10 Best Dash Cameras for Cars in Reviews

Currently, one of the most popular devices that many drivers are considering is the dash cams. They are known as ‘dash cams’ because they get mounted on the dashboard of a car. As a driver or car owner, have you ever thought of the evidence you will present to an insurance company or even court in case of an accident? A dash camera is the first and last option that car owners and drivers should consider.

The primary function of a dash come to record images and videos while you are driving. The CMOS image sensor and the G-sensor are what make a dashcam reliable. It is only through the pictures and sound captured that you will be able to get help from an insurance company. Talking of which, as a car owner, you will understand your driver more through the way he talks to the customers, thus giving you a solution to why your car business is failing. What makes it suitable for all vehicles are its outstanding features like the USB ports, and GPS enabled capacity.

10. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Use this Vantrue dual dash product to record everything in detail. This dual-lens product designed suitable for all uber Lyft taxis as it posses both inside and front car cameras. It uses the Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor and the Novatek NT96660 CPU making it suitable for recording. Its outstanding feature is infrared night vision. It can handle low light conditions as the HDR video system, and the glass lens balances the video color.

You will also have total peace of mind while using this product as it can detect any motion near your vehicle even while in parking. Its additional features like auto LCD OFF timer and the auto start and record makes it easier to record as it adjusts to most climates. You can also rely on GPS to track your driving routes. The G sensor and the looping recording capabilities give you alternatives for recording


  • The dashcam can record voice
  • Its GPS is optional for use
  • The cam has a date and time stamp
  • Comes with a user manual and a quick guide


  • Needs an additional GPS mount if you use GPS

9. VAVA Dual Dash Cam

The VAVA dual dash comes with the best cam for drivers who drive during the night. It captures both front and rear simultaneously providing you with a crystal clear image. The use of image signal processing technology has made it outstanding. It uses the Sony sensor, thus suitable for low light sensitivity. Another excellent feature for this product is the built-in WI-FI and Dash app. After the app installation, you can share the recorded images to any social media account like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Using this device is one of the simplest in the market as it contains a looping recording. It gets activated automatically when the car engine starts. Its auto-looping mechanism then begins saving the recorded images within a minute or two. It also uses one of the most significant cards as it uses up to 128GB cards. Moreover, its compact design makes it easy to install, thus suitable for car businesses.


  • Suitable for night travels due to the Sony sensor
  • Vehicle parking safety guaranteed as it uses the 24hr parking monitor.
  • Looping recording makes it easier to use
  • Fun to use as you can also take snapshots


  • WI-FI connection not supported on iPad

8. Crosstour Dash Cam 1080P FHD

Crosstour dash is a dependable product that you can rely on as a car owner. Although other dash cams record every movement closer to the vehicle, the 1080P product becomes outstanding as it records a detected motion that is 3meters away. In case there is no movement, the recording is auto-stopped automatically. Moreover, although its G-sensor is built-in, it has file protection capabilities, thus preventing overwrites if the device gets shaken.

It uses six glass lens that means it records even four lenses of traffic. The dashcam also uses the sony 2m CMOS sensor and what makes it outstanding is that its recording is a full HD. It makes it suitable for both day and night travels as it captures vivid pictures and has proven high recording capability.


  • Records more detailed views as it has a wider viewing angle
  • Uses 2IR lights acting as light supplements
  • High HDR capabilities thus adjust to light changes
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • Card requirements not included

7. CHORTAU 3 Inch Dual Dash Cam

It is a full HD camera that covers at least three inches of the dashboard. Its front cam is of a high resolution of 1080P implying that it provides the best footage. Unlike the Crosstour product, CHORTAU product uses 6pcs of IR LED thus dependable on the low light environment. Moreover, the rear camera is waterproof safe; therefore, no effect if water spills on it. Its seamless loop recording can overwrite all of the old records with new content if the card is full. In case of any collision, the G sensor detects, saves, and locks the footage to an SOS file. It means in case of any crash; video evidence will always be available, thus protecting you.

Another outstanding capability of this product is the parking mode. In this state, it powers itself on automatically then begins recording in case of an impact. If the parking area is highly congested, you may rely on this device in a situation anything like scratch happens on your vehicle.


  • Easy to use and install due to the user manual guide
  • The infrared light makes it suitable for night vision
  • Emergency recording capabilities through the G sensor
  • Ideal for congested parking areas


  • SD card not included in the package

6. heshunze FHD 1080P Dual Dash Cam

It is a very competitive product from the VATENIC company, especially while differentiating it from the Crosstour product. The difference between them comes in terms of screen size. It has a 4″ IPS large screen for clear vision and recording. You will also need external power to support its operation as the camera battery is designed for file back up emergency. Another feature is the WDR technology used for this device. It ensures that the night shots taken are brighter, thus bringing about image clarity.

Also, its built-in G sensor starts recording in case of any shake or collision. It is supported by the loop recording that prevents overwriting of images, thus obtaining clear evidence for an accident. Its compact design makes it easy to install, therefore full concentration guaranteed while driving.


