10 Best Bookcase Shelves in Reviews

Are you wondering where you’ll store your next pack of new books? Of course, it doesn’t look decent to pile different sizes of books together. And even when you live in a small apartment, space becomes a limiting factor. So the invention of bookcase shelves has been a great deal of book storage. The shelf is capable of taking the least space in your room while keeping your room organized. Besides, it spices up your house décor, therefore, it will leave your room looking elegant. The unit places all your books into a bookcase making retrieval easy.

That said, this article has come a long way because upon completing our research for the best bookcase shelves, we narrowed it down to choosing the best ten units. In addition to that, we have selected high-quality yet affordable bookcase shelves. We hope after reading this article, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision. Let’s get started.

#10. EUNSung Simple Bookcase Storage Book Media CD DVD Folder CD5 Lattice (Gray)

If you are at a fix and you need to get yourself a bookcase shelf, then the EUNSung bookcase shelf can save you a lot of money. The unit is used in the bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more living space. With high-quality steel pipes, you can be assured that it will stand sturdy for quite a long time. This 5-tier unit has a height of 12 feet and can accommodate a weight of up to 10 pounds. The double-storage space has a larger size to accommodate various items. This is the gear you need to fulfill all your storage needs at home or any other place.


  • The mesh-isolation at the back prevents books from falling
  • Made from odorless materials that are safe for usage
  • Has an adjustable headscarf to suit different people
  • The steel does not rust or corrode easily


  • It doesn’t accommodate more weight compared to other models

#9. Homebi 5-Shelf Bookshelf Tree Bookcase Wood Storage Rack MDF Organizer Display

The Homebi bookcase shelf has 5 shelves to store your books, files, and any other decorative item. The bookcase weighs about 13.11 lbs. with a height of 78cm. implying that you can have it in your small room without wasting space. Smaller as it is, it can decorate your room neatly. Besides, it has a T-shape to perfectly fit onto your wall. Additionally, it is constructed from high-quality wear-resistant materials that leave your bookcase shelf looking distinguishable. This sturdy shelf keeps your heavier weight items without wobbling.


  • Made from waterproof materials in case it’s in contact with water
  • Has an open design that allows for easy access and air circulation
  • Suitable for kids’ room to keep books and photo albums
  • Well-crafted to get you a well-decorated room or office


  • A bit hard to be mounted by a single person

#8. VAGAGLE Freestanding Decorative 5-Tier Display Shelf Wooden Bookcase (Rustic Brown)

If neatness and tidiness are aspects you are looking for in a bookcase shelf, then the VAGAGLE bookcase shelf is your excellent choice. The model has a height of about 62.6 inches with each shelf support a weight of up to 33lbs. This 5-tier space is roomy enough to hold your books. With 2 anchoring devices, the shelf is kept firmly in place. Its edges are well-sealed to conceal its hardware for an elegant look. Constructed from high-quality wood materials for guaranteed durability. What’s more, the instructions are clear for easy assembling.


  • Made from safe materials that healthy and environmentally friendly
  • Has caps that hide the wood materials for a stylish appearance
  • The anti-tipping hardware keeps all your stuff safe and secure
  • Assembly is a worry-free process with no extra tools


  • It can’t be mounted onto the wall

#7. Yuanshikj 2Pcs Industrial Wall Mount 5-Tier Open Bookshelf Storage Home Kitchen

Yuanshikj bookcase shelf is constructed with storage in mind to offer remarkable results. This bookcase shelf can be mounted on your bathroom, kitchen, and living room or in your bathroom. When properly installed, each shelf can withstand a load of up to 150 pounds. The different sized pipes should be fitted right to work right. These pipes are the longest pipe, long pipe, and a short pipe. The pipes are constructed from high-quality iron materials for an outstanding strength to support more weight. Nothing beats this incredible unit in the market, if you are impressed with it, feel free to acquire it.


  • Suitable for small spaced rooms as it takes less space
  • Fits well onto the wall when properly assembled
  • Very sturdy as it holds your items in a stable way
  • Saves your time as it takes less time to install it


  • It is difficult to unscrew it when already screwed

#6. FODUE Iron Pipe Shelf Bracket Vintage 3 Pcs Open Bookcase Shelf Storage (Retro Black)

FODUE bookcase shelf comes with some pieces of pipe brackets to suit your storage requirements. As a fact, it is indeed a well-spaced bookshelf that can cutely accommodate your accessories. The metal pipes are strong enough to firmly hold the storage unit. And also they are designed from high-quality materials to last long. The unit enables you to create your shelves from wood pieces depending on your choice. Even better, you can install it in your kitchen, bedroom, study room, restaurant, coffee shop, or living room depending on your choice.


  • The metal pipe is constructed from rust-free materials
  • Easy to install as it does not take much time to mount it
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Well-spaced for easy cleanup and accessibility


  • It lacks the shelves as it only comes with pipe brackets

#5. WGX Rustic Modern 4 Layer Pipe Wall Wood Ladder Bookshelf DIY Bookcase Shelving

Are you looking for a bookcase shelf to blend well with your decor? Worry no more because, with the WGX book, your desires are fulfilled. This unit has 4 spacious tiers that can neatly hold more of your accessories. Depending on your desires, you can mount it on your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or any other place. The pipes are designed from high-quality materials that sufficiently stably hold your accessories. Moreover, it has a sturdy design that keeps your necessities steady and easy to access at any time. The compact design saves much of your room space.


