10 Best Electronic Dartboards in Reviews

Darts are among the most enjoyable sports activities that family, friends, or workmates play to pass the time. It is ideal for both young and older people, and it can be played as a solo game. Whether you’re playing it for fun or competing purposes, you need to have the best quality electronic dartboards that will offer you an excellent gaming experience. Even better, the dartboard game helps to improve your concentration. It’s also the best game to relieve stress and to pick up a challenge with your colleagues.

Since there’re several electronic dart boards available in the market, shopping for the best choice tends to be challenging. However, we’ve made your work much easier by putting forth a straightforward review. In this post, we’re going to take you through a list of the top 10 best electronic dartboards in reviews. Read on to find the model that will conform to all your needs.

#10. Biange 4 LED Display Spare Tips 13.5 Inch Target Area 27 Games & 243 Variants Electronic Dartboard

Are you looking for an electronic dartboard with a spacious target area? Look no further than the Biange electronic dartboard. This unit has a target area of 13.5 inches, which makes it more fun playing without missing the target. The catch ring is well extended to trap any missed darts and prevent them from falling to the floor or hitting the walls. You can now play dart games with your family members, colleagues, or friends because it supports teams or 16 players. Additionally, it is operated using a battery; thus, it ideal for use during outdoor events.


  • The four led displays shows the player’s scores simultaneously
  • Has two hooks that make it easier to hang on the wall
  • Built-in storage for the darts keeps them safe from losing
  • All the darts are lightweight for a comfortable play


  • It doesn’t come with a template

#9. TARGET Nexus Global Multiplayer Online Electronic Dartboard for Commercial & Home Game Room

Target electronic dartboard is equipped with a wide range of features to keep you enjoying your dart game. It has an interactive touch screen that is easy to use to enable you to play conveniently with your opponents. The live camera allows you to check on your opponent while playing for a more immersive dart game experience. It has an in-game microphone, which will enable you to talk to your opponent while playing. With the inbuilt camera and stunning graphic visuals, you now enhance your home by having more fun using the soft darts. You can play with your friends or family anywhere since it supports up to 4 players.


  • The gel membrane technology reduces noise to avoid any disturbances
  • You can easily manage and track your game with the Nexus app
  • Designed from high-quality materials with a longer usage life
  • Languages can be easily translated into various languages


  • The three screws make it harder to level it up

#8. WIN.MAX Automatic Scoring 12 Darts 40 Tips Power Adapter LCD Display Electronic Dartboard Set

You can now play different games at the same time to avoid getting bored with Win. Max electronic dartboard. This device provides 21 different exciting games with 65 variations to avoid playing the same set every time. You do not need to stop playing to record your scores since it is equipped with an LCD that ensures fair play while recording your scores. Moreover, it can accommodate up to 4 individual players making it easier to play dart games with friends or family members. The wide catch rings prevent the darts from falling to the floor or hitting your walls in case of errant throws.


  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable dart game operations
  • Only weighs 3.8 pounds making it easier to carry around
  • Has an ultra-thin design to reduce any bounce-outs
  • The darts are well designed to ensure an ideal grip


  • The LCD lacks a backlight thus hard to read scores

#7. Eagle Darts AC Adapter 15.5Inch Standard Size Bluetooth 4.0 Luminous Online Electronic Dartboard

If you are looking for a more modern and suitable looking electronic dartboard that this brand from Eagle darts is the best choice. It is designed from high-quality materials that are strong with a longer usage life. You can no longer feel any dart noise that may cause disturbances since it is well designed to absorb any sounds. Assembly is a hassle-free task since you only require a screwdriver, and you will be done within 10 minutes. Besides, it comes with six soft darts that are lightweight, making it easier to throw your darts. It comes with a clearly instructed manual that contributes to an easier installation and hanging.


  • Can work with the A/C power option or with batteries
  • The LED lights give it a subtle flair and easy operation
  • Ensures stable dart gaming since it is made sturdy
  • The mounting template makes it easier to install


  • A bit heavier as compared to other models

#6. Hathaway Lightweight & Portable LED Display Panel Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Sixth on our list is this lightweight electronic dartboard model from Hathaway. This unit weighs not more than 7lbs, making it easier to carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. It can be powered by either electricity or batteries, making it more ideal for outdoor events. With up to 90 game options, it reduces boredom that arises from one single game each time. Furthermore, it supports up to 8 players; thus, you can play with your family members or colleagues and have more fun. The LED display records your scores with your opponent, so you do not have to stop playing to make any records. This allows you to play and later on check on the scores continuously.


  • Has plenty of games to try out to enhance your experience
  • Easy to play both adults and kids can use this
  • Can be easily installed by mounting it on the wall
  • Displays accurate results and ensures a fair play


  • The sound is too low compared to other models

#5. Viper Ion Illuminated Light-Based Green & Blue Segment Color Ultra-Thin Electronic Dartboard

Do you need an electronic dartboard with a lot of cool games? Well, all you need is Viper by GLD products electronic dartboard. It includes 48 games with 315 variations to enable you to play a different game every day and enjoy every bit of it. The segments are designed from high-grade materials that can withstand a longer usage time without breaking. It comes with a game instructional manual and mounting instructions that make it easier to install this unit. Moreover, the LED lights brighten up all the segment making more fun to play using this dartboard. With the larger target area of 15.5 inches, you can target your darts to avoid any miss outs.


