10 Best Hair Dryer in Reviews

While hair straighteners have been there for a long time, as the long straight hair becomes more fashionable, the use of flat irons has dramatically increased. If you want to have smooth, straight sleek hair then it’s very important to own the best flat iron in reviews. Since there are many top rated flat irons on the market, if you are new you need to carefully choose one. Thankfully we’ve rounded up some of the best selling flat irons for thick hair in reviews.

Top 10 best selling flat irons for thick hair

#10. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Styling tool and hair drier

If you are looking to do your hair like a pro then this is the best tool to use. Coming with a professional AC motor, this flat iron hairdryer dries your hair 50% faster than other dryers in the market. Made using ironic technology, it will provide you with smooth shinning hair and uniform heat for less damage and faster drying. For airflow and custom heat, it comes with 3 heat/ 2-speed settings. In addition, it has a concentrator for smooth styles and a diffuser for textured styles.


  • Quiet and powerful long-lasting motor.
  • Speed settings and variable heat.
  • Has concentrator attachment.


  • Some people do not like the discomfort brought about by the weight.
  • Some also do not like the curved handle.

#9. Wazor Professional Hair Dryer Tourmaline Blow Dryer

The reason why this hair dryer made it to the highest level on this review is that it’s one of the best dryers in the market. Powered by 1875 watts DC motor, has lightweight, 3 heat, and 2-speed settings and a very cool short button to provide you with a variety of hairstyles and complete hair drying. It also has a negative ionic function, ceramic tourmaline air outlet, and far-infrared function.


  • Has a sleek design and unique color.
  • Driers the hair very fast.
  • Make the hair smooth.
  • Takes only 15 minutes to dry your hair.


  • None

#8. 1875 Watts Ionic Professional Salon Hair Dryer With AC Motor Infrared Heat

This professional long-life AC Motor hairdryer will let you dry your hair within a few minutes. It has far infrared and negative ion function which will smooth your hair and lock it thus protecting it against any heat damage. It also has a cool shot button and 3 heat 2-speed settings to ensure there are complete styling and drying.


  • Ionic technology.
  • Far infrared heat.
  • 1875 watts AC motor.
  • Cool shot button settings, 3 heat settings, and cool heat settings.
  • Removable hair filter.


  • The settings can accidentally change.
  • It’s a little bit heavy

#7. 1875 Watts BERTA Ne4gative Ions Blow Dryer with 3 heat 2 Speed Setting

As compared to other dryers in the market, the Berta 1875 Watts hairdryer has so many attractive qualities. For instance, it has negative ion technology that will smooth your hair and reduce the fuzz. Since it’s a professional quality dryer it will help dry your hair as quickly as possible. Apart from its lower wattage, you will also like its cold shot function that will cool your hair so as to set the style in place.


  • Removable filter.
  • ALCI protection device and a test button to ensure that it’s safe to plugin.
  • Cold shot function.


  • It lacks diffuser attachment for curly hair.

#6. Revlon 1875 W Infrared HAIR Dryer for Maximum Shine and Faster Drying

If you are looking for softness, maximum shine, and control then the Revlon 1875 Infrared Hair Dryer might be the best option for you. Its Tourmaline IONIC technology will enhance the shine by reducing the heat. More so, its cool shot button and 2 Heat/2 Speed settings will provide you with maximum control over what you are doing.


  • Smooth strands.
  • Maximum shine.
  • Fast styling.
  • Smoothing concentrator for precise drying and styling.
  • Diffuser to soften the hair flow.


  • The red lights are just a gimmick.
  • The cord protector is made of stiff material.

#5. 1875 Watts Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

The Conair cord keeper hair dryer features a high torque DC motor and tourmaline ceramic technology for fast drying, less damage, and uniform heat throughout the hair. It also has a cord keeper handle to make it easy to store. Apart from these, its 3 heat 2-speed settings are suitable for all types of hair and cool shot locks to make sure that the style remains in place.


  • It has perfect speed.
  • Infrared technology.
  • Dust screen that helps keep long hair from getting caught.
  • Is easy to use and clean.


  • You cannot adjust the fan speed while holding it.
  • It’s a little bit heavy.
  • It has a tendency of twisting up.

#4. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Although it has an incredible lightweight Rusk Engineering is a heavy performer. Infused with tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic generator that produces millions of negative ions, this dryer produces the ultimate shine within a very short time. It also comes with a cool shot button, 3 heat 2-speed settings. All these are housed in a cool cubic print finish.


  • Lightweight and sleek design.
  • Produces even heat and reduces frizz.
  • Dries the hair quickly.


  • Loud.
  • Doesn’t produce enough heat.
  • Poor quality.

#3.Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer Black

This unique ionic hair dryer comes with a ceramic technology that prevents heat damage and ionic technology that will give you smooth shinning hair. In addition to its 3 speed 2 heat settings, it also has high torque DC motor to help you dry your hair fast. Its concentrator and diffuser will give you the best look without damaging your hair. More so, its versatile performance will boost the natural shine of your hair without visiting the salon.


  • 3 heat and 2-speed control to give you maximum styling control.
  • Diffuser and concentrator.
  • Ionic technology and cool shot button.


  • It has a funny smell

#2. Remington Hair Dryer with Ceramic, Ionic and Tourmaline Technology

As compared to other cheaper dryers, Remington has some of the best features. Its striking design, dual functionality, and high damage control stand out from other products. Also, its unique color combination of black and purple makes it outstanding and its removable filters give you the flexibility of cleaning your hair the way you want. More so, its lifespan is moderate. Regardless of your hair type, you can use it to dry your hair. As a matter of fact, women with kinky and curly hair will derive the maximum benefit from it.


  • It has some of the best features.


  • It comes with some minor flaws.

#1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Drye

While this hair dryer does not have a lot of things going for it aesthetically, it comes with an upgraded ceramic grill that will give you the ions that your hair needs so that it can turn out smooth. Although it’s a simple black dryer it’s covered with a rubberized coating that will make it easier to grab. Made with a professional AC motor and extra-high wattage it delivers the best performance. With an 8 mm concentrator and four temperature settings, this is one of the best dryers in the market.


  • Amazingly strong.
  • Provides extra wattage.
  • It has an upgraded ceramic grill.


  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • The control switches are terrible.

[How to choose the best one]

Here are some of the features to consider when looking for one

Safe handles

The handle of your hair straighter should not be hot unless you want to burn your hands. While most flat irons are safe to hold with one hand, some people prefer to use both hands.

Ergonomic design

Your iron hair flat iron should be easier to hold and maneuver while styling your hair.

Quick styling

Since using a wet to dry flat iron may mean a bit more heat damage and longer styling, you need to consider the thickness of your hair before you settle o this option.

Slightly curved edges

With this type of flat iron, you can easily create waves and curves. If you want to create curves and waves then this is the best one to choose.

Smaller irons

If you have short thick hairs then consider having a flat iron with narrower or smaller plates. This will not only help you get closer to the roots but also easier to handle while making your hair.

Heat control

If you have thick curly hair then you should be able to control the heat on your flat iron.


Choosing the best flat iron is perhaps one of the best investments that you can ever make. With an excellently performing flat iron for thick hair, you will achieve the kind of hair that you want within minutes. However, since there are several options in the market choosing the best one is highly recommended. Thankfully, this guide should help you buy the best tool for your hair.