10 Best Electric Clothes Dryer in Reviews

With the advancement in technology, our daily undertakings have tremendously changed as well. It has become easy and quick. Have you ever imagined getting a machine that can dry your clothes even when the sun is nowhere to be seen or on a rainy day? Well, an electric clothes dryer has come to an end to the headache of having to wait for clothes to dry under the sun. It is known as a time saver machine that ends your laundry process.

Choosing an appropriate electric dryer can be a bit confusing because of the many models, brands, and features to consider beforehand. Some of the main features to consider are the price, maintenance cost, the space available in your house, and long-term energy.

Most considered models are those with moisture sensors that are capable of detecting the dampness in a cloth and can halt the process when the clothes are thoroughly dried. This feature alone avoids energy wastage. Other crucial functions to check to include sanitizing and steaming settings that are of great help if you have a kid for beddings clean up.

That said, lets us now go directly and look at the best 10 Electric Clothes Dryer in reviews.

#10. JXWWN 1.7 Meters Digital Automatic Timer Portable Clothes Dryer

You’ll agree with me that during the cloudy or humid day, clothes take time to dry. Again, the bad air makes the clothes dirty. Do you stay in an apartment, bedroom, small room where space or the clothesline is small? Then today you’re lucky because we’ll help you out. The new generation of JXWWN electric dryers will aid you in doing away with issues related to dry clothes. This clothes dryer comes with many exciting features geared in making clothes to dry quickly and efficiently. First, the foldable nature and ease of storage feature save you a lot of space in your house. Secondly, the shelf can hang bigger and taller clothes. This dryer has two drying modes; fast drying and efficient, so you select what best fits your needs. This unit dries clothes so fast; however, if the clothes placed into the dryer are many, it will take a bit longer time to dry. We appreciate for selection of this practical dryer for clothes.


  • Has compact size makes it ideal for apartments, condos, bedrooms, and many more
  • It is foldable and easy to store which in turn saves you a lot of space
  • Operating the portable dryer will not cost you a lot of money
  • It offers natural drying and satisfactory results
  • Usable as a clothes dryer, heater and solves all house troubles


  • Unable to dry heavy clothing at a go

#9. YXGH@ Portable Non-Porous 900W Electric Laundry Drying Automatic Timer Dryer (Pink)

Are you looking for an electric clothes dryer that makes things get done efficiently? Or you might have been frustrated by a generic electric clothes dryer that performs dismally yet it’s pricier? Lucky enough, you’ve found what others have not yet discovered. YXGH@ is a unique electric clothes dryer that enhances your laundry. It doesn’t only dry your clothes, but it also leaves your clothes smelling sweeter. In case of a power outage, this unit has a power failure protection function that ensures your appliances are well maintained. YXGH@ uses a PTC heating method which saves you a lot of energy. Give a try this amazing electric clothes dryer, and you’ll never regret spending your money with it.


  • The detachable cleaning filter is meant to avoid blockage of debris
  • The healthy cloth cover material ensures no loss of heat which saves real energy
  • The 3D heating method ensures mores clothes get dried in just an hour
  • Has ABS fireproof material that keeps the dryer safe against fire


  • This dryer uses 220V is not the standards for most countries

#8. TYUIO Portable 1200W Energy Saving (Anion) Efficient Mode Folding Electric Dryer

TYUIO electric clothes dryer possesses the same durability, weight, aesthetics, and stability. This unit uses a large diameter high temperature (aluminum tube) that keeps it stronger. This machine does much work, including being a high efficient dryer, sealed large wardrobe, dehumidifier, household heater, etc. When you want to begin drying clothes on the shelf, you need to pull the zipper, use the intelligent remote control for sterilizing to start. Operating this appliance is very simple, and even a child can work with ease. In summary, this dryer more professional, healthier, and vertically dry. All your clothes wouldn’t be wrinkled and is an appropriate alternative to steam iron.


