10 Best eBook Reader Device in Reviews

Are you tired of moving around with a stack of books and you are not sure of the other available alternative to end this mess? Worry less, and we are here to give you a simple working solution. An eBook reader device is a convenient gadget that enables you to read many eBooks without straining your eyes.

The selection we’ve done for you has gone through a thorough real customer review. And we’re sure you wouldn’t miss your choice. Appealing a lot is the fact that these devices are light and handy. Therefore, you can have thousands of books stored in a small capacity. Moreover, the gadget ensures the visual look and feel of the physical paper page is retainable. What’s more, his current models have a battery that can run for weeks, which ensures your reading habit is not interrupted.

That said, here are the best ten eBook Reader Device in Reviews. We’ve added a buyer’s guide that will lead you in making the appropriate decision. Read on!

#1. BOOX Note Pro Front Light 4G 64G Android 6.0 10.3 E-Reader

Reading novels and other relevant documents have been made easy by the use of an e-book reader. BOOX Note Pro is one of the reader devices that makes your reading comfortable. It has a front light that enables you to adjust for warm or cold light differently. Warm light is concerned with providing you with the natural warmth that makes you feel cozy while the cold light offers a whiter and more energetic feel. This e-reader is capable of providing you with authentic reading and note-taking by directly using a stylus to take notes on the documents at any time. Switching to the next page is simple as well, you use your finger to swap for the next page as though you are using a real book. Besides, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections ensure other peripherals devices get connected to your device like speakers are usable with audiobooks.


  • Has a good quality feel, fit and finish
  • Built with a glass screen of premium quality
  • The device is compatible with a ton of other third-party apps
  • Has a faster and more powerful Support Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
  • The wireless connections ensure unlimited possibilities


  • Built with a super old and slow android six operating system

#2. Likebook Mars with 7.8'' Carta Touch Screen 3000PPI E-Reader

Likebook Mars is one e-reader device with a perfect size that feels like paper. It is the best choice for people who are on the go. The screen is super beautiful. It has a 7.8” with 300PPI ultra high definition display screen. The 9.3mm light makes the device usable even in the dark area. Also, the dual-color temperature is not exceptional. The day/night switching of the dual temperature is meant to take care of your eyes during reading. The primary purpose of this gadget is to make your reading habits to the next level.
Moreover, this unit supports multiple mainstream reading formats available in the market so that you wouldn’t struggle with any format. Data transfer via Bluetooth, WI-FI, and many other connection protocols.


  • The thin screen ensure light, comfortable touch feeling
  • Design with exclusive anti-glare technology that correctly reduces the reflective glare and protects the screen
  • Android 6 system has a sound processor that offers a faster response and smoother turn page
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transfer for secure transfers
  • It accepts many multiple formats. Therefore, you can read any document using this device


  • With system upgrade, the software tends to give scary characters fill on the screen

#3. Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof 2X Storage E-book Reader

How about packing lighter and traveling far away? Yes, with Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader you can go places with it without feeling tired. Has a sleek and lighter look which makes your reading comfortable for long hours. Features a 300PPI with a glare-free Paperwhite display that enhances the safety of the screen. Also, it outputs laser-quality text, and the memory capacity is captivating –It stores twice the size of the previous generation. Another vital feature of is unit is battery durability. It can last for weeks, unlike their competitors that only last for hours. Moreover, Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, so you can relax comfortably in areas like the pool, the beach, and the bath without worrying about water splash.


  • Waterproof nature makes it easy for you to relax and read in many more places like the pool, the beach, etc.
  • Has a single battery with a charge that can last for weeks
  • Built with ample storage twice the previous e-readers
  • The design and light size makes it portable


  • The front lights are on the sides which make lighting uneven

#4. Kobo Clara HD Carta E Ink 6'' Touchscreen E-Reader

Whether you love reading novels or perusing pictures, Kobo Clara HD is your perfect companion that makes things get done. With 6 HD Carta E Ink touchscreen, this unit delivers a print-quality reading experience. Also, this Light comfort PRO offers a soothing light to your eyes. As the night approaches, the light gradually reduces, which in turn provides a comfortable nighttime reading. Besides, this e-reader device stores up to 6000 eBooks with 8 GB of memory capacity. The battery can work for weeks before the next charging. It supports many image formats like BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc. The document formats support includes CBZ, CBR, MOBI, PDF, txt, HTML, etc.


  • People speaking different languages can use it
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • The touchscreen gives a print-quality reading experience
  • The large memory size of 8GB enables the storage of up to 6000 e-books.


  • The operating system has a poor rendering

#5. Kobo Aura H2O 6.8'' Comfort Light Water Resistant E-Reader (Black)

Are you searching for an e-reader gadget that is dustproof and waterproof? Well, this option might bring your search to a halt. Kobo Aura H2O is one of the premium high-quality e-reader devices that enables you to worry less while reading near a pool because it has a waterproof make. It has an extra-large, 6.8” no glare Carta E Ink touchscreen that enables you to read like a real paper. Plus, you can read comfortably in direct sunlight. The light that hits the screen during the day is controllable with the Comfort Light mechanism, thus minimizing the eye strain. Additionally, Kobo Aura H2O has a Clarity Screen that offers an HD reading experience with clear and crisp text for enjoyable and easy reading.