  • The five buttons make it easy to operate
  • The supercapacitor can withstand high hot and cold temperature
  • Great emergency accident lock
  • Improved WDR technology prevents overexposure


  • None

5. Crosstour 1080P Dash Cam

It is a 3″ LCD screen device that is a modification of Crosstour previous product. It gives a clear visual experience as the image or video captured is of the real-time image. While the vehicle is in standby mode, the cam has a built-in motion detection device that records any movement from the front lens. More so, in case of any shake or collision, the G- sensor automatically detects, and the loop recording begins to create video clips. This CR300 dashcam uses WDR technology. It enables the restoration of real colors for the objects. These make it suitable in case of low backlight or light. Also, its package is worth going for as it contains all the requirements such as user manual and car charger. Installing this device is very easy as the user manual and guide are available.


  • User manual makes it easy to install
  • The technology applied in automatic making it easy to use
  • Starts recording even in standby mode
  • The WDR technology makes it suitable for day and night use


  • The lenses may not be waterproof safe

4. AUKEY 1080P Dash Cam

The AUKEY product is one of the top-rated products in the market today. It is a full HD video cam that captures up to 1080P footage. It means drivers can rely on this product entirely in case of anything. Unlike other products that use the Sony sensor, AUKEY product uses a CMOS image sensor, thus capturing all the details. It uses a 3M adhesive pad; hence, its installation is very cheap. The G-sensor is mainly for emergency recording. In case of an accident or collision, you can rely on this product. It also detects sharp turns of the vehicles hence reliable. It uses a supercapacitor to regulate extreme and low temperatures. Its screen is 2.7″ LCD for clear surface coverage. It also has built-in motion detection and emergency recording. Its compatibility mode is for class 10 micro sd memory thus takes time before space fills. You can also use other alternative installation options.


  • Outstanding features for easy usage
  • Easy to install on the dashboard and connecting it to your pc
  • The G-sensor detects even the slightest sharp turn thus suitable for court evidence
  • Has other alternative installations


  • Needs a continuous power supply

3. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam

TOGUARD will allow you to record clear images both in the front and reverse. Its front camera is 1080P whereas the rear is 720P. The rear camera is waterproof thus suitable for backup. Its display screen is 3″ supported by six layers glass lens for night vision; hence, you will be able to handle disputes. Same as other cameras, the seamless loop recording ensures recording begins automatically. More so, the G sensor detects any motion, thus locking the current videos to prevent overwriting. You may entrust your vehicle with this camera for the best result as it is amongst our top devices that the rear camera has the resolution is given.


  • Easy to connect a rearview backup camera
  • Uses WDR technology to improve recording
  • IR night vision capabilities making it safe to drive in low light
  • 720P automatically reversing view
  • 23ft extension cable


  • The battery is only for emergency power thus needs a constant power supply

2. ROVE R1 Dash Cam

This 2.45″ IPS screen device is one of the best devices if compared with the standard LCD dash cams. Also equipped with a built-in supercapacitor which scientifically is more durable than conventional batteries. Also, it uses an advanced Sony IMX323 sensor and high resolution of a 1920P front cam and 1080P rear cam thus producing high-quality images. You will be able to manage your camera settings on Android devices and ios. The built-in Wi-Fi dash cam enables you to download HD videos to your smartphone directly, thus suitable for most private vehicles. Other additional features include motion detection, loop recording, emergency recording, and so on. It also supports up to 512GB micro sd card thus prolonged time usage before formatting.


  • More durable than other cams due to a built-in supercapacitor
  • It is a built-in dash camera hence supports video downloading
  • Uses IPS display for better visualization
  • Full HD recording device for good quality images


  • None

1. GOKCL Dash Cam

If you are seeking a dashcam to capture critical details while driving, then GOKCL is the right product. It has a resolution of 1080P and a 3″ LCD screen that delivers clear images and videos. It also uses the WDR technology, thus capturing clear pictures for the original scene reservation. Also, it uses the Sony sensor for infrared night vision; therefore, safety recording guaranteed in low backlight and low light. The G-sensor and the loop recording overwrites the old footage before recording the new footage. The sensor detects any collision or shakes with the help of emergency locks, making it suitable for driver usage.


  • Excellent for night vision
  • 1080p resolution for ultra-high-quality video
  • It is a full HD device
  • Easy to set up and use


  • None

Factors to consider while choosing the best dashcam

There are different varieties of Dashcam in the market today and selecting the best can be very challenging. With the following factors in mind, you will surely find the best.

Image and sound sensor

These should be the main factor to consider for any new Dashcam. Image and sound sensors all come in different brands, but the top-rated sensors include the G, sony, and CMOS sensors. The majority of our described products use the above sensors, making them top products.


Many people believe that electronic devices with high resolution work best in image and video recording. The same idea applies to dash cams. A high-resolution cam will help capture clear images which makes its video suitable for use in case of anything.

Night vision capabilities

A suitable device is not limited to only perform during the daytime; it has to adapt to every environment. That is why during the night the camera you are considering should capture clear images. And most collisions happen during the night, thus selecting one with good night vision will help you save a lot.


A dashcam is essential for every vehicle and having it installed in your car will help you save lots of losses. These devices ensure that your driving experience and adventure are safe and beautiful to watch as most of them use a full display screen for view. They also have high resolutions to ensure that you obtain explicit videos and images; thus, you can capture every moment of your drive. Selecting the best can be difficult, but with our guidelines above for top reviewed dash cams. You will find it very easier to choose as you will only need to understand what you should consider purchasing the best.