10 Best Drawing Board Toy for Kids in Reviews

Drawing becomes such a fun operation for each child while being part of children’s development. When young kids draw, they usually use their imagination to make such drawings. This will make them more creative and more engaged to always keep them busy. With these, you can make them greater artists with a drawing board toy for kids. Now, these little ones can go ahead and make some graffiti without fear of making mistakes because it comes with an inbuilt eraser for such circumstances. Better still, they are made from quality materials that assure you of a longer-lasting unit whatsoever.

Since not all drawing board toys for kids are the same. You will always need to find the best brand to be on the safer side. This becomes a harder task without any guidance since they are many brands available. Therefore we have made your work easier by compiling the brands that you can always refer to for the best choice. Our list below contains the top 10 best drawing board toys for kids to aid you throughout your choice.

10. Banne 14 inch Travel Size Colourful Erasable Drawing Board for Kids for Learning

What could be more fun for kids than making some arts? Well, it is all about a Banne drawing board toy for kids? This erasable sketching pad allows your little ones to perform their drawing without fear of making any mistakes since they can easily erase them. The stamps are well designed to ensure more fun and can be easily stored in their slots to avoid losing them. In addition, it has a portable design thus it is easy for kids to carry it with them whenever they are moving from one place to another. Also, the pen is attached to a string to always keep it in place at all times.


  • Has a flat back area that assures you of safety
  • The round edges prevent any unnecessary accidents
  • Helps to improve hand-eye coordination skills
  • Made of solid and durable ABS plastic materials


  • The pen is not located at the centre

9. Haimst Pink Medium-Sized Travelling Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board Toy for Kids

It gets so boring when kids cry while traveling. Haimst drawing board toy for kids diverts their attention to avoid such scenarios. Kids can never lose their pen because the magnetic pen is attached with a string to always keep it in place. With the upgraded eraser, they can easily slide it 1-2 times to completely get rid of the drawings. Additionally, it is smaller in size thus it is easier for small children to transfer them from one place to another. Ideally, it displays four vivid colors that bring out vibrancy for a more beautiful and colorful drawing area. This will attract their eyes and always keep them busy and quiet whenever you are traveling.


  • Keeps children busy to avoid scribbling walls
  • Made from break-resistant and safer materials
  • Has a smoother surface to keep them safer
  • Has a lightweight design compared to the NextX model


  • The eraser is made from poor quality materials

8. Pozzolanas Green Doodle 4 color Drawing Board Toy for Kids for Early Learning

Replacing traditional drawing paper with Pozzolanas drawing board toys for kids is a great idea. This equipment features an easy-to-slide eraser that allows your children to erase any graffiti with so much ease. The color magnetic powder keeps your children more creative and recognizes the colors to improve their inner abilities. On the other hand, the drawing area is large enough to allow your baby to freely conduct his or her tasks without any limitations. Even better, it is designed from a quality and non-toxic ABS plastics that are environmentally friendly, dust-free, and safer for everyday use.


  • Certified by ASTM and CPSIA thus safer for use
  • Comes with 5 different stamps for more fun
  • Well designed to avoid fading or any breakages
  • Eliminates any potential damages with round edges


  • Made thin and cheaper

7. Gamenote Sketching Erasable Drawing Board Toy for Kids with Magnet Pen and 3 Stamps

If you are looking for a high-quality drawing board toy for kids, this brand by Gamenote is a great choice. It is designed from high-grade ABS plastic components well known for their longer usage life and safety. This unit has a larger drawing screen to keep your kiddo drawing as they desire. With the portable handle design, kids can carry it from one place to another with so much ease. The magnet pen and stamps are well connected to the drawing board to ensure easier access and avoid losing them. Furthermore, it has a powerful wiping function that makes it easier to erase the drawings in a faster manner.


  • Made from thicker materials that are durable
  • The round edges protect the hands of the little ones
  • Only weighs 1.7 pounds making it more portable
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations


  • The erase slide is thinner

6. Sgile Large Doodle Magnetic Drawing Board Toy For Kids for Writing and Painting

You can improve your child’s development process with Sgile drawing board toy for kids. The stamps are magnetized to the drawing board to ensure that they will always remain in place for easier access. On the other hand, the pen has a string that is well tightened and always remains intact no matter how much you swing it. This string is of an appropriate length making it easier for use by both right and left-handed persons. With the round edge handle, it assures you a firmer grip whenever you are carrying it around. Its lightweight structure also contributes to its portability.


  • Allows kids to learn all letters of the alphabet
  • Leaves no mess behind for cleaner operations
  • Safer for use since it is made of BPA free materials
  • Suitable for use by children of 36 months and above


  • Drawing left for long cannot be erased easily

5. Chuchik Large 15.7 inch Magnetic Drawing Board Toy for Kids with 4 Colors

Drawing and writing are always important for your kids and therefore you might want to try out Chuchik drawing board toys for kids. It is equipped with an extra-long string on the pen that provides the same opportunities for both left and right-handed children. Since it is made from two layers of high-quality plastic, you are always assured of a longer-lasting unit. Better still, all its 4 parts have their position on the board which prevents you from losing them. Erasure is such a pretty easier task because little ones only require one or just two wipes to get ready for the next masterpiece.


