10 Best Emergency SOS Alarm & Radio in Reviews

Losing power or telephone reception when a storm is approaching is the worst scenario one can ever have to experience. It brings out frustration without knowing what to do in such emergencies. Emergency SOS alarms and radios are well designed to eliminate situations like these. You will always be alerted of any approaching human-made or natural disasters. With this, you will be ready to encounter them in the best way. So whether you are planning on staying at home or going out, you should always consider getting yourself this emergency kit to keep you safer at all times.

With all that said, what does it take to pick the best brands out there in the flooded markets? It becomes such a daunting task to go through all the available models while trying to settle for one brand. We, therefore, thought it wise to compile a list of the best brands to aid you throughout your choice. The guide below seeks to share some of the best options you can opt for. This list contains the top 10 best emergency SOS alarms and radios.

10. Tiemahun Hard Crank Solar Dynamo Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Camping

You can handle any emergencies in the best way ever with the Tiemahun emergency SOS alarm and radio. It allows you to get connected with the authorities when a crisis occurs or any disaster situation. The “ALERT” function keeps searching for any signals and once it finds any it will turn the flashlight on and the SOS siren function automatically. You can as well turn on the lamp to provide you with enough light while reading. Better still, it is equipped with a 5000mAh battery which only requires 8 hours for a full charge. With this, you can use it to charge your phone or any other smaller electronic device.


  • Has a compact design to fit into your pocket
  • Ensures maximum visibility with the LED light
  • You can charge it via USB or inbuilt solar panel
  • Easy to carry around since it has a lightweight design


  • Has a shorter antenna length

9. Soleloz High Sensitivity Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Indoor or Outdoor use

Are you ready for your next camping session? You should not forget to take with you this emergency SOS alarm and radio by Soleloz. The flashlight provides you with the needed source of light during the night. It has a 1500mAh battery which acts as a great power bank to recharge your phone and other smaller devices. You will always hear all the important reports about your area with the NOAA/AM/PM radio. Additionally, you no longer have to break your way through dark paths because it has a strong and bright flashlight. Whenever you are out of power, you can use the dynamo crank handle for more power.


  • The rechargeable battery offers you a continuous source of power
  • Has a charging indicator to let you know of the charging status
  • Easy to operate since it comes with a clear instructional manual
  • Portable thus easy to carry from one place to another


  • Does not hold a charge for longer periods

8. Yezro Green Self Powered Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Use while in the Wild

As an outdoor enthusiast, the Yezro emergency SOS alarm and radio become one of your must-have accessories. It is equipped with a 2200mAh battery that offers you the needed power while out camping or hiking. The radio sends real-time broadcasts so that you can always be aware of emergency weather alerts in your area. You can as well charge it using a micro USB cable, manual power, AAA batteries, or solar panel. Also, you no longer have to worry about dark areas because the flashlight illuminates such spaces. With only a weight of 13.6 ounces, you can easily carry from one place to another without feeling much of its weight.


  • Offers you weather alerts such as a tornado, hurricanes and so on
  • Provides you the needed light with the 1W flashlight
  • The mp3 player allows you to play music at any time
  • Has water-resistant and drop-proof design for longer usage


  • The outside shell is not very durable

7. Lukasa Grey Multi-Functional Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Household Survival

Safety is one of the key aspects to consider while out camping or fishing. Lukasa emergency SOS alarm and radio provide you the needed safety in case of storms and hurricanes. It offers you 4 different ways to recharge it using a solar panel, hand cranking, AAA batteries, and USB charging. The bright LED flashlight offers you the needed light while reading, playing, or during any emergency. Moreover, the radio will always keep you updated by accessing all the broadcasts. This makes it a great birthday or Christmas gift for your loved ones who treasure outdoor activities.


  • Has a compact design for easy storage and transport
  • Provides 4-6 hours of radio use when fully recharged
  • Easy to carry around since it only weighs 12 ounces
  • Ideal for use during blackout night and other situations


  • Takes 4 hours to recharge it via USB cable

6. Sunglife Hand Crank Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Latest Weather Updates

Never worry about power outages because Sunglife emergency SOS alarm and radio offer you the best way out. You can power it by solar panel, battery, or USB cable to always keep in touch with what is going on around the world. When you need to attract the attention of rescuers and emergency services, you can use the LED flashlight and locator siren. Furthermore, you can easily throw it inside your backpack or emergency kit since it has a compact and lightweight design. With a minute of hand cranking, you are assured of 5-7 minutes of continuous lighting and radio usage.


  • Plays for several weeks if you power it with 3AAA batteries
  • Equipped with a 2600mAH battery for longer operations
  • Ideal for use while out camping, hiking, or fishing
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations


  • Has a weak tuner knob

5. Esky Daily Alerts Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio with LED lamp and NOAA channels

Get out of the monster of any storm at any time with Esky emergency SOS alarm and radio. This unit has an inbuilt 4000mAh battery which can work for up to 30 hours when fully recharged. With this, you can use it to charge your smartphone or any other USB device. You no longer worry about power outages because you can power the radio by hand cranking, USB charging, solar energy, and 18650 batteries. Operation is such a hassle-free task because you only need to switch on the power and receive the latest weather alerts. Besides, you can light that flashlight in 3 different modes to suit your needs.


