10 Best Folding Wagons in Reviews

Folding wagons helps people to carry heavy luggage for long distances. If you are therefore looking to transport your heavy luggage without breaking your back, you ought to have a folding wagon. These are new products since they have been in existence for a long time. The good thing about these wagons is that they can be easily stored since they fold easily into a small size.

There are so many aspects you are required to keep in mind when selecting the foldable wagons. This shall be covered later in this article. All the same, you need to know that not all folding wagons in the market are worth buying. Some of them come from the least-known manufacturers. To help you get the best folding wagon., we came up with the review below.

10. S2 Lifestyle Collapsible Folding Wagon with Wheels, Gray

This is a heavy-duty and collapsible wagon that allows you to load items to a maximum weight of 150 lbs. it features a powder-coated steel frame which makes it resistant to rust. It is therefore right to say that this folding wagon will serve you for a long time. Another great feature about this folding wagon is that it comes with a waterproof canvas body which is easy to clean. Apart from that, the wagon comes with 360 degrees swivel wheels which makes transportation much easier. There are so many color options available so you get your favorite.


  • The heavy-duty and folding wagon can accommodate up to 150 lbs. of luggage
  • It comes with a powder-coated steel frame which is rust-resistant for durability
  • Made with a quality canvas fabric which will be very easy to clean when it catches dirt
  • Features 360-degrees swivel wheels making transportation of luggage easier


  • There is none for now

9. PORTAL Collapsible Utility Wagon with Removable Fabric, 225 lbs. Weight Capacity

This folding wagon comes with a fabric that is very easy to remove with no tools needed. You, therefore, do not have to worry about this fabric getting stained since cleaning will be a breeze. The setup of this wagon is very quick and easy and will also give you an easy storage time. With the three color options available, you will be in a position to select your favorite color. The handle for this wagon will make towing easy. You can also rely on this wagon to traverse different terrains with ease. The manufacturer has backed this product with a warranty of 1 year giving you enough purchasing confidence.


  • The removable fabric makes it easy to clean when it gets stained
  • Quick setting up and folding with no tools needed which makes its storage and transportation convenient
  • It features sturdy steel frame construction which supports a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds
  • This is a risk-free purchase since it comes with a warranty of one year


  • It has some sharp points which puncture the skin

8. Mac Sports Double Decker Folding Wagon. Teal

This is a large capacity folding wagon which sets up in a few seconds since there will be no assembly needed. The manufacturer made this folding wagon in different color options give you a wider range of selection. It features a heavy-duty steel frame construction allowing it to hold up to 150 lbs. weight. It also comes with an extended lower shelf which proves to be effective for items like umbrellas, among other bulky items. You will also appreciate the fact that it is made with a quality 600D fabric which makes it very easy to clean. Other functional features include two mesh cup holders for holding beverages.


  • Features an adjustable controlled handle for a very comfortable and secure grip
  • It comes with 2 mesh cup holders which will keep your beverages handy as you transport your items
  • The folding wagon comes with a heavy-duty steel frame which allows it to support a maximum weight of 150 lbs.
  • The large capacity folding wagon which has a very simple assembly


  • It comes with a strong pungent smell which is always irritating

7. Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Folding Wagon w/Canopy for cargo & kids

This is another folding wagon that will give you a simple time during transportation or storage. The setup of this wagon is also very easy now that it does not require any assembly tools. The unique thing about this folding wagon is that it can be used for both kids and cargo too. You will appreciate the fact that is wagon comes with padded seats which will help to guarantee that you get a comfortable ride. The fabric used in making this folding wagon is of good quality and will be very easy to clean. It features 2 cup holders and a UV blocking technology for safety.


  • This folding wagon is ideal for both cargo and kids with its padded seats for comfort
  • The wagon features sturdy construction which allows it to hold a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs.
  • Features UV blocking canopy which will protect your kids and cargo from sun
  • Guaranteed safety since it comes with safety belts


  • Some people complained that it fell apart easily

6. BEAU JARDIN Folding Wagon - Collapsible Utility Grocery Canvas with Heavy Duty Wheels

This is a large capacity folding capacity that you can rely upon for your heavy luggage. The setting up of this folding wagon is very easy since there are no tools involved in the assembly. You will appreciate the fact that it is made with quality 600D fabric which also very easy to remove and clean. You ought to buy this folding wagon with confidence due to the risk-free nature of this purchase. In case for one reason or the other you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, you will get a refund of your money. Other functional features include the 360-degrees wheels and an adjustable handle.


  • Made with 600D polyester fabric which is easily removable when you need to clean it
  • Hassle-free refund and replacement with a guarantee of one year so you need to buy with confidence
  • It sets up in seconds since no assembly is required so you will have an easy time storing and transporting it
  • Features 360 degrees wheels and an adjustable handle which makes it convenient to use


  • Some people complained that this wagon had a wrong weight rating

5. Timber Ridge Folding Wagon - Sturdy Steel Frame

On the fifth rank according to this review is the Timber Ridge folding wagon which is available in three different colors. You will appreciate the fact that it is made with quality materials which allow it to support a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs. it has large wheels with rubber treading for all types of surfaces. This wagon folds into a compact size allowing it to fit in your car’s trunk. You can, therefore, be assured that you can go with it everywhere you go. The instant and easy setup of this folding wagon is another reason you will want to purchase it. Additionally, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.