  • Has an extra-large no-glare Carta E Ink that reads like a real paper
  • No eye strain because it has adjustable comfort Light that directs light to the page
  • With High Definition, reading becomes more precise and easy
  • No need to worry because this device is designed to be waterproof and dustproof


  • It doesn’t have card slots

#6. All-new kindle OASIS Adjustable Warm Light E-Reader

If you are tired of using the old version type of kindle Oasis e-reader, then try this most advanced kindle by Kindle Oasis. It features a 7” 300PPI Paperwhite display using modern e-Ink technology. Also, making it different from the old version is the sleek ergonomic design together with a next page button, thus perfect for one-handed reading. Furthermore, this all-new Kindle Oasis has a built-in adjustable warm that makes reading more enjoyable in any light condition. Grab yours today, and customize your screen.


  • Design with waterproof materials so you can read even by the pool
  • Enable you to read like a real paper with the latest e-Ink technology that offers fast page swap
  • The thin and ergonomic design makes the device usable anywhere anytime
  • With the adjustable warm light, reading is made even nice
  • It can work well with audio devices


  • It doesn’t accept Micro-USB

#7. ONYX BOOX Darwin 5 Built-In-Dictionaries 6'' E Ink Carta Display eBook Reader

ONYX BOOX Darwin 5 is well known because it utilizes the latest technology of the e-ink Carta screen with a built-in moonlight mechanism. Also, this unit is well known for its color temperature control and snow field function as well. As a reader, this is one of those devices you might never get it anywhere else because of some of the distinctive features. For instance, it has a high performing 4-core processor, 8 GB of internal memory, and 1 GB of RAM. The Android Operating system has a wide range of programs that allows you to open almost all types of files. Network libraries are not left out, and this eBook reader fully supports them. You can get connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, and you’ll have tons of free e-books.


  • Built-in dictionaries help you translate unknown words
  • The smart cover provides adequate protection of the screen
  • It has a 3000mAh battery capacity that offers a month of continuous work
  • The BOOX enables a user to read documents in various world languages


  • It seems a bit bulky, and the screen is too large

#9. Kindle Paperwhite Premium Leather Rustic (10th Gen-2018) E-Reader

If you wish to have a classic and well-designed e-reader device, then consider this all-new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader device that comes with many advanced features. The thin and lightweight look enables you to read for long hours without feeling stressed up. While reading, you can open and close it as if you were reading a paper book. Besides, the cover has a magnetic cover for safe closure.


  • The cover has a magnetic attachment for safe closure
  • Has a thin and lightweight design that enables you to have a pleasant reading experience
  • The cover has premium leather that makes the device durable.
  • Opening and closing the gadget is simple and mimics a real book


  • The leather cover is fragile

#10. Ink BOOK Lumos 6'' Front light 4GB EPUP & PDF Support E-Reader

Ink BOOK Lumos e-reader has an excellent design with a built-in light. If you are looking for a simple device to start reading eBooks, then you better settle for this option while stock lasts. Whether you are a fan of comic books or a fiction fan, this Ink BOOK device suits your needs well. This state-of-the-art device has a unique readability enhancement that makes reading a no-hassle task. Installation of android apps is easy when done using this device; therefore, it stands as a personal, powerful, and most loved e-reader gadget of the time. Besides, this unit supports multiple file formats like EPUB, PDF, ADEPT, FB2, HTML, FTF, MOBI, etc.


  • Powered with a large capacity battery that offers longer battery life
  • It readily supports multiple file format
  • Simple to use by readers of all ages
  • The built-in light enhances your reading capability
  • Perfectly balanced for one-handed readers


  • The backlight doesn’t go as low as you wish

Factors to Consider when Purchasing an eBook Reader Device

Screen size and type

Most basic e-readers use E Ink, monochrome screens to show text. E Ink screens are like a paper, and it offers you an easy way to read for a long time without straining your eye. Some other screen types have backlit that enhances visibility in dark areas. Brightness also can be adjusted to keep your eyes on the text. Screen size also varies depending on your needs. However, an e-reader with a big size screen tends to read more comfortably, and enjoyable without the book are clear and visible.

Waterproof feature

If you are looking for an eBook that you can comfortably use by the pool or in the bath, then the one with a waterproof function is the option to go for. Remember that not all eBook readers are waterproof, therefore, check to ascertain that the one you are shopping for meets the requirements. With that, you can never worry about water splash or accidental immersion of water on your eBook reader device. A waterproof e-reader device comes with a button that enables you to slide next page when your hands are wet.

Wireless Connection

What kind of wireless connection do you want your device to have? Most e-reader devices depend on WI-FI as their base connection medium. The reason being the lower cost of connection with 3G cellular data available.

Your estimate Budget

The good news here is, prices of most e-reader devices have fallen drastically. Many useful options sell below $200 excellent for reading. Although Kindle Oasis is damn expensive, it stands as the best option for book wormers.

Final Thought

Reading doesn’t have to stop in a public or a home library, just because you’ve run short of the reading materials. E-reader devices are usable anywhere and anytime. Their portable nature makes them be carried all over the world is becomes limitless. If you are an enthusiast reader, then this is a must-have device in your home. We have done the best review of the time, and I hope as you’ll be going through it, you’ll come across one of those eBook readers that matches your desires. Make reading great by embracing one of these handy device.