. Simply press the button and get your exact fit! Jaw aching and horrible aftertaste are things of the past since this snorkel is designed with a soft silicone mouthpiece, which offers the comfort you’ve never found.


  • Better design for better comfort.
  • No more leaks and saltwater.
  • Perfect vision with no fogging.
  • Certified and stylish.


  • The mask does not seal well for some people.

#4. ZIPOUTE Full Face Snorkel Mask


Snorkeling is one of the most wonderful and relaxing activities you can ever think about. Having issues with breathing via a tube through your mouth on the old-time snorkel mask? And you need an easily breathable diving mask? Well, you got an undisputable Snorkel Mask by ZIPOUTE Full Face Snorkel Mask to try. Zipoute aims at enabling you to explore and discover wonderful and beautiful creatures underwater. Needless to say, This Snorkel has numerous features that ensure your exploration is safe and comfortable.

When you start using this Snorkel mask, you’ll have a better way to breathe in almost the normal way. Actually, it’s the best snorkel mask to do away with the traditional triggering of the gag reflex that use to occur with the old snorkel. That aside, this design has a dry top with the anti-fog mask, thus enables your water experience to be fantastic.


  • Offers 180 degrees full-face design.
  • Uses anti-fogging technology that ensures the snorkel is dry at all times.
  • Has camera stand, enables you to take every amazing moment in the sea.
  • Made from medical original material and size.


  • Can sometimes cause discomfort in the area around your nose.

#5. Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask

By Greatever

Since it has been around for years now, Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask has been able to maintain its reputation of offering a comfortable and safe underwater experience. For those who have made snorkeling their favorite activity to do, this classic brand can never annoy or frustrate you in any way. In fact, you can easily adjust the mask with a low inner volume, suitable for those who enjoy deep diving. What makes this snorkel desirable for many is the fact that it accommodates a number of face types, may it be small or large.

Expect no fog development while you’ll be using Greatever, and breathe with ease with the designed flexible breathing tube. In case of strong ultra-violet rays, the Mask is made with tempered glass lenses that ensure your face is not affected. Get ready for scuba diving and swimming with Greatever Snorkel Mask.


  • Easy to use and fits most people.
  • Made with clear lenses and a panoramic view.
  • Anti-fogging and no leaking.
  • Design with food-grade material.


  • Mostly suited for smaller faces.

#6. FINA TIDER Full Face Snorkel Mask


Want to have an unforgettable sea experience? Get yourself FINA TIDER Full Face Snorkel Mask that will absolutely give you the best way to explore the ocean world. With its new upgraded features, this snorkel mask makes a perfect diving gear. It does not only appeal to the eye but is an easy to use the item. Don’t hesitate, get yours today and begin enjoying the experience.

What stands out about this Package is its lightweight that enables you to explore the seafloor without wearing any other equipment. And enables you to move freely and comfortably underwater. Without any further delay, take your diving mask, put on your favorite bikini, and swiftly dive into the water to explore sea life. Mirror fogging and water leakages are no things to worry about, this Snorkel Mask doesn’t allow such. Leverage on this languished Snorkel Mask!


  • Impact-resistant tempered glass lens.
  • environmentally friendly silicone mask.
  • Offers diving mask comfort.
  • Easy to use a mask.
  • High-performance mask.


  • Fits well but could be better with a larger field of view.

#7. ZEEPORTE Full Face Snorkel Mask


Occasionally worried about the type of a Snorkeling Mask you should use when going for your favorite recreational Snorkeler? ZEEPORTE Snorkel Mask works out for you. It diligently offers you the best way to have an overwhelming moment in the sea. Designed with fins with compact and lightweight blades, adjustable dry snorkel, and super soft dive mask making it easy to pack and an excellent option for travelers.

Think of any features you would expect a high-quality dry snorkel to have, ZEEPORTE has it all. At the top is made with a splash guard with a float mechanism which prevents water entry when the Snorkel Mask is submerged. Using this Mask is a better way of enjoying the sea experience because you can take your breath confidently and comfortably, no need to worry about the water around your airway.


  • Removable adjustable snorkel keeper for securing to any mask.
  • Dry-top valve seals breathing tube when submerged.
  • Food-grade comfortable liquid silicone mouthpiece.
  • Flexible lower bore reduces jaw fatigue.
  • A longer oval upper tube provides more air, and breath effortlessly.


