10 Best Fruits For Skin Whitening in Reviews

The skin remains to be an important organ that has an essential role in protecting the body from getting into contact with infections, germs, or even microbes. Additionally, the skin is responsible for your body temperature adjustment other than making you feel sensations. You will agree with us the skin is the part of the body that is directly exposed to the exterior elements of the environment. For that reason, you ought to give your skin complete protection as well as care. Among the ways to achieve that will be using recommended fruits for skin whitening.

Top 10 Best Fruits for Skin Whitening

Nowadays, there are so many skincare products that are readily available in the market. Nevertheless, most of these products have harmful chemicals as well as allergic ingredients. These might expose you to several health issues after using them for a long time. Having said that, which will be the way to go? The answer to this is pretty simple: adding fruits to the daily diet. That sounds unbelievable to some people but the truth of the matter is that fruits have essential nutrients.

When fruits are eaten regularly, their components reserve different health issues other than improving the skin tone. Most importantly, fibers will flush away toxins accumulation in the body and later cleansing the internal areas. The more fruits you eat, the higher the chances you stand for glowing skin without having to use artificial products. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 best fruits you can use for skin whitening. When you incorporate them into your everyday skincare routine, you will get your desired results.

1. Lemon

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Lemon is among the citrus fruits which have the ability to give you glowing skin. In the medical industry, lemons are commonly known as “a natural bleach”. Lemon has Vitamin C and B not forgetting about phosphorus & carbohydrates. It is therefore helpful in enhancing beauty. Lemons will not only help you in lightening the skin safely but also whiten it.

Other than these 2 benefits, lemons will similarly help in making the skin tone far much better and reduce blemishes or acne marks. If you are therefore looking to get something that will unclog your pores, this will be a good option. In order to achieve the best results, you need to drink one glass of lemon with honey water in the morning a time your stomach has nothing.

2. Papaya

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Papaya is yet another product that is widely used to care for the skin. You will find it mostly used as lotions, cleansers, and soaps. However, there will be no need for buying any papaya chemicals since the same benefits can be enjoyed with fresh papaya. Experts recommend eating papaya on a regular basis. It is still possible to mash it and later apply it to the skin to end up with glowing skin.

Papaya has large amounts of Vitamin A and an essential enzyme, papain which is ideal for the skin’s collagen. The enzyme helps in healing the damaged skins by simply speeding up the process of cell regeneration. It will similarly offer protection from the free radicals. Again, papain will be good for skin renewal & lightening.

3. Apples

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Apples are the richest sources of malic acid. The acid is popularly known as alpha hydroxyl which I preferred due to its gentleness compared to the other beauty treatments like salicylic or glycolic acid. The fruit’s acid will help you get firm, healthy, and youthful skin. The acid will renew the skin cells without damaging the skin layer. One more advantage is that it has high fiber content which will clean your colon for pimple-free skin.

You, however, need to know that the iron contained in the apples might lead to stomach aches when eaten with an empty stomach. All the same, it will help in giving a smooth and lightened skin. In case your doctor tells you that you have an anemic condition or you lack minerals in the body, apples are going to be your perfect solution.

4. Avocados

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Avocados are fruits that have several benefits to the body. Essentially, in the health industry, avocados are known as superfoods. They are more nutritious and have a good taste despite being beneficial to your skin. There are two ways in which avocados can be used. One, they can be applied topically or eaten. These fruits are very rich in biotin, commonly referred to as B7.

It is B7 which promotes cell growth as well as regeneration. Other than making the skin glow, they help in a faster growth rate for your hair and nails. The fruits will also promote vitamin E which is good for skin protection. Since it has a high-fat content, your skin will also become youthful & glowing.

5. Pomegranate

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Although this is a less known fruit, it is unique and special in its own ways. This fruit falls in a similar category to blueberries as well as green tea. Essentially all the parts of this fruit are very beneficial. After buying the fruit, its skin, the peels as well as the seeds will be of importance. Being rich in antioxidants the fruit will promote youthful and supple skin.

Additionally, Pomegranate will help in eliminating fine lines or wrinkles on the face other than helping in skin whitening. Its anti-aging compounds will similarly help in stimulating the keratinocyte cells thereby aiding more cellular regeneration.

6. Plums

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

The mechanism through which plums work is quite different from the other fruits. This is among the fruits which mainly help in preventing acne development. The major cause of this issue will be caused by constipation. Additionally, the plums will help in promoting a regular bowel movement. What’s more, plums will eliminate the accumulation of toxins.

These are fruits that are very rich in fiber more than even apples. For that reason, if you are looking for a glowing & healthy fruit, you should consider using the plums. They have a good taste which will even give you the psyche to eat them.