  • The dryer is more professional, healthier, and vertically dry
  • All your clothes wouldn’t wrinkle and thus becomes an alternative to steam iron
  • Operating this electric clothes dryer is simple, and even a child can work with ease
  • It is a multi-function machine that suits general use in our homes


  • It consumes a high amount of power (rated 1200W)

#7. Highpot Household Mini Mute Sterilizing Warm Electric Clothes Laundry Dryer (white)

Have you ever been inconvenience by the rain that leaves your best wears wet? Or you just washed your best attire for the day only to realize that due to cloudy weather it wouldn’t get dry soon? The good news is, from now henceforth, you be able to wear exact wear you want for an occasion even if you washed the same day. Yes, that’s possible with this magical electric clothes dryer by Highspot. Also, this dryer produces minimal noise while in operation, thus doesn’t pollute the environment. The compact size makes it the best choice for people with small houses and space. Moreover, this unit heats up faster with timing function; thus, it doesn’t require watching.


  • The best clothes dryer for people on the go
  • Its compact feature makes it a perfect option for small spaces like apartments, condos, and dormitories
  • Offer fast heating, no waiting timing with timing function hence no need to watch
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of noise; therefore it wouldn’t affect your sleep or conversation


  • Does efficiently with lighter clothes but slower with heavy clothes

#6. DDSS Wall-Mounted 1200W Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

If you are looking for a portable clothes dryer, then it’s here with you – DDSS Wall-Mounted dryer 1200w electric dryer that has a track that can hold 400L and a space heater. This modern dryer has an automatic timer with a remote control that makes work easy and faster. This dryer uses a PTC heating mechanism plus the negative ion (-). You can use this dryer to dry all kinds of clothing, underwear, towels, long skirts, shoes, etc. Buy one today and embrace it in your bedroom, dormitory, hotel, balcony, home, living room, etc.


  • Leverage on energy-saving technology for fast and efficient drying of clothes
  • Assembling and disassembling is easy and quick
  • Produces heat that doesn’t harm the garments
  • It can directly dry clothes that are still dripping because it has a waterproof design


  • It leaves clothes with a small odor

#5. Yalztc-zyq 16 Efficient Mode Digital Automatic Time Portable Clothes Dryer

Where else can you get anion sterilizing garment dryer if not with Yalztc-zyq 16 which is a sanitizing garments dryer which aids the dryer blank which prevents pollen, odors, pollen, micro-organism, mildew spores, mud, viruses, and other debris? It can hold a maximum of 15 kg of garments at a go. Moreover, it removes overheating, thus making it safer. The foldable feature renders this unit to save you more space. Use this perfective dryer in dorms, condos, flats, RV’s tenting, etc.


  • Readily dry your clothes faster and is environmentally friendly
  • Foldable and straightforward ways to store in the house make it portable
  • Safe because it has a smart temperature that keeps watching against overheating coincidence
  • Anion sterilize garments dryer get rid of odors, viruses, muds, pollen, etc.


  • The outer layer tends to break out easily

#4. Yescom 850W Portable Laundry Automatic Electric Clothes Dryer

YesCom automatic electric clothes dryer is a portable clothes dryer that has an external drying machine that doubles up as a temporal wardrobe. The wardrobe has a 44lbs weight capacity with sturdy stainless steel construction and many shelves to hold many clothes. Also, this dryer offers a manual mode for your free selection with three temperature levels. Appropriately clothes dry between 15 to 180 minutes. Additionally, the smart automatic way with four ways makes different types of clothes to dry with pre-set temperature conditions. The frames holding this dryer is foldable, thus making it easy to store when not in use.


  • A portable clothes dryer act as a temporary wardrobe as well
  • The foldable frame makes storing easy when not in use
  • The smart automatic mode that dry clothes at pre-set times
  • A convenient method of drying clothes
  • Assembling this appliance is easy and quick


  • The dryer area is a bit smaller for many clothes

#3. Sancusto Portable 1000W Remote Control Indoor Electric Clothes Dryer (Deep blue)

When it comes to a dryer that safely but smoothly dries your clothes with the help of a warm air motor, then Sancusto portable electric clothes dryer is an unbeatable choice. By drying your clothes and leaving them feeling fresh, soft, and clean, this dryer stands out as the best option. Also, it offers high performances that reduce the process of ironing because it leaves clothes with no wrinkles at all. This dryer is also known for its quiet, gentle, and efficient performance. Assembling this dryer is simple and easy, with no extra tool required. Besides, it can hold up to 22 lbs — the Capacity weight of clothes. Safe energy now by embracing this superb dryer!