  • The flashlight has a working range that exceeds 10 meters
  • Smaller in size thus slips easily into your backpack
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • Has a louder SOS alarm to call for attention and rescue


  • Designed from plastic materials

4. Pplee Survival Kit Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Earthquake and Flooding

You have got more than enough reasons to try out this emergency SOS alarm and radio brand by Pplee. It features a 6 LED reading lamp which provides you with the needed source of light while studying or playing. The SOS alarm produces louder sounds to attract attention whenever you need any help. When you are away from the power source, you can easily generate the power with the self-powered dynamo hand crank. You can as well charge the 2600mAh battery by solar panel or USB outlet. This makes it a great power bank to charge your smaller electronic devices.


  • Has adjustable antenna for better signal reception
  • Portable thus suitable for use during a disaster situation
  • You can easily adjust the volume of the radio with the knob
  • Offers you 5 different power sources for continuous operations


  • The buttons are a bit flimsy

3. Kello Reading Lamp Powerbank Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio with Clear Alerts

Regardless of any outdoor events, you can always put all your trust in the Kello emergency SOS alarm and radio. You can use it while out camping, fishing, walking, and many more to always call for help in dire times. It is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD which makes it easier for you to read the frequencies. Ideally, you can charge your phones, camera, or GPS devices because it features an inbuilt battery. Even better, it has 7 preprogrammed weather channels for sports, entertainment, and breaking news around the world. You can as well receive weather alerts of your area such as the presence of a hurricane.


  • You can charge it with a solar or using 3AAA batteries
  • Ensures correct and full coverage for better updates
  • Made water resistant for convenient operations
  • Has a longer battery life for longer usage


  • The AAA batteries are not included

2. Eton Red Beacon All Purpose Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Crisis Operations

Do you need a flashlight while out camping? Eton emergency SOS alarm and radio is a great choice. It has a storm alert that notifies you whenever your area will experience some hurricanes or severe storms. Since it is equipped with a 2600mAh battery you can easily charge your phone or any other electronic device to avoid being left out during emergencies. You can easily recharge this device using a solar panel or turbine power generator to keep you connected at all times. Additionally, the hand crank is ergonomically designed to deliver the needed reception without much effort.


  • Provides the needed sound quality and playback time
  • The digital tuner is easier to adjust at all times
  • Comes with a mini USB cable for recharging your phone
  • Only weighs 14.9 ounces thus easy to carry around


  • Has a single cell non-redundant battery

1. FosPower LED Flashlight Emergency SOS Alarm and Radio for Outdoor Activities

Enjoy most of your outdoor events with Fospower emergency SOS alarm and radio. This unit becomes a must-have accessory while out for camping, hiking, and many more. The inbuilt speaker will allow you to play your favorite music during your activities. You can as well charge your phone or other smaller gadgets since it is equipped with a 4000mAh battery for emergency use. Moreover, the SOS siren and LED flashlight will always aid you while calling out for help. It’s compact makes it easier for you to carry with you whenever you are moving from one place to another.


  • You can recharge your radio in 5 different ways
  • The battery offers 20 hours of use with a full charge
  • Equipped with a bright and energy-efficient LED light
  • You can resort to solar charging when there is no power


  • The power button is not easy to press

Factors to consider while purchasing emergency SOS alarm and radio

Charging options

An emergency SOS alarm and radio should always whether there is power or not. So it should have varied charging options just in case if one fails. Most of them feature up to 4 charging options. They include hand cranking, solar panel, AAA batteries, and USB charging. This allows you to always have a source of convenient power at any time.

Waterproof casing

This factor becomes a bonus most especially during rainy conditions. It could rain at any time but you should always ensure that your emergency kit is free from any damages. This becomes of greater help since you can always use it until you find it no matter how it is raining. It should also last longer for longer usage life.

Speaker options

The radio is equipped with loudspeakers that will enable anyone within the vicinity to get the updates. Most of them are equipped with a volume knob to allow you to adjust the volume to avoid noise and always hearing clearly. Others come with earphones and earbuds option In case you have children around you.

Presence of flashlight

A good emergency SOS alarm and radio should be equipped with a LED flashlight. This will always enable you to break through darker moments with so much ease. Also, they provide the needed source of light while reading or playing. It will help you to attract attention whenever you need assistance.


Emergency SOS alarm and radio are always like smoke alarms in the past. You will wish you never have to use them but will always be glad to have them around. The above top picks are capable of offering you the best broadcasts and listening ability. They are equipped with different features to meet the needs of different persons. With this, they will offer you the best results in the best manner. You will never regret having made your choice on any of the brands above.