10 Best Digital Wall Clock in Reviews

Digital wall clocks are becoming popular in most spaces because they display time clearly in hours, minutes, and seconds. They’re even versatile and can be placed on the desk or hung on the wall. Besides, they display time using Arabic numerals for effortless reading. Moreover, many digital wall clocks display time using the 24- and 12-hour time system. And since they show large digits, these clocks are ideal for individuals who’re visually impaired. What’s more, these units are also perfect for the disabled and elderly.

These modern clocks boast a sleek, slim design, which makes them an excellent addition to any space. That said, you can effortlessly set them up in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, warehouse, garage, office, classroom, and so on. Besides showing the time, a digital wall clock can display date, while other advanced models can display humidity and temperature. With that in mind, don’t be left behind, consider picking one of the following best ten digital wall clocks for reviews.

#10. HIPPIH Oversized Electronic Full Digital Calendar Wall Clocks W/Extra Large Digits

HIPPIN digital wall clock is a modern unit that is capable of displaying time, date, month, year, and indoor temperature. It’s a high-quality clock that ensures you stay informed. It operates silently and adds a nice practical ornament in your house. The large LCD screen with a clear surface lens offers you a good view. On the other hand, thorough production guidelines and high-quality materials make this clock powerful enough. It’s ideal for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Besides, it fits anywhere in your home. Moreover, it effortless to set up and take readings.


  • The silent sweeping movement doesn’t disturb your sleep
  • Perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room
  • Can be hung on the wall or set up on the table
  • Easy to read time, date, and temperature


  • The clock display tends to fade

#9. KWANWA Digital LED Wall Clock w/3 Inch Large Display Battery Operated (Black)

As a visually handicapped person, all you need is Kwanwa digital wall clock to keep track of your daily events. It is powered by two pieces of alkaline batteries that are included with the clock. The LED numbers are larger with a size 3 inches thus can read from a distance like across the room. You can easily choose from the three levels of brightness: high, medium, and low level to meet your visual needs. Depending on your preference and needs, you can shut off the flashing dots between numbers. When you set the alarm, the clock automatically stops alarming after 120 seconds from the time it started alarming. Additionally, you can press any button except the rest button to stop the alarm.


  • Has an accurate level of not less or more than 30 seconds in a month
  • It dims automatically between 8 pm-6 am to save your energy
  • Available in two different colors that you can choose from
  • You can mount it on the wall or have it on top of the table


  • Time display gets fuzzy in brighter environments

#8. Raynic Large LED Word Display Dimmable 11.5 Inch Digital Clock for Home Office

Sometimes all you need is a digital wall clock with tremendous writings. Raynic digital wall clock has three different alarm modes in which you can choose from weekdays or every day. It displays accurate room temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius to enable you to be aware of whether it is cold or warm. With up to 11.5 extra-large display, you can check on the time from a further distance since it is really visible. Based on the environment that you are in, you can easily adjust the display brightness by pressing the dimmer button. Additionally, you can charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device because it has dual USB charging ports.


  • Keeps you on track of your daily tracks since it has three different alarms
  • Has overcharging protection to regulate the amount of charge
  • Displays indoor temperature with precision
  • Ideal for the elderly to check the time


  • The time can be a minute off compared to other devices

#7. JALL Wall-Mounted Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock w/8 Inch Large Screen (White)

If you are up to gifting an aged senior this coming holiday season, then JALL digital wall clock could be one of the best choices. This unit has seven different control button that enables you to adjust the settings as per your needs quickly. Not only can you set it on your desk or table, but you can as well mount it on the wall by hiding the legs of the clock. The thin anti-scratch screen protector keeps your clock from any scratches, thus retains its new look for a more extended period. You can check on time from a far distance because it has a large screen display with a high resolution of 8 inches. It is ideal for the aged who are taking medicine as it has different alarm settings.


  • A great addition to your bedroom since it has a stylish design
  • Auto dims at night to avoid disturbances while sleeping
  • Has white and yellow color modes thus user friendly
  • Only weighs 1.35 pounds making it more portable


  • The alarm can be a bit low; thus, you might miss hearing it.

#6. La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Wall Clock w/Temperature (Silver)-513-1918S-INT

Sixth on our list is this stylish atomic digital wall clock from Lacrosse technology. You can either install it in your kitchen or living room since it has a beautiful polished silver finished frame that matches most of your decors. The wireless weather-resistant sensor makes you aware of the outdoor temperatures within a range of 100 meters. With 2-inch tall time digits, you can quickly check on the time from the next since they are really visible. According to your needs, you can either set it on the table or fold out the legs and mount it on the wall. Also, you can set it in either a 12 or 24-hour clock system as per your preference. You can as well choose to either display weekday with date and month or full weekday.


  • More portable since it is from light materials
  • Matches most decors since it has a modern design
  • Saves your times as it takes few minutes to install
  • Has non-ticking operations thus works silently


  • No cons so far

#5. Mesqool 11.5 Inch Digital LED Impaired Vision Desk Large Alarm Clock for Bedroom

You can now make your home extra and stylish with this modern digital clock from Mesqool. Not only can it be used as a wall clock but also a calendar, USB charger, calendar, and so on. You can install it on the wall, table, or by your bedside in your living room or bedroom since it has a large readout of 11.5 inches hence visible for everyone. As an alarm, it allows you to set up to three alarms by your bedside to wake you up every day. Additionally, it has up to 5 brightness levels to enable you to adjust it to the level that is visible enough for both you and your family. The daylight saving button allows you to adjust daylight saving when they end or start.