7. Bananas

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

These fruits are commonly known for their potassium content which is very high. Potassium is responsible for hydrating and also moisturizing your skin. For that reason, the skin will become more supple and youthful as well. Other than potassium, bananas contain other vitamins, such as Vitamin A, B, and C. Another advantage of bananas is that they help in maintaining skin elasticity.

Basically, if you are looking to avoid getting wrinkles, these are the fruits to go for. You will, therefore, have youthful skin all the time. Additionally, bananas help in rejuvenating and softening your skin. If you are also looking to eliminate blemishes & dark spots, these fruits will be of great help. You can either eat bananas or try out the banana mask for the skin.

8. Kiwi

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Are you aware that the Kiwi fruit has more Vitamin C compared to oranges? When you take just 100 grams of kiwi fruit, you are going to get 98mg of this vitamin as compared to equal orange. Additionally, Vitamin C will help to boost the body’s immunity. It similarly keeps your skin looking more youthful and fresher at the same time.

The antioxidants, as well as Vitamin E present in this fruit, will help greatly in skin whitening. Apart from that, it will remove any freckles & acne. Kiwi’s omega-3 acids will protect your skin from different skin disorders. Apart from that, the vitamins, as well as nutrients present in the kiwi fruit, will help your skin in the process of renewing its cells. The bottom line is that kiwi will be good in skin whitening & lightening.

9. Pineapples

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

These are some other fruits that are so rich in bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme. It helps in skin exfoliation. It is possible to make the pineapple juice or even apply it topically. This assists in getting healthy glowing skin. Due to their anti-oxidant properties, pineapples eliminate the chances of skin damage. Other than lightening the skin, it will hydrate the skin and also eliminate any blemishes.

Drinking pineapple juice and pulps will help in clearing any dead skin cells to reveal beautiful and glowing skin. These fruits are among the readily available in the market. For that reason, you will have an easy time treating your skin.

10. Strawberries

Best Fruits For Skin Whitening

Strawberries are popular fruits known to have so many vitamins among them vitamin C & alpha hydroxy acid. This acid is similarly known as salicylic acid and penetrates the skin in order to clean it from within. These fruits will also be beneficial in unclogging the skin pores and also reducing the formation of pimples. Through ellagic acid which is a very powerful antioxidant, strawberries will lead to skin glowing and also prevent any formation of wrinkles.

Salicylic acid is used in several skincare products since it helps in reducing acne and blemishes so that the skin can keep glowing. As we mentioned earlier, it contains ellagic acid with Vitamin C which helps in preventing the destruction of collagen. We can, therefore, conclude that eating strawberries will greatly help people achieve healthy and glowing skin.

How to use fruits for glowing skin:

You realize that there are so many ways in which fruit juices can be used with the aim of getting glowing skin. This is a brief guide on how to go about it:

  • First, you can decide to sprinkle the juice on the face
  • Another way will be dipping some cotton and later dab the juice gently on the face
  • The third way will be putting some of the juice in an ice tray and allow it to freeze. After that, you will be required to rub the cubes on the face to achieve splendid results. However, this will only be done if only there are extreme summers. Again, you should avoid eating rice, curd, or something else which is cold after using the treatment. The best time to try out the treatment will be during the day only.
  • Last but not least, you can opt to simply drink it. One point to note is that the juice should be used when freshly procured for facial treatment. You should simply stay away from canned or the preserved fruit juices. Additionally, you should avoid adding sugar or maybe salt. On top of that, you should avoid straining your drink.


Nobody wants to be associated with a dull look or one which is unhealthy and undernourished. Nowadays, people are facing problems such as acne, dark circles, pigmentation, and dullness as well. The health of your skin will mainly depend upon the type of lifestyle you have as well as the eating habits. Skin lightening doesn’t necessarily need using different creams or any commercial products which have so many harmful chemicals. On the contrary, there are fruits available that will greatly help in achieving an unmatched beauty. The above fruits have actually been proved to have so many crucial nutrients & ingredients that can benefit the face after being applied onto the skin.

In this article, you will find different fruits that are good for lightening the skin. We believe that you now have enough knowledge as far as skin lightening is concerned. With any of the fruits above, therefore, your skin will ever be healthy and glowing as well. The good thing is that all the fruits are very easy to get since they are readily available in the supermarkets. That means that you are too close to getting the type of skin that you have ever desired. Additionally, the fruits are very affordable and at the same time effective for taking care of the skin when compared to some other expensive creams or lotions being sold today. We also provided the different ways in which these fruits can be applied. Up to this far, you have all that you need to achieve the skin look that you have always desired to have.