  • Comes with large wheels with rubber treading allowing it to support 150 lbs. on hard surfaces and 110 lbs. on sand
  • Buy with confidence since the manufacturer offers a warranty of one year to cover manufacturing defects
  • The front wheels rotate easily while the back wheels remain fixed for convenience
  • Easily folds into a compact size and comes with a carrying bag


  • The wheels make some horrible noise

4. TCP Global Wide Wheel Wagon with Push Bar - 265 Lbs. Weight Capacity

This is an extra-large and heavy-duty wagon that is ideal for all types of terrains. Its heavy-duty tubular steel frame allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs. the fabric used is 600D polyester which is also easy to remove whenever you need to clean it. This is a perfect utility wagon that can be used on the beach, for gardening, and even sporting events. The handle is very easy to adjust which makes it very easy to maneuver. When it comes to the wheels, you will appreciate that they have improved traction for smooth traveling.


  • Buy with confidence, in case you are not satisfied within one year, you get a replacement
  • The wide wheels for the wagon are available in blue, red, and green colors
  • Easy to adjust the handle for the wagon making it easy to adjust
  • 4 inches wide rubber wheels which can be used for all types of terrains


  • The front wheels will not last that long

3. Uquip Folding Wagon XL with Big Wheels and Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

This is a large and strong folding wagon that is suitable for different terrain types. It is made with a 600D ripstop fabric which allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. Another great feature is that the handle is adjustable and it comes with freely moving front tires for convenience. With its fast folding mechanism, you will like the fact that its set up will be something easy. The versatile design for this folding wagon allows it to be used at the beach, for gardening, picnics among other outdoor activities.


  • Adjustable handle with freely-moving tires for convenience on the hard surfaces
  • Ideal for outdoor activities like beach trips, sports festivals, shopping, and even gardening
  • It takes a very short time to set up since it does not require any type of assembly
  • Made with a durable 600D ripstop fabric giving it a weight capacity of 220 pounds


  • The wheels are not friendly for the sandy surfaces

2. WagonBuddy Folding Stroller Wagon w/Canopy - Easy Setup

This is a new model which has a push and pull handle not forgetting that it has a rear foot brake. Since there are no tools needed for assembly, you will have an easy time setting it up. To make sure that you have all the convenience you need to carry it, the manufacturer provides a free carrying bag. You will also appreciate the fact that it is made from stain-resistant materials which guarantee that it will last for a long time. It is sturdy construction which allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds. Though it is a bit pricey, you will get value for your money.


  • Comes with a pull and push handle with a rear foot brake for convenience
  • Ensures hassle-free storage with a weight capacity of 120 pounds
  • No tools needed for assembly which makes it fast and easy to assemble
  • The manufacturer offers a free and convenient carrying bag


  • It will not serve you for a long time

1. Hauck Eco Folding Wagon - Forest Green

Finally, we have the best combination of both style and comfort. It is manufactured with a foldable steel frame and a ballistic fabric weave for comfort. You will also appreciate the fact that it is easy to remove whenever you need to clean it. Another great feature of this wagon is that it comes with sporty wheels which are not only smooth but also durable. Apart from that, this wagon comes with a removable shade which helps to shield your kids from the harsh weather.


  • Multipurpose and hand-pulled utility folding wagon
  • It has a sturdy steel frame that is rust-resistant and stands the test of time
  • Features cushioned seats that will comfortably fit two
  • The fabric for this foldable wagon is easy to remove and clean


  • The customer service is very poor

Buying Guide

Space availability

Although we are talking of folding wagons, you need to know that these wagons are not the same size at all. This, therefore, makes it necessary for you to check whether the folding wagon will fit in the space you allocated it. In case you will be going camping, you will carry these wagons in your vehicle. If it does not fit the car trunk, you are subject to problems.


Depending on the type of cargo you are looking forward to carrying, you need to emphasize on capacity. Before you can proceed to purchase, you need to have the approximate size and weight of that cargo. In that regard, you will be able to select the best folding wagon for that cargo. You should, however, make sure that you do not compromise the portability of your folding wagon.


A good folding wagon should be made with quality materials if you expect it to last. The real challenge is that it becomes hard at times to distinguish between a real and counterfeit product. You, therefore, need to make sure that the folding wagon you are about to purchase is strong enough to stand the test of time. Otherwise, you could be investing your money in the wrong place.


People are always moving items from one place to the other especially when they have a lot of items. For that reason, so much manpower ends up being used leading to tiredness. To get rid of these issues, you definitely need a folding wagon. This article has exhausted everything that you need to know about the folding wagons. What has remained now is for you to read through the reviews. In so doing, you will easily know which folding wagon matches your needs. All the best!