  • Has an adequate volume to avoid missing any alarm
  • Top buttons act as a snooze and dimmer functions
  • The USB chargers allow you to charge your phone
  • Easy to set up without any extra tool


  • Difficult to set as it has its button at the back

#4. DreamSky 14.5 Inch LED Digital Wall Clock w/Date Indoor Temperature Display & Auto DST

If you are looking for a digital clock for your shop or office, then this accurate brand from Dreamsky is an ideal choice. This clock has a large LED display that is easier to read, making it perfect for conference rooms, living room, garage, lounge, warehouses, and many more. It has two different options meaning that you can either mount it on the wall or have it on your table as per your preference. With three buttons at the back, you can easily make your settings. Not only can it keep track of your daily events, but it also displays your indoor temperatures. Also, it has a backup battery that enables it to retain the settings in case of a power outage.


  • Has a super clear crystal display making it easier to read
  • You can install it in your office, classrooms, and so on
  • Well-designed thus complements most of your decors
  • The auto-DST automatically sets the correct time


  • It has a shorter cord thus it a bit inconvenient

#3. CHKOSDA Multifunctional Remote Control Digital Led Wall Clock Large Calendar (Red)

Chkosda digital wall clock offers a wide range of features to meet all your needs. This digital clock is from high-quality ABS plastic materials that are stronger and lasts longer. With a 6-inch red LED number, you can easily read the time from a distance. Additionally, eight different levels of brightness adjustment enable you to set at a display that won’t bother you during your daily events. It has two hanging holes and stands back support that enables you to either mount it on the wall or have it on the top of a table. Also, it has a 9.8 feet USB cable that allows you to easily plug it in a laptop, power bank, or any other device. This is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your family member or a close friend.


  • Has a button cell to act as a backup during a power outage.
  • Decorates your room because it has a 0.78-inch border
  • The four memory chips provide more precise settings
  • More visible since it has a larger countdown


  • The cheap plastic materials can break easily

#2. Marathon Slim-Jumbo Atomic Digital Wall Clock w/Temperature Date & Humidity (Black)

Are you looking for an easy to read digital wall clock? Look no further than Marathon digital wall clock. This unit displays 4.5-inch units that are easy to read are visible at a distance. It has four different time zones (pacific, eastern, central, and mountain) that you can easily switch into depending on your current location and needs. Additionally, it has two display modes that are in 12 hours and 24 hours and also display the room temperatures either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Setting it up is a hassle-free task since it is well equipped with a front button for mode, alarm, and snooze options, and all you need is to press them for the correct settings.


  • Includes batteries that act as a backup when there is no power
  • Lightweight, thus it’s easy to carry from one place to another
  • You can hang it on the wall or have it on top of your table
  • Has a sleek design to complement your modern decors


  • The atomic feature doesn’t work in California regions

#1. WallarGe Battery Operated Self-Setting Desk Clock w/Temperature & Date for Office

When it comes to a digital wall clock with a larger display, all you need is this brand from WallarGe. It uses radio frequencies broadcast that automatically adjusts, according to DST (Daily Savings Time). It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate efficiently since you set the alarm and never miss out on any important events. You can install it in your bathroom, living room, or office because it helps you to monitor room temperatures to avoid cold. Additionally, you can never miss out on any essential days, dates, weeks of your anniversaries, appointments, travel schedules, meetings, and many more. This atomic clock uses unique transmissions to set the correct time automatically.


  • Has a large LCD to meet all your visual needs
  • You can set it manually without difficulty
  • Well-crafted to match any indoor decor
  • Displays clear reading of time


  • Requires some settings before receiving the signal

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Digital Wall Clock


The first aspect to consider is the accuracy of the clock. If you want a very accurate clock, you should ensure that it’s a radio-controlled atomic clock. It’s so because these kinds of clocks can synchronize data from the national atomic clock. Besides, it ensures that the sensors of the clock you’re selecting are robust enough to keep away temperature and humidity from interfering with the accuracy.

Design & Construction

Well, most digital clocks are from plastic material. But if you need a clock that will blend well with your home interior décor, you should opt for a model made of wood. Such models are more stunning and stylish compared to the ones from plastic. If you wish to set up your clock outside, be sure to select the one having a waterproof feature. Overall, you should consider digital wall clocks that are made with durable material to last.


Here, you need to consider some modern features that allow the clock to show more than the time. At least try to look for a clock that can also display indoor temperature, date, and humidity with time. Additionally, you should opt for a clock that can support different time zones. Finally, the clock you choose should be able to synchronize from the national atomic clock for guaranteed accuracy.

Electric vs. Battery-operated

Lastly, you should be aware that some digital wall clocks are electric-powered, yet others are battery-powered. For electrically operated models, you don’t have the hassle of changing the batteries. However, battery-operated clocks remove the inconvenience of using cords. Battery operated models can be set up anywhere, as compared to electric-operated clock that must be set up near a power outlet. And based on your preference, you can choose the model that suits your needs.


We’ve reviewed the best ten digital wall clock in 2020 reviews. Those models are currently the leading choices in the market, and you can’t afford to miss them. They’ve exceptional features and built to last with sturdy and strong materials. Most of them are advance and can display time, date, and indoor temperature accurately. If you’re new, buying a digital wall clock, you can read through our buyer’s guide to be well-informed about your purchase. What’s more, we hope this post will allow you to understand some buying tips from the best digital wall clock. Stay informed!