Top 10 Best Computer Gaming Desk In Reviews

Having a quality computer gaming desk that can sustain your PC is essential. Apart from the organization, the computer gaming desk helps to reduce the intermingling and destruction of the wires whenever you play computer games. There are so many computer gaming desks that have been researched on and put in Google for online marketing.

The results show various types with different shapes and prices thereby becoming hectic to purchase a computer gaming desk. Below are the top best computer gaming desks and what to consider during their purchase.

Top 10 Best Computer Gaming Desk

10. AUXLEY Computer Desk

It is a black 47*24*29″ simple modern computer desk made of wood and metal. Auxley has an enormous leg space thus suitable for home and office study. It is foldable; therefore no assembling is required and can be stored easily. The leg tips contain anti-slip pads that prevent damaging of the floor surface and can be used to increase the height of the desk to one inch. It is sturdy and durable with a large smooth surface.


  • A simple design from the modern wood and metal design
  • No need to assemble due to its folding nature
  • The height is adjustable using the leg tips
  • Easy to clean smooth waterproof surface
  • Strong and durable
  • A large surface area with compact dimensions


  • No assembling is required.

9. Computer Writing Desk

It is a dark espresso of size 31.5*17.7*29.3″ that is water and dustproof and can accommodate a weight of 200lb. Its equipped with an additional storage basket that helps in the organization of the table by keeping stationaries, magazines, and other necessary equipment. It is easy to assemble as it only takes 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Multifunction and durable desk for a long span of life. equipped with a bucket for storage and organization
  • Waterproof surface
  • Sturdy and stable to sustain most devices weights
  • Easy to assemble using the assembly notice of delivery


  • Cannot be folded for easy storage

8. TANGKULA Computer Desk

It is a small black simple writing table used in both the office and at home. Its made from tempered glass and iron. It’s spacious with dimensions of 31.5*19.7*28.0. Tangkula has a beautiful texture that looks nice in a room. It has a Z shaped design for stability. It has a discount and replacement offer if damaged during shipping.


  • Replacement guarantee for damaged parts
  • Stable and steady
  • It has a beautiful texture and compact structure
  • Easy to clean the drink strains by wiping
  • Spacious to accommodate both computer and a laptop


  • .Cannot be folded for storage
  • Delicate

7. RESPAWN 1010 Gaming Computer Desk

If you are looking for a table to work with during long workdays, then RESPAWN is the right gaming desk for you. The sides of the desk contain speaker shelves while the raised monitor shelf that is back-mounted creates more desk space for your devices. You will also feel comfortable while using it as its beveled front edge provides all the comfort you will need. It has both the gaming desk and the monitor shelf made of steel tube frames that have adjustable leveling glides.


  • Designed specifically for gamers
  • Easy to assemble its parts
  • Has customized parts and storage
  • Supports all accessories including a cup holder, speakers, and headphones


  • Has no tower mount or shelf
  • Has limited space as it only fits monitor of 28”

6. FLEXISPOT height adjustable PC gaming desk

All gamers want a spacious desk for gaming and FLEXISTOP is among them. It is an adjustable height device environmentally friendly device for E-sports gamers. Its outstanding feature is that it contains an up-down control panel that helps you to adjust the desk not manually. Flexisport is due to the motor lift mechanism that offers very smooth adjustments. Also, it has the capability of carrying up to 154 lbs so you should balance your devices according to their weight.


  • Has enough space for all your gaming gears that is 55”
  • Improved mouse tracking capabilities due to the carbon fiber texture
  • Easy to adjust
  • They are also durable and stable as its made of double steel tubing


  • No features for gaming equipment

5. Small computer desk for home office

There are a 36” by 26” computer gaming desk built with high strong steel tubing that is double compared to other desks. It’s also one of the strongest gaming desks as they are sturdy enough to the extent of you standing on it. Unlike other tables, its top surface is over 1” in thickness and also waterproof which are rare to find in other desks. It provides enough space for gaming, writing, reading, or computer work.