  • A more natural, quicker, and more healthful choice to dry everything
  • This dryer makes ironing easier by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on your clothes
  • Usable almost anywhere including dorms, studios, boats, and many more places
  • You can use it as a portable wardrobe
  • It leaves your garments feeling fresh, soft, and clean
  • It is gentle, energy-efficient, and quiet


  • Have less stainless steel for hanging clothes in the middle

#2. Manatee Portable for Laundry 1200W – 33 LB Capacity Folding & Efficient Mode Clothes Dryer

Another portable dryer that is less like the above dryer is the Manatee clothes dryer. If you want an electric clothes dryer for your dorm, apartment, or small space, then this dryer is the best option to shop. This incredible ventless dryer enables the drying of more clothes at a go and can hold even bulky clothing without depriving the cleaning performance. Has a max drying time of 240 minutes, hence you can be assured that your clothes will dry thoroughly without leaving wrinkles. More tantalizing about this dryer is the clothing capacity of 33 pounds, so you don’t have to be scared about exceeding the max amount, because it holds more than enough. Gift yourself a perfect clothes dryer if you want things done with effect.


  • Controlling has been made even more interactive with the LCD touch screen
  • The compact size of this clothes dryer is great for condos, dorms, apartments, etc.
  • With its portable nature, this dryer is usable with people on the go
  • It can support a large capacity of almost 33 lbs. in one drying cycle


  • There isn’t enough space between the hanging bars

#1. KASYDoFF Portable 3-Tier Foldable Drying Rack Energy Saving 1.7 Meters Clothing Dryer

KASYDoFF portable electric clothes dryer is one of the super dope dryers in the market with many desirable features. This appliance helps you a significant way of doing away with the dry clothes challenge. Are you living in a dorm, an apartment, or a small area room? And you are always faced with cloudy/ rainy weather conditions which leaves your clothes wet all day? KASYDoFF is one of those perfect dryers that brings to an end all your challenges. With the dryer measuring 1.7 meters in height, it enables you to dry more clothes at a go and can accommodate heavy items and keep your clothes wrinkle-free as well. Grab yours today while stock lasts!


  • Long enough to dry more items at once and accommodate bulky clothes
  • The dryer is controllable digitally with remote working up to 8 meters
  • Help sanitize clothes against cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, spores, dust, etc.
  • Foldable and easy to store and saves a lot of space


  • Overloading this dryer will take time to dry clothes

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Clothes Dryer

Before settling down to any of the electric clothes dryers above, consider these guidelines to achieve the best out of your shopping.


One of the crucial features to consider is the capacity of the dryer. Size goes hand in hand with the amount of laundry you’ll be doing at a go. If it is for family use, then consider settling for a bigger capacity dryer.

The Size

The space usable for the dryer will significantly affect the size of the dryer you’ll shop for. You wouldn’t be capable of buying a dryer without thinking about the space available. For instance, if the size is limited, you’ll end up purchasing a smaller dryer.


For installation, you’ll want to have a dryer that offers simple ways of installing. Also, while you’ll be browsing through our list, you’ll find that other dryers are portable, so you can dry clothes and return to the store.

Power Consumption

Most electric clothes dryers require 240 volts. Also, consumption is another factor to put into consideration because it will determine the amount you’ll pay for the power consumed. Go for dryers with less power consumption.

The efficiency of the clothes dryer

It is ideal to settle down for an electric dryer that uses less energy but dries clothes quickly

Controls and other features

Some advanced electric clothes dryers come with smart control features, which makes their use easy. Others are operational on smartphones. Other notable features you might be interested in include temperature sensors, wrinkle guard, etc.


With the full range of electric clothes dryers that you may come across in the market, the list above is a representation of the Best 10 Electric Clothes Dryers that you’ll find. Therefore, in case you are planning to shop one, you should confidently consider one of the above dryers because we know you’ll find what best suits your requirements. The guide provided also will help you out as you make your elections. We hope that this review will assist you in picking the best of the best electric clothes dryer you’ve yearned for.