  • Not recommended for scuba diving.

#8. W WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask


Finding an elastic with high-quality silicone Snorkel Mask can never be possible unless you have a WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask. The Mask skirts have made bigger, hence making the head and the mask to fit perfectly, in return enabling an effective water-proof Mask. You can enjoy longer hours under the water in a happy and joyous way.

As long as you use this Snorkel Mask, fresh air will be a guarantee, since it has a simple mechanism to enable the carbon oxide to leave and oxygen to come in. If you want the best way to explore and discover many enormous and small creatures in the sea, Go for WSTOO Snorkel face, as it the mask offers a wide field of view.


  • Have two quick-release buttons, which make it easier to wear.
  • No dizziness or discomfort.
  • Puts more emphasis on the safety of snorkeling.
  • Upgraded anti-fogging and anti-leakage design.


  • This mask is large and heavy.

#9. Cevarpro Full Face Snorkel Mask

By Cevarpro

Desire to get a Snorkel Mask that provides absolutely free breathing mechanism while diving? Your desire has been fulfilled with the uprising of Cevarpro Full Face Snorkel Mask. Has two valves that ensure breathing is done comfortably and easily while you enjoy your time underwater. Apart from that, this Mask leverage on snorkel tube and the enhanced features in the valve, which makes you breathe naturally a maximum airflow.


  • 100% anti-fog and 180 degrees panoramic view.
  • Anti-leak and dry set.
  • Easy to use a mask.
  • Designed with a perfect seal.
  • Have adjustable snorkel valve.


  • Mask is narrow and deep to fit Anglo heads.

#10. WildHorn Outfitters Full Face Snorkel Mask

By WildHorn

You can never imagine how WildHorn Outfitter Snorkel Mask enables you to breathe comfortably and naturally via your mouth and nose. Design with two chambers and four valves that enables air to move in and out freely in your body. It features a flexible and soft food-grade silicone mouthpiece and bitewings that offer a secure and comfortable grip, hence you wouldn’t need to worry about jaw clenching since jaw fatigue is eliminated. This snorkel mask is worth trying!


  • Offers a clear view underwater.
  • The best snorkel to breathe naturally.
  • Made from durable silicone material.
  • Creates a comfortable watertight seal.
  • Fog resistant.


  • Fun but scary for first users.

What You Need To Consider When Selecting Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full face mask still stands as a new product in the gaming industry and a handful of info is known about them. Even though they offer an absolute snorkeling experience, your desire is to get a snorkel that best fits your needs. This begins with choosing an appropriate mask based on the following factors.

Mask fit

Choosing a snorkel with an exact mask fit will mean no leakage and more time provided for your underwater experience. Getting an inappropriate fit will occasionally make you clear the leakages away from your mask, a tiring job. As a matter of fact, you need to resurface back to the land to undertake regular water clearance.


Since Snorkeling is a gaming activity, it should aim at bringing fun and joy. Ascertain that your mask has a comfortably fitting snorkel to offer you a wonderful underwater experience.

Lens quality

Don’t purchase a snorkel mask just because it’s cheap. Check the quality of the lens. Lenses differ in quality and brands. Go for a snorkel mask with the best lens that supports anti-fog technology.

Straps and Buckles

Choose a snorkel mask with wider straps. As this makes your mask to be worn comfortably and also to last for a longer period. More, if you have longer hair, it’s to your advantage since your hair wouldn’t be tangled around with your straps. In addition, your buckles stretch and their flexibility is also important.


Giving much attention to your frame system is so important when selecting the best snorkel mask. You’re faced with two options, framed and frameless snorkel mask, it’s a good step to take what you like most. In most cases, it will have to do with your personal taste and preferences. For instance, a frameless snorkel mask is usually less expensive and sleeker while a framed mask possesses compact frames that support the whole mask.


In summary, choosing a perfect fit full face snorkel mask can change your underwater experience into a much enjoyable ordeal. Needless to say, all the snorkel mask we’ve reviewed offers 180 degrees view with an excellent fog-free lens. What remains with you is selecting what you like most. No need to freak anymore, because our reviewed snorkel mask meets your heart’s desires. With these masks, you’ll no longer have to put the effort into maintaining your snorkel in your mouth, you simply strap the mask and you’re ready to enjoy the undersea adventure.