  • Best for apartments, home offices, and dorm college rooms
  • Sturdy enough for you to stand on it
  • Durable and made of double steel legs
  • The comfortable and quick assembling process
  • Clean up the cord and organized cables clutter


  • No extra storage

4. Coavas industrial folding computer desk

As its name suggests, it is a modern folding computer desk that gives you a warm feeling while using it. Its folding capabilities make it portable thus you can carry it anywhere during your business trips or picnics. Although it’s designed mainly for a computer writing desk, it is also multifunctional. Therefore you can use it for study, children’s room, kitchen, and living room.


  • Durable as its made of MDF material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Waterproof due to the content used
  • Simple and stylish


  • Have no additional features for gaming gears

3. Motionwise SDG48B electric standing desk

Unlike other desks, there is an electronic desk that has USB charge ports and a powerful motor that controls the raising and lowering of the desk. You can also adjust the desk to your preferred height as it gives you four preset heights. Its surface is 24” by 48” thus good for gaming.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to adjust
  • Additional drawers for your office supplies or gaming equipment thus very convenient
  • Durable as they are made of aluminum and can hold up to 225 lbs


  • Has no additional features for gaming gears

2. Eureka ergonomic Z60 gaming desk

It is a z-shaped computer gaming desk with 60 inches in total and can hold up to 220 lbs. Its top surface is made of carbon fiber texture making it a perfect alternative for gaming. Also, Erueka Z60 comes with RGB LED lighting making your gaming remains alive. More so, Its large mousepads are capable of handling all your gaming gears and also portable.


  • Portable hence easy to transport
  • Mad of sturdy construction as it can hold up to 220 lbs
  • Large top space for gaming
  • Durable and made of a heavy-duty base, steel, ABS plastic, and CARB 2


  • No extra storage capabilities

1. Eureka ergonomic gaming desk

It is the top computer gaming desk in our review as its design is mainly for gamers. Although they have the same features as Eureka Z60, its legs are R-shaped designed and have additional features for gamers such as a controller stand, headphone hook, and cup holders which are not available in Z60.


  • Portable hence easy to transport
  • Mad of sturdy construction as it can hold up to 220 lbs
  • Large top space for gaming
  • Durable and made of steel plus aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, and CARD 2


  • None

Factors to consider when selecting a computer gaming desk

Material and quality: It is true that everyone requires a computer gaming desk of high-quality material that can last for a more extended period when in use. More so students would prefer that of a tight budget but of quality that fits their money or even more.

Remember your computer gaming equipment has a weight that should be supported by the computer gaming desk, therefore it’s prudent to go for that which can sustain the weight of your computer lest it falls apart — most computer gaming desks made of wood, metal, or steel. You should check on the connection of the parts since a connection with glue wears out quickly. It is therefore preferred that you know the weight of your computer and use it to acquire a gaming desk of a higher capacity.

Design: There are so many designs such as L-shaped, wall-mounted, or Z-line. You should choose a model according to the floor and storage space available within your house. Check on the computer you wish to put on the desk and its design to select a model that best fits you. The computer gaming desks come in many parts; thus you can decide to assemble and keep some parts when space is limited.

Assembling: Some foldable gaming desks do not require too much assembling. Therefore you can equip yourself with some screwdrivers to help in assembling if needed.

Storage space: Some gaming desks come with extra storage space where you can put anything you need while gaming. Even though it creates a space for easy access, some see it as a reduction of playing station space. The shelf is removable, and anyone who sees it as a mess can remove it and store it.

Dimensions: The dimension of the gaming desk is directly proportional to space within the room and the gaming equipment available. It is advisable to think when choosing a gaming desk. The desks are of different sizes, but it is prudent to select one that can accommodate your gaming computers and space.

Budget: The computer gaming desks are of different prices. Therefore you should know the amount you wish to spend on a desk. If you have a low budget, you can still afford a high-quality desk with discounts and great deals.


There are many computer gaming desks in the market today. If you need to purchase one for either your room or office writings, it is prudent to consider the above review for the best quality. Read through the above review to identify which computer gaming desk suits your budget and demands.