  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Wide enough to hold most of your accessories
  • Keeps your stuff in a neat and orderly manner
  • It is well crafted to match your decor


  • Requires more than two people to do the mounting

#4. Rusver Industrial Pipe 3-Tier Real Solid Canadian Wood Metal Bookcase Furniture (Retro Brown)

Make your home feel even greater with the Rusver bookcase shelf. This 3-tier bookcase shelf is constructed from unique wood grains that give your house a good modern look. The high-quality water pipe steadily supports each tier to accommodate heavier weight without falling off. You can fasten the piping on your wall for more stability. Also, it is spacious enough to accommodate all your items for easy access. This shelf is suitable for living rooms, study rooms, or bathrooms. The pipes perfectly hold each tier for a perfect balance.


  • Can store various items like books, photos, and collectibles
  • Supports more load as compared to Bestier model
  • Keeps your stuff arrange for a neat and tidy look
  • Made from high-quality materials that last long


  • Without a proper fixture, the bookshelf can lose balance

#3. CAFFOZ Newport Series Wooden Tall Modern 5-Tier Smoke Oak Wood Bookcase Shelf

CAFFOZ Newport design bookcase shelf enables you to place it anywhere in your house and it will just look awesome. This unit has 3 shelves, each supporting a load of up to 35lbs. Also, it is constructed from high-quality metal and wood materials allow you to use it for a long time before replacing it. On top of that, you can make it look elegant by decorating it with books or photos. Additionally, it has 4 shelves and is a wide space to hold most of your books. The instructional video manual makes it easy for you to assemble this bookcase shelf. Even better, it has a convenient width and reachable height for easy access to your accessories.


  • The wall attachment makes it easy to stick it to the wall
  • Easy to clean as you just need water and a towel
  • Has a sturdy design to stably support your stuff
  • The top shelf can bear a weight of up to 70 lbs.


  • It is available in only 2 colors

#2. Bestier 5-Shelf S-Shaped Geometric Vintage Industrial Etagere Bookshelf Stand for Home Office

Bestier bookcase shelf bears a heavy load with each shelf withstanding a weight of up to 30 lbs. This 5- tier bookcase is from high-grade hollow-core panel materials that make this shelf durable. The rectangular metal frame has a thick metal tube to bear a larger load and maintain stability always. Using this unit can enable you to display your books, ornaments, or photos neatly. Moreover, it is suitable for bedrooms, offices and study rooms. Finally, it has plenty of space enough to store most of your belongings. With this unit, you can easily access them with no difficulty.


  • Has strong leg pads that keep your floor free from scratches
  • Saves your time as you can assemble it within a few minutes
  • You can easily clean the floor as it widely spaced
  • The wider spaces make it easy to clean each shelf


  • Heavy and makes changing position difficult

#1. 45MinST 5-Tier Vintage Industrial Style Metal & Wood Bookcase Shelf Furniture (Gray/Brown)

Is your house that small yet you desire a bookcase shelf? 45minST would be your best choice. This shelf is from high-quality materials thus you are assured of a durable bookcase shelf. Each shelf can accommodate a weight of up to 70lbs. Space is saved with this unit because it is three-dimensional to accommodate more books and other items. In case you have an uneven floor, you can stabilize this shelf by adjusting its legs. With the necessary instructions put in place, you can easily assemble this bookshelf in just 30 minutes. The X shaped metal brackets contribute to the stability of this shelf. Lastly, it is suitable for homes, hotels, and offices.


  • Made of strong materials for a long usage life
  • Well-crafted to blend well with your house decor
  • Spacious enough to hold most of your stuff
  • Easy to use as you can access anything easily


  • It is a bit difficult to put the metal frame together

Factors to Look Consider When Purchasing the Best Bookcase Shelf

When wishing to buy the best bookcase shelf for your home, it’s not a guarantee that all will go smoothly because there are things you should follow as a guide. For that reason, we have explained four important aspects to make your purchase easy.


The first consideration is size. Of course, a bookcase shelf you fit into a small footprint. You would need to have rough measurements of what you need beforehand. Consider a narrow and high rack to fits perfectly into your room while allowing many books to be stacked. Also, the one with an adjustable height between shelves is preferred because they offer versatile use.

Type & Style of Bookcase

The appearance of this book storage unit is for sure the greatest aspect to consider because it will also breathe a new life into your house décor. Due to this, you ought to choose the color that goes in hand with your room look. We’ve covered units of different styles, so, it’s upon you to pick the one that matches your needs. Moreover, there various types to choose from including the one with one-tier, two-tier, and three-tier, and so on. Other models even have back insertions.


Yes, the material that makes up the furniture is very crucial as well. If you need something durable, don’t forget to choose the one with wood material. Even though it’s not environmentally-friendly. The best replacement for these can be wood veneers, particleboard, MDF, or plywood, although the overall sturdiness will reduce. Be sure to choose the material that will support all your intended books without being limited.

Additional features

Besides being a unit for storing books, a bookcase can come with other extra-features that might change your decision. For instance, those units with sturdy and firm construction can as well serve as ladders or walls to partition a room. Additionally, others are constructed with wheels that enable you to move to a different location when it’s not necessary. Adjustable shelves or even built-in shelves can make access to your stuff quite easier.


A reliable and long-lasting bookcase shelf is desirable because it offers you value for your hard-earned money. In this respect, you should ensure that you make your selection wisely. And this article has made even things simpler for you, we’ve tailored the best ten explicit bookcase shelves that offer you more benefits. Check the pros and cons of each model to weigh where your priorities matter. Also, you can extend your research elsewhere, but the bottom line is, we have offered you a genuine review you can never get it anywhere! Shop wisely and come back for more goodies!