  • The target is made of tough and durable nylon materials
  • Supports up to 8 players thus you can play with your friends
  • Loud enough so that you can hear your opponent targets
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around


  • The score display is not that much brighter

#4. Gran Darts 9 Level of Play Bluetooth Enabled Online Play Top-Notch Electronic Dartboard

You can now play dart games anywhere at any time with this portable electronic dartboard from Gran darts. This item only weighs 5.34 pounds making it easier to transport it from one place to another without feeling its weight. You can easily monitor and track your gaming by installing the free app on your phone. The mat is designed from high-quality materials that are durable and helps in absorbing any sound for a noiseless gaming experience. All the needed screws and hanging instructions are included making it easier to install this unit. You can operate it using batteries, making it more convenient compared to those that only require electricity.


  • You can connect it to most android devices through Bluetooth
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe, steady, and stable operations
  • Comes with two sets of darts for a more enjoyable game
  • Operates quietly to avoid any disturbances while playing


  • The dart can hit the dart button

#3. Fat Cat Electronx Built-in Cabinet Dual Screen Scoreboard Classic Door Electronic Dartboard

All you require is a Fat cat by GLD products electronic dartboard if you are looking for a more durable unit. It has a thermoplastic segment that is designed from high-grade materials that last longer. With the large catch ring, you no longer have to worry about your missed darts falling to the ground or hitting your walls. Additionally, it has an ultra-thin spider that allows you to play on a larger surface area to increase landed shots and reduce any bounce outs. You can now play more comfortably and visibly since the large LCD brightens up the entire target area. Also, it has up to 38 games with 167 variations making it more enjoyable playing using this dartboard.


  • Has easy access buttons to make it easier for selection and setting
  • The control panel is easy to navigate to ensure an enjoyable game
  • Comes with six darts and six spare tips thus more convenient
  • Easy to set up with the clearly instructed manual


  • None for now

#2. Harley-Davidson 2 Sets 48 Games Allow Up to 8 Players Electronic Dartboard w/Dart & Extra Tips

Do you want a more enjoyable time with your friends or family members with darts? You can do all that with Harley-Davidson electronic dartboard. This unit can support up to 8 players, thus enables you to play dart games with your friends or colleagues. The large LCD brightens up the entire target area making it easier to throw your dart at the target point since it is visible enough. When you win the game or get the bullseye, the classic sound of the engine is triggered. It comes with six darts with additional tips making it more convenient to keep on playing if you lose or break one dart. With only a weight of 8.2 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another.


  • Record your scores after each play for accuracy purposes
  • The lights automatically turn off when one person wins
  • Saves your time as it takes a few minutes to install
  • Made from high-quality material that lasts longer


  • The darts are of cheaper materials

#1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 w/Nylon Tough Segments & Micro-Thin Segment Electronic Dartboard

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly electronic dart, this brand from Arachnid is a great pick. It has a spacious target area of 15.5 inches that makes it easier to hit the target and minimizes any miss-outs. The classic black, red, and green target gives it a more classic look and makes it more visible. With the micro-thin segment dividers, you are capable of reducing any bounce-outs for more fun. The segments are designed from high-grade nylon materials that are strong and durable. You can easily select the game and options menus because it is equipped with a large scrolling display. The highly responsive sensors deliver unmatched accuracy.


  • 3 level heckler feature applauds winners and harasses any bad throwers
  • The LED lights brighten the entire target area making it more visible
  • You rest assured of more fun with 40 games with 179 variations
  • Has square holes that ensure a maximum scoring potential


  • The heckler feature can’t be turned on or off after starting the game

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electronic Dartboards

Number of Players

First off, consider the number of players you want to pull the challenge with. There electronic dartboards that only allow a maximum of two players. On the other hand, there those options that can allow up to 16 or even 18 players to play. After you’ve singled-out the right number of players, you’ll be in the right position to select a unit that fits flawlessly to all your requirements.


Since every individual has their taste and preference, some would want to have a small dartboard. Even so, some may opt for big models because they offer a wide view angle. And for that reason, you may want to take measurements of the bull inside diameter, the double ring dimension, outside edge, inside edge, and so forth.

Sound Effect Adjustment

For your information, most of these units come with a few or sometimes more sound effects. Some sound effects can act as a score announcer to help you in your practice or competition. To this, some players opt to play the game less any sound since it can be disturbing to them. In such a situation, users should purchase an electronic dartboard with an adjustable volume level or even offer a place to mute it.

Cabinet Dartboard vs. Normal Dartboard

Well, if you didn’t know, dartboards also come in the form of a cabinet model. On a typical occasion, it comes as a built-in or even a mounting cabinet that features one or two doors opening or closing. They come inside of one board with up to 100 tips. Inside the board, the rack is the tip holder to enables a perfect organization of the tips after gaming. Typically, such a kind of cabinet seems suitable for a pub or dart game room as home entertainment.


The above electronic dartboards will provide you with exceptional longevity, satisfaction, reliability, effectiveness, and an extraordinary gaming experience. Besides, they’re high-quality dartboards that are suitable for both newbie and professional players. Don’t hesitate to grab one of the above units because they offer unmatched performance. And finally, even if you’re faced with a selection challenge, don’t worry, because the buyer’s guide will provide you with a sure guide on selecting the best electronic dartboard. Enjoy your shopping!