  • Comes with 6 stencils for more exciting pictures
  • Smaller in size thus it can easily fit into your bag
  • The stamps connect to the board through magnets
  • Made lightweight to ease transport and storage


  • The pen does not stay in its slot

4. NextX Big Sized Learning Doddle Educational Writing Drawing Board Toy for Kids

You can keep your kids happy while learning essential skills with NextX drawing board toys for kids. It has 4 different color zones which help to improve your child’s drawing experience. The activity toys help them to trace the shape of animals on the drawing board and attach a sticker for easy identification and labeling. Additionally, it has a lightweight design which makes it easier for the little ones to carry around. This makes them great for stroller and car rides because it remains sturdy for any accidental bumps. Also, they can easily remove all the drawings by gently sliding the magnetic brush at the bottom.


  • Has a round edge design to avoid any accidents
  • Made from non-toxic and durable ABS plastic materials
  • Allows convenient drawing with its perfect size
  • The drawing pen writes smoothly for easy erasing


  • The string attached to the pen is a bit shorter

3. Joyin Multi Colors Erasable Drawing Board Toy for Kids for Travel Gaming and Painting

Joyin drawing board toy for kids is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your kid’s needs. This unit is designed from high-quality ABS materials that assure a strong and long-lasting item. These materials are free from any toxic substances thus safer for use by your kids every day. With up to 8 color zones and 4 vivid colors display, your kids can enjoy more varieties and vibrancy for more engagement. Additionally, it only weighs 2.35 pounds which makes it more convenient for the little ones to carry it from one place to another with so much ease.


  • Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable operations
  • The magnets stick them in place to avoid losing them
  • Easy to operate thus easier to learn at all times
  • Spacious enough to ensure more convenient drawing


  • The colors are not very robust

2. VTech Write and Learn Drawing Board Toy for Kids with Musical Drawings and Doddler

As a child, you can practice your drawing and writing skills better with VTech drawing board toy for kids. With the on-screen instructions and interactive activities, your child can always learn through demonstration to correct stroke order for both uppercase and lowercase. Also, you can easily explore creativity with stencils and stamps and enjoying fun games by guessing any picture before it appears on the screen. Toddlers can as well customize the creative center to teach them how they can write their names. This makes it a great Christmas or birthday gift for your little one.


  • Ideal for use by children between the age of 3 to 6 years
  • Only weighs 2.66 pounds thus easy to carry around
  • Has a compact design to save your storage space
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations


  • Volume is a bit louder

1. Gamenote Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board Toy for Kids with Stamps and Stencils

Children can easily build skills that can be used for the rest of their lives with Gamenote drawing board toys for kids. It comes with adorable stickers that contain a variety of fruits and animals to keep the entire board well decorated. This unit is spacious enough to offer your child a larger area to make their drawings. With this, your child can improve their imagination, drawing skills, and intelligence. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary accessories for the first drawing which includes stamper magnets, stencils, stickers, an extra replacement pen, and many more.


  • You can easily get rid of the drawings using an eraser
  • Has different colors and color zones for colorful pictures
  • Design from high-quality plastics that last longer
  • The soft curves and rounded edges prevent injuries


  • Breaks if stepped on

Factors to consider when purchasing drawing board toy for kids


This is one of the most important you should always take into account before settling on a particular brand. Since it is to be used by kids you can go for one with a perfect size to suit the needs of your kids. This ensures that they can easily manage their drawings. Most of them feature a larger drawing area to ensure more convenient drawing operations.

Materials used

No one ever desires to purchase something that can break easily. Therefore, you should always consider the materials used in manufacturing the product. Most of the units above are designed from high-grade ABS plastics that assure you of durability. Better still, they are safer, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly thus suitable for everyday use.


Since it is to be used by kids, you should go for one with a lightweight design. This enables them to carry it with them whenever they are moving around with so much ease. Most of the brands above weigh less than 3 pounds making them portable. This allows your kids to hold them and make some drawings while traveling or at home.

Ease of use

Kids would have more fun with an easy-to-use unit. They can easily slide the eraser whenever they make any mistakes and get rid of them with one or two slides. With the pen attached to the board by string, they easily access these without so much effort. Some come with stickers and stamps for more fun. With all these, kids can now learn how to draw at a much faster rate.


Generally, drawing boards become relatively the most inexpensive way to keep your kids busy while engaging in endless hours of artistic operations. So depending on the needs of your kids, you should always choose one that will suit them better. The list above is indeed a compilation of the best brands that you can ever get in the market. You can as well capture those extraordinary moments with your child for memories. Therefore, you can always curb their disturbances with